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Mjr Tom
Posted - 2003.08.26 23:04:00 - [1]

Edited by: Mjr Tom on 26/08/2003 23:04:08
What we will see is how actions can cause the seed of hate to be sown, even among supposed allies. I take you 4 years back, to a time when things seemed good...

Empire relations continued to improve. Years before, the Gallente Federation proposed an exchange program for students. The explained purpose was to bind the empires together with the education of the new generation, and to benefit new recruits with not only tactics of their own people, but those of other schools. Of course, they really wanted to spread their influence into foreign space discreetly. This program was put into place with great success.

A promising and idealistic young pilot of the Federal Navy Academy, registered as 'Mjr Tom', applied to the program to enhance his skills, and to promote peace throughout the known world. On what was to be his final year, Tom was selected as one of 5 students to represent the Harerget academy on an exchange to the Amarrian Imperial Academy in Elmed. Tom was very conflicted about the Amarrian way of life. He disagreed with slavery, as did all good Gallenteans whose parents taught what they believed to be right and wrong, but he was also fascinated by them. The Amarrians had an ancient culture, large numbers, and a spirit of dominance. Being as ambitious as he was, he hated to be looked upon as inferior, so he planned on showing them how tough he really was.

Shortly before the year started, Tom and his classmates were taken to Elmed in a Navy Megathron, just for looks. Upon arrival at Elmed VI-Moon 5 station, he met many other students. The vast majority were, of course, Amarrian, but there were others as well. Several Gallenteans, many Caldari exchange students, and even a couple Minmatar conformists. Life on the station was magnificent. It was as if living on a planet, but all within the massive station. He would go to class through the day, spend his evenings wandering around the station, making new friends, business contacts, and having a good time with all the available services and shops.

One day, his group went on a routine trip into 0.6 space with a crew of miners from Hedion University. Their task was to provide protection against the various pirates that may inhabit the area. It was valuble training. During the trip, a Minmatar stabber docked at the academy. Carried within it was a payload of explosives to make a raven pilot jealous. Then it simply self-destructed. An entire station, destroyed. Students, families, children of all races, dead.

Mjr Tom
Posted - 2003.08.26 23:04:00 - [2]

Edited by: Mjr Tom on 26/08/2003 23:05:35
The Amarrians wanted to reap swift vengeance on the Minmatar, but the pilot was unregistreed, so they didn't have a legal leg to stand on. They quitely cleaned up the scrap and the bodies. Plans are being made to build a memorial.

Tom was naturally devastated by this event. Many of his friends were now dead. He knew of the vast amount of life that was on the station, now extinguished. He turned for help to the only people he thought could ease his pain. The Angel Cartel. The next couple years flashed by. Crash can do that to you, but the emptiness was still there. Questions. Why was I spared? How could something like this happen? The drugs only made the feelings worse, so Tom decided he had to rejoin society.

Back in the Federation, Tom was put into a one year rehabilitation plan. It was tough, crash was not easy to get off of. He had no escape now. He had to face reality. He made it through the program, but there was a noticeable loss in his intelligence, and his memory was short, and unclear at times. Finally, it was time to reenter the Academy. Returning to Harerget, Tom completed his studies with honours, his amazing willpower allowed him to fly and shoot with the best of them.

Tom attempted to put his past behind him. Not thinking of that terrible event is the only way he could continue. Tom even took a job in a corp that was part of a satellite program of Oracle, a known rebel group. On this job he traveled very often. Through the space of all empires he made his living relocating goods. But nothing too good lasts forever. During his travels he passed through the system 'Amarr' frequently. Many of the times he had to avoid minefields placed by Minmatar rebels. Mines have no allies. They destroy friend and foe alike. The mine fields became a slaughterhouse. The rebels have the blood of many on their hands. They murdered their own people. Massacred innocent Caldari and Gallentean travellers. All for a chance to kill an unarmed and unexpecting Amarrian miner or two.

Tom began to reconsider his path in life. This fight for freedom was a terrible outburst of violence. The Minmatar had an extremely skewed view of justice. They claim to love freedom, but are single-handedly eliminating it, and are the biggest threat to liberty the galaxy has ever known. This was a highway system. Meant to facilitate trade, to promote peace, and these rebels have turned it into their own personal death grounds. Tom remembered his friends, the families, the children who died that day. It all came flooding back.

The Minmatar are responsible.

The Minmatar will pay.

Vel Kyri
Empire Assault Corp
Dead Terrorists
Posted - 2003.08.27 07:02:00 - [3]

nice story - gives nice psycological background :)

Mjr Tom
Posted - 2003.08.28 15:19:00 - [4]

Thank you. :)
This is my first one of these things, so I probably skipped through a couple places too quickly, or misstated some facts, but it doesn't matter. It was fun.

Muffin Man
Albatross Inc.
Posted - 2003.09.02 12:26:00 - [5]

Edited by: Muffin Man on 02/09/2003 13:14:41

OOC: Very good story :),I did post a massive long story to oppose this train of thought but then realised this was a library of sorts and I didnt want to spoil your story.

If you want you can read the slightly edited version which will be a story and a character role play that refers back to the above station incident. :)

Refer to "Terror in the Eye of the Beholder" for the linked story.


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