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Duke Droklar
Omega Corp
Posted - 2006.01.22 03:04:00 - [1]

Edited by: Duke Droklar on 09/02/2006 04:01:35

Announcing the 2nd phase of recruitment.
Phase one went so well we're increasing the number of accepted applicants to 10. If you had applied in the 1st phase but we had to turn you down due to the available positions being filled, please feel free to evemail another interview request to the appropriate contact listed at the bottom of this post.

Interviews will be conducted on a first come first serve basis.

The original post has been preserved below for first time viewers...

Omega Corp, loved, hated, feared... well, not so much loved, but hated and feared. After a years absence, the well known military corp is reopening it's doors. The spawning grounds of some of eve's best warriors (IMO), salute to all the ole school OC's.

Our code is simple... "Honor, Discipline and death to the enemy". Our primary purpose is military operations conducted with precision and strict discipline. We know that teamwork and tactics are the keys to victory. We value team minded players far above any level of previous experience. We provide the ships and training... you provide the balls. We assist members to become self sufficient and independantly wealthy.

Political Affiliation: Omega Corp is currently a free agent. Omega Corp is restarting with a neutral attitude since the eve political scene has drastically changed in the past year.

Corp Goals: Currently working towards becoming a mobile military force setting up camp wherever fate, war or impulse takes us.

  • Teamspeak and mic is mandatory.

  • High level of corp participation

  • Team minded

  • We're only accepting 10 recruits per phase allowing for new members to receive the attention, training and assistance they may need. Members that excel and display leadership qualities will be given the oportunity to command their own ops in due time.

    Apply by evemail to:
    GMT: Soule
    US: Kren Mobius
    Note: Please include a brief description of your characters capabilities, general hours of play and the overall direction you would like to pursue in Eve.

    Join Omega Corp and leave your mark on Eve........ even if it's a brown stain while ejecting into a pod.

    Body Count Inc.
    The Requiem
    Posted - 2006.01.22 03:21:00 - [2]

    o.0 omg

    join wnhile you have yhe chabnce

    (aoioclogies for spelling i drunk but i knmow what im trying to day :P)

    The Royal Syndicate
    Posted - 2006.01.22 03:54:00 - [3]

    Resurrection of the Curse Alliance?

    I hope so.

    Section XIII
    Cursed Alliance
    Posted - 2006.01.22 04:22:00 - [4]

    Edited by: Archonon on 22/01/2006 04:22:13
    Originally by: Duke Droklar
    Omega Corp, loved, hated, feared... well, not so much loved, but hated and feared.

    No hesitation, join them !
    Good luck

    Mystiel Raleigh
    Posted - 2006.01.22 04:56:00 - [5]

    Holy crap. Welcome back.

    polvo zangado
    Posted - 2006.01.22 05:03:00 - [6]

    Originally by: Trepkos
    Resurrection of the Curse Alliance?

    I hope so.

    C4 originally. Welcome back, proud to have had my very first fight under the leadership of Duke. I'm still a proud ex-C4.

    The Enslaver
    Posted - 2006.01.22 10:11:00 - [7]

    If I ever left SNRA, I'd go straight to OC.

    Join them to be led by possibly the best leader/commander the game has. I learnt a hell of a lot when I was there a year ago, and I can't over state how much of a good time I had.

    Go for it, you won't regret it.

    Best Path Inc.
    Cascade Imminent
    Posted - 2006.01.22 11:15:00 - [8]

    Weclome back Drok and OC...anyone thinking about joining this corp will not be making a bad choice,Cool to fly with and a right ***** to fight againstSmile

    Allied Mineral and Technologies
    Posted - 2006.01.22 12:45:00 - [9]

    Welcome back to the land of the living OC.

    Wish you the best of luck with your resurrection. Nice to see the old timers creeping back into the EVE universe.

    Series of Tubes
    Posted - 2006.01.22 14:22:00 - [10]


    Re-Awakened Technologies Inc
    Electus Matari
    Posted - 2006.01.22 16:21:00 - [11]

    bmp for a great corp.. gl

    Femlin Tilith
    Di-Tron Heavy Industries
    Atlas Alliance
    Posted - 2006.01.22 18:03:00 - [12]

    I love this Corp!

    Mark A
    Destructive Influence
    Band of Brothers
    Posted - 2006.01.22 19:39:00 - [13]

    wb dude Twisted Evil.

    The political landscape is indeed very different. I think most of us ex-C4 people are in The Five or Lotka Volterra BTW.

    Band of Brothers
    Posted - 2006.01.22 20:13:00 - [14]

    Awesome bunch, lead by one of the greatest leaders the game has seen. I would give this one a lookYARRRR!!

    Posted - 2006.01.22 20:48:00 - [15]

    Relatively new to the game so i havent had the pleasure/pain of meeting the Omega corp Shocked but i like what i have read so far Wink Please look here and let me know if you're interested in my joining Twisted Evil
    Regards EquitaS.

    Caldari Provisions
    Posted - 2006.01.22 22:15:00 - [16]

    gl with the corp again duke.

    HatePeace LoveWar
    Paragon Fury
    Cascade Imminent
    Posted - 2006.01.22 22:23:00 - [17]

    Good luck Duke,

    Anyone thinking of joining this corp will be making a great decision. It taught me a lot and i hope to see it return to its former glory days.

    Access Denied Inc.
    Bright Side of Death
    Posted - 2006.01.22 22:37:00 - [18]

    Will OC take hatepeace back PLEASE!

    Vinya Orcrist
    Posted - 2006.01.23 00:54:00 - [19]

    Hi Duke, what are you minimum skill requirments for prospective pilots ?

    Femlin Tilith
    Di-Tron Heavy Industries
    Atlas Alliance
    Posted - 2006.01.23 02:18:00 - [20]

    The only requirements are those posted above; Omega does not discriminate on the basis of skill points. The more the better but it's really about being a team player. Period.

    Contact Soule or Kren for details.

    Aegis Starship Enterprises
    Posted - 2006.01.23 11:12:00 - [21]

    Joining OC was definately the best move I have ever made, great bunch of guys to fly with, and having the honour of flying with one of the best fleet commanders in the eve universe, no one could ask for more.

    Evemail either Kren Mobius or myself to find out more.

    M. Corp
    -Mostly Harmless-
    Posted - 2006.01.23 15:37:00 - [22]

    OMG! Welcome back. This corp rocks! :) See you guys in space.

    Posted - 2006.01.23 16:51:00 - [23]

    This is THE Duke Droklar? Shocked

    Series of Tubes
    Posted - 2006.01.23 16:53:00 - [24]


    Siobhan Ni
    Filthy Scum
    Scum Alliance
    Posted - 2006.01.23 18:37:00 - [25]

    loved, hated, feared

    Duke is probably one of the best fleet commanders in EVE. Anyone who has ever flown with will agree with that. No doubt his return and the re-emergence of OC will cause quite a stir Wink This should be a great corp for anyone looking for a well organized pvp corp.

    Femlin Tilith
    Di-Tron Heavy Industries
    Atlas Alliance
    Posted - 2006.01.23 19:11:00 - [26]

    Show the Duke some more love Very Happy

    I've known him for almost 3 years and he helps to make this game fun.

    Posted - 2006.01.23 20:00:00 - [27]

    yes its the real duke droklar And im sure we will be seeing you all soon in space! pawnage!

    North Eastern Swat
    Pandemic Legion
    Posted - 2006.01.23 22:03:00 - [28]

    thay are my friends.. thay said so.. Soule said im all she got.. Razz

    Series of Tubes
    Posted - 2006.01.23 23:57:00 - [29]

    Bump to the top Smile

    Lord Drax
    Posted - 2006.01.24 00:25:00 - [30]

    We are back :D

    The original incarnation was some of the most fun i ever had in eve.

    If you join up with us you will not be dissapointed.


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