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Steven Dynahir
Avaruuslaivanrakentajat Oyj
Posted - 2006.02.02 06:25:00 - [1]

I would like to see a new feature added into the game, which I'll refer as regional sales orders. This feature would consist of two parts described below.

#1 - Sales warehouse

A new hangar like current ships/items for personal use and new sales hangar for corporation use. To these hangars one could put items only if there is an active regional sales order for that type of item. One could take out any items at anytime.

#2 - Regional sales order

This would be a similiar sell order like the current sell orders, but instead of combining the items to one sell order, this would draw from the item pool at sales warehouse hangar. If the item in question would be found at any sales warehouse within the region, the market window would display these as sell orders.

Additional features

These regional sales orders could be implemented with skill requirements. There could be a new skill which would allow the use of regional sales orders, and then increase the range for the order by 5 jumps per level of the skill. This skill could require wholesale or tycoon skill.

What this would accomplish?

This idea is for making managing sales more easier. One could make a regional sell order and then stock the order in stations when required, and with corporations marketing director could set the prices and allow construction people to stock the orders as items are built.


This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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