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Elan DoChin
Posted - 2003.09.02 01:02:00 - [1]

Edited by: Elan DoChin on 02/09/2003 01:03:53
Well, it's been an interesting couple of days, I'll say that.
Bought the game on 30 Aug. 2003 at approximately 2:30pm. Came home and eagerly installed it. After a couple of months of harrassment by a friend, I finally gave in and bought it.
Tried to create an account, only to find CCP's systems had gone down due to mechanical failure, inability to get a tech to show up in a reasonable amount of time considering how much the tech is being paid and how much the company is being paid, and supposedly a very localised power outage. Not a problem though, Ibeing the sort that I am (a crazy Canuck) I carried on.
Finally get in to play, get snapped up by my buddy's copr and all is well.
An hour into gameplay, I get frozen into a space station. Black screen. So, I'm advised to start a petition. After the usual silly comments "how do you do this?" I get one started. 3 hours later, I'm unstuck. No worries. I'd created a second character so I could still play.
In a different station, stuck again. This time, over 24 hours to get unstuck. Again, no worries. I figure there's alot of people online, I can be patient.
So, being my 3rd day playing, so far I like EVE very much. But, there's a few things to be said about the players and the game itself.
First off, I believe CCP is using the players to test the game, find the bugs and let them know what's wrong with the game. Then, I believe CCP is going to release EVE 2 and say it's new, improved, bug-free and better than the first release. Meaning, we just beta tested it out the wazoo, got nothing out of it and actually paid to do it.
Secondly, I'm finding alot of really good people here. Not to say there's not some dingbats here though. The people that're turing this into nothing more than a fancy ship to ship combat game. Go play a first person shooter. Come back when you've graduated high school, gotten married, gotten a REAL job (burger king in high school doesn't count) and know the true value of the dollars those of us that've done those things and play here have come to learn. Nothing ****es people off more than to enter into a strategy game only to find children with mommy and daddy's credit card screwing things up. Example...I met a player today. Name undisclosed for now, since the EVE team banned that person. I was moving towards a space station, preparing to dock. About 10 klicks out this yahoo targets me and opens fire. I figure "dead ship there. some decent salvage coming up". For some reason, the station defence guns never opened fire once. I enter the station, figure hey, bug or glitch it happens. I leave the station. Guess what? This moron is there camping and waiting. Soon as I clear, targetted and fired on. Again, no fire from the station guns. I go back in, out again and it happens a third time. After the fourth time, I target and return fire. Big mistake. Bang, defence guns fire and I'm dead. This kid starts laughing about this, and I politely ask what he's laughing about. He tells me I obviously didn't know the "trick" and deserved to die as he collects my stuff. So, hacker, bug or glitch abused, cheater, whatever. A clear example of a moron.
Third. The company can only do so much. If a piece of equipment goes down, and CCP wasn't smart enough to have a redundant backup, then leave it be. Screaming, *****ing, moaning and carrying on isn't going to make it go away, get better or anything. What it will do is **** the people in charge off, make yourself known to them and put you on thier chit list. Myself, it it happens I smile and go do something else. Then I e-mail the company and request to be credited for the time I lost. Sure, you might play the game 20 hours a day. I work and have 2 kids. I can't. So, my online time IS valuable. And as such, I expect to get my money's worth. So, if I can't play the game I'm PAYING for, and that means MY money not mom and dad's, I want to be conpensated for the money I spent for nothing. If mom and dad are paying your way, or you're independantly wealthy, then no problem. You can do that.
In closing, I find the game very enjoyable. I find MOST of the people to be pretty cool and decent. I find the gate campers to be nothing more that first person shooters who've worn out thier welcome there and have come here. They'll eventually get bored and leave. I find the staff to be helpful, if a little swamped and slow.
This is from a brand new players point of view.
Now here come the flamers, the morons and the idiots. Post away.
One the "net speak" people who can't type full words, please go back to school. English is a language. Learn it. It'll help you find a job someday when you can't skateboard anymore.

Posted - 2003.09.02 01:13:00 - [2]

very well done post

Underworld Empire
Posted - 2003.09.02 01:46:00 - [3]

Edited by: Elan DoChin on 02/09/2003 01:03:53
Well, it's been an interesting couple of days,
One the "net speak" people who can't type full words, please go back to school. English is a language. Learn it. It'll help you find a job someday when you can't skateboard anymore.

One pint for the gentleman on table 4 - well said, sir!

I just thought I'd trow in my two cents worth on the 'never leaving beta testing' aspect of this game.. Having been a software developer before now, I know how hard it is to estimate how long any piece of software is likely to take... I couldn't begin to imagine the logistical nightmare of putting something like eve together. I'm sure if CCP (i.e. the dev team) were calling the shots, that the game would have been released, albeit a lot later than promised, with much fewer problems. Unfortunatly, its the publisher that calls the shots, and if a game isn't ready to be published, and results arn't being shown, the publisher feels ever more inclined to pull out.. and all of a sudden, no money and no game..

I know it's frustraiting from a users point of view, having to work around bugs, or just having to pray that you dont fall into them.. but looking at it from the dev teams point of view - dealing with a 1000 complaints, fixing endless bugs, not to mention developing new features must be a bit of a nightmare.

It all comes down to the fact that we're all going to have to be paitent.

Digital Sin
Deep Core Mining Inc.
Posted - 2003.09.02 02:00:00 - [4]

great post, although i give it about 5 minutes before someone comes in here and starts calling people whiners/carebears/fanbois.

after all, this is the general discussion forum. nothing productive comes out of it ;)

i still agree with you though.Cool

High Priestess
Posted - 2003.09.02 02:02:00 - [5]

This is an excellent post. It shows the trials and tribulation of a new player. I hope he doesnt let the random killing of his ship go to his morale and continues to play Eve. There are people ingame just like real life with no conscious blowing everyone up for fun. Dont let it get you down just hang around high security space and enjoy yourself.

Good luck to you! Very Happy

Elan DoChin
Posted - 2003.09.02 04:16:00 - [6]

Well, in reply to some posts, no I'm not going to leave the game. I'm here for the long haul.
As for letting people get under my skin, I'm ex-special forces. Canadian Airborne Regiment to be exact for 10 years, then detached duty in Ottawa for another 5. Meaning, I've served with some of the toughest SOB's around. From the Gulf to Bosnia, Somalia to Serbia...seen it all. And I'm not gonna let some little 13 year old punk who still wets his bed and gets his allowance from mommy and daddy drive me away from something I enjoy.
Instead, I'll build a chartacter that can pilot anything, buy the nastiest ship in the known universe, and make hunting and destroying every character he ever brings in my career until he leaves and never comes back. I don't hold grudges. I just get even.
The game developers would never let a game hit the shelves until it was bug free. The guys with the money, on the other hand, will and do. So, to the developers of EVE, and I know you little people are out there reading this, don't worry. We don't dislike you. It's your employers. Buncha spineless, money grubbing, weasel faced geeks hiding behind thier desks snorting coke, sipping expensive chapagne thinking they've got it all figured out. But, when the end comes, you people are gonna need the knuckle dragging monsters like myself to teach you how the REAL world works.
Anywho, enough of my political rhetoric.
Thanks for the positive posts people. I appreciate it.

Deep Core Mining Inc.
Posted - 2003.09.02 04:17:00 - [7]

Why would you group First Person Shooters into this crowd? Im really baffled what that has to do with the maturity of said player.

Elan DoChin
Posted - 2003.09.02 04:45:00 - [8]

If you're baffled, then you should be trying to figure out which of the groups I've mentioned that you fall into.
Also, english please. It's not a difficult language to learn. Clear, concise replies would be helpful.

Cptn Stardust
Posted - 2003.09.02 05:03:00 - [9]

Then take your own advice, and learn how to paragraph !!

Jake Solnich
Posted - 2003.09.02 05:14:00 - [10]

Elan Dochin.....something tells me that you have some inferiority issues combined with a touch of your own little bit of immaturity. Maybe you should take a good look at yourself before you make broad characterizations or stereotypical remarks about the young folks that happen to play Eve. Rolling Eyes

Posted - 2003.09.02 05:28:00 - [11]

I think the gate campers make the game interesting. Its a nice little adrenaline rush to fly through a gate that 'pirates are patrolling. Hell the game supplies NPC gate campers.

What I dont find cool is the fact I can not retalliate on pirates without taking a hit to my security rating. I think pirates should be fair game and if I fire on one camping a gate I should be able to jump through the gate as well without waiting for clearance.

I do think that really sucks about the station sentry guns as well. And why don't the gate sentry guns blast player pirates?

Keep the player pirates in the game but please make it always open season for hunting them.

Body Count Inc.
Pandemic Legion
Posted - 2003.09.02 05:35:00 - [12]

Elan Dochin.....something tells me that you have some inferiority issues combined with a touch of your own little bit of immaturity. Maybe you should take a good look at yourself before you make broad characterizations or stereotypical remarks about the young folks that happen to play Eve. Rolling Eyes

Agreed. It's ******ed to clump all the 'young folk' as you put it into one stereotypical view. I've met plenty of people in their mid-upper teens who had a lot more maturity than some people 20 and up. The fact of the matter is that every age group has its idiots.

Elan DoChin
Posted - 2003.09.02 13:04:00 - [13]

I'll make this one statement. If you're offended by this post, don't read it. Go read "the carebears go to rainbow island". My 8 year old tells me it's a good book, she recoommends it to those who have thin skins. It'll make you feel happy.
If you've read this and are offended or upset, then you're one of the negatives I've spoken about. You're probably one of those that makes the game frustrating, and the forums a disaster to read, let alone post.
Thus far, I've seen a couple of people post here who show maturity and intelligence.
As to the age issue, I should've clarified.
Age isn't an issue. You can be 10 years old or 50 years old, a jerk is still a jerk. So, the age of the player isn't really an indication of maturity. Yes, I've seen some "adults" past 20 who've acted FAR worse than any 6 year old throwing a temper tantrum in Wal-Mart because they couldn't have the newest pokemon toy. So, my apologies to those of the younger years who've taken offence. None was intended.
So, if you've taken offence to this post (other than the age thing, which has been clarified), then tough toast. If you did, seek professional help. You obviously need it if you're taking a GAME this seriously. Or better yet, get a life. Trust me, it's worth the effort.
I've been reading the forums. Over 5 hours waiting to make an account leaves you with alot of time to read up on the game. And the one major thing I've noticed about the forums is this...10% of the people are positive, decent people who're trying to make some sense of the game, the people and the company producing it. They're trying to keep a positive light on things while they muddle through all the BS. Those people are the ones that get crapped on time and again here on the forums and keep coming back for more.
The rest of the people are nothing more than small-minded people with FAR too much time on thier hands. Those're the ones that usually type "noob" to people, get insulting, make silly posts on the forum, degrade and insult others for thier ideas and opinions, and are generally jerks. To those that fall into this catagory (and you're the ones who're going to whine about this here in this post) I have absolutely no use for you. Like I said, get a job, get a life....hell, if there's someone desperate enough, get laid. I don't care. Whatever you do, leave it offline. The rest of the people here aren't interested in dealing with your personal issues or having htem taken out on us.
As for inferiourity issues, I have none. I know who I am, what I am and what I've become. I'm secure in my knowledge that I'm a single person in this world that looks out for myself, my family and my friends. I'm educated, have a good job, have a home and people who care about me. I, in turn, care about those around me and am quite comfortable with my lot in life. So, before you try to psycho-analyze me, look to yourself. Chances are, you're seeing the reflection of your own life when you try to insult others and tell them they're harbouring issues of low sel-esteem or ego issues. Myself, I have none. This post was simply from a new players point of view of what goes on here.
And the people who've posted the negative comments have doine nothing but prove my point about how silly you can be over a game. It's a game children. It's supposed to be fun. But, if you're going to make it not fun, then don't whine when others band together and decide to make it less than enjoyable for yourselves. Take a look at the current conflict going on. That's a clear indication people are taking things FAR too seriously. You see, this is a game to me. I do this for fun. When I'm not at work, or spending time with my wife and kids, this is my enjoyment other than my other hobbies. It's not my life, not the center of my being. Try thinking of it in this way, and oyu might see where I'm coming from. If all you're going to do is make silly comments an flame though, then my point is completely lost on you and you might as well say nothing.

Deep Core Mining Inc.
Posted - 2003.09.02 13:06:00 - [14]


Body Count Inc.
Pandemic Legion
Posted - 2003.09.02 13:13:00 - [15]

Edited by: Winterblink on 02/09/2003 13:13:03

There's this thing called an "opinion". You have one, and everyone else in this world has one. If you don't like people voicing their opinion about yours, don't post. It's as simple as that. You started this thread with the intent of starting a discussion, and like it or not a discussion has consenting and dissenting opinions. If you can't handle that then don't start threads.

Jake Solnich
Posted - 2003.09.02 13:24:00 - [16]

Thankyou very much Winterblink...I couldn't agree more. I won't say anything more about Elan Dochin because I would be obviously wasting my time.Evil or Very Mad

Posted - 2003.09.02 14:37:00 - [17]

paragraphs aside.. Lol.. excellent post.. It details some ongoing issues that have not been addressed by CCP. oh and Canucks Rule.. Shocked

Posted - 2003.09.02 14:42:00 - [18]

Hey, im a 12 yr old and i aint immature. Quit stereotyping certain age groups with certain personalities e.g. someone my age being 'immature'. Rolling Eyes

Posted - 2003.09.02 14:47:00 - [19]

Hey, im a 12 yr old and i aint immature. Quit stereotyping certain age groups with certain personalities e.g. someone my age being 'immature'. Rolling Eyes

ROFL!! uhh ohh kay.. Razz

freelancers inc
-Mostly Harmless-
Posted - 2003.09.02 14:58:00 - [20]

RazzEvery game has its own share of grievers so i suggest this...make a seperate character..find the person making your eve time a pain..befriend that person and even join his corp if you can..then steal his stuff and pod his sorry a** when u have him in .0 space ...
..everyone gets what they deserve soon or later

Omega Engineering Inc.
The Kadeshi
Posted - 2003.09.02 15:17:00 - [21]

I see nobody saying your port is first post is offensive. In fact I see them saying "What a great post".

It seems to me that you must be paranoid from the beginning thinking that "Nobody here can use english correctly" and "Everyone is offended by your post" and telling them tough.

When you can't even use English yourself. Everyone has a right to put in there opinion if you are posting here. If you want only select few to view and post to your thoughts go find a private forum or talk to you friends in-game.

It is great that you put out the issues of a new player, to see what it must be like through there eyes. And it appears that players and your experiences have already ruined your attitude towards others.

If anyone is offended by your post it is becuase you are diliberatly trying to offend them which makes you one of those "People" you spoke of yourself.

But, enough about you. What is this about a trick where you can fire on someone in empire space and not get attacked by the policeQuestion

Posted - 2003.09.02 15:31:00 - [22]

Edited by: SavX on 02/09/2003 15:35:46
Hmm.. You could be right. I don't want to believe it, but you could be right. Maybe they are useing us to test EVE for all the bugs and everything, then release EVE 2. And we just paid for BETA testing.

I hope your wrong.. But what a great idea from CCP point of view, I hope they aren't doing this, and hope they don't get ideas from it >_<

And you said your not going to let a 13 year old drive you away from this game, actually the younger people I've met on EVE are the mostly decent people. The griefers who camp gates and kill people for no reason are like 22 year old.
Just because your 13 doesn't mean your a sad little kid, depends how your brought up. Wink

Posted - 2003.09.02 15:47:00 - [23]

great thing about gate campers....You know where to find them....

Posted - 2003.09.02 15:56:00 - [24]

First post was good

Second post was abysmal


You are now playing a game that spans continents, english is not the first language of the MAJORITY of the players and you should just be thankful that it is the official language instead of ohh.. say.. chinese?
Criticizing other peoples spelling or grammar is way out of order here. Lets see how well you do communicating with a 4th or 5th language (like english is for many).

Your shining arrogance is absolutely uncalled for.

You don't happen to have an english nephew called Stavr0s?

Elan DoChin
Posted - 2003.09.02 18:42:00 - [25]

So many of my points were made so well in the replies that were posted. Interesting. Soft skinned, bruised ego and easily annoyed comes to mind from some of the posters.

Posted - 2003.09.02 19:21:00 - [26]

. Interesting. Soft skinned, bruised ego and easily annoyed comes to mind from some of the posters.

Man, you do have some issues. You make a few valid points but your general attitude and slant on life seems a little out of whack and detracts from your arguments. You seem to sterotype everyone who does not act the way you would like as 13 years old, mommy/daddy blah, blah, blah. I get the impression we will be hearing that over and over again in anything you might post.

Omega Engineering Inc.
The Kadeshi
Posted - 2003.09.02 19:32:00 - [27]

See, I am sorry to say that you sound arrogent and full of yourself and I am not the only one.

Again it is your experences that have made you soft skined and bruised otherwise you wouldn't be so offense, even before someone post a reply.. lol.

Everyone has there own way of playing the GAME. Thats what it is a game. If some want to act like childern as long as they are not abusing others and griefing then, let them.

Posted - 2003.09.02 21:20:00 - [28]

whether the original poster is arrogant is beside the point, these boards are full of immature, simple-minded people that make it incredibly hard to have worthwhile exchanges. don't get me wrong, there is also a fair number of people that have interesting things to say, but, again, the immature folks, be they old or young, make it difficult to find the good discussions that occur on these boards.

Posted - 2003.09.02 23:41:00 - [29]

give em hell... Elan DoChin :) welcome to EVE!

Posted - 2003.09.03 00:18:00 - [30]

hmm well 1st post was long and standard for a new playa. As I read it I said seems like a nice enough guy and wished you good luck. As I read on I began to think wow hes bragging about his special forces days, this and that. Most the serious army types "and I'm not one btw" don't really talk about much less bragg about there military days. i guess your differant. But then you seem to attack various playas for really nuttin. I wanted to state my own opinion about you from what I read in your various posts. and here it is.....

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