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Posted - 2005.12.20 03:12:00 - [91]

was doing one of the new missions a 5 part mission on last mission first gate the hole darn place agros you as you warp in. I lost an uber tanked Megathron and corp mate lost her gallente log ship. we where in pods before we could warp. you may whant to tame that one down.Shocked

Posted - 2005.12.20 04:59:00 - [92]

While you're looking at difficulty, could you please look into frequency as well? "Tech Secrets" came up four times in two days. The first two were back to back... I finished Part 3 only to be given Part 1 again! That can't be right.

I guess the 4th time is the charm; Part 3 was the end of my cruiser. Both Stabbers got mad at me from over 100k away, micro-warped over to me and cut me open like a fish before I could get away. RIP Pollux; she beat the odds three times. Sad

Posted - 2005.12.20 05:43:00 - [93]

Edited by: Tribunal on 20/12/2005 05:43:29
Originally by: Hoshi
While this is not really directly about impossible missions it does add the to diffucalty.

I just did The Right Hand of Zazzmatazz level 4. This is one of those new hybrid deadspace/normalspace missions where you warp to deadspace but end up there directly and not thru a gate.

Zarkor you have stated that warping in from different angles would cause you to end up at different positions there but I'll call bull**** on that. In practice it's just Random where you end up.

I had a gang of 3 ships that where sitting outside station right ontop of each other gang warp to this area. They all came in from the Exact same angle but still 2 of them ended up right ontop of the spawn while the third ended up 50km away.

This is what makes some of the missions so hard, even if you know what you will meet you have NO way to know in before if you will end up at a sniping position or in the middle of them.

The mission beacon is right in the center of the spawn, so when you warp to the beacon you end up at you default warp distance from the beacon (which is usually 15km). Set your default warp to 100km and you should not end up on top of the spawn again.

Posted - 2005.12.20 05:49:00 - [94]

Originally by: Martinus Crimson
Serpentis Extravaganza, Last stage

The whole spawn agrro'd without any apparent reason (read: Did not move from warping point, did not open a lootcan, did not shoot any other spawn)

This is a problem with the spider drones. To put it bluntly these little guys will sometimes get ****ed at the drop of a hat and pull the whole spawn on you.

Zrakor, is there any way to disable the spider drones to not agro player drones? Spider drones will sometimes attack my drones from a good 30km away, causing a chain reaction thru the spawn.

Leon 026
Veto Corp
Posted - 2005.12.20 07:33:00 - [95]

Edited by: Leon 026 on 20/12/2005 07:38:06

Level 3 "Spy Stash" mission is no longer possible in my Harpy AF.
It used to be possible by flying carefully, however now im being bombarded by missile cruisers that fire bloodclaws and heavy missiles up to 45km every half a second - I am forced to warp out before I manage to even kill a single one.

I have attempted this mission with my corp mate, himself in a Vengeance AF. The result was him losing his ship, and me being forced to warp in, warp out, warp in, warp out, and repeat the same warping in and out for the next 30min just to try and kill off those cruisers.

This is waaaaaay beyond the regular difficulty of a level 3, and I'm being paid 1.6mil for this crap?

Only this thats changed from pre-RMR is the removal of Guristas Sentry II and made into a regular Sentry turret, but the addition of the overpowered ECM, higher NPC hitpoints, -ridiculous- missile damage output for a measly bounty with crap loot adds this mission to my "ignore" list. It was hard, but possible pre-RMR. As for me, I'm a 3mil SP AF-specialized pilot. Attempting this in my Ferox would leave me in my pod, no contest.

Lynx Frontier Inc.
Posted - 2005.12.20 07:41:00 - [96]

HI Mr. Dev,
Thanks for asking.
1 issue was with Unathorized Military Presence Lvl 3.
In all the waves I never once was able to get a target lock. I have skills too!
If it wasn't for my drones I would either be dead or warping out each time.
Literally I couldn't get 1 lock the whole time!

Also the bounties have gone to poop! I have actyually spent more in ammo and drones then I made in the mission. I also used to take a newb corp member or two because it was good to split the bounties. Now I won't as the bounties suck.

Dev- Thanks again for asking and responding!


The 6th Directorate
Posted - 2005.12.20 08:02:00 - [97]

Fix the issue where the entire level aggroes on you, when you deploy your drones to kill the welcoming committee in Enemies Abound 1/5 (and in the rest of the missions in that sequence, I guess)

Posted - 2005.12.20 08:30:00 - [98]

warp scrambling existed before rmr in certain missions, so thats really not that new.

the only mission that I have done that I thought would be kinda rough for a solo player is lvl 2 human cattle part 5, when you go through one of the gates and there are 12 ships aggroing you instantly thats going very difficult for most people doing lvl 2 missions in a normal cruiser or frig.

Destructive Influence
IT Alliance
Posted - 2005.12.20 09:03:00 - [99]

Edited by: KillmAll187 on 20/12/2005 09:04:37
Here is my problem(s) with the new level III 5 part missions. I havent been able to try the lvl IV versions as of yet(but I intend to shortly).

1. NO bounties on any of the NPCs. Even though you can sell the tags in empire space, how do you get say caldari tags to gallente space when your agent is in caldari space. The tags are contraband and I can hardly stand to lose more standing.

2. Losing faction standing for killing faction npcs. I'm not sure if you lose the standing with the owning faction of these missions, but my standing did go down with the caldari state after completing this mission. This is asinine.

So by doing these incredibly hard missions you lose twice. Once for zero reward and again for faction standing loss. I nearly lost my dominix on one of the jumps and I have my lvl IV tank on it. IMO they need to be a lil easier to complete as well as better bounties and no faction standing loss. They can still be vs faction ships, it just makes no sense to eventually get run out of a factions space, just for running missions.

Hedron Industries
Red Dwarf Racketeering Division
Posted - 2005.12.20 09:16:00 - [100]

Originally by: Tribunal
The mission beacon is right in the center of the spawn, so when you warp to the beacon you end up at you default warp distance from the beacon (which is usually 15km). Set your default warp to 100km and you should not end up on top of the spawn again.

This does NOT explain the behavior I saw in this mission. First off all gang warp should always land all ships at the same relative positions as they started the warp, second all ships had the same default warpin distance set, third warping in and out 4 more times all from the same direction with the same default warpin distance ended me up in the middle of the group spot 2 times and at the distant spot 2 times.

Destructive Influence
IT Alliance
Posted - 2005.12.20 09:41:00 - [101]

Edited by: KillmAll187 on 20/12/2005 09:43:34
Oh and one more thing. The arch angel webifiers seem to be webbing themselves. All the cruisers in the groups they are in beat the webbers to me.

P.S. please dont turn this game into WOW where 40 people have to gang up to complete a complex.

P.S.S Also the guristas target jamming thing needs to be looked at. It is a major pita to have your drones out attacking the ships when you instantly lose target lock on all the ships you have aggrod and have your drones go off and attack & aggro another group.

That is all

Posted - 2005.12.20 09:52:00 - [102]

i've found that lvl 4 agent missions have got a good deal harder, however, i've also relised that the raven my favourite Agent mission ship is now not the best ship to use, although it still does the most damage over time. The best ship to use now is the scorpion, try using the following set up:-
please bear in mind i have 31million skill points and have most engineering skills at max.

high slots 4xT2 siege launchers
2xHeavy NOS (very useful now, help maintain a tank)
Medium slots:- 2xT2 Thermal hardners, 2xT2 EM hardners, 1xKinetic hardner, 2xShield amps, 1xT2 XL shield booster.

Low slots:- 1xDamage control unit, 2xT2 Power diagnostics, 1xT2 CPU.

This set up gives me a good 80-85% shield resistances all round, and even with ALL deadspace npcs aggroed i can survive long enough to take out all frigates, but i still have to warp out before i can kill everything. Also i've noticed that medium drones are now crap at taking out frigates, have not tried light drones yet, anyone know if they work better???YARRRR!!

Silent Ronin
Posted - 2005.12.20 09:59:00 - [103]

Edited by: Silent Ronin on 20/12/2005 10:28:16
1)The mission right hand of Zazzamatazz Lvl 4 agent. Says it is a deadspace BM but when u warp to it think its a gate it throws u right into middle of a horde of NPCS acting like crack addicts and ur the only supplier.
2) The ECM is way to overpowering one mission illigal convoy u face 2 frigs 18 cruisers which when they all can jam u its not really fair and fof will not focus on one primary target so waste of ammo.

Think the Gurristas need to re-examined. ECM is the hardest to overcome and fighting them has caused the fight to be way out of balance and no chance to balance it during combat.Majority of Level 4 agent missions r against overwhelming odds at times and think we all understand this. Butthere is always that tiem in begining you r fighting to balance it to a sustainable level or u wapr out. Now its just absurd, ur llucky if u kill some before u have to wapr out cause one of the 5 - 20 locking bjects has jammed (ecm). Drones will aggro any group not shooting or attack a station part ****ing them all off and FoF just fly around with ADG (Attention Disorder Guidance). Tried this with addition members, and we still ahd to warp out, person accepting become primary target and has to tank beating till managable. When you cannot Nos to sustain beating then group neds to warp out. Causing repeat or treatling level 4 missions like doign a 10/10 complex but thought this theroy was for the level 5 agents :) "free the sweaterpuppets"

I am SR and I sponsor this ad :) (and yes dont care about typos its 5am and I am playing eve at work :P )

Posted - 2005.12.20 10:36:00 - [104]

Originally by: Silent Ronin
Edited by: Silent Ronin on 20/12/2005 10:28:16
1)The mission right hand of Zazzamatazz Lvl 4 agent. Says it is a deadspace BM but when u warp to it think its a gate it throws u right into middle of a horde of NPCS acting like crack addicts and ur the only supplier.

VERY TRUE! This is one insane mission... did it last night - 3 ravens went in 1 came out... thats within 1 min!

Very hard - Becareful everyone... it's a jungle out there.. :)

Posted - 2005.12.20 10:50:00 - [105]

1) THX for the new Missions, they are great, i like it.
2) Dont make it easyr, now its fun to fly a Level3 Mission

After RMR Patch i fly, 2xSpy Stash, 1xAngel Extra, 1xBMH and now i have the 5/5 Mission War .......

SpyStash, Angel and BMH was not harder as before, they all easy to solo w Raven or Mega.

Iam not a High Skilled Player, i have only 2M SPs, and 400k in Learnings. i Fly L3 Missions Solo w Ferox w 1M SPs and it was easy most of time, if i have Trouble w Missions, i ask a Friend for help, and w two, theres no Problem to finish all L3 Missis.
Now i fly BS Raven, and all L3 (before RMR) are way to easy.

One Question, i hear, hey i have lost my BS, i dont understand it, iam low skilled, 600k in Engeneering, 300k in Gunnery and 500k in Missiles, and only Drones on Level4, but i have no Problem w BMH, SpyStash, etc. Not only one Sec that i have the Feeling i must lost my BS, i was Warp Scrampeld all the time. I only use Medium Weapons, 6xHvy Arbalest Launcher and 2xMedium 250 Gaus Rails
Medium Hybrid Turret Level2 and Hvy launcher Level3.

Plutonian Navy
Posted - 2005.12.20 11:00:00 - [106]

Hard missions are ok although some missions indeed are too hard. I guess I'm lucky I haven't lost my BS yet. But what is really absolutely ridiculous is the reward for the non-bounty missions not to mention the crappy loot you get on top of that. The difficulty should be reflected in the rewards you get, be it by mission reward or bounty.

I think some more general things should be changed about the npcs. CCP has made some efforts to make the npcs more realistic but they still lack realism in many ways. For examle npcs shouldn't be able to mwd in deadspace as they are able now. And in non-deadspace if they mwd they should have their signature radius boosted just like players do.

Tinfoil Brigade
Posted - 2005.12.20 11:12:00 - [107]

Originally by: Zrakor
Originally by: kahle
i've posted elsewhere about a particular mission, and if it works as intended then fine. but please lets not have a 5 set mission, with no bounties

it took me several hours to complete up the fourth one and i made nothing really. difficulty is great, but imagine losing a ship that could take a further 100 missions to replace...

They should have bounties, i.e. the tags. You can sell them in Empire space now. Amarr Navy tags in Minmatar/Gallente space etc. You need to uncheck the 'search only available' box when you look for the demand, because there is no supply normally (obviously npcs are not going to supply these tags on the market, just ask for them).

Doing missions for a minmatar corp located in Amarr space myself. Now, I usually try and scoop most of the loot, but with the tags I've gotten (Amarr and Caldari) it's a bit hard to sell or move them considering they are illegal in Amarr space.
Considering the, to say the least, dodgy nature of trying to smuggle things, should I interpret this as some roleplaying excuse like "that's what you get for working in the borderzones"?

And, if continuing on this roleplaying spree, does the Amarr customs fire at whatever poor NPC that manufactures these tags as well? xD
If they aren't, which I'm assuming (or else they wouldn't have any tags to drop to start with), then there shouldn't be a problem with me moving about with a cargoload full of them.
Taking this twisted sense of roleplaying one step further, the Amarr customs would have to fire on their own troops so I'd suggest all tags would be made legal everywhere.

(Please ignore all parts/whole of the post that are not making sense, only read and consider parts that end up with me being able to get the tags out of my agents base.)

Oh, and for anyone opposing this, I'll use the Chewbacca Defense.

The Black Rabbits
The Gurlstas Associates
Posted - 2005.12.20 11:35:00 - [108]

Edited by: Vespasianus on 20/12/2005 11:35:29
Also I'm curious as to why some missions now seem to drop you so far from the entry gate? An example here is level 4 'In the Midst of Deadspace (1/5)' which seems to be dropping me 28km or so from the gate. As there's nothing here it's just dead time while I crawl to the gate in a bs.

Posted - 2005.12.20 12:27:00 - [109]

Ok I have not read the whole thread, but some of you dont know what you are talking about. This is in regard to being warp scrambled in lvl 3 missions. Before the patch I had this happen a few times it was no big deal then and it still isn't. Maybe some of you should learn to fly your ships properly before whineing, yes the rats are harder but not immpossible. Rolling Eyes

Viktor VonCarstein
Phoenix Industries
Black Star Alliance
Posted - 2005.12.20 12:41:00 - [110]

Originally by: Tribunal

The mission beacon is right in the center of the spawn, so when you warp to the beacon you end up at you default warp distance from the beacon (which is usually 15km). Set your default warp to 100km and you should not end up on top of the spawn again.

I tried this as did a couple of mates but we still end up at the beacon Sad

School of Applied Knowledge
Posted - 2005.12.20 12:50:00 - [111]

Originally by: Dylatar
Originally by: Gromble
The biggest problem is realy that CCP focus everyting on corp/alliance. Making all missions harder, nerfing the rewards, its all against solo playing.

Soner or later all players will need to team up or find a other game!

Wondering how many people in NPC corps will leave EVE for that reason!

Yes thats my thought too. All who say everybody whos flying missions solo should think about the meaning of MMORP ... well, think about the meaning yourself. It does not mean massive multiplayer team playing game. Sure, teamplay is a big aspect, but solo playing may be also.

Teamplay is nice, but not always what everybody wants to do, or sometimes not possible. I'm in a small corp, and you always have people offline, mining or doing other things ... the others are noobs who sure are not able to help out in higher level missions. ^^

I'm more a miner/producer/researcher, so the main things I do are not very thrilling. Sometimes I'm lazy of staring at roids, so I do missions for a few days.

Doing missions in empire space is not the big isk machine, I could earn much more money if i hang me into a belt, mine, and build something of the mins for selling it. So mission running is something do get a little change for a while when i got such eyes @[email protected] from staring at rocks. Rolling Eyes

I think missions up to level 4 should be soloable. Not all easy, but I think in a battleship with t2 fitting you should have a fair chance if you make no error in your tactics.

You always have the chance of teamplay. If lvl 1 missions are soloable with a frigate, level 2 with cruisers, level 3 with battlecruisers, and level 4 with a battleship - then everybody can team up with a ships of smaller classes, why not? The upcoming level 5 missions should be really for pure teamplay to advance beyond the level 4 ones.

So the teamplay argument is not a very good argument. Take smaller ships and its fine with teamplay. Whenever I fly for lower level agents for standing reasons I also don't take a battleship because it would be boring to me. ^^ If a mission seems too easy to somebody he can take a smaller ship class, also for a team mission run. ;)

Nobody has the right to forbid anybody soloplaying if thats it what he wants. Same for teamplay. There are fine ways to play both ways here. Everybody has to choose for himself. Teamplayers will often have the goal to join big corps, alliances, and go to 0.0, where teamplay is a foundation stone to survive. Wo wants teamplay as much as soloplay too, well smaller corps or freelancer corps give room for both, or meeting for teaming up with members of a corp who has friendship with yours. Pure soloplayers can stay at a npc corp, but always also can team up with friends.

So why the hell some people always want others force into a role they don't like? (Remeber the 'R' in MMRPG Razz)

Everybody here is free to play what he wants, thats the biggest advantage of Eve in my eyes.

Fully agreed with both of them...

Nobody can tell what i've to arrange a group to do mission's when i won't to do this. I paid the same money as ppl's who fancy teamplaying and i want my enjoying game too... If EVE become only for teamgaming, CCP 've to point about that on the first page of oficial site...

"EVE ONLY for you + your friend's, and not for solo players"...

Since, we don't have logan like that, we are all free to choose how we want play, and my choice is: i won't to be in any corporation's or alliance or whatever, exept one i was born in... Thats it!!!

IT Alliance
Posted - 2005.12.20 14:03:00 - [112]

Originally by: T1berious
I said "Hey! that wasn't good!" and promptly fitted a WCS to my ship and my alts.

You see, not everyone must be force play eve with >= 2 accounts. I buy one account and I am able to play only 50% from game. It is a demand from CCP to buy more than 1?

And I made all galente lev4 missions before RMR. Last important mission from galente was colonel bat horror and a full tanked apoc with 2 large T2 repaier and a support raven with 1 large solace remote repairer still receive damage of 1100 wreck! before RMR. What now? I dont have guts to try again.

Posted - 2005.12.20 14:46:00 - [113]

I am a solo player also. I dont have the ISK to loose ships every other mission. Sorry I am not as uber as everybody else but I can NOT do the multi part missions at all. I DONT want to be in a Corp. I like being alone. Before RMR that was great!! Now I have issues with it. All you would really need to do is put in the description that you will need buddies to do this and NOT take a hit for declining it. I dont want to mine either. I want to do Missions.

Posted - 2005.12.20 16:11:00 - [114]

level 3 tech secrets, mission 3 of 3

too many rats when you warp in, that have a chance to aggro you all at once.

The number total numer is fine, but reducing the initial drop in, and adding say, an additional 2 waves, would make this a bit more doable.

Posted - 2005.12.20 16:58:00 - [115]

Edited by: Sarleena on 20/12/2005 17:10:25
Tech Secrets 3/3 is a problem for me as well. Warp in causes every rat spawned to aggro me, and half are already in firing range. Heck, my first response was 'Why the heck did I jump in without letting my shield recharge?', only to realize that it had just been wiped out faster than I could follow. My enyo barely survived long enough to warp out, and that was with ~60% resists across the board.

Also, all the bookmarks I get for these new missions, when I left click in space and open the bookmark's tab are labeled 'Deadspace', and the only option I have is to warp in right on top of the Beacon. Are we supposed to be able to warp in at further distances?

Edit - Also, it would probably be better to trigger the timer for each reinforcement wave when the previous wave goes down to a certain percentage of its strength, otherwise, if you don't kill everything straight off, you're looking at trying to kill the entire fleet at once. I really don't want to have to train for a battleship, just to have enough of a tank to do lvl 2 missions...

Cooter Lik
Posted - 2005.12.20 17:26:00 - [116]

Tech secrets part one I don't have a big problem with, however I don't feel it would be possible to do in a Battlecruiser. I did it in a Megathron and had to warp out once when all my drones were killed. Part three was insane. I warped in and managed to take out a couple of fighters and a cruiser before the entire spawn aggroed me. I had to warp out and when i warped back in it put me right on top of the spawn and i was into my structure within 15 seconds, not an exageration. I tried to warp back in 4 more times from different angles hoping to get a good position to start from but it alweays put me right back on top of the spawn.
I understand that alot of you feel that all missions should be a group effort but some of us are casual gamers with not alot of time to play and need to be able to do alot of solo stuff without having to organize a group of four battleships to do a level three mission.
The gang rewards thing sounds good. What about getting to options when you are offered a particular mission? Same mission but a group and solo version, rewards would fit accordingly.

Republic University
Posted - 2005.12.20 18:23:00 - [117]

Zrakor, why did you remove the Damsel in Distress yet use the same template from that mission to make the new lvl 2 Zazzmatazz Mission? If you have any underlings, could you have them change things up a bit?

Sivlar Sylvannathas
Placid Reborn
Posted - 2005.12.20 19:28:00 - [118]

Edited by: Sivlar Sylvannathas on 20/12/2005 19:30:27
Originally by: Micklaine
Edited by: Micklaine on 19/12/2005 17:54:49
Edited by: Micklaine on 19/12/2005 17:32:33
My corp mate was given the new Portal to War mission. It was a level 3 agent, so I would assume a level 3 mission. I've seen the screenshot that he took when he first warped in (having already hit autopilot). I counted 10 battleships all aggroed within 10 seconds of arriving. 10 of them. I didn't bother counting the cruiser and frigs (all instantly aggroed). Needless to say, his Raven is now dead. This can't possibly have been right and if it is a bug can he petition it? Because that was just wrong.

*EDIT* Saw Zrakor's comments somewhere else. Embarassed For some reason, my corp mate went back to face the fleet. He died a noble death. Very Happy


I find stage 2 of this mission pretty rediculous. Part one, clearing the rogue drone gates seems fine. Part 2, where you have to get the data module from the Amarr/Caldari base is unreal. I was running my brutix and got ****d without denting a rat.

As soon as your warp in from the gate, you are met with 3 Ubermutha Delta Support MkII frigates. The are about 15-20k away from you and chain heal each other or some crap, also webbing you in the process. I had one webbed, with 5 drones on it and firing all guns.

As soon as any of them take any damage to their shields it just regens instantly. So basically the rats never take any damage. This is a level 3 mission, tried using both my Brutix and Ishkur, also tried taking a friend with me in his BC. Even with 2 BC's pounding one of the support frigs, we could never get it below 50% shields without it regening to full. The amount of damage you take while this is happening it also a bit much. Brutix gets reduced to no shields and 50% armor in a matter of minutes. You can only hang out there for a few minutes before having to warp out and regen your cap and such.

All this seems a bit rediculous for a lvl 3 mission.

Legion of Ghost
Posted - 2005.12.20 19:41:00 - [119]

I'd like to know why some of the devs are now trying to turn eve science on its head.
deadspace is called deadspace because you cant get in without an acceleration gate, so these new deadspace missions which you get into witout a gate dont fit in the world of eve without rearranging eve physics


Posted - 2005.12.20 19:48:00 - [120]

Very strange guys, I tried what I said to yesterday many times and it worked over and over, but today it didn't seem to work at all. Either way, simply warp in with a shuttle, make a jet can, bookmark, and then warp out. Can all be done before you go pop. Then warp to the BM at 100km.

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