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Matt Steel
Posted - 2006.01.17 06:21:00 - [1]

I had this idea about single player owned small structures, for example, a hollowed out 'roid where you could set up your home and stash your ships and stuff, either could be bought(price to vary depending on size of 'roid) or made by the player himself, new skills for that for sure, and who knows, you could maybe start your own bussines of making 'roid homes for sale!

You could have it outfitted with hi, med and low slots (amount to vary depending on size of 'roid) like any ship so you can fit weapons, shields and stuff (specially if you set it on low sec space) with enough space to maybe invite two or three friends to inhabit it or just have it all to yourself.

I dont know how many are there that do not like to be on corps and are a bit of a hermit, also, if it would be much of load to the servers and slowdown game play.

Just a crazy idea.

The Grimreapers.
Destiny Corrupted.
Posted - 2006.01.17 08:35:00 - [2]

I love this idear, i want one!

Posted - 2006.01.17 12:54:00 - [3]

This is like the old pirate bolt holes of yore,I like it very much,after all a solo player isn't a corp so it's not as though it has a huge tactical advantage.
[/]Voted Very Happy

Posted - 2006.01.17 14:37:00 - [4]

Very cool idea.

Although I would be constantly terrified of someone finding my lil hideout on the scanner and coming and looting all my precious stuffs. So I probably wouldn't keep anything of value in it. Twould be a nice safe spot - especially if it were defended >:D

mirel yirrin
Ore Mongers
BricK sQuAD.
Posted - 2006.01.17 14:39:00 - [5]

Not a crazy Idea at all. I want one of these right now. Perhaps deploy a few small snetry guns, or something.

Have perhaps 5 ship Storage Anchors and 50,000m3 Cargo storage Space. Needing a cruiser full of comestibles every week or two.

Manic Mole
Sylph Alliance
Posted - 2006.01.17 15:09:00 - [6]

I love to see this happen, also if it's just a hollowed out rock, you should be abel to modify it, and maybe possible to attach a jump or warp drive to it.

Posted - 2006.01.17 15:40:00 - [7]

Edited by: Drizit on 17/01/2006 15:50:31
I like it! A neat way to allow a small corps and single players to have a base. However, please make this available in 0.5 and below, not just in 0.0 because some of us are just not powerful enough to compete down there and don't want to join a corps that is already established in 0.0. One way to make the anchoring lvl 2+ useful as well is to require this to anchor the base.

Since Veld is not valuable in <0.5, require that it uses raw veld to construct. It then provides a reason to mine veld in that sec level. A specialised ship to construct since it has to blow the veld out and bind it to construct the roid base.

If additional skills were available, the base could be moveable within reason. Something like a 5m/s rate of movement so that it can be properly positioned. But to stop people positioning it right inside roid fields, it cannot move within 5au of an existing stellar object such as a station or roid field, (disrupts the drives or something to prevent it moving closer) and can jump from one system to another but takes 5 days to initiate the jump. Ambushing from this base would be pointless if it could only accommodate 5 ships or so (not 5 players with more than one ship).

If it only shows up on overview when others come within 10au, it can remain undetected unless the owner or corp gives location privileges to another player. However, you would see on your overview during warp it you moved within the 10au range. It would give people something to try to locate if they did see it and make the base slightly more secure so that not just anybody with a big ship can loot it.

Posted - 2006.01.17 19:53:00 - [8]

Originally by: Jrue
Very cool idea.

Although I would be constantly terrified of someone finding my lil hideout on the scanner and coming and looting all my precious stuffs. So I probably wouldn't keep anything of value in it. Twould be a nice safe spot - especially if it were defended >:D

how about a large device similar to a cloaking device,that alters the apperance of the hollow asteroid to look and scan like a solid roid?
Something like a mirage cloak or similar.

Oz Draconis
Posted - 2006.01.17 21:06:00 - [9]

Great idea!

XIII Interstellar Legion
Posted - 2006.01.17 21:13:00 - [10]

Definitely a cool idea.

I think the idea of a few Covetors entering into a belt and strip mining your home would be pretty damn funny though. Come back to find your stuff floating in space and a stripmining fleet just a few roids away.

Definitely a good idea though, all joking aside.

Matt Steel
Posted - 2006.01.18 06:10:00 - [11]

Edited by: Matt Steel on 18/01/2006 06:36:31
Heh.. Thank you all for reading about my idea and commenting on it, i have been on Eve for about 3 months now and still finding out everyday new stuff about it, and your ideas of what could be done with a player owned 'roid are great, specially the idea of some small sentry guns to protect your rock. Very Happy

And not only comestibles, Oxygen too!! and you either buy it or mine it from ice fields.

CCP devs.. here you have an idea that has potential and i am sure would be liked by many. The job of scouring through the whole of the forums reading all of the player's opinions and rants looking for ways to improve Eve and implement new things i am sure is hard, and when you eventually read my idea, well, i hope you think about it.

Oh, and Freyer? you ARE pretty.

See you guys and gals on Eve.

The Royal Order
Posted - 2006.01.18 06:42:00 - [12]

I love it

but ccp wound never allowed a single player owned a multi user game :(

Posted - 2006.01.18 14:17:00 - [13]

Not to be disrespectful,but you dont know that for sure.

Posted - 2006.01.18 14:26:00 - [14]

I would love this idea to bits, but as mentioned in the OP, it may cause server lag if these started to become too predominate. Perhaps have it the same deal as anchoring other objects, can't be done in anything over 0.8, but perhaps take it down to can't be done in anything over 0.4 or 0.5.

Perhaps a system limit of how many can be in there? Sounds kind of artificial I know, but performance has to be key.

Ligk Rautha
Posted - 2006.01.18 17:44:00 - [15]

Edited by: Ligk Rautha on 18/01/2006 17:55:50
I think they wouldn't cause more lag or need more system ressources than anchored security cans. But I'm no dev :)

And yes I like the idea very much!
I would like the cargo size of these be dependent on the actual asteroid size (too reduce the need of resources make classes: huge, big, medium, small, tiny) ... so ppl would naturally prefer the huge 0.0 veldspar roids... and you could make it impossible to make a base in a small empire roid. I like the Idea of cloaking these things or just give them as much armor strength as the security cans.

Posted - 2006.01.18 18:31:00 - [16]

I would love this. Set one of these up at a safespot, fill it with a few taranis', ammo and fittings, then terrorise surrounding systems Twisted Evil

Posted - 2006.01.19 02:49:00 - [17]

Originally by: TheNecromancer
I love it

but ccp wound never allowed a single player owned a multi user game :(

Maybe not single player but very small corps <10 members maybe. These corps are not large enough to start looking at building stations. It's a bit like having a 10 man business having offices the size of Microsoft's office complex. The running costs would cripple them. This idea allows a very small corp to have a structure that they own but won't cost the earth to run.

No services except fitting so you can't generate sell orders or repair ships etc from that base, it is purely to store ships, corp assets and ore etc and refit ships when necessary. These can be anchored in 0.7 and below so that corps not powerful enough to compete in lowsec have a chance to build up their resources and members before venturing down there. If one of the requirements was anchoring lvl5, this would provide an extra use for the anchoring skill since training above lvl 1 is pointless ATM. Sentry guns would be unnecessary above 0.5 since Concord would react if the base was attacked anyway. Ships could target it but mining lasers would not work any more than they would if you tried to mine a station. A neat little indication that it's not just a lone roid for people is that the lasers won't fire at it, it doesn't look like a base, has no visible entrance/exit and won't give anyone without authority the dock icon so the mining lasers are the only real giveaway.

Please though, not inside roid fields as this would exclude any miners from outside the corp since people would create these bases to lay claim to entire roid fields in lowsec and create an even worse lowsec monopoly than there is already.

Blue Army Reserve
Posted - 2006.01.19 07:59:00 - [18]

Edited by: Silentblue1987 on 19/01/2006 08:02:50
I don't klnow about a roid, but i'd like to see some larger secure containers. secure containers cant be stolen from unless you have the password, but only have 3900m of space inside.. i'd like to see a few that have at lease 10,000m of space it would be more useful if you don't have a base nearby to warp to.

if not a roid, then an oversized secure container that can only be built outside a station, not requiring too many skills or insane ammounts of ore to build. Good idea though.

Fridge oblivion
Posted - 2006.01.19 10:19:00 - [19]

This idea sounds too good. No chance then to see it happenRazz
Even if pirates and carebears/bounty hunters alike loveit, sooner or later you'd hear whineing about hideouts...

What I would like to see would be a selfpowered (or partly) home you could anchore inside the forcefield of a POS. One that isn't yours Smile. With decent access rights people could rent their POS for such little adobes Wink

Za Po
Posted - 2006.01.19 16:03:00 - [20]

I like this idea, but wouldn't these become too common and clutter space (if allowed in hi sec), or be too easily found and destroyed (if allowed in low sec)?

Matt Steel
Posted - 2006.01.25 06:25:00 - [21]

Edited by: Matt Steel on 25/01/2006 06:33:23
Edited by: Matt Steel on 25/01/2006 06:28:54
Hmm.. plenty of good ideas indeed, specially for small corps (10 or less members).. and one idea somewhere above this post, someone mentioned that they'd not be able to set on a 'roid field but in space between planets and gates.. after all, it is your home/hideout so it has to be away from the normal lanes of transit. A good point made was that people could monopolize asteroid belts, so the idea of them being away is a good one.

One possible downside to this idea could be the (probable) huge load on the servers if personal 'roid homes started popping all over the EVE universe (that would be something for the Dev's to ponder and maybe tell us about) as someone wondered in another post above, and perhaps could be controled by maybe allowing one per player only?

And it does not matter if it would be a single user owned structure in a multiplayer game, the game itself forces you eventually to interact with others because there are things you will never be able to do on your own.

And well, whining about hideouts? there are probes (with the use of the scanner function on your ship) you can use to triangulate and locate stuff! sure, will be a bit time consuming but if you know where a suspect might be located, well...

Dark Sun Collective
Posted - 2006.01.25 10:10:00 - [22]


North Eastern Swat
Posted - 2006.01.25 11:38:00 - [23]

I like these idea, this would be much cooler than being at a station because then you could truely say with ya pirate buddies "To the hide-out!"

Things I would like on this:
1. Mirage cloak that makes it look like worthless debris or a useless asteroid to people who aren't allowed
2. Have a lit of people who can and cannot enter the base, I know this would be cool to share with my friends - don't let people have more than 5 people allowed
3. Require some kind of power supply, maybe a costly once-off installation and every week/month a fresh supply of large cap batteries to maintain mirage
4. If the power runs out the cloak/mirage is disabled and when the power is off it is weak - so it will die very quickly allowing people to waste small ships taking homes with no active owner - but it will cause agro timer to take effect!

Things I wouldn't like done with these:
1. Unlimitted space, instead make it reasonable like 35,000m3 with only enough room for a reasonable ammount of ships (small rock = frigates, large rock = cruisers)
2. Adding tonnes of these so everyone can have one. This would not make it possible to sell these.
3. No fitting, cap recharging or anything as that requries too much power! Just cargo space and maybe a cool view of the surrounding belts.


Yurameki Daishun
Sebiestor Tribe
Posted - 2006.01.25 22:25:00 - [24]

ideas like this are good I agree, since some players may choose not to participate in a corp, or want to have something separate from their corp, they don't have to be anything insane either, they can just be there for looks some of them

Posted - 2006.01.26 00:10:00 - [25]

Like all ideas on this forum, it needs a bit of work to make it possible but for those who play in gangs only or a very small corps, this would be beneficial.

A small corps does not have the financial resources to build stations as they are currently. This limits station manufacture to large corps and those who have been playing for a long time to gain the skills and ISK necessary.

These rock structures can be small, unobtrusive and reasonably cheap to build (costing about the same as a T1 BS). Some sort of modular requirement so that someone can manufacture parts for these structures and the modules can be bought as and when ISK is available so that it's not one massive cost. If a rank 2 skill was involved to put these modules together and/or own the station, it could reduce the number of structures since some people would prefer to train other things if the structure was not absolutely necessary. A limit of 1 per player would stop them being littered all over like the secure cans we see all over the roid belts.

If the modular method were employed, the station could be disassembled and reassembled somewhere else, either in another system or just move it somewhere else in the same system. This effectively overcomes the inability to move the object as if it were a ship. They could be sold via escrow either as modules or ready built to anyone with suitable skills to own it. That allows people to get rid of them when they are no longer needed (or if a T2 version comes along since they can only own 1 station like this).

Matt Steel
Posted - 2006.01.29 17:54:00 - [26]

Hmmm.. a 'roid home that can be dissasembled.. nice... and it would be easy to (with a little help) move to another system when you got bored of being on the same one for some time, and would help make the fact that you can only have one more bearable.

I dont know how hard is to recruit members for a corporation (or for players to want to belong to one since most like their individuality) but this 'roid home/base/small corp could be a good solution as pointed by Drizit for those that do not have the resources (either material or manpower) or isk to build a POS, and it would be a first step to build something bigger.

And it certainly would help get rid of it too once it became unnecesary, as it would be recycled like everything else instead of trying to sell it to someone else (which could work also of course) or just abandoning it (tho' why would someone abandon a structure that took a lot of time and money to build, but i guess there would be a few cases).

Now something to think about: Last December player online record was broken again with 22,300+ players at the same time, with only the Devs know how many ships, roid's, stations,planets, moons, NPC's, 6000 (?) systems in the current EVE universe, etc.. would some (and i say some because not everyone would own one) of these 'roids add to server load and affect performance for those playing considering that new blades will be added soon to take into account the increased player base and to help distribute load?

Port Royal Independent Kontractors
Imperial Republic Of the North
Posted - 2006.01.31 22:05:00 - [27]

Definately a great idea I have always wanted to have the ability to not only store loot/ammo but also have the ability to refit your ship(s), and have a bit of protection for that added security. I don't think that this should be for a whole corporation or anything but as a single player and a few buddies who are maybe mining in remote 0.0 or Rat hunting and want to store loot/mins securely but there should be limited space. I don't know if I like the idea of having it in a hollowed out asteroid or anything. Personally I would just make a ss with my deep space probes and have this mini pos at this ss then you wouldn't have the need to even have defenses because no one can find my safe spots Twisted Evil

No Trademark
Phoenix Virtue
Posted - 2006.02.01 00:09:00 - [28]

lovely idea. i think it shud be obvious, like the hollowed out roids in deadspace, have a coupla of low tracking large guns on the surface (haveta be lasers, to stop recoil probs) but no shelter for you - ur ships to large to fit inside, but ur pod aint =)

quite big armor on it (kinda dreaddie level) but no repair fa****y whatsoever. if it gets low on hp, move on =)

Matt Steel
Posted - 2006.02.06 22:21:00 - [29]

Well, i said a hollowed out asteroid because i used to play RIFTS: SPACE and my friends and i had a hollow 'roid base, so i proposed one here.

But i think not only a hollowed out 'roid could be the only one, but a small POS could be good too, something you could build, a mini space station with only reffiting area, space for your stuff and capacity for about 3 to 4 ships. Yes, would be nice too.

Posted - 2006.02.06 22:33:00 - [30]

I love the idea. It should be small and really only suitable for one man operations but it would be way cool. It would give individual players a way and a reason to modify the game universe.

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