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Viqer Fell
Legion of The Damned.
Posted - 2003.08.25 14:43:00 - [1]

Edited by: Viqer Fell on 25/08/2003 14:45:39

Many a famous pilot and writer has written about it. Many write of vast empire spanning journeys, of epic battles and of heroes. Few ever write of the tedium that space can be. Of the long empiness, the times when there really is no-one to hear you cry for help for many hours, even days. Or of the times when you are stuck in dock longing to be back out in that emptiness.

So I found myself, 3 days back. The Necroscope had been booked into spacedock for repairs for almost a week to fix some microfractures on a warp seal. Its a long and boring repair to undertake and required a full power down of the reactor core. So I left the engineers to it and went to get a few drinks and relax a little.

It was 17:00 standard galactic time when the engineers finally located me to tell me they'd completed the work. I finished my drink and excused myself from the group of Gallente miners I had been chatting with. Making my way back to Necroscope I was almost desperate to get back into space. Having spent most of my life on board one ship or another I get itchy feet if I'm docked for more than an hour or so.

I checked the repair log as I waited for the airlock to pressurise and soon I was sat at the helm of my sweetheart again. As the systems gradually came on-line I noted several alert messages were being uploaded to the private comms channel. I could have screamed, these were time stamped hours ago and were all combat alerts.

Any trace of alcohol left me as I sobered up very quickly indeed. Three of my brothers had been ruthlessly attacked by Amarrian scum whilst mining unarmed in high security space. The cowards had attacked industrial ships and frigates in a pirate group of five containing battleships and high end cruisers. This wasn't the duel of equals nor the honourable fight of armed combat, no, this was an unannounced attempted slaughter of pilots who were unable to provide any sort of response. As I opened comm channels to my brothers to confirm their status I examined the names of these miscreants who had perpetrated such a despicable act. It seems we had met some of these pilots before.

When I first had met the Calamar Bringers of Hope i had been flying a Vigil frigate. Cold Lazarus was making foolish boasts on an open channel and had threatened us only the other day. I understand his surprise then when myself and my colleague in a rupture met him to respond against his declaration of war. His Battleship versus a frigate and a cruiser, surely no contest. It wasn't. Activating my ships EW systems and with my brother warp jamming him, this lowly frigate and a cruiser effectively shut his ship down. Had we had more company he would have woken up sat in a cryo-cell having his clones memory updated. They wanted war they were going to get a war, just not on the terms they expected. As it was he powered down his ship systems and his ship soon vanished off our scanners as he hid. The coward.

It seems these Calamar lot have little honour though as they chose to attack our miners rather than fight us face to face this time.

As I eased Necroscope out of space dock I became more settled as I felt the familiar vibration of an active warp core beneath my feet once again, filling the ship with a soothing hum.

Many hours later I had some pleasant news for once. It seems my warnings to local Minmatar in the regions around Pator had been heard by our brothers in Oracle corp. In a gesture of solidarity they had found and killed Battle Roach, one of the Calamar dogs from earlier. Oracle had earned my gratitude that day and I was determined to return the favour. A small isk reward was forwarded as a token of my respect to the killer of BattleRoach. It seemed that Oracle were gathering in Amarr Prime with the potential of finding P.I.E. representatives to fight around the local systems there. I heated up my weapon ports and kicked in the autopilot setting course for Amarr to assist.

Upon arrival in Amarr I was amused to note that the already present Oracle members had painted a pleasant message with cargo containers. Just outside the Emperors chambers ready for him to wake up to. Amarr Sux.

After waiting for an hour with no Amarr response many pilots began to disperse. Myself and Tyto decided to at least to provide some disruption to the local Amarrian economy by dispatching some convoy pilots to a quick death. A rebels work is never done.

3 ships into the convoy we were happily using the Amarrians as target practice when my alert systems starting flashing. Some defective in a shuttle was orbiting our kills at short range in a shuttle. It seems this oh so brave pilot was merely trying to attract damage from our weapons systems in order to attract concords attention. Ingenious, but cowardly and dishonourable all the same. As it was we simply switched off missiles, and returned to peppering the convoys with some depleted uranium (all t

Viqer Fell
Legion of The Damned.
Posted - 2003.08.25 14:44:00 - [2]

Edited by: Viqer Fell on 25/08/2003 19:07:45
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At this point we were very surprised to see Light Kominski, the CEO of Calamar, warp in in his battleship. Alert lights and klaxons sounded throughout my cockpit, many crew members had to cover their ears whilst i silenced the threat system. Well, well, well. Another battleship to hunt.

Tyto, approached at maximum velocity on a direct intercept course, his Vigil looked tiny out of my bow viewscreen. That was until my newly installed micro-warp drive engines kicked in and i screamed past him at closure rate on Light Kominski of over 2000 m/s.

We had him just as we'd had Cold Lazarus. We opened fire after jamming his guns and engines.

At this time several things happened to complicate matters beyond reason. Our inventive but cowardly neighbour, Deathwing, was still flying around and trying to make a nuisance of himself. I was very sorely tempted to just blow his shuttle up and pod the fool for getting in my way then microwarp out of the way of concord but luckily for him I had my heart set on blowing up the battleship. Next we received two incoming comms signals. One from some local Minmatar forces who were still in the system offering help. It was only when they realised they'd have to declare war on Light kominski's pathetic corp that they backed down. The ****ing cowards. They were in a corp of almost 20 members and they were scared of entering a war with a 3 member corp? I punched the controls in fury. This was typical, too many Minmatar's have gotten used to bending the knee to Amarrians that they had developed a yellow streak a mile wide. Well thats what the PFM is here to change. Returning my attention to my sensors I again closed in on the target and set all weapons to continuous fire.

The second incoming message was better news, the PFM's Battleship, The Tsunami was inbound to assist having caught some of our transmissions on long range scanners. With this Tempest class BS was another Rupture. With this firepower Light Kominski wouldn't last long at all. I settled back into my chair with a cold grin of satisfaction on my face.

"What the hell was that?" I screamed into the Necroscopes internal comms system. "Damage crews, report to main engineering level 3 on the double!"........"Captain, we have casualties in engineering"....."aaaarrrrrrgh, it buuuurns, help meeeeee"....."Captain Fell, this is Senior Technician Fedara, we got major damage to the port warp jamming module, shields are also down, working on getting the shields up now sir, out". Necroscope lurched in space, logs were inconclusive but it appears that a stray missile had veered off course and hit the station. The automated sentry guns had assessed this as a direct threat to station security. A perfectly legal war suddenly turned nasty as my ship began to take damage from both sentries at short range. Emergency power was diverted to shields and i was forced to abandon the warp jamming of the Battleship as I fought to regain control of my ship.

The sentries continued to pound my shields despite the large boosts of energy that were being pumped into the shield grid. I had to retreat to a safe distance, hell's teeth this wasn't good. I left my brothers fighting the Battleship and activated my micro warp drives once more, they barely had the energy but eventually i was 100km's away and the sentries had finally stopped firing. At this distance I could not accurately see what was happening, the containers that had been left by Oracle were screwing around with my sensors as there were so many of them. All of a sudden Light Kominski fled. I assume the warp jamming had worn off and realising he was at risk of losing his ship he'd tucked his tail between his legs and run.

We had again caused the Calamar to flee. But for once this was a disaster, our logs of the next few moments are scarce and brief from the sensor interference the containers were causing. Either the Tsunami had done what I did and caused splash damage on the station or Deathwing (who yes was still proving to be low on honour or courage) or that the Drones that Tsunami's pilot had launched had auto targetted Deathwing upon the Battleships ignoble retreat.

Within seconds the corruption that is Concord had arrived and my scanner screens became blurred as terawatts of jamming energy poured over the Tsunami from various Concord battleships and cruisers. The end was inevitable. Within minutes the Tsunami had been destroyed by Concord shortsightedness. I was still being followed myself by the Concord idiots but I had to try to save some of the equipment we had lost in the destruction of the Tsunami. Systems were fully repaired now and I kicked the rupture to full speed, 2000m/s though just isnt fast enough it seems. I was too far away to stop the cargo being looted by some small time thief. Ah well good luck to him, I hope it explodes in his face.

Viqer Fell
Legion of The Damned.
Posted - 2003.08.25 14:45:00 - [3]

We flew home. There was little else we could do. We had lost a ship but not our determination to win this war. The most depressing thought was that had we had the support of the Minmatar's present, if they hadn't proved as cowardly as they had then events may well have proved to be very diffierent indeed. Their reticence cost us our Flagship and it cost them their honour and self worth. Arguments and accusations flew through the Minmatar channels the rebellion leaders all sharing different levels of apathy and reluctance to engage the real enemy. It seems the Peoples Front is the more militant of the freedom fighting corps and in terms of its ideals and we shall thus try to influence the others as best we can. The pacifists and apeasers will be educated if not by our words then by amarrian scum who will attack them whilst they protest peacefully.

We can replace a battleship but I doubt I will soon replace the sense of disappointment in my brothers who did not aid us, the pacifists, that spouted their nonsense this night.

We will do all we can to free our people, we will strive to regain the honour of Minmatar, to give our brethren the strength of heart to bow the knee no longer to anyone.

Death to Amarr, Long live the free republic.

Band of Brothers
Posted - 2003.08.25 18:03:00 - [4]

Edited by: Deathwing on 25/08/2003 18:07:16
Yarrrrr you scurvy lily livered Minmatar Slave-Boy
You tell a fine tale, but alas, like your mothers cooking, it is rotten and smells of fedo

Yes you and your band of merry men were in the Amarr system causing a ruckus and kicking around a few transport ships this I will not contest. However I do not understand that part where I was a coward!

Your swine you

*removes gloves and slaps the slave boy in the face*

I fart in your general direction sir

Sure it does not take much courage to charge at the best battleship in the Minmatar fleet in a shuttle in high sec space. But it does also not take much to check your targets before you fire on someone you silly swine you.

You see, I had placed the chips on the proverbial table and stacked them in my favor that the pilot of the tempest would in fact, be so trigger happy and absent minded that he would fire upon me, thus causing the CONCORD Death Squad to appear and remove him from my sight. It was not splash damage boy, he shot my ship in high sec space, and for that, he pays the price.

Perhaps the Minmatar need to step up their captain training program a little and teach them the art of self-control and discipline. Also, I do believe the Peoples front of Minmatar need to choose who they give their battleships to a little better. But oh well, that is the way the fedo smells, better luck next time save boy!

Feel free to liberate your brothers who i have so kindly put up for sale in your home system of Pator for the bargain price of 2Million isk each.

Slaves, good for all your household needs, be it taking out the trash, feeding to your slaver and simply kicking around when your bored. If you have a problem, owning a slave will solve it!

The solution to all your slave needs

We accept all forms of payment including the Gallente Express Card

Shuttle to attemp suicide run in - 10,000 ISK
Tempest battleship to attack Amarr transports with 100,000,000 ISK
Sacraficing the 10k isk shuttle to destroy the 100Million ISK Battleship - Priceless

Theres some things in Eve you cant buy
For everything else, theres the Gallente Express Card

Viqer Fell
Legion of The Damned.
Posted - 2003.08.25 19:06:00 - [5]

Deathwing, thats gotta be the first response I've seen you make that I at least could appreciate. Better than your usual rubbish by a long distance. Keep it up.

As for the Tsunami, well the battle was a bit hectic at that point and I guess we weren't able to communicate the fact there was a nutter in a shuttle about effectively enough.

Until we meet again.


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