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The Holding Corporation
Posted - 2006.02.13 00:05:00 - [1]

Edited by: Hubbins on 13/02/2006 04:14:25
Hello all.
Right now me and my fellow corp mate are looking to join an alliance or corp that has 0.0 acsess, preferable in the south becuase as of now we operate out of the genisis region.

I am specializing in mining/refining and a Raven BS.
My corpmate is specializing in t1/t2 building.
Though we both can mine and haul pretty good as well as PvE.
We dont really PvP but we could if need be.

Send an eve-mail or respond here. We can negotiate details later.

The Holding Corporation
Posted - 2006.02.13 13:48:00 - [2]

We're still looking.

Posted - 2006.02.13 13:53:00 - [3]

Soul Raven
Rogue Souls
Posted - 2006.02.13 16:03:00 - [4]

Give me a shout in-game for a chat

Morsus Mihi
Posted - 2006.02.14 03:24:00 - [5]

hello Hubbins, i am a member of a Exiles Corp operating out of aridia right next to genesis. we do everything from mining, pve, pvp, have access to 0.0 ect. we have a spot opening for manufacturing since our head over that is taking a break for RL stuff for a few months possibly. we have weekly mining ops as an option but not required. the corp is relatively new but we are mostly ex-SWG players who joined eve when SOE shot themselves (or should have) Rolling Eyes

Versatech Co.
Posted - 2006.02.14 08:42:00 - [6]

Hi Hubbins!

ill convo you when i get online, so we can talk about what we can offer you m8.

Pr Director
Dark Dominium

Ben Zarba
Zarba Corp
Posted - 2006.02.14 10:39:00 - [7]

Hi Hubbins,

We in TOGCO have an established POS deep in 0.0 space. We are a tight nit group of players that are all having a great time in 0.0. We are currently on a settler program with one alliance but have applied to be full members of a certain southern alliance i won't mention here.

If you are interested then feel free to contact me (Ben Zarba) in game or drop into our public channel - TOGCO and say hello.

You can also check out our recruitment post, see the link in my signature.

Hope to see you in space.

Ben Zarba - TOGCO Recruiter

EVOTECH Spokesperson
Posted - 2006.02.14 14:28:00 - [8]


Looking for new home at 0.0 space?..

We are mid-size mature group with solid structure and plans, we did recently joined the ISS alliance. Joining the industrial alliance maybe gives bit wrong picture about us, as we are reforming to be purely 0.0 corp.

Our new home at 0.0 region provides very rich ore and Ice belts, as well very lucrative rats to hunt for. Our Production Div. provides very organized mining ops, with excellent and fair pay rate between miners, haulers & security.

Please check out our recruitment add at: HERE.

Also check our website for more info, who we are and what we stand for:
(application pages have slightly outdated info)

If you have any questions, please join our channel: Evotech_Public.

Cosmic Fusion
Dead Terrorists
Posted - 2006.02.14 15:08:00 - [9]

Delta team
Lotka Volterra
Posted - 2006.02.14 16:21:00 - [10]

Hi m8t!What I can offer you is mostly what you desire. First of thighs [SACRA] is a anti-pirate corporation based in 0.0 and member of a respectable alliance, our HQ is in the north. What we can offer you is safe NPC / Mine 0.0 space within the borders of the alliance, PVP sessions daily, on a total count we are a mix corp with areas of action in all directions (R&D/PVP/NPC e.t.c.)

The medium age of the corp members is 22 we have our personal teamspeak server were we stay and discuss all of our problems etc.

If you are just starting and have little skill points that is not a problem, we have members who are in your position and are in empire for the time being until they have the skill points that are required to survive in 0.0 space. You can team up with them and make missions for the time being. After 1-2 months you should have what it takes to survive in 0.0 space and I mean by survive (NPC and Mine).For any more questions that are not answered here or for application’s contact me “Gilie” or Kornit0 in EVE by mail or private conv if online at that time. I wish you good luck and gods speed!

Best regards Gilie

Simon Pholo
Kongsberg Vaapenfabrikk Amarr branch.
Posted - 2006.02.14 17:53:00 - [11]

Edited by: Simon Pholo on 14/02/2006 17:53:09

I urge you to take a look at our thread here

Posted - 2006.02.14 20:07:00 - [12]


We do plenty of both PvP and ExclamationRatting deep in 0.0 to the South in Providence and Stain region.Exclamation The average New Dawn Member makes about 60mil a day (or more depending on how many hours of sleep you're willing to sacrificeYARRRR!!) when we do the trips deep into 0.0.

You'd be more than welcome and after about a 1 month probation period, if you've got the skills, we can look at helping you get into a battleshipIdea

ArrowBoth of you message me in-game if you're interested. If I'm not on, message Gioto

Kongsberg Vaapenfabrikk Amarr branch.
Posted - 2006.02.15 19:41:00 - [13]

Lookin' for a Corp?

We don't care if you have 50k sp, or 50 mil.

We are looking for cool people on paid accounts (No trials please).

We hope new players dont jump into large alliances and corps or small catchy ones either for the wrong reasons. We want every member we recruit to stay with us for the long haul if the fit is right. We are building a community and think this should be every players goal.

We all have real lives and are not on every single night. We're not here to make the game a job but we do need players to help support the corp via pvp, missions, mining, ratting, sales, hauling etc.

What do we do ?

We live in Providence and Southern Amarr and guard our space against the depredations of capsuleer pirates and the Sansha.


We are open to any race in game and out.

We are looking for PvE, Missioners, Miners, Industrialists and PvP of all races in all kinds of ships with every imaginable interest and all levels of ISK.

We use TS.

We are adults and act as such and expect it of you as well. Smack talk is kept friendly.

That's pretty much it, come help us if you like, be part of the family.

Join our public channel "KVA PUBLIC" or contact forsakenZen, Joe Moncho, Karta Riobi, Royaldo, Chandar, Louhbo, or AJ Nixon directly if we haven't just answered all your questions ;) .

Good c'mon over and join the club.


Ziriert VIII - Moon 3 - Zoar & Sons Factory
Ebtesham - Moon 2 - Amarr Navy Assembly Plant

Killed In Action
Posted - 2006.02.15 19:52:00 - [14]

Tok'ra Incororporacted is currently a medium sized corp. We focus on mining and production, but we also have a "combat division". We have both American and European area players. Our main focus is on mining and production. We build all of our own weapons, ammo, and most of our ships.
The players that we have are great people. They always are willing to help out and will always be there for one another. There has been many of times that one of our corpies needed a ship, so we all got together and helped that person mine for the minerials that s/he needed, and then the corp built it for him/her. We have a wide selection of available BPO's that are available to the corp, and if we dont have what you are looking for, we will get it. We will help guide you in what you need to learn, teach you how you need to learn them to maximize you learning time. Do you have a career picked out? We can help you get there. Do you think that Tok'ra Inc. might be right for you? Contact Morrs, MysticWarrior, or Tiger Wolf in game

Zrevak Ashek
Galactic Shipyards Inc
Huzzah Federation
Posted - 2006.02.17 22:51:00 - [15]

Hi! You should convo our Human Resource Officer, Toriatrix,
and I`m pretty sure you will find us to be a very good alternative.
He will give you our ventrilo pw and after a chat with him,
all other offers will seem insignificant...believe meWink
We currently "pirate" ASUYA, Arcane Industries and The Council among others..
We have combat ops 23/7YARRRR!!
You MUST be willing to pvp, however!

John McCreedy
Eve Defence Force
Posted - 2006.02.17 23:30:00 - [16]

MARC, a division of Eve Defence Force can offer you a place. Click the link above my sig for more info.


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