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Flor Jon
Friendship 7 Corporation
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Posted - 2005.12.20 22:42:00 - [1]

Hai guy's.
I have a question. I'm still on my trial account and from the looks of it i will proceed with subscriptions.
One thing I like is the overwhelming stuff to learn and do. And one of the overwhelming things are the skills.
I thought i had a lot to learn until i found out i could buy more skills on the market.
So here is my question about them... what do they mean? What's it for?
I've looked around on the forum and tutorials but i'd like to see some simple list that say's like, 'mechanics are for .... and Science is for... '
Stuff like that.
I do already know that i have to research some skills because i bought a frigate but cannot mount some stuff on to it before i researched the skills.
I had choosen scientist with my character but to be honest i don't know what that will give me...
Seems i have a speed bonus with copying blueprints??
Soooo...anyone perhaps have a nice link for me that could explain about this in 'rookie' talk?

Thanks in advance.

Flor Jon

(p.s. sorry about grammer, i'm dutch)

Mr Crusoe
Posted - 2005.12.20 23:34:00 - [2]

Firstly, i'd bombard the rookie help channel with all the small questions that arise all the damn time, and secondly.. most skills do what they say in the description. But i found it easiest to just "go with the flow" train this when the module i want says that it's needed, train that when it seems cool.
I figure that training frigate to lvl 4 directly at char creation is very nice too.. you should consider that YARRRR!!


This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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