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Posted - 2006.01.12 01:27:00 - [1]

Edited by: ShadowRat on 12/01/2006 15:59:54
Hello. I'm still new in Eve after some months of play.

I have some ideas for mining
1. When players use mining barges on small asteroids it is little dificult to manage it. You loose a lot of time 'probing' ateroids if they are
empty or not (with scaners or just puting on/off mining equiptment). After 2-3 cycles of ore gather ateroid is empty and player loose 1-2 minutes if
he dont probe it (3 min cycle of strip miners).
This is little confusing.

Let's do something diferent.

-new model of ship 'GAZER'- who can 'dock' at asteroid and grab it and jump back to station (it is timing thing if it will be profitable or not,
this ship can be wery slow when warp - unstable cargo)
Bigger ateroid , more GAZER's will be needed (fine with group of miners in corporation) or more time to dock/calculate back trajectory. Generaly
this ship will be look like BIG engine + grapple + kamikaze pilot :)
-new model of ship 'BULDOZER' - this ship can 'dock' on only small ateroid and put it in cargo in one pice. Minning with this will be more fun then
only flying in space and looking at peace around...

Please ansfer if you like this ideas.
Jacek P./ShadowRat

PS.1 Just imagine HUGE asteroid slowly HIT space station...:) and now 10-15 :D
Imagine some fresh kamikaze minars 'staling' your asteroids..... hehe :)
PS.2 Make some dravings to show how it will be looks?

Radix Salvilines
legion industries ltd
AAA Citizens
Posted - 2006.10.18 13:08:00 - [2]

aye nice idea hehe.

But not docking at stations - u know it will look werid... like ants carrying over their food :D

Rather than transporting thm to stations make a special structure for POSes. Like a big container to which gazers would be throwing in the roids and in this containers theyll be quickly reprocessed into minerals.

To not destroy the balance the attaching time to the roids by gazers should be equal to this how long it takes to mine them using mining barges.

New skills:
Gazers, Attach hook operation, Heavy mass manuevering or so...

Also smallers roids would be limited to one gazer at a time, while those hugest will be able to be carried by even 6 or more gazers :)

Interresting idea really :D


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