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Privateer Alliance
Posted - 2006.01.19 05:41:00 - [1]

The Eleventh Commandment is a PvP corp that wants your skills to help us build an army of pain. We are currently involved in 4 empire wars, and the sky is the limit (or the edges of the galaxy). Our goal is lots and lots and lots of targets and destruction.

Another goal of ours is to get lots of people who like having targets, so we can be more effective.

All skill level of players may apply. We are looking to build an army of cheap ships to cause a cataclysmic rift in the fabric of EVE. We embrace the dark side.

All talents are welcomed, from PvP, to social engineering, to strategic knowledge. Death is inevitable, but hopefully more death for the sides who oppose us.

If you have a frigate, a main or alt, want to PvP, and enjoy role playing a bad guy, or just plain shooting things, we are the place for you. We can offer a crash course in PvP experience, and lots of top notch players only interested in maximizing the fun of EVE.

We offer...
Corp kill board
A sense of humor =)

If you have a weak stomach, a lust for shiny virtual items that can only be had through isk farming, or a sense of nobility, this may not be the place for you. This is a game, and we treat it as such. There are very few corp rules, and much chaos and freedom. Come join us on our ongoing quest for entertainment.

Send me a mail or
Apply at...
Faurent VII - Moon 4 - Roden Shipyards Factory

Embrace your dark side.

Brutor Tribe
Posted - 2006.01.19 17:21:00 - [2]

Bump because i <3 Zens evilnessYARRRR!!

Ashley Sky
The Eleventh Commandment
Posted - 2006.01.20 06:43:00 - [3]

These guys are extremely fun, and exceedingly evil. Massive bump from Ashley.

Black Nova Corp
IT Alliance
Posted - 2006.01.20 19:43:00 - [4]

We are very noob friendly as we love noobs. Noobs are good for sending to the frontlines in battle :D Twisted Evil

Caldari Provisions
Posted - 2006.01.21 14:02:00 - [5]

Here's what a day in the 11th is like:

1. Login
2. Shoot at stuff or get shot at.
3. Logoff

It is all about PvP. If that's what you want, then the 11th can offer it.


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