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Posted - 2003.08.25 16:10:00 - [1]

Edited by: Draaven on 25/08/2003 16:14:26
His expression conveyed the sincerest conviction. The man was deadly serious. “I’m not going back there”, Mantobar had said without ever taking his eyes off my own. “None of us will.” That conversation was two weeks ago inside of my own hangar in Nafomeh VIII, Moon 2. The Amarr guards in the station wouldn’t allow them to set one single foot outside of it.

Now I watched as he began to disperse the weapons that I’d provided for the rest of the Minmatar slaves onboard the Repulse, while others began administering antibiotics to the sick among them. I panned the camera around the cargo hold some more. Inside were several hundred human beings of all different ages. I could feel my teeth beginning to clench. Kids, I thought. They even do this to kids.

Mantobar had emerged as the natural leader for the group living in the hangar. He was a bear of a man, with hands that seemed large enough to crush stones. As the view on the screen panned slowly across, I could see him giving instructions to some young Minmatars on how to use the various rifles and other sidearms found in the crates. Until now these people have only seen weapons from the business end, compliments of their Amarrian captors. Now they were preparing to aim and fire them at the next person that stood in the way of their freedom. I knew it was mostly a symbolic gesture designed to recharge their crippled, institutionalized egos. But Mantobar knew what he was doing when he asked for the weapons, and that their use would not only mean that I had failed in my quest, but that I will have died trying. He had sucessfully reassured me. “Until now we’ve been dead,” he said. “And not until the day we leave Nafomeh in your ship will we begin to live. If I have to fire this weapon, I’ll die a free man, and my people will die a free people. No matter what happens from here, you have given us life, and hope. For that, we are eternally grateful.”

In spending time with them, I have developed an enormous respect for the Minmatar. To me, they have become the true ambassadors of the human spirit. A republic forged of ex-slaves is infinitely more inspiring to the heart and spirit rather than an empire forged on the primitive notion that birthright is the sole measure of a man’s place in the universe. We owe our collective survival here in Eve more to the resolve of men and women like Mantobar than we ever will to Emperors and Lords. If history has shown us anything, it is that the inevitable collapse of empires and their ill-conceived notions of ancestral greatness is sudden, total, and brutally violent. More importantly, their destruction is all-encompassing, sparing no bystander and hearing no pleas for neutrality. You take sides merely by being in the way of change.

And so I choose the side of human dignity. My Caldari background would suggest to witnesses of my actions that this is some kind of business venture or shallow ploy to gain economic advantage. Let them think what they will. After this day, my conscience will be clear. Viqer Fell, Aran’gar, and the other Minmatar Republic commanders were already en route. One by one, the Minmatar ships emerged from warp within sensor range of the Repulse. I keyed the intercom and spoke the words that all of the former slaves have been waiting to hear for entirely too long: “It’s time.”

Mantobar was the last of the freed slaves to walk inside of the container. I’m quite certain that if an Amarr were the first to open it, Mantobar would be the last thing he ever saw. Pausing at the entrance of the freight container, he turned around to face the camera. He raised a clenched fist over his head as if to say goodbye, then raised the assault rifle over his head as if to say he’d be back for every other Minmatar held against their will. The Amarrs may have thought they had a slave in Mantobar, but they couldn’t have been more wrong. The next time I see this man, I thought, there very well could be an army of billions behind him.

The Minmatar armada was breathtaking. Space was now crimson-orange, as the glow from dozens upon dozens of starship engines bathed the freighter whose cargo was the stuff of revolutions. When has any other race ever come forth in such numbers to support their own? I am inspired, suddenly never prouder of the human spirit and our tenacity for survival. As the Minmatar ships jumped home one by one, I saw mankind take pages from his own history book and reread them right before my eyes.

To the 326 liberated slaves of Nafomeh: I will never forget you. Welcome home.

Golan Trevize
Body Count Inc.
Posted - 2003.08.25 17:28:00 - [2]

OOC great post , i guess i have to post something about me bombarding minmatars cities from orbit and just to live up to our evil reputation *sinister laughter* ;).

But hell i cheered for Darth Vader when i was a kid so i dont mind being the "bad guys"

Viqer Fell
Legion of The Damned.
Posted - 2003.08.25 19:37:00 - [3]

Having being there to witness this demonstration of inter-racial collaberation and the manner of Draavens act of selflessness and honour I was close to tears reading the above.

The memories of my brethren walking free from Salek's Cargo hold was a sight I shall long remember. All 326 of these proud men, women and our child wealth were staring freedom full in the face for the first time since their abductions, and for some the first time ever being born into slavery as they were.

I never did get chance to spend much time with Mantobar. But from my recollections he was everything that the Minmatar aspire to be. He had Pride but not in himself, for he was a humble man, but pride in his people. But for him I am sure many would have lacked the courage to take that first step from Draaven's ship. Years of terror can break anyones spirit. But it seems that it did not break Mantobar's.

The majority of my freed people have now been reunited with their families who were flown in to meet them and take them home. For the sad few that had no living relatives or where there families remained behind in Amarr space, well, they now are valued members of our starships crews. Some fight alongside me within the Necroscope, some have joined other corps that aided them. These brothers hearts burn with the fire of determination and have proven to be some of the most loyal and brave crew I've ever had the pleasure to work with.

I pray one day that the Necroscope will be there when their families are freed. For them to witness that their sons and daughters did not rest until they were all free.

The glories of Minmatar are awakening and it is our spirit that will help them grow. Never more shall we bend knee to anybody. Come my people our work is not finished and there are many more Mantobars for us to free. And many more children.

Come, we go to war, come, we go to fight, come, we go to free.

Firestorm Tactical Industries
Posted - 2003.08.25 20:58:00 - [4]

OOC great post , i guess i have to post something about me bombarding minmatars cities from orbit and just to live up to our evil reputation *sinister laughter* ;).

But hell i cheered for Darth Vader when i was a kid so i dont mind being the "bad guys"

OCC Yet you name your character after someone with a very different persona...
Still, it is reliving to hear that amarr players are actually humans.

Dark Seraph
Order of the Black Cross
Posted - 2003.08.25 21:19:00 - [5]

And a day will come when vitoc flows through the veins of your Mantobar. A wonderful fairytale deserves an ending more attuned to that which will scare your children to sleep.

Your time will come.

Posted - 2003.08.25 23:01:00 - [6]

Edited by: Aran'gar on 25/08/2003 23:02:04
You are wrong Verjigorm, our time is now. The time has come for the empire to realize that it can not continue exploiting our people. The time has come for the free people of the world to choose a side, as Draaven said. There are no neutrals in the war for freedom, either you choose to be free or you do not. Either you oppose the Amarr now with us or you oppose them when they come knocking on your door. We all need to realize that the empire does not consider any non-Amarr to be worthy of freedom.

I am not calling for mass killing of all Amarr, there is still a chance for peace. The chance gets smaller and smaller by the minute but it is still there. If Sarum claims the throne that chance dies, and by then it will be to late to start preparing.

Salek Mjorn
Posted - 2003.08.26 07:41:00 - [7]

A thousand thanks to you, Draaven. For you helped secure the entire operation that day. Your leadership and swift judgement helped lead us out of the bowels of Amarrian territory to the free skies of Pator.

You aided in the liberation of our people, and therefore have rightfully earned the trust and respect of both my empire and my people.

Star Nove
The Graduates
Morsus Mihi
Posted - 2003.08.27 17:17:00 - [8]

Edited by: Star Nove on 27/08/2003 17:24:39
Every single one with some kindness in their hearts should follow Draavens example, help the Minmatars, help yourselfs. For the amarrians will strike, and as
Viqer says, they will strike at every race in Weve and you can ether stand by or fight.
Thank you Draaven.



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