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Alistaire Mirabel
Posted - 2006.03.28 15:17:00 - [91]

Oh man, this would be awesome. I saw it in the drawing board here on the forums. I want to have a small nook built with bunch of collected crap, they are introducing scavanging or something, and wrecks, they can perfectly well tie the two together.

perhaps even allow wrecks to be anchored around your small base, become a junkyard purveyor! Sell the wrecks when you can, or incorporate them slowly into the base.

Mercurialis Inc.
Interstellar Alcohol Conglomerate
Posted - 2006.04.05 08:24:00 - [92]

Hmmm now i wonder what this has to offer that normal stations don't offer.

You have about infinite space in astation. They don't get shot. They don't cost fuel.

I'm no expert but aren't POS's for places where services aren't provided?

Ellaine TashMurkon
CBC Interstellar
Tactical Narcotics Team
Posted - 2006.04.05 08:36:00 - [93]

Normal station costs MUCH.

Jinx Barker
GFB Scientific
Posted - 2006.04.05 12:02:00 - [94]

Originally by: RoMUF
Hmmm now i wonder what this has to offer that normal stations don't offer.

You have about infinite space in astation. They don't get shot. They don't cost fuel.

I'm no expert but aren't POS's for places where services aren't provided?

Well the thing is, this will introduce people early to whole POS thing. Also, it can be used for future mini-professions I have imagined something like this:

Many Stations have 30% Refine yield, and are only station in system. With appropriate upgrades the little Habitat can be used a small mining/refining base.
(perhaps requires a bigger storage, now that I think of it).

Many systems don’t have any stations at all, the above applies, and also it can become a ratting base. Plus many times a habitat can turn out to be a significant defence against a small number of hostiles, since it will be more powerful than your ship alone. In 0.0 and 0.1-0.4 it will be place to run to when you are attacked if there is no way to get to the station or if there is no station.

In Empires many may serve as temporary C&C modules from where you can launch an attack or where you can retreat if need be.

Also, with the introduction of wrecks, you can make it a specialised “wreck reprocessing” or “smelter.” Where people can actually anchor and secure wrecks around the habs, LOL how many would love to be named “Junk-Yard Bob”.

There are plenty ways of how this can be useful.

Posted - 2006.04.05 12:17:00 - [95]

I've been through several systems in Empire that have no stations, one of which I have to pass through almost every time I leave my home system. A small structure like this would be an ideal mining base for a small corp or gang in those systems.

Not all systems have a station within one jump from the nearest belt for a barge. Mining barges can't jump far so having one that is not in the belt but 1au or so from the belt makes an ideal place for a solo mining player to run their barge from. Some prefer to run back and forth instead of chancing theft while they go back for the hauler so it would cut down on travel time.

In 0.0, this would be an ideal cheap place to run a mining op from if you don't have a POS or outpost in the system. Since it's been suggested that it can be disassembled and moved, this is practically a mobile outpost for 0.0 players. If it comes to it, maybe it could be sneaked into an enemy system just prior to an attack so that there is somewhere to go to reload your weapons without having a hauler pilot risking their necks. If it's not as easy to find as a ship would be due to it being an inert mass with no engine signature, it would be easier to conceal than a hauler.

There are so many ways that something like this could be used in 0.0 as well as empire that I am surprised that so many are against the idea.

Posted - 2006.04.15 04:46:00 - [96]

There's always setting up safespots and deploying cans on your own ...

but it's a god idea anyways! >=]

a little miniature apartment of sorts ... many clients to it!
have it as ... as a stepping stone of sorts towards positioning and running a POS like people do in 0.0 !!

it'll be like progressing from Frigates to Cruisers to Battleships ... aye ?

Abiron Datan
Posted - 2006.04.16 06:58:00 - [97]

Edited by: Abiron Datan on 16/04/2006 07:17:14

Why not just implement something similar to the ideas on this post as a part of the whole being able to enter a planets atmosphere deal.

The number of habits could be limited by space available on the planet or something like that. This would be accessible in empire space, as ownership would require some type of rent (loyalty points, isk, etc) or even a given standing with whichever empire owns the system. They would be hidden, if need be, as they could be fitted with a form a cloaking devise so that even if someone warped to the moon or planet your habitat was on it would appear as an empty moon or planet. Though I think the cloak would probably only be allowed in low sec space since having a habitat in empire would require registration with whichever empire the planet or moon was located at.

There could also be some type of planetary defense installed around your habitat. Then there also would be planetary bombardment in an attempt to take out your habitat.

Large alliances would have access to these in 0.0 and small corps or individuals in empire as well. I think this would be a more viable option to creating a real estate market. Heck you could even have corps that specialize in planetary habitat building much like some specialize in capital ship construction. Some forms of habitats could be movable and others more permanent to facilitate mining in station-less systems.

On a final and purely cosmetic note why not make the inside of a habitat customizable I would really like to put up some pictures of emperor Heideran in a station but I’m limited to looking at a large docking area. Plus it would also be nice to see my slaves cleaning up the place or even farming some amarr wheat. Wink

Duhmad IbnRa
EvE Dynamo
Posted - 2006.05.02 03:54:00 - [98]

I for my part, would be already happy, if POS's wouldnt require a moon anymore... which would make them more attractive.

As for personal stations, i would recommend some sort of freighter sized ship, containing a small hangar, weapons etc. u simply fly it where u want it and anchor it, end of story (i would entrust the game balance thing to the devs)

the united
Negative Ten.
Posted - 2006.05.02 04:09:00 - [99]

Yeah, I want to own my own space, and I do understand that it is a demand on database, which is why you do have to put an amount of effort into it and it's hard to own a POS without a team to take care of it. But yeah, it's the American Dream to own your own, although this game isn't American. How about this: We will bomb you if you don't let us have houses!!!

Amina Stormbringer
Ministry of War
Posted - 2006.05.29 17:33:00 - [100]

As for issues on lag, most stuff doesn't load for a player until its in view range, plus your forgetting that space in EVE is pretty much infinite. You can set these babies so far outside the solar system to avoid people having to run into them where ever you go. This would allow people potentially expand the size of a solar system. Not mention to reach some of them you'd be required to make multiple warps in order to get there. This avoids the problems that Ultima Online had with housing issues.

Along with these modules add in solar power and internal reactors much like the ships we run. The Severs only have to run information pertaining to these mini bases when people are there, when not in use an no one is in visiting range they simply go into hibernation mode.

You should have rules that state that they have to be a certain number of AU away from stations.

Add in Deadspace emitter modules even if you wish to secure you home even further.

Terraprobe Dynamics
Posted - 2006.05.29 18:23:00 - [101]

CCP have said they are looking into SPOSs (Single Player Owned Structures as I like to call them) and would like to implement them.
I doubt it will be a hollowed out 'roid because allowing them to move would be overpowered but if it can't then how do you get the roid to it? you certainly won't be allowed them at a belt.
It is a great idea though and one i'm looking forward to, personally I think it should be made into a profession, special modules, skills and stuff needed.

Posted - 2006.05.29 20:22:00 - [102]

I'm hoping that they don't impose the same restrictions as they did with jump clones. Forcing someone to do weeks of mission whoring just so they can own a small structure is just going to kill the whole idea for having them to start with. A lot of players are not going to bother just as they can't be bothered to get jump clones, instead they content themselves with staying in highsec to protect their implants.

If anyone from CCP reads this, please don't make them hellishly expensive to buy/run or require a stupidly high standing just to put one somewhere. It costs only 7m a day to put a small POS in highsec, the single player structure should cost maybe a million at most considering it will be owned and run by a single player rather than a corp.

phillip duncan
Posted - 2006.05.29 22:16:00 - [103]

Once thought about how to pay the operational cost, have it need ICE and starbase charters ? say at the rate of 1/24 a small tower for the basic model. So that it uses 1 starbase charter per day as well as a small amount of ice.

One other thought, should there be a limit to the size of ship (say frieghter)? or do you allow all capital ships to dock

Posted - 2006.05.30 14:41:00 - [104]

Originally by: Abiron Datan
Why not just implement something similar to the ideas on this post as a part of the whole being able to enter a planets atmosphere deal.

The number of habits could be limited by space available on the planet or something like that. This would be accessible in empire space, as ownership would require some type of rent (loyalty points, isk, etc) or even a given standing with whichever empire owns the system. They would be hidden, if need be, as they could be fitted with a form a cloaking devise so that even if someone warped to the moon or planet your habitat was on it would appear as an empty moon or planet. Though I think the cloak would probably only be allowed in low sec space since having a habitat in empire would require registration with whichever empire the planet or moon was located at.

The ships entering the atmosphere idea is alright, but there are two main problems with that:
1) Aerodynamics, lift, drag, etc, would increase the server workload tremendously. Weapon ranges would also be different.
2) Ships are mainly built out of Tritanium. If you read the description on Tritanium, it says it breaks down in atmospheres. Thus, ship go boom. They could change this, but this would also alter a long-accepted understanding of how the game works (which they admittedly already did with the Khanid bloodline, et al.)

The Small POS ideas I'm a strong supporter of (Nicodei is my alt, but the account is currently offline while I relocate IRL and skilltrain in-game). While it's been talked about a lot to have more planetary interaction, I see this more of a POS-style concept (You have xxx laborers on this planet, thus your manufacturing time for this item is +/- what it normally would be).

Posted - 2006.05.30 15:12:00 - [105]

I like this idea, my only comment is that it should be almost free to run...

But I would tier them, For instance a anchorint Lv 1 would alow the ownership of a small roid, you can deploy a Roid construction sphere, and it will build a small rock that only allows Frigate sized ships to dock. 1 module slot and 2 ship dock (not including the ship beign flowen) and a max hanger space of 100k

The module slot can be configured with weapons, or services.

Tire 2 would allow for the docking of cruiser sized ships, and 2 modules for weapons /and or services. 200k

and so on, tier 5 would alow the docking of capatial ships and freighters.

The fule useage should be low, a frigate should need like 1 fule per week, a large one 100 per week.

I would also make these docakable by anyone, but requireing a opposed hacking vs security skill check to use anything in the roid base if you don't own it.

So a pirate could swoop in and dock, if he tries to move or take anyhting then it is a oposed security systems vs there hacking skill. It would take 30 min per level of security skill to hack, and a LV5 vs LV5 skill would give ou a 50/50 chance of haking the security. The higher the hacking skill the les likly that the owner gets a eve mail that security has been breached.

My 0.02 isk

Posted - 2006.05.30 15:59:00 - [106]

Edited by: Rask on 30/05/2006 16:05:54
Reading about the refineing. I would like to see non instant refineing.

Say upgradeable refining modules that can be put in to the roid bases.

Lets say a Time VS efficenty, The higher the efficency of the roid refine the longer it takes per batch.

Say if you want 100% refine then it is 30min per batch and 3 extra fule and generates 1 waste ore.
If you put a 50% refine module in it would be a 10min per batch. uses 1 fule and generates 3 waste ore.

The waste ore has to be disposed of, probably by destroying, or hauling it out for jetisoning.

Vale Heavy Industries
Molotov Coalition
Posted - 2006.05.30 21:51:00 - [107]

thes are great ideas but i think we ahve 2 very diferant ideas one if a micro pos folowing the current path needing fule but hideden with a cloak for small gangs

then we have the SPOS which is a bolt hole has corgo hold docking for the ship you are flying refit and refine not much else hidden in a safespot in sesance an upgrade to the current practice of hiding cans in a SS.

there look should be vaired biult in to rocks is ace but id also like to chose other looks like the haditats you see in the missions or the small war outpost you see too

the micro poses should need fule to run and function.

the SPOS i feel shouldent need fule they should need you buy there comand and control moduals modeled on the power relay things you see in missions these provide the power and cpu to run diferant system these should be the expensive bit.

so to have a fully fited base you will end up with 3-4 or more of the control moduals linked to power a hole base

1 control unit powering refit/hanger/refinerys (30% refine base nothing better) all basic stuff

1 control unit dealing with shilding related moduals such as resits ect make these requiter a lot of power so they need independent control unit

1 to power a set number of weapons 4small/2med/1 large maybe so its agan limited.

3 control units to power a cloak qenerator this functions like all normal cloaks so it is emune to even probes but this disabels the ability to have any defances online and active.

so if a control unit was about 20mil you would soon be looking at quite an investment needing near 100mil for a basic base that is hiden and cloaked

this would then encourage pepole to actually start living in 00 space as they couldset up a basic home and have somewere they know would be safe to log in ect and store there finds or change setups ect

Noble House
Posted - 2006.05.31 08:54:00 - [108]

Nice ideas here, and much respect to Jinx Barker for the work he have put into this.

I think we have all the mechanics for this kind of structures ingame allready. Just take an outpost and shrink it down to the size needed, and we're all set.

A mini egg and some mins, and then just wait for downtime. The hollow roid idea may look cool, but there are no roids out there outside the belts.

As for requirements, in empire standings should mean alot. If you want/need this you should have to work for it. It shouldn't be something any noob can have right off the bat.

There should be 4 types to choose from, depending on what you wanna do, just like the full grown outposts.

So CCP, can we plz have this. You speak of content, well this is one hell of a content addition.

Eve Cluster Explorations
Posted - 2006.05.31 12:20:00 - [109]

I like this idea.

I would also like the same thing but done as a ship. Instead of a new class to tug around this asteroid, just have a new type of ship that can be deployed into a mini-POS. When it is stationary it redistributes power to it could tank maybe a BS or 2. And when deployed the cargo hold is expanded so it can hold a few ships and your gear.
A home away from home, which can then itself fly home when you want to leave the area.

And you could have bigger versions for low-sec which would be for small corps that want to set up in a system for a short time but don't want to or can't put a full POS up.

If nothing else it could be the worlds biggest secure can. Laughing

Posted - 2006.05.31 12:38:00 - [110]

Edited by: Drizit on 31/05/2006 12:38:38
I think it should require fuel but not nearly as much as a POS. Cloaking I prefer to not having any defence at all. This is an investment by anyone and like a ship, you can't just go in to a station and take it from another players personal hangar. No fuel, no cloak and then it's hackable by a player who wants to steal the base.

Storage should be large (1000m3 maybe) if it has a limited refine capability, few are going to want to waste most of their minerals by refining in-house. Maybe have storage/refine units that balance each other. With no refining, storage is 1000m3 but the refinery takes some of the storage area and leave you with 500m3. If you want it to refine, you lose some of your storage area. There should be an expensive refinery version that gives a good refine rate but maybe uses even more storage space leaving 300m3.

Not wanting to be awkward but requiring standings for it sucks big time. Even more mission grinding to get things is fine if the missions had some more content. getting the same 6 missions repeated over and over is boring and puts people off. I just spent 4 weeks grinding lvl2's to get standings for a JC. If I have to do more to get a SPOS, the only thing I'll be grinding is my account to a halt because the game is becoming too boring when standings are the pre-requisite for everything you want. On top of that, you are talking about faction standings which would take even longer to get. I doubt anyone would grind missions for months to get a decent faction standing, only to be rewarded with a bill for 200million for their SPOS. Besides that, most people who will want this SPOS are miners and not mission runners, you would be asking them to train combat skills for missions so they could own something to help with their mining. Now they can own a SPOS, their mining skills have been left so long that they can't mine as efficiently as they would if they had not bothered about the SPOS and just used the stations in Empire.

This idea enables people to put a SPOS in systems that have no stations so they can benefit from the fact that few others mine there. If thier mining skills are still poor because they spent so much time mission running and their SPOS refinery output is still poor, what's the point in having it at all? Having better refining returns from the NPC station in the system next door means that you'd still be better off competing with everyone else in the belts that get mined out regularly. As for 0.0. Why should I need standings for that?

Finally docking. It should always allow a mining barge, indy or cruiser to dock regardless, even small ones since these are the main ships used for mining. Cap ships... Maybe a really big SPOS could but it's not really necessary for a small one and I really doubt it's necessary at all, anyone who has the isk for a cap ship is going to be wanting a POS instead of a SPOS. I think anyone who owns a cap ship is getting too big for a SPOS.

I am well into the freelancer aspect. I like playing solo and I feel that there is not enough in this game for the solo player. I make my own isk, take my own risks and do my own thing. I don't have to ask permission from the corp or alliance boss to see if I can go out and play. I am not alone in this respect, there are many freelancers in this game who play solo and prefer it that way.

I have my wars with the local pirates in lowsec, sometimes it's PVP combat where I generally lose and others it's just a war of wits and I can win quite often then, (don't you just love the PVPer's lack of patienceVery Happy).

As a freelancer, I have trained for mining. This means I have little time for mission running as the pay is bad, the rewards in general are bad and the missions boring. Stop this trend of forcing people to run missions, it's not what this game is about.

Freeman Lowell
Zion foundation
Red Alliance
Posted - 2006.05.31 13:09:00 - [111]

This is a good Idea and this should be done.

Some points.

1. Lag, well maybe you should not be allowed to anchor cans anymore or put a life line on then e.g. 1 month.

2. The SPOS need to be built and I think they should not have any sov affects but in 0.0. But if there is sov in the system then a note should be sent saying SPOS noted in Allaince controled space, to allow seek and destroy squads.

3. They should not be placed in Belts but in SS, and you should be able to scan then, via probs as current SS.

4. They should not be allowed to refine items. Thats a purpose of a POS, but should be allowed to store a small amount of stuff like ore / mods.

5. Fitting a ship should be allowed but at the cost of fuel be it power cells or ice sheets (cut straight from roids).

6. The SPOS should not be cloaked or have guns, but will have good hit points. E.g. Last 60 mins via single BS.

7. Should be able to store based on volume e.g Max 2,200,000 m3. This would mean 2 BS size ships and a little ammo, or A couple of cruisers or ceptors etc.

8. These fuel cells / ice sheets are used for keeping anyone other than the authorised 1 person. If power drops off then any one is allowed to claim the SPOS and take control.

9. Not more than 1 person to control a SPOS, but they can be built in groups as long as not 5k from each other.

10. They should be deployed as per Outpost e.g. Hauler carrying a small egg and then filled with requirements. After 2hrs or so they become live and first perosn in claims.

Posted - 2006.05.31 14:35:00 - [112]

It seems there are two different designes being put forward.

1) A small outpost design, Carry egg, stock with min, poof roid base!

2) A ship/ deployable object that functions like a small pos, you anchor it, configure it, and use it. It can be packed up and moved.
2a) This is insted of a deployable it is a ship that unfolds into a base.

I am more infavor of 1 as i would like to be able to deploy a base for mining, i would like it event to be in a astroid belt, but this is a macroers wet dream.

I like the idea of the SPOS being cloaked and hidden, I also Like the idea of the Spos burning fule, It gets players in the ahbit of fuleing there pos. They should also use Ice based fules but at a much lower level than POS. A refine of ice should be lots for a month or two of operations. Ie if you have no cloak then a load of fule lasts a month. Add a cloak and it lasts two weeks. If you have the refinery running a load lasts a week.

We have to remeber that this is aimed at a solo player, and there are times when RL interviens for weeks at a time. Go on vacation with family for 2 weeks, the SPOS must be able to survive unatended for at least that long.

I like the idea of haveing a Poor effecincy refinery that can be operated in the SPOS. But i think that this should be upgradeable and have peneltys. say a refinery that is as good as the NPC stations, but draws so much power that when in operation prevents the cloak from opering.

In this way you get security or effecency, but not both. Also i think weapons should take place of the cloak, you can have cloak, or weapons but not both, and again the weapons go offline while the refinery is running.

This is assuming that there is non instant refines. IE the refinery chugs along refining ore into min. There has to be some advantage other than greater efficency in refining to haul the ore to a station.

I also feel that the SPOS should be able to grow with the player untill the player is more than able to handle the requirments for a small tower POS. I have looked into running a small pos, and it would be VERY difacult to manage as s solo player. The hauling and mining for fule alone takes alot of time.
And the costs are high... So I would like to see the Spos grow organicly, and allow the owner to find use for it upto the point that they are flying battle ships, or beyond.

I would like to see the high end SPOS to be sutiable for a small corp of 5 also, it should be able to be a base of operations for them. balanced so a wealthy solo could manage it, or a group of 5 in frigates and low end industrials should be able to maintain the SPOS.

The Second type of a Small ship that can deploy into a base is also a not bad one. I would say this type of ship would have 8 low slots. And the expanders and such would affect the deployed stats also. also into the low slots you configure the services, so if you put a cloak in the high slot, the deployed ship would have be cloaked. If you put a weapon then the deployed ship has a gun to defend it self with. the remaining slots can use the standard ship equipment to make the base better.

The low slots thgh are where you add the station services. Have low slot modules that take High CPU, then a ship bonus to reduce the CPU need.

Plug into this a clone bay, refinery. refit module, repair module, Capital docking ring.

I think capital ships should be able to dock with these, it is not inconseviable that a player can get a freighter and use it to resupply/ unload many SPOS.

Posted - 2006.05.31 16:54:00 - [113]

Very cool idea. Thats one thing I loved about some other MMORPGs was the ability to have my own little house or hidout, a place to call my own. This idea would also incourage more people to go to low sec. Im sure that would make the pirates happy! As for it causing lag, I really dont see how it could. Im no programer, but how would 300 people storing there belongings in a station be any different than 300 people storing things in there own places spread out across the solarsystem? Maybee if enough people placed them real close to each other it may cause some lag, but solarsystems are very large. If you make several bookmarks while warping to different places in the solarsystem, them warp from bookmark to bookmark, you can come up with some very unique places that no one is ever gonna find. Unless there is some kind of scanner that will scan extreamly large areas that im unaware of, it would be like trying to find a needle in a haystack. Anyway, Nice idea, Would love to see it happen.

Bad Company DBD
Initiative Mercenaries
Posted - 2006.05.31 20:56:00 - [114]


I wrote a post in another forum (Stations & Outposts) a while back, but nobody took any notice Rolling Eyes I like the idea immensely. It would have practical points for miners, as a collection point before moving to a station. As an ammo dump, allowing corps to stow ammo and equipment in 0.0 to support, say, a seige. Waystations for covert ops pilots. I fly stupidly long scouting missions and usually have to find a deep safespot before I can relax for a bit.

As an eyecandy experience, it would bring so much more depth to the EVE experience, being able to customise and modify the look of your HQ would be great too, a welcome mat and pink flamingo on stalks, perhaps even an electric fly zapper...?

Aucune Ame
Posted - 2006.06.22 12:29:00 - [115]


Maybe to limit the number of SPOSes, make "charters" as high-LP offers from agents in a given system, and once so many charters are granted, they just don't happen any more. The charter would include a deadspace bookmark of sorts, and it would be up to the player to build their structure there. Of course, if a player neglects their SPOS (perhaps instate a monthly bill to the sovereign faction to maintain the charter, similar to office rent?) the charter is revoked and whatever they might've built there becomes "unlocked", and the next player to pick up the charter (and bookmark) can go there and take over the structure.

Intrepid Crossing
Posted - 2006.06.22 17:22:00 - [116]

I at least would like to see smaller or more affordable/usable structures come into play. At the moment the only ones who can own a structure are the mega-corps and alliances, and there is no opportunity for a small corp to own such a thing, much less one person owning thier own structure.

I think that only large structures (like the current ones) should requires anchoring around planets and stuff, and should also require an anchoring respective of thier size.

While smaller structures could be anchored around planets and moons but most would not becuase of the high anchoring rank. Instead they could use a deadspace-like warpgate (which is not revealed on the map, or not in scans) so unwanted people could not get in. And the character would have to get a better gate/better skill to allow for larger ships.

And there could also be a way where corpmates/alliance members could combine thier areas (with 1 jumpgate of course) for better things.

This would also be a good use for the 90% of space in systems that goes unused.

Intrepid Crossing
Posted - 2006.06.24 12:20:00 - [117]


Posted - 2006.06.24 19:12:00 - [118]

Hey Wait a even better idea..... How about know those abandon minning station and abandon station that are just floating around doing nothing. why cant there be a way to claim that and or but it from the locals? I mean really there just there and collecting dust. why cant we use them? thats 1 idea...

Posted - 2006.06.24 19:13:00 - [119]

oopppss... I meant Buy not But.... lol


Vanguard Imperium
Posted - 2006.07.27 18:34:00 - [120]

Small Structures LOVE IT.

As a CEO of a small corp we are finding it annoying that CCP have effectively priced POS's out of the reach of small and medium sized corps. A small structure would be ideal. After all we are not asking to mine moons or make umber isk from it, we just want some were the corp can store items, fit out ships and maybe refine ore (not important. These structures would help small corps to venture out into low sec space with out the fear of it crippling them

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