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Band of Brothers
Posted - 2003.08.27 15:45:00 - [181]

anal lost several battleships we have corpses to prove that to.

Posted - 2003.08.27 15:46:00 - [182]

"Have you managed to destroy any of their ships yet?"

We've lost some missile frigates I hear :( I thought we would never recover from such losses but then I killed NPC's for about 3 minutes and we were good to go :D

(I'm pretty much just joking around here with how useless frigs are - we may well have lost a cruiser somewhere too. None of the people onliene at the time I asked had. So don't try to read more into my statement than is there :))

Radio Free Albemuth
Posted - 2003.08.27 15:59:00 - [183]

Please line up and start to pee on signal, we will measure who shoot further.

Brian Hissa
Posted - 2003.08.27 16:55:00 - [184]

Amen, Endyl.

Fortoye Drak
Posted - 2003.08.27 18:12:00 - [185]


Your tactical approach is both weak and immature, you goal impossible, your resources negligible, and most importantly your pilots, forgettable.

"Strategic approach", i think you mean.

Tactical would be movements within a battle, not movements and design of a campaign.

- -

As for ships losses - I would urge everybody to be accurate and honest, you do not have the luxury of being able to hide figures behind PR for very much longer.

I am sure that with such details in hand someone will take the time to come back over these posts and see just who was telling the truth.

Cormyat Astara
Caldari Provisions
Posted - 2003.08.28 01:13:00 - [186]

Edited by: Cormyat Astara on 28/08/2003 01:14:16
We already know for sure that certain Evolution members (*coughSuttycough*) lie about their conquests and whose corpses they possess, and it is only reasonable this extends to lying about what kinds of ships they have destroyed.

3 days ago, Sutty destroyed my Scout Condor that I had purchased specifically to scout in dangerous space, since a condor is quite expendable. He did not destroy my pod, however--I escaped with that and then docked in station approximately an hour later.

Lo and behold, yesterday, during a frosty conversation with Flatliner, I was taunted with the fact that Evo had my corpse and would be happy to show it to me. So Sutty, you obviously told your corp-mates you had podded me, which was a lie. I wonder if you also told them you killed my Scorpion?

I told Flatliner and I will tell you--I will pay 1 million ISK for my corpse. The money is more than secure since you don't have it. Please stop making false claims in order to impress your fellow corp members.

Xtreme Intruders
Posted - 2003.08.28 04:55:00 - [187]

anal lost several battleships we have corpses to prove that to.

Didn't you yourself get blown up today sutty?

Band of Brothers
Posted - 2003.08.28 07:46:00 - [188]

yeah qball, And i will try to take nothing away from the kill. But it was exactly fair how I died seeing as I was staring at my desktop. anyhow good job whoever killed me.


ISD Interstellar Correspondents
Posted - 2003.08.28 07:49:00 - [189]

And another thread bites the dust.

If you can't keep it IC, use the corporation forum.

Thank you.

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This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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