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Jade Constantine
Jericho Fraction
The Star Fraction
Posted - 2003.09.01 04:40:00 - [1]

Edited by: Jade Constantine on 01/09/2003 04:56:51

Okay ladies and gentlemen, where to start? Well obviously I’d first like to begin with a battery of disparaging curses upon the genetic linage of the coterie of inbred misfits who make up Taggart Trandimensional Executive branch. That goes without saying.

Never in my life to date have I ever seen such a dishonourable shower of treacherous snakes gathered so close in a single stinking dung heap loosely masquerading as a Corporation.

Taggart are villains of the deepest dye; true traitors led by a man with neither word or sensibility or any redeeming feature at all.

To Taggart the term alliance partner means dumb patsy,
To Taggart common defence means cheap profiteering,
To Taggart a united front means a tawdry puppet show,

And then there is the lowest treachery and self destructive mania of the man Ragnar and his conclave of sc****-browed halfwits of callow wit and nithling means; I honestly had never believed that a majority of the slights and question on TTI’s name in times before were valid, but now I have seen and heard with my own eyes and ears foul perfidy far exceeding any thing I thought to judge before.

A little background;

The Venal Alliance was loosing the war against FA backed Evolution and Xanadu corps. This for many reasons, some explored in the article I authored a few days ago. Our ships were being lost, our territory disrupted, our small corps paying a very heavy price for defence of TTI mining territory and core Venal Stations.

I proposed a general proportional levy of VA corps finance to be placed in a central defence fund be used to equip replacement cruisers to our pilots who had lost ships in battle. As CEO of Jericho I proposed an initially figure of 50 million isk and asked that each corp of Venal should match the sum in proportion to their membership. (a corp half the size of Jericho would pay 25million, double 100million, ten times 500million etc etc.)

My thoughts on this were to get the war machine moving in order to supply our Defence forces with readily available combat ships to prevent the lengthy delays between ship destruction and re-equipment we had thus far seem.

My suggestion was well received by a number of VA corps until such time as it came to Taggart to pledge a sum in defence of the realm, and unsurprisingly perhaps, they demurred, naming me a “beggar” a “weakling” a “puling bum” for daring to suggest that TTI should pay towards the VA armed forces. I debated this point at length but TTI were unmoved, citing their existing BYOM minerals deals (sans production efficiency) as commitment enough to the war effort.

The pertinent points raised by VA corps to the irrelevance of such gestures given the impossibility of mining in the siege situation fell on deaf ears. In the mean time I was directed to look at Roark’s market post where he boasted of vast collections of ships and mineral budgets and to compare and contrast with commitment to the VA cause elsewhere. In truth it did make an unpleasant comparison, and a bitter sight indeed to see such riches far lauded, when all the while the V-A comms channel rang with the lamentations of experienced combatants without ships or the ability to earn the isk to buy them.

Do you value the alliance I asked of Taggart directors? Yes they said.
Do you understand what is happening I asked? Yes they said.
How much longer do you believe the VA can hold I asked? We don’t care they said.

This I hope you will understand diminished my faith in Taggart’s commitment to the war against our foes.

At around this time I authored the Strategic Analysis of the war document elsewise presented in this forum; and in doing so followed the wish of the newly established VA Council, who wanted to counter some of the more inflammatory war reporting and rhetorically rich threads there existing with an honest factual analysis of the situation to date.

The war meanwhile continued, in Venal the small corps died in droves, TTI maintained a figurehead presence of a half dozen ships, and elsewhere various corps engaged in guerrilla counterattacks to no great effect on the FA war machine.

Jade Constantine
Jericho Fraction
The Star Fraction
Posted - 2003.09.01 04:41:00 - [2]

Back home in Venal the situation was growing worse; some corporations had chosen exile, offers were simply hiding in stations, TTI were pretty much absent save for a couple of battleship captains, and everywhere the invading fleets, and now new allies from Northern Lonetrek in addition, were striking wherever and whenever they chose. My own corporation, Jericho suffered losses at around the 250m isk mark, and were, like so many others of the VA, prevented from the normal operation of commerce and operations required to recover war casualties. Morale was low, but the siege mentality had formed the bonds of fraternity I have already mentioned elsewhere, and with the VA Council and new representative authority therein we believed we had a shot at making the decisions necessary to turn the war around. Talk was all of common defence and aiding each other, we discussed broader alliances and pin point high value strikes, a dozen clever stratagems and concepts to improve our fortunes but always it came down to shortage of money and equipment.

Once more I asked Taggart in formal council to match the investment I proposed and once more they refused, naming their own philosophy of self reliance the superior paradigm and my suggestion a thing of outdated Marxist principles. Mindless of the plight of our brave boys in the smaller corps, Taggart mouthed the credo of BYOM BYOM, BYOM, all day long, and suggested that our pilots should take a week out of the war to mine in Korama for the greater glory of TTI battleship protection.

It was obvious to those with eyes that VA did not have a week, much less more than a couple of days at the outside. Resources were at breaking point, and even the most courageous hearts cannot carry the day with neither arms nor ammunition nor vessels to ride to battle and homeland defence.

Then I was contacted by a representative of the Fountain Alliance, who had been given my name by Master Qball of Venal; that I might hear and judge an offer of peace proposed from one alliance to another towards the ending of the war.

Finding the man polite and honest in demeanour, I listened, and having listened promised to carry the proposal to the VA Council for discussion.

In short the proposal was this;

Fountain Alliance to cease military operations against the VA and thereafter issue formal recognition of VA territory in exchange for ejection (voluntary or otherwise) of TTI and Space Invaders.

I carried the proposal to the VA Council, declaring the source and bringing the matter to discussion.

In a full session of the council the merits pro and con were considered, all corporations of Venal had the opportunity to speak and make themselves heard, and ultimately resolution was passed that the following night would see a binding vote for or against the peace proposal. At this council meeting I made public statement of my dissatisfaction with the commitment TTI were making to the war effort, and I suggested that the surest way of them securing my vote for their remaining part of VA was to make full and complete commitment to the common defence of the realm. Else, said I, there is not much to be lost by them retreating from VA in terms of overall VA defence power. Taggart again declined to make commitment.

After the meeting I was approached by members of the Space Invaders Corporation who asked if additional negotiations could be entered with into FA to allow SI to remain within the territory of the VA post war. This presented a problem since the invading forces were leagued strongly with anti-pirate militias but I promised to bring the matter up with the FA rep.

Jade Constantine
Jericho Fraction
The Star Fraction
Posted - 2003.09.01 04:42:00 - [3]

Edited by: Jade Constantine on 01/09/2003 04:45:39
The following day the war continued, TTI as ever making token showing in the battles in Venal and smaller VA corps suffering losses and hardship while Roark offered the ash-dry BYOM mantra as an inadequate sop for their loyalty and sacrifice.

I spoke again to TTI executives, attempting to make them see the necessity of making a choice between full military commitment and strategic retreat as a way of sparing their allies from further destruction. Once again TTI vacillated, evaded the issue, chose to remain locked away in safety while the frontline corps thought their war.

I did speak again to the FA rep and proposed that Space Invaders be allowed to remain in VA as part of the peace settlement. The compromise was suggested by FA that such would be acceptable so long as the VA as a whole foreswore piratical endeavours in PB and provided a system of border toll and policing in VA territory as a whole.

This compromise proposal I brought back to Venal and raised it in open discussion the better to inform the owner captains and powers of the situation; much was said but nothing achieved, and eventually the fateful council meeting began and two representatives of each VA Corporation were listed and brought to conclave that the matter be formally considered.

(Full logs of this council meeting are available and will be published in the fullness of time)

But in summary,

The war situation was outlined, the situations of the various corps discussed, and then the matter tabled was considered formally. The pros and cons of TTI ejection discussed, some suggested tactical retreat, others longer term re-positioning, there was talk of Taggart’s industrial power, of the commitment to VA, etc etc. Two issues of note were raised; on one hand QBall and Wretch brought evidence of Ragnar apparently threatening their corporation to note “no” to the proposal;

Ragnar> Okay where are you guys coming down on this vote today?
QBall> Cyberdyne?
Ragnar> Right
QBall> wretch is handling the vote
QBall> as he is CEO, and I'm pretty sure he's voting to split
QBall> I went bar hopping last night didnt get to talk to him much
Ragnar> He is voting to kick out TTI and SI right?
QBall> I think so
QBall> have to ask him though
Ragnar> Okay just wanted to be sure. There is a rift coming and there is one side that is safe and one that is not.
Roark> Yes that is right.
QBall> hm...
QBall> TTI gonna go loco on the VA if they get kicked?
Ragnar> I just wanted to see where you stood on the matter... thanks.

And on the other, the CEO of KIA corporation made a last minute appeal to TTI to reconsider their alliance commitment to the give the VA a fighting chance without the need to eject Taggart altogether.

But Taggart offered no compromise and the vote as held;

5 Corporations (including Jericho) voted to expel Taggart in the interests of peace and the VA survival

7 Corporations voted to refuse the Fountain Alliance peace proposal and thereby continue the war.

Here is an exert from the discussion at that point;

QBall > This is our first decision reached by council
Nyarlathotep > yeah and what a close one = )
QBall > Will will call this Article 1 - Decision B
KIAHicks > QBall: Still 1 vote left
Gafton > lol
QBall > Vote rules that TTI will remain in the Venal Alliance and fountain get's an ass kicking
KIAHicks > Cryo have to vote
Nyarlathotep > call it C to don’t take side = )
Jade Constantine > yep
QBall > it doesn’t matter
QBall > You would have to have majority
Gafton > no majority
KIAHicks > ok
QBall > 50%/50% can't constitute kicking TTI out
QBall > just bad logic
QBall > Decision B has passed
KIAHicks > Can I ask we discuss then if TTI are staying, how we can improve the defense of venal, we must secure our space somehow.
KIAEddZ > ok, so what now?
jimmychopps > SO the voting is finished....?
Jade Constantine > okay so the message to FA is f*!k you and the peace treaty right?
QBall > the council will from hear on meet Saturday @ 20:00 hours
Athule Snanm > I'd like to know what the final vote is
Jade Constantine > I'll get on the blower

From which point I think you will agree it is clear that the VA Council had decided to reject the FA peace proposal (with TTI ejection and no piracy rider) and had given me clear instructions to tell the FA rep “no deal”.

I opened communications with the FA, explained the situation, provided the answer and at that point had effectively committed the VA to continued hostilities in support of TTI in Venal.

The FA rep was saddened by the decision but respected our right to decide, and applauded our honour in standing by a Corporation of Venal in such a dark hour. Battle was thereby symbolically rejoined.

Jade Constantine
Jericho Fraction
The Star Fraction
Posted - 2003.09.01 04:42:00 - [4]

Edited by: Jade Constantine on 01/09/2003 04:44:14

Then an amazing interjection from CEO Ragnar of TTI; having won the vote to remain in the VA mere moments before, and having thereby seen the VA commit itself to almost certain defeat in defence of his corporation, Ragnar commanded his representative on the council to deliver this no famous message;

jimmychopps > Ragnar >

"Taggart does not recognize the authority of this council, nor the voting power of a corp 1/100th of our size having the same power to limit our sovereignty. It is clear that the anti TTI effort has been led by Jade Constantine, who has been bought off by Evolution. We will start with a 100 million bounty on Jade Constantine with 100 million in bounties, paid for 5 mil ISK each for 20 corpses. TTI and SI and our friends will remain in Venal and we will openly attack all of the pro-Evolution people that have just voted against their one-time friends in TTI. If you wish to open relations, contact Jimmychopps now. Otherwise, you will be targeted. This is fair warning. Thank you."

In which statement Ragnar in the name of Taggart solicited my murder by podding 20 times over and declaring war on the five Venal corporations that voted for TTI ejection from the VA. Effectively splitting Venal down the middle and plunging the region into civil war. The response from the council was not slow in coming;

KIAInkZ > erm what?
Jade Constantine > may I first say
Nyarlathotep > mmmmh
KIAHicks > Jimmy people here are willing to fight for you and you turn around and threaten us?
Jade Constantine > Ragnar you are a f*!ker
Jade Constantine > and I mean that with all due respect
KIAHicks > This should have been made before the vote was cast
KIAEddZ > if fa come on force, as i think they will now, then its game over, we ahve no solution, our loyalty has already cost us much, it will now be hell.
Athule Snanm > Well seeing as TTi just won the vote, that post just changed matters
Nyarlathotep > ahahaha Ragnar post was the most stupid affirmation ever said in the worst context
Athule Snanm > No alliance member can threaten another
KIAHicks > How can a corp claim to be part of an alliance and then willing to kill corps for openly discussing options?
Proto > well Evo just won
The Wretch > Now do we see the light?
Jade Constantine > Okay here is the deal
Proto > Venal alliance is no more
Athule Snanm > we voted and we agreed to keep TTi, now TTi threaten the entire council?
The Wretch > lol
Jade Constantine > FA are beginning combat operations against VA now
Nyarlathotep > at least we know they have 100m = )
KIAEddZ > LoL. Gotta say. That made me smile.
KIAHicks > Athule: yes, they are willing to kill those who voted against, so free discussion can never happen if that is the case
Jade Constantine > and will only accept total unconditional surrender
Jade Constantine > "according to their rep"
QBall > Please hold the discussion
Jade Constantine > I have him on the line
KIAEddZ > Ragnars statement is just too adolf ****** like even for me
Nyarlathotep > hicks is right
KIAEddZ > disgusts me tbh. KIA voted only for time to rebuild.
Athule Snanm > If you win you are happy, not homicidal!
Nyarlathotep > we all just voted a proposition that favour TTI a lot then Ragnar came with that reply. Thats a nonsense
KIAHicks > So by democratically discussing how best to secure venal interests we have no split venal. We have FA attacking on a full offensive and now TTI attacking as well. We've gone from back to worse
QBall > Please HOLD ON GUYS
QBall > With the Light of what the f*!k just happened
QBall > I Demand a Re-Vote

Jade Constantine
Jericho Fraction
The Star Fraction
Posted - 2003.09.01 04:43:00 - [5]

Edited by: Jade Constantine on 01/09/2003 05:09:48

The new vote was swift and decisive, there were a large number of swing votes that moved the new total to TTI leave 9, TTI stay (continue war) 3, with the two allies of TTI being Paladins of the Red Skull and Space Invaders (both of which it later turned out had been approached by Ragnar and executives during the meeting with offers of alliance in a future rump Venal led by TTI as an autocratic government in total.

Swiftly afterwards the Corporations that Ragnar had declared war against in his statement returned the favour, and the VA Council invited the FA rep to speak and make common cause against the new grand enemy in Venal space … Taggart Trandimensional itself.

So where does that leave us?

Venal is evening still in chaos. The VA itself is split; Taggart and attendant pirate allies have named their intention to remain and claim Venal for themselves, and expressed their further desire to seek revenge on those who voted against them in council. Loyalist VA splinter corps have been in contact with FA forces and are understood to be making common cause against the new shared enemy.

The V-A council chambers and common forums have been invaded by TTI members who have oozed out of the woodwork to support Ragnar’s coup attempt, and discussions continue to whirl round and round from the mouths of those who arrived late and have no clear idea of what exactly happened?

For my part, I am now the target of a 100m recurring podding contract care of CEO Ragnars “chaotic good” corporation of stinking hypocrites and lying scoundrels.

Speak with many of Ragnar’s clone executives after these momentous events I heard a vast array of implications and accusations raised against my name;

Jade has always been an Evolution spy
Jade is the TTI mole
Jade is a coward
Jade is jealous of TTI’s wealth
Jade is a self aggrandising publicist (well okay maybe a bit of this ;)
Jade set out to destroy the VA
Jade is a traitor, a mercenary, a dreamer, a Marxist
Jade is a popularity junkie, a ****, a (shiver) socialist

How quickly the fortunes turn m’dears, and yesterdays PR darling becomes an object of hate and derision and murderous criminal solicitation.

For my part I declare blood feud on Ragnar and Taggart Trandimensional.

This evening’s work has seen the destruction of a fledgling democracy in Venal for the arcing pride and insane lusts of one power-crazed lunatic industrialist.

Ragnar does not believe in democracy, nor representation, nor freedom, nor human rights, nor loyalty, nor honour, nor commitment to a cause.

He is nothing more than a sadistic gangster with delusions of godhood and divine right to rule. Like the tyrants of the ancient world he sees the world his kingdom and the lives of other men his slaves.

But he is not untouchable.

Taggart is now something of a joke

The nominal roster of 280 members is shrunken to a mere 50 or less. The vast imagined wealth of Taggart is hoarded jealously by senior directors and locked in vaults of empty ships and cavernous mineral stores. What Taggart lacks is heart and passion, for the company is an empty shell without zest or vision, devoted only to the continuance of Ragnar’s dry bone empire for ever and ever in times hereafter.

For the love of freedom and beauty I declare my enmity upon Ragnar’s house and all his works.

For the sacrifice of Venal made to shore up the edifice of this conclave of puerile fools I say for hate’s sake damn Taggart, and all of Ragnar’s petty works.

For the dream of liberty and freedom thence and after I say pity and ending thus alone, and let this man and corporation without be broken to unremarked dust in times hereafter.

I Jade Constantine take up the mantle of Ragnar’s 100 million isk of blood money and wear it proudly as a shroud to brittle avarice and all the works of foolish craven traitorlord below.

Death to Taggart, Death to Ragnar, Death to the memory of this treacherous night

Xtreme Intruders
Bad Company.
Posted - 2003.09.01 05:16:00 - [6]

Let us light the galaxy's with the deather of Ragnars ship.

Posted - 2003.09.01 05:23:00 - [7]

Tonight, is the night Ragnar went mad.

I'm sorry it took the rest of Venal a week to see what Evolution and company already knew, but instead of saying "Told you so", i'm going to say "Let's wipe out Taggart". Sorry Ragnar, but you crossed the line big time. And this is a line even your horde of money won't fix.

Oh, and Qball confirmed TTi's hits on evol/xan/FA. Cats out of the bag, say your prayers TTi, for tonite, your number came up.

Oh and Jade, wow I never want to be on your bad side.

Critical Mass Enterprises
Curse Alliance
Posted - 2003.09.01 05:24:00 - [8]

Pretty damning.

TIT's colors come out in the wash, this time people can not deny how corrupt TIT are. Bed fellows of pirates, although i think TTI are now running out of pirate corporations to align themselves with.

i will leave it at that and hold back from "i told you so" Jade. However, good luck and safe flying. As for corpses delivered to Ragnars door, the only ones he will be seeing are that of his "military"

Tyrion Nydaerin
The Yakuza
Posted - 2003.09.01 05:43:00 - [9]

*tips hat to Jade and the VA council*

Who will trust TTi now?


Posted - 2003.09.01 05:56:00 - [10]

wow jade, i'm impressed. As a member of FA, i say, Damn Ragnar and his gallavanting group of garrulous miscreants to hell. Now, As a Military Director of AF Holdings, how may i be of service m'lady?

g'day, and tti good luck.

Dynaverse Corporation
Vertigo Coalition
Posted - 2003.09.01 06:07:00 - [11]

Edited by: Mimiru on 01/09/2003 06:08:35
Very honorable of you to remove such scum from amongst your ranks. I only hope that together the True VA, the FA, and all honorable peoples can remove such scum from all of eve.

Band of Brothers
Posted - 2003.09.01 06:12:00 - [12]


I wish alot of this would ever have had to have come to pass. There are alot of things that my darkside wants to to say, but for now, I will only say this.

Welcome to the Anti-TTI-Ragnar club.
May you have luck in finding the cowards ship in a lone dark hole in space.

To the rest of EVE, you have seen what Taggart is and what it stands for, they harbor pirates, they foster pirates, and they hire pirates.

I would like to call for all corporations, and Feelancers within EVE to boycott all sales to TTI, and to check who you buy items from. Avoid thier BYOM deals for ships, surely other corporations can and will do the same as they and without supporting pirates at the same time. Go to other corporations for your needs, Taggert cannot be the only supplier for everything in EVE, no matter how big they are, or how big they think they are....

Deep Core Mining Inc.
Posted - 2003.09.01 06:26:00 - [13]

Firstly: These words are solely my own and do not represent the Hadean Drive Yards in any official capacity.

Jade I'd like to say that I not only feel your pain (HDY has had it's ...troubles... with TTi) but I also wish to put my connections at your disposal. Please contact me if there is something I can do for you.

With that said.....ah TTi you stab people in the back more than any corp that i have yet to encounter.

Indigo Seqi
Posted - 2003.09.01 07:19:00 - [14]

Edited by: Indigo Seqi on 01/09/2003 07:20:30
It doesn't matter if your view of the shattering of this alliance is the bad, the good or any other one, in every one of them Jericho somehow seems to play a major part.

It's amazing me how much influence a corporation like Jericho can still have in Venal while their own involvement is almost nothing, with the very least being Jade's press releases for the ex-Venal alliance.

Any previously active defender of Venal can tell you I've been there from the beginning until the day the frontlines divided and I can tell you that I have ever hardly seen Jericho at all.
As far as Venal is concerned, there were always just two Jericho's active there. Namely, Jade herself and Athule Snanm. I think there was a third, but the fact of me being unable to remember this speaks for itself. How can Jericho possibly blame TTI for not having enough involvement if their corporations are practically equal in terms of pilot percentage present in Venal?
Then the fighting broke out, did we ever see Jericho? Yes, this one time Athule came out to lend a pinky finger for 30 minutes. Thanks Athule, it was much appreciated. Making it very interesting again how Jericho can possibly accuse TTI of not being involved enough.
Did we ever see Jade herself? Ofcourse not! When asked about this she stated that she employed the use of "Mercenary contracts" to fight the Fountain Alliance (as this was considered the enemy at that point).
Mercenary contracts? That's something anybody can pretend to be using, making it pretty much a paper claim. But the most intrigueing question comes when one does assume that Jade used mercenaries to fight. Who were these mercanaries? Was Jade perhaps the person who employed m0o/Sinister for the first few strikes at fountain a couple of weeks ago? If not, who else could it be? Why would she have hired anyone else, seeing there are no mercenaries more powerful than m0o/Sinister?

Jericho Fraction and specifically Jade Constantine are shrouded by intrige in this matter. On one side she tries to take on the role of a Martyr, proudly carrying the bounty on her head and trying to show everyone how much the VA has been a victim of TTI and on the other side she appears to play the role of a master puppeteer, making all the puppets dance to her liking by skillful manipulation in tense situations. On both sides she refills Jericho's brownie points with the rest of the ex-VA by playing a major social part in this end alliance drama. One can only wonder when good folks like Cyberdyne, KIA, OCC and most of the younger members open their eyes and see what the hell is actually going on.

Xtreme Intruders
Bad Company.
Posted - 2003.09.01 07:24:00 - [15]

What I don't get is why the only corp in the whole of VA that likes TTI is Space Invader, have you been bought, because I know they tried to get Cyberdyne like that.

Please tell me you didn't sellout.

Morkt Drakt
Black Omega Security
Pandemic Legion
Posted - 2003.09.01 07:25:00 - [16]


I'm saying nothing.

There's a cold chablis, some long-limg dip, fresh crackers and a copy of Cyrano de Bergerac otw to you though.

Sit back, relax, enjoy...

the show has just begun.

Femme Fatal
Roving Guns Inc.
RAZOR Alliance
Posted - 2003.09.01 07:34:00 - [17]

Edited by: Femme Fatal on 01/09/2003 07:34:47
They called me a pirate for attacking them and killing their ships.

I said I they were the pirates, and I not just a good for nothing griefer.

Back then the Venal alliance didnt believe me and didnt allow me to hunt TTI in Venal space, sadly they had to first experience first hand why I lead war against them. Im sorry for Venal's hefty losses at the hands of these opportunists.

You can be glad that the only thing that surpasses Ragnar's blind arrogance is the ineptitude of TTI's 'military'.

May they go down in flames.

Third Return Inc.
Blue Sun Trust
Posted - 2003.09.01 07:37:00 - [18]

Personally, I applaud the honesty inherent in this. I have no "beef" with Ragnar and essentially run a non-entity of a corporation compared to the "powerhouses"....

But how can SI complain of Jericho financing pirates? Is not all fair in love and war? If Jericho is NOT a military force to be reckoned with, how else would they be able to provide the brawn to back up the brains?

Hiring of Mercenaries is the ideal solution, and why not hire the best you can in that type of situation? Even if it turns out that they where not the ones to hire m0o/sinister I would not hold such against them.

To Jade Constantine & the Vernal Splinter Group (heretofore referred to as VSG) I wish you the best, may your hindsight on this situation serve you well in your future decisions.

High Priestess
Posted - 2003.09.01 07:42:00 - [19]

Well this is certainly interesting. I think Ragnar has gone off the deep end. Skyleach I wouldnt be too critical Evolution is more or less a pirate group too with their poddings of innocents in Lonetrek. Im still waiting to see the evidence they had to even start this war (I dont think there is any but thats my personal opinion). I certainly agree buying hits on people is wrong but Ive not seen any evidence they did this before the war? While I certainly agree theyve been very arrogant I feel a little sorry for them for being the constant whipping boy of Eve. No one really deserves this level of hatred. I do believe Evolution has no intention of leaving Venal and will eventually throw those other companies out. We'll have to wait and see I guess but I hope everyone pays attention.

Posted - 2003.09.01 07:43:00 - [20]

only 100 mill hell that other guy got a 500 mill bounty ...tti must be running out of cash

Band of Brothers
Posted - 2003.09.01 07:43:00 - [21]

It really surprises me that it took this statement by Ragnar Himself to convince Venal that the attacks upon their region were justified.

It further surprises me that the curiously decent gentlemen of TTi have allowed this statement.. I thought TTi was all about 'Rugged Individualism'.

Appearantly it's Rugged Ragnarism..

Temujin Destovai
Children of Xanadu
Posted - 2003.09.01 07:46:00 - [22]

I find it ironic that TTI wont give 100 million to finance the defence of Venal, even if its needed, yet see no problem in shelling out a 100 million isk bounty on Jade, which is completely uncalled for.

Lets hope those people who I consider smart in TTI see this hypocracy for what it really is.

Karash Amerius
Posted - 2003.09.01 07:57:00 - [23]

"BYOM" is great...if you have time to mine.

Politics are an interesting pursuit. You not need wealth or power or good breeding. All that is simply needed is a that resonates to the core issues and ideals of your time. For size does not matter much in the body is daring that makes the biggest impressions. Foundations of military or economic strength are essential...but so is the voice that stirs the hearts of men and moves machines of war.

(And Jade, did we finally train that Strategic Political Writing skill up to level 5? Rolling Eyes )

Morkt Drakt
Black Omega Security
Pandemic Legion
Posted - 2003.09.01 08:04:00 - [24]

C'mon - only last week Roark was sponsoring a 500mil ISK repeat assassination on the poor guy who sold him 1 trit for be so tight-fisted over the defence of Venal is, well, tight.

One of the most interesting points of Jade's post though is the strengthening of the claim on TTis "true" size. (AND it harkens back to why TTi dont want to pay out defence costs based on their "membership")

MDW and then myself have long stated that their nominal roster was completley inaccurate (for a number of reasons) and that they were operating with no more than 70 members.

Jade suggests 50 - which allowing for even more escapees over the timeframe is about right.

I've said before, MDW has said and other "watchers" have said: TTi are overated in terms of membership and "size" and wealth.

Numberous times the "weak" respsonse of TTi in terms of fielded combat pilots has been stated as "lies" by TTi - yet is shown to be factual.

They don't have the pilots and they haven't had for a long time.

There is no TTi Mega-Corp... if this saga continues for much longer there may well be no TTi-Corp at all.

Oh and one last thing...

Jade was never "The Mole"... i can promise you i would've been proud if she was, but she wasn't.

The Mole is safely buried within TTi still, his stated aim of "seeing the hypocrisy of the leadership exposed" has not only come true but is bursting forth in blaring light for all too see.

Hydra Directorate
Aftermath Coalition
Posted - 2003.09.01 08:19:00 - [25]

One word...
I along with a few people in empire space and on the fringes were lacking in the knowledge of what has been happening with TTI and I was somewhat unaware of your war but I have had run ins with Space Invaders. Something about TTI has always smelled funny to me and you have quite verbosely explained just what it was Jade. Kick those punks to the curb girlfriend.Razz

Zionist Front
Posted - 2003.09.01 08:22:00 - [26]

TTI I have no words or curses left than can describe what you have done.
One point to remember here, yes there's "real" people behind them ships, you knew Evo and Co was slowly destroying the alliance, and what did you do. Nothing.

You let us weaken them until you thought it was safe for your carebear pilots to take the region over. The final knife in the back was delivered and now the VA is in dissaray, at least thats what you think.

TTI: After holding your pitiful band of barbi dolls in battleships stuck in a station for 3-4hrs, many of us got tired, it was like 7:30am here in England, so most of us called it a night.

But still, there's many months of this to come.
I for one will forever hunt you dogs down.
Im now hoping for a war declaration by many corps to strike at you in high sec space aswell as low sec.

Jade and the remaining VA, I feel for you guys.
Im hoping the FA can setup a fund of rebuilding the VA alliance in a world without TTI using them as scapegoats and underdogs.

Stand firm VA, help is coming ;)

Regards, Flatliner.

Posted - 2003.09.01 08:23:00 - [27]

I feel like writing something, but am too drunk to do so.

Salute to you Jade.

"In the memory of INO"

Brian Hissa
Caldari Provisions
Posted - 2003.09.01 08:25:00 - [28]

Personally, as a member of the VA or what's left of it, I think both Jade and Ragnar should be spaced (together?). But that's just the opinion of this humble pilot. I just find it a shame that no one can apologise anymore.Crying or Very sad

Posted - 2003.09.01 08:29:00 - [29]

Well played Molle.

Let's see now, a 3 man corp(Jade, Athule and that third person noone remembers the name of) runs around to Molle's tune causing 5 corps in total within Venal to make it known that they want TTI out. A nice move indeed. You could say this is where Jade gets the puppet stamp, afterall here the Venal Alliance ended. Then TTI decides to declare war on these 5 corps, afterall they decided to **** on TTIs foot by voting against TTI. This is followed up by the council deciding to vote another time on the same issue, and a couple more of the remaining 7 corps decide to join the group of small corps like Jade's little bunch of guys.

This leads to what? Some of the best fighters in SI along with one of the most potent moneymaking organisations in the game on one side and a couple minor corps who barely can take loosing a couple battleships on the side with Evolution. I think this calls for WHAT IF scenarios...

WHAT IF Evolution wants Venal. After they get Jade to run a vote against TTI, TTI and SI and the others who stand their ground for Venal had left Venal. What would there be left in Venal? Xanadu, Evolution. Oh and those minor corps who don't have any real significance anyways.

WHAT IF Evolution doesn't want Venal. TTI doesn't leave Venal either, and there is no way of forcing someone to leave a region unless they themselves choose to leave it. TTI odesn't seem to show any signs of leaving, and considering Venal is but one of many regions they are in this isn't exactly all of TTI we are talking about anyways. The status quo doesn't change apart from perhaps 30 or so characters moving to the other side of the battle. Oh right, Evolution doesn't do FoF when in combat zones, neither do most other corps. How exactly are Evolution thinking of suddenly checking pilots for up to 9 other smaller corps whenever they see ships? Perhaps they expect those corps to leave venal until they have beaten TTI?

WHAT IF this is all a TTI masterplan. They seem to be credited for any and every bad thing and rumor that circulates out there afterall. They decide to take back Venal, the place they were at among the first, the place where now a loose group of small pirate corps and medium sized businesses operated under a common name. They join the region. Next their longtime ally Xanadu strenthens their ties with Evolution. Evolution does a small bship group probe to see if Venal can muster defenses. Next they launch full scale war. They declare thei target on the largest and most prominent corp in the region, afterall declaring any other corp in it as a target would lead to Venal casting them out quite easily. After a week or so when Xanadu has joined the action the next phase comes in play. VA needs to be split, and everyones favorite puppet and machiavelli wannabe Jade Constantine is obviously already well in place for the next part of the plan. Using Molle to use Jade the Xanadu TTI axis creates dispute within Venal, to the point where 5 out of 12 corps within the Council want to out TTI. While they are all minor corps they believe they are actually equal to both the military might of SI and the monetary might of TTI. What follows is clear. The corps joining sides with the evolution puppet molle will happily undock, fly around, only to be victims to statistics, suddenly the maount of Friendly fire damage will increase. Statistically we can obviously discard this due to the increased amount of civilians flying around in a war zone. Inevitably those civilians will sooner or later move out of Venal until Evolution is done with cleaning out TTI. But wait, suddenly VA is clean of minor corps with loud voices, and TTI and Xanadu both are in an ideal position to once again take back what was theirs earlier. And not only that, they have a bunch of stray Evolution bships about as far from their homebases as they can be.

WHAT IF the whole war is just the creation of the boredom at no lategame content on the sides of Xanadu, TTI, Evolution. Here there is no real goal, just the fun of wasting some of those billions that are just sitting in the wallets, the fortunate side casualty being those smaller corps who unknowningly of their true fate as sand in the giants sandals are about to be thrown out of what they thought was a safe home for themselves.

so many possible outcomes and causes, so many puppets. Molle, Jade, even the Homo Erectus and Xanadu, and least but not last all the others involved. TTI I salute you, Xanadu I salute you, and TAOSP I salute you aswell, for there is really nothing better to waste spare time than reading.

Morkt Drakt
Black Omega Security
Pandemic Legion
Posted - 2003.09.01 08:41:00 - [30]

Interesting point about Corps not being able to sustain the loss of a few many ships did Evol lose? How many ships did TTi lose? How many ships did the VA lose?

Whos the most potent money making corp in the VA?

Hate it when equations dont add up - how about you Jo?

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