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Posted - 2006.02.13 20:09:00 - [1]

Edited by: Memnoch67 on 13/02/2006 20:27:20
Recruitment spaces are open for New Dawn Rising

About us:
Semi-suicidal tacticsYARRRR!!
The only production our corporation does is that of corpses, ships, and ammo.
Access to 0.0 space
We don't ransom, we simply kill - ship, pod, and all.
We're a tight-knit small family-like corp fighting together and dying together.

Arrow PVP experience preferred, and pretty much required but vaguely experienced tacklers are useful

Arrow Teamspeak capabilities is a must

Arrow Good at listening to a commander in a tight situation

Arrow Not a screamer on Teamspeak as you go down

Arrow Comms must be kept clear in ALL combat situations

Arrow Not a smacktalker

Arrow If you're too scared to fight equal or larger forces, don't even bother


American based players preferred due to time zones
Other timezones are welcome as well

Tacklers are welcome.

Gioto: We're devoted to making a more violent region.

IdeaCONTACT either Gioto or Memnoch67 in-game, our Personel Managers (Preferrably both)

Posted - 2006.02.14 19:44:00 - [2]


Two corp Dreads currently under production... time to wish those pesky POS's goodnight and sit back to enjoy the hate mails YARRRR!!

Posted - 2006.02.14 20:22:00 - [3]

ArrowWe're U.S. based

You'd be more than welcome and after about a 1 month probation period, if you've got the skills, we can look at helping you get into a battleshipIdea.

We do plenty of both PvP and Ratting deep in 0.0. The average New Dawn Member makes about Exclamation60mil a dayExclamation (or more depending on how many hours of sleep you're willing to sacrificeYARRRR!!) when we do the trips deep into 0.0.

Message me or Gioto in-game if you're interested.Idea

Posted - 2006.02.15 21:02:00 - [4]

We fight against any odds and usually end up with those awsome stories that begin with "So we're blocked off in the system, only 3 of us left, against 10 of them! So what did we do? Guerilla strike and run tactics to kill off 5, pod a 6th, and get out with only a single casualty... so crazy1"YARRRR!!

Posted - 2006.02.16 19:53:00 - [5]



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