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Ixion Defence Systems
Posted - 2006.02.06 22:37:00 - [31]

Originally by: Duraeli
Definitely a cool idea.

I think the idea of a few Covetors entering into a belt and strip mining your home would be pretty damn funny though. Come back to find your stuff floating in space and a stripmining fleet just a few roids away.

Definitely a good idea though, all joking aside.

*pulls out the mining rig*

That would be so hilarious to just pillage peoples homes with mining lasers though, on a more related note however:

1. I would not want to see people living in the asteroid belts, I want to mine them, maybe rocks in random locations in space could be cool (deadspace?)

2. Some ships are bigger than most rocks, it would be weird to park a Battleship in a rock, they would need rather limited storage capacity (relative to their volume, so they would need to be massive rocks.)

It would be kinda neat, but odd...

Yurameki Daishun
Sebiestor Tribe
Posted - 2006.02.06 23:39:00 - [32]

why odd?

why can't a player go mine into an asteroid and build a base in it that'll store some of their ore to be processed later, basically a modified can? toss a shield on it, just a tiny insignificant one, and suddenly your mining lasers don't work :-o

Ardent Rellik
The Scope
Posted - 2006.02.08 18:44:00 - [33]

I like it.

Cygnet Lythanea
World Welfare Works Association
Posted - 2006.02.08 19:10:00 - [34]

A nice little home away from home. Would be nice in systems with no stations.

Jinx Barker
GFB Scientific
Posted - 2006.02.09 01:02:00 - [35]

Originally by: Yurameki Daishun
why odd?

why can't a player go mine into an asteroid and build a base in it that'll store some of their ore to be processed later, basically a modified can? toss a shield on it, just a tiny insignificant one, and suddenly your mining lasers don't work :-o

Imagine, cluster communities. Where players get together and build places either with prefab. components like in Ardent's thread or with hollowed out roids. If you want a roid "home" a new profession might start - roid carvers, where you would be able to build an artificial asteroid with the mined minerals. Depending on the amount of minerals and skills involved you could possibly make money or loose them. As players who build those structures you can possibly patent them - issue your own blueprints copies and help others (for a fee, of course). At the same time, the structures like those could only be built at a POS (be it in Empire or Low Sec) with a specifically engineered POS enhancements.

Those who do not own a POS but wish to practice their skill could rent a specially designed build-yard from Empires. (This will create an ISK sink - since you will need to rent the space). It will be just a build-yard, where you would have to dock with your ship. Not protected by shields or anything else. Your ship would be visible as “docked” and open to attack if you were at war. Furthermore, your ship can be destroyed at the yard, then you pop into a pod, and then your enemies can kill a pod. This would mean you have to keep an eye out for possible enemies when at war. But the structure itself cannot be attacked since the Empire faction owns it.

At the same time someone, or you yourself, will need to be able to tow the roid where you want it. New ship class, some kind of a tug might be introduced. Then you can expand the new structure by interconnecting with another roid or prefab. structure. Expanding its capacity for storage. Creating a system of warrens and stuff.

All of those things will require more skills, different class ships, different approaches and standing with Empire, as to the placements of the structures…. Etc… etc…etc.

Posted - 2006.02.11 11:53:00 - [36]

Love the idea.

Jim Lovell
Divine Power.
Wildly Inappropriate.
Posted - 2006.02.12 07:22:00 - [37]

Havent you read the EVE Chronical 'BedTime Story' in E-ON issue 1...

You'd all end up mined to death by a greedy Dark Ochre miner!


Posted - 2006.02.13 11:53:00 - [38]

Edited by: Medici on 13/02/2006 11:57:16
Gah!Dam those Rockhounds where's me caravan?
Regarding the topic though,plenty of hollow asteroids in space,(I have found them near moons,planets all over.
Also taking a leaf out of history,pirates always had bolt holes and smuggling ports,many using natural features of the land in their makeup.
Why should it be any different in Eve?

The Unwanted.
Posted - 2006.02.13 13:19:00 - [39]

Superb Idea.


Jinx Barker
GFB Scientific
Posted - 2006.02.13 14:07:00 - [40]

Yo guys, any of you draw? Perhaps few concept art drawing might be nice... think: hollow roids, deplteted station bteries, consumer goods, shuttle wrecks, etc.. lots of weird ad hoc stuff from EVE Very Happy.

Just a thought.

Cascade Imminent
Posted - 2006.02.13 16:53:00 - [41]

/signed also

here are my ideas on the topic:

limit them to planets or moons however to stop lagg or seed these "special roids in safespots", only in 0.4 and below lower you go the bigger the roids e.g.

smalls in 0.4, 0.3
meds in 0.2,0.1
large in 0.0 only

*make varying sizes ,can anchor pos guns but with no force field.

small = 1 corp hanger 1 maintaince 4 small guns
med = 2 corp hanger 2 maintaince 4 med guns
large = 4 corp hanger 4 maintaince 4 large guns
limit the sizes of the corp and ship maintaince hangers but make large big enough to hold maybe 3 capital ships at most..

perhaps they could work like mini outposts find area or "special roid" build a base structure like a outpost fill it with components like the outpost
4.after down time you have your mini station

Corp hanger
Ship hanger

*very low fuel requirements e.g. around 3000m3 per week of trade goods
*make them load a station environment.
*they do not require sovernity
*make them conquerable and be able to use reinforced mode like pos's

and lastly to stop them spring up everywhere big price tag:

small 500mil for construction platform
medium 1bil for construction platform
large 2bil for construction platform
plus of course the prices of the components

and lastly wtb large
Very Happy

Nicholai Pestot
Scorpanti Corporation
Posted - 2006.02.13 18:09:00 - [42]

I like the idea of them requiring a large roid out in the middle of nowhere to act as a foundation.

Going with the above idea, have 3 different roid sizes, with each roid size limiting the maximum possible 'attachements'

These could be placed out in the middle of nowhere or in close orbit of a planet. Vary the numbers and sizes as by sec status, then initiate a random seed based on these numbers.

Suitable roids would become one more resource to fight over, hell if the small ones were allowed into 0.5/0.6 they might even be the cause of a corp war.

Me likey.

Adrastos Volos
Sebiestor Tribe
Posted - 2006.02.13 18:31:00 - [43]


great idea!


Posted - 2006.02.13 21:17:00 - [44]

Edited by: Drizit on 13/02/2006 21:18:03
Originally by: SasRipper

*make varying sizes ,can anchor pos guns but with no force field.

I agree with everything else but not having a force field would be asking for them to be attacked. I think a medium FF to allow them to be defensible, any less would mean that you'd have no home by the time you've come out of warp if you were out mining at the time.

Even the smallest should be able to accomodate a couple of BS's or cruisers and 2 other hangars for mining barges or haulers or both. That would be pretty much what most people would want them for, a mining base for the barges, the haulers and the defence ships for the miners. Especially as another poster mentioned, in systems where no bases are currently available. 5 hangars is enough for even the most avid mining group, more than that in high sec is an invitation for macro miners to set up home. Make the hangars specific to ship type (fighter or miner/hauler) so that 4 barges cannot park there and 4 BS/Cruisers cannot either. 2 of each only.

Limitation is one per player or corp and an upper limit to how many are in a system. If the system limit has already been met, you would have to conquer one to have one there.

Jinx Barker
GFB Scientific
Posted - 2006.02.13 21:25:00 - [45]

I agree that they should be allowed in systems with up to .8 sec status. And I also agree with the limiting the number of habitats per system. The idea behind it is to cause more Empire warfare, and to support smaller corps and individuals who wish for their own piece of space.

Some great discussion took place in this thread as well (yours truly couldn’t shut up)Embarassed: Space Ownership

But I think discussions in both threads put forth some marvelous notions and should be supported.
(Can mods merge threads?)

Sebiestor Tribe
Posted - 2006.02.13 22:10:00 - [46]

Hello all,

Excellent idea. Now, let me add my .02 ISK.

I agree that they should function as a miniature POS with severe limitations, but why make them necessarily be an asteroid? Therefore, I propose this option.

Each corp can own a number of outposts equal to their skill level in a new Outpost Operations skill (something like training multiplier 4x, requires Anchoring 5 and Industry 5 to set up) that have material requirements based on their size. They would require upkeep of Oxygen and such, and would not be able to be placed in asteroid belts to avoid confusion.

You could have them orbit a planet or place them in the middle of nowhere (like safe spot). The internal hold would depend on the security of the system, to be explained later. They would be immoble, but equipable and destroyable.

I'm thinking the sizes could be as follows, where the ships would take up a section of space:

> Mini-Outpost in .6 or .5 space that could only hold up to five Frigates (including T2 Frigs) and Destroyers and maybe one Industrial. Would cost components similar to a Cruiser (around 150 Megacyte, 500 Zydrine, etc).
> Small Outpost in .4 or .3 that could hold three Cruisers (including HACs) and/or Industrials, and would cost a similar amount to a Battlecruiser (700 Mega, 1800 Zyd).
> Medium Outpost in .2 or .1 that could hold one Battleship and would require materials of a Battleship (1800 Mega, 5k Zyd).
> Large Outpost in 0.0 that could hold three Battleships and require minerals equal to a T2 Ship (including the RAMs and Morphite).

These structures would have shields, armor, and slots similar to their size (so a Mini could fit 5 Medium-sized guns and have about 1000 shields and armor). They could be attacked by players and by pirates similar to how pirates currently attack asteroid belt residents.

Deep Core Mining Inc.
Posted - 2006.02.14 01:26:00 - [47]

To extend this idea further, how about little anchorable homes available in 0.8 and below? They would be defenseless and easily destroyable. When entering your home the ship would be 'anchored' to the house, and therefore protected from theft.

I envision little carebear towns with tens, maybe hundreds of houses. ugh
Or frontier settlements in 0.0, protected by sentries and patrolling ships. YARRRR!!

Jinx Barker
GFB Scientific
Posted - 2006.02.14 14:20:00 - [48]

Originally by: Requiem
To extend this idea further, how about little anchorable homes available in 0.8 and below? They would be defenseless and easily destroyable. When entering your home the ship would be 'anchored' to the house, and therefore protected from theft.

I envision little carebear towns with tens, maybe hundreds of houses. ugh
Or frontier settlements in 0.0, protected by sentries and patrolling ships. YARRRR!!

So what you are saying is they can band together, and protecteach other collectivley? Pretty much what most of the fellows are saying here.

I think its quite possible to implement a habitat based on ship design. With Med/Low/High slots that would have a strenth of a batleship. Aslo, I do agree that "homes" should be allowed to be anchored anywhere in .8 or bellow. But they need to be fesablew as small bases for solo players.

Matt Steel
Posted - 2006.02.18 19:48:00 - [49]

Hmm.. having one on systems with no stations, that's a good idea i did not think of since it would be a good place to keep your ore while you go and get your hauler.

And this things could not be too expensive, the idea is for a single player to be able to get one, if the price is too high then you might as well get yourself a normal POS.

Also, from 0.8 and down would be good to set it.
The idea of trade goods and oxygen needed to keep it runing is good also because it would make you care for your home and keep it running, so if yous pend too much time away from it (say a month or after two weeks maybe) it could begin to deteriorate and become useless, forcing you to make a new one.

New skills to make yourself one, a new ship to drag it to place and the required skills to learn to get it all done would be needed. But i would not mind at all, i would train them all gladly.

Jinx Barker
GFB Scientific
Posted - 2006.02.18 20:27:00 - [50]

[In order not to resurect an old thread where I posted, I am copying some stuff over]

1. Habitat/Structure can be anchored anywhere in space, in any sovereignty, with one exception, Empire. In Empire they could NOT be anchored in .9-1.0 systems.

2. Habitats should have High/Med/Low slot layout, like a ship, thus utilising internal PG/CPU to control the devices like guns, missile batteries and cloaking devices, etc.

3. They can be upgraded? By using finite and mineable materials. Perhaps even incorporate T2 components into it, or some sort of POS producible, to further support the expanding POS markets. Perhaps allow for PG/CPU upgrades. [See this thread for more details]

4. They should not be invulnerable to an attack, or too difficult to kill. They should be susceptible to a conventional warfare tactics. Like battleships, cruisers and frigates. None of the siege crap.

5. They should be a legitimate war-target, if the owner is in a corporation at war.

6. They should be able to defend themselves, but cannot go into a “reinforced” mode or anything like that.

7. They have to be locatable via scan-probing and so forth. But should not show up as a warpable object in the scanner. Unless, the cloaking device is malfunctioning – then the habitat can become a “subspace phenomena” and can be warped to. [See this thread for more details]

8. They should also have some sort of functionality other than a “home in space”. Perhaps with adequate upgrades (see #3) they can have small refining and reprocessing and even repair facility. After all, I foresee using them mostly as temporary bases of operations. They could become permanent, but then they would be susceptible to attacks by other players if in 0.0 or low security areas.

9. Habitat should have a limited amount of storage Space. Some people suggested a 5,000m/3 for a small one, and up to 50,000m/3 for a large unit. Thus, they should vary by size and accommodate appropriate vessels accordingly. [See this thread for more details]

10. Habitats can be “designed” to accommodate appropriate uses, or uses according to wishes of their designer. They can vary in appearance, fairly easy to pull off with the game like EVE, and thus have unique qualities accorded to them by a designer: Hollowed out Asteroids, Discarded Spaceship hulks, things used in construction of it like depleted station batteries and what not. Basically make them look like Minmatar ships (my apologies to Minmatar, I couldn’t help myself).

At some point it would be possible to develop a profession out of it. A habitat designer/builder. Perhaps all corps that choose to, can specialise in such endeavours, to the point of patenting their design via blueprint copies. We all know that most efficient design vs. use info will spread quickly. Perhaps create special Habitat Construction Modules for POS owners who can then build them and sell them to the rest of us. At the same time it might create a market for a faction owned POS that can be rented for the design/build purposes by those who do not have access to a POS.

11. One should be able to secure the habitat from entry by other players. Perhaps with specifically set password one can dock, as can his friends. At the same time, and I just thought of it, when they are destroyed by an adversary they should drop some portion of the loot currently held within them. Just like when the ship is destroyed it drops a can with stuff. Also a great new field for legitimate corporate spies and thieves to foray their strengths.

12. Some people want them to use fuel to power up the components or keep the battery charged or something. Others want the habitats not use any fuel – unless they are engaged in combat.

Information compiled using the current thread and [This thread]

Jinx Barker
GFB Scientific
Posted - 2006.02.18 20:30:00 - [51]

I ran out of Characters Above Wink. But here some more stuff, since this thread seem to be the main focus:

Possible Thoughts On Habitat/Single Player Structure Maintenance/Purchase:

From: Habitat AI#5687 (or Name Of the Habitat)
To: Jinx Barker.

Dear Sir,
This is to inform you that Habitat's current structural integrity is at 30%. If you wish to repair the accumulated damage please use internal nanobot repair facility.
Following is needed in order to complete the repair:
Tritanium: 100,000 Units
Pyrite: 20,000 Units
Isogen: 10,000 Units
Mexalon: 10,000 Units
Zydrine: 5,000 Units
Megacyte: 5,000 Units
Morphite: 1,000,000 Units
Now, of course I pulled the numbers out of my arse, but you get the idea. Also, you can have the stuff stacked in the hangar bay, which would be OK. But, the actual EVE-Mail receipt would not happen until the authorised user actually docks with the structure. This might actually allow for very expensive mistakes and it will support the economy since the minerals will be in some demand throughout the universe to shore up failing habitats.

Also, limiting number of habitats per system can be another great thing to do. It will ferment discontent and wars, since people would want a nice spot. It will also support real Estate trade, where you can actually sell a Habitat to another player. Lets say upon building a habitat you will have an ownership voucher, like a deed, something that would look very similar to Pirate Ship Logs. There will be information regarding the Habitat, all its stats, location, security level of the system, etc.

At the same time, if the voucher is lost (if the owner carried the voucher in his cargohold and was blown up) there are 2 consequences:

1)If voucher is destroyed, the habitat automatically self-destructs
2)If the voucher is picked up by a new player/or the agressor/whoever finds the can, he automatically becomes an owner of the habitat.

In second case, the Habitat retains its password/security until a “new owner arrives”. Upon his attempt to dock, he must have the voucher in cargohold, he will be given an opportunity to change the password. Also, even though previous security measure were still in effect, including password, the former owner is still locked out of the habitat. It will prevent disgruntled victims from docking with their former property and cleaning it out or self-destructing it.

And finally, having a voucher in the cargohold will allow the entrance into the Habitat password free. This could be useful in case of forgotten passwords - and it will expose vouchers to the possibility of being lost if you are attacked on the way.

They could also be placed in the Escrow - where potential buyer can see the habitat information and gauge for himself if he wants to buy it. Thus making vouchers readable, but not useful if they are in Escrow, at least not until they are claimed and ownership is transferred. Again, Voucher in Cargohold=Password free entry will mean that the seller doesn’t have to do anything as far as security is concerned. A fact that the voucher is no longer in his possession automatically revokes his ownership while retaining habitat as secure for a new owner.

Almost forgot, to prevent Scams on Escrow, where an "Empty" voucher can be sold - in case habitat is no longer there, if it blew up or was destroyed or what not - the voucher would destroy itself as well. Thus two would be linked, if one goes so does the other. No way to scam people with "fake" vouchers.

This will make peeps keep vouchers/deeds/titles as safe as their own BPOs.

Information compiled using the current thread and [This thread]

Posted - 2006.02.18 21:39:00 - [52]

Some great ideas coming out here. I'd agree to most of them including the deed of ownership. I think the owner should have ot carry it but it doesn't show up as cargo. An agressor has a 30% chance of finding it if he destroys the owners ship.

As for the ideas put forth by Jinx Barker, I agree with most but the size of a small one should be more than 5,000m/3 or it isn't larger than a couple of secure cans which would cost a hell of a lot less. It would need to be a fair size so that a miner could store a good few hours worth of ore mining, say 70,000 or so. Even then, one lift from a transporter and it's practically empty. Any less and it would be pretty pointless having it for most people. By the time you've stored all your spare ship mods, drones and alternate guns etc, 5k is going to be pretty small for storing ore.

Leandro Salazar
Quam Singulari
Posted - 2006.02.19 01:05:00 - [53]

To limit the number of these things per system, in addition to a high purchase price they should also cost a maintenance fee which goes up with the number of thingys already in the system, much like office rent does.

Cygnus Alpha Syndicate
Thundering Mantis
Posted - 2006.02.20 06:28:00 - [54]

Although habitats would be good, I think we a drifting away from the topic: veld bases!

When you look at a giant veld roid with a habitat-sized hollow, and a habitat, which one would cost less? The roid would already hold a good deal of the materials needed for construction and would be harder to attack.

So now for implimentation of dragging a roid 10 AU which would actually be extremely hard due to them not being affected by physics. Razz

Each system could contain 'unclaimed deadspace' pockets, say 4-5, which have to be found using a probe. Each would contain a belt with ore roughly equal in value (sometimes less valuable, sometimes more) to the normal belts. Either this or a mineable gas cloud when CCP introduce them. Only veld roids in the areas can be hollowed. After a platform has been deployed and the target asteroid selected, you end up with a nice, new, not-very-shiny veld base! YARRRR!!

These would, as was stated earlier, offer hangars (plenty of space please, they aren't that small), defensive batteries fitted as modules, prehaps a refinery array, and a 'scan disruptive field'. This module consumes resources quite rapidly but masks the entire deadspace pocket from detection. This way only those who have bms to the base itself can find it. After a week however, the cloak fails and the pocket shows up on overview as a 'sensor anomaly' which reads as 'come get din dins pirates'. The cloak can then not be activated for a week.

This way these bases work out as a cost-effective alternative to a small POS as a base without them hogging any sizeable resources.

Who likes? Wink

Danton Marcellus
Nebula Rasa Holdings
Posted - 2006.02.23 05:16:00 - [55]

If deadspace locations became less static people could make homes in the remnants of those once cleared out.

Mort Sinious
Posted - 2006.02.23 10:06:00 - [56]

Theres one huge problem with single player structures. That's why it won't ever happen.

Think about how many people are playing. We have around 300.000 players in Eve, Maybe 100.000 active. Those Single POSes are so cool, that at least half of them would want one. So you have around 50.000 SinglePOSes distributed around the 200 Systems where the action is. Systems would be crowded with hollow asteroids. That's simply not possible.

One small solution would be to make them Instanced, but then no enemy or friend of you could visit you. And CCP seems to be against instancing.

Cool Idea, but not possible. BTW it's the same problem in any current MMORPGs. Only one I know of with such structures is "Anarchy Online" wich has them instanciated with no possibility to get others into your Structure. So won't happen, I guess

Veto Corp
Posted - 2006.02.23 14:42:00 - [57]

I think this would be a bloody brilliant idea. You and your gang could have a little hide out, small place to store your ships at night, refuel, rearm etc. Robin Hood style. I'd love it personally.

Jinx Barker
GFB Scientific
Posted - 2006.02.23 19:18:00 - [58]

I would still like to see someone draw a concept art of a habitatSmile.

Adrastos Volos
Sebiestor Tribe
Posted - 2006.02.23 20:52:00 - [59]

Originally by: Jinx Barker
I would still like to see someone draw a concept art of a habitatSmile.

Please visit your user settings to re-enable images.

There u go!

Very Happy

Cygnus Alpha Syndicate
Thundering Mantis
Posted - 2006.02.24 21:11:00 - [60]

The serious concept.

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