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Band of Brothers
Posted - 2003.08.18 16:41:00 - [31]

Edited by: j0sephine on 18/08/2003 16:41:31

"J0sephine, I find myself agreeing with every one of your posts all the time :/

Let's become a fake lesbian duo and tour the galaxy bashing TF and TTI?"

*eeps* but...but! i might poke TTi with a stick every now and then, because let's face it... all those things that happen to them constantly are way too funny to just ignore them... but am generally really trying to view them fair... does it really comes across as bashing? o.O~

... as for the lesbian thing... oy. o.o; Now, i have this Gallente-made empathy skill and it might be rubbing off on me in the wrong way and whatnot, but... oy. Lemme sleep with the idea first, ok?.. *>>*

*obviously being at the moment on sugar overdose. :s

Posted - 2003.08.18 22:45:00 - [32]

"Ulstan - You don't look dumb"

:( I thought I looked like a boxer who'd had his nose broken one too many times?

"I don't give a **** about your wild claims of love and devotion from admiring fans...because it aint true kiddo."

Fans? Where did I claim we have fans? We do, but that's rather irrelevent.

"You kill people for a living, you rob people for a living and people dont "trust" you - they, and you may find this surprising, DONT EVEN LIKE YOU!."

Shocked Surely you jest! I was convinced all the hate filled invectives we get when we pirate were merely good natured sarcastic bantering! Shocked

"You take the time to trawl back through the gal-net forum records and find the accounts of your corporations dishonesty, podkilling and willfull destruction of innocent traders."

Yes we pod kill people from time to time. Not as a general run of the mill event, but it will happen sometimes due to splash damage from missiles. Or if we decide we just don't like you.

And yes, we attack lots and lots of traders. The more the better.

And you'd need to explain what exactly you mean by 'dishonesty'. If you mean that we blow peoples ships up after they pay us, then sorry, you're wrong, and you are welcome to try to find an example to prove your point. ;) And claiming that 'You don't need to do research' is just shoddy journalism. C'mon you have a huge budget, put some of it to work!

It seems to me you are confusing the isssue of us being dastardly pirates with the issue of us always letting ships go who pay the toll.

Yes, we attack traders, yes we are pirates, yes we have podkilled people, yes we steal - we've always admitted we did all those things. I realize that may make us seem like people not to be trusted in your eyes, but I can assure you that, if we ask for a toll, and you pay it, you will be allowed to pass. This has happened with every single person who ever paid us a toll in the past. ;)

Now, if people don't believe us, it doesn't really hurt us so much as hurt them, as we are then forced to destroy their ship. :(

But we tend to keep our word in these matters. For instance, the other day I was blockading a couple cruisers from some corp that declared war on us in their shipyard. None of them would come out, but one of them finally suggested a 1 vs 1 duel at a moon, as long as I didn't warp scramble her. I agreed, and did not use my warp scrambler (even though I, of course, had one fitted). So we fought, and when she was losing, she was able to warp away as she wished).

Another time, 3 of us were blockading 4 cruisers in station. One of them wanted to duel one of us, and the other two of us didn't interfere in the least, just like we said we wouldn't.

Now I'm not trying to say we are 'good guys' or some kind of romantic robber who's really a nice guy once you get to know him - we're ebil nasty pirates that will rob you if we get the chance. It's just that, we have always honored (and will always honor) payments sent to us.

"Sorry to break the bad news kiddo but when you start shooting people for fun and jollies, pod-kill them and hunt down newspaper editors - then your image of being a modern day "Robin Hood" gets thrown out the airlock with it.""

We were never Robin Hood. :) We never robbed from the rich to give to the poor - we robbed from whomever so we would have cash :D We don't shoot people for fun and jollies we shoot them for money. We pod kill them occasionally if we feel the situation warrants it. Usually, however, we don't pod kill.

And if you are talking about Morkt, last I heard he was activetly aiding a corporation at war with us, flying a battleship at the time, so I think it would be exceedingly naive of him to not expect to be attacked along with those he chose to consort with.

"Tough break Kiddo but 'the good old days' are long gone.. you're just one cog in yet another system-grabbing wannabe empire getting their way by the use of force."

Sounds fun to me :p Any empire that doesn't use force is doomed to fail. And indeed, unless one is religions, exactly what else is an empire supposed to be founded upon?

Tyrrax Thorrk
Habitual Euthanasia
Pandemic Legion
Posted - 2003.08.18 23:20:00 - [33]

Hmm I agree with the pirate, until the editor provides some kind of proof, or at least a witness to corroborate his claim that SI don't keep their word, it's rather lame to tell everybody that they don't.

Slander in fact. Just because they're pirates doesn't mean they're *******s!

The Editor
Posted - 2003.08.19 01:08:00 - [34]

Edited by: The Editor on 19/08/2003 01:10:27

I'll humour you Tyrra even though your lowly security rating indicates a somewhat skewed foundation:

Once upon a time there was a pirate called "Setec" and he was proud to be a highwayman and proud to state he would always stay true to his word.. and he did.

However, soon the day dawned where the entrie galaxy was in uproar over the hasty trigger fingers of other corporation, and Setec and his "Corp" called "Space Invaders" rapidly gained fans, followers and members.

Sadly those members were not as descerning as Setec had once been himself and soon it began to emrge that more and more people would criticise, complain or openly damn Space Invaders for failing to keep their word.

Now Space Invaders anturally "fought" these complaints verbally and with a largely succesful PR machine, but it has not dimed the memory of some.

Some remember , some dont, times change and things are forgotten that should not be, some remember Jade Constantine herself offering ISK fro teh cold body of Space Invaders member's, how the times do change.

The fact remains though:

When SI was Setec he had a sterling reputation, that reputation started taking a "hit" the moment the doors were opened to fresh members particularly around the "great m0o uprising" and continued to do so with other reports of other "less than honourable" tactics, deeds and broken words...amongst which, but not on its own, one may find, IF they bother to look words such as these:

...I had intended it to be informative in that SI and the Gang will still attack ships when payment is received, and therefore cannot be trusted. It was meant as a warning to anyone else who thought of paying them for passage

Now hear this:

That is not the only report of dubious dealings from SI, we have received more, but that one example and its attendent "fest" shows clearly what I will not be dragged into: An arguemetn between the "single victim" and the counter of the "multiple pirates".

Neither, you should note, will others. Why not? Because it is fruitless and pointless and serves no purpose to the FACT.

And let me hit upon that fact, but please listen carefully to what i am saying, NOT to what you project onto my saying:

Their reputation no longer suggests that they keep their word, their offering safe passage should now be taken with a pinch of salt.

What is FACTUAL is that such reports exist and are added to and this impinges on their reputation. What is FACTUAL is that since the "solo" days of Setec they have changed as a corporation and become part of a militaristic empire stretching over 3 regions.

And as they ahve grown and moved and raided and plundered their reputation has slunk with their rising death toll.

Now if you, or anybody else, wants to bandy over "Who told teh truth of XYZ" take it up with the two sides: Space Invaders and "The Victims".

What we will do, what we HAVE done is publish an assessment of reports to us, the result?

"The reputation of Space Invaders no longer suggests they will honour their word and their offering safe passage should be taken with a pinch of salt."

- - -

Now let me make something clear:

We are not here to humour pirates and i will NOT be drawn into the bickering "snapping at heals" type of Summit meeting that SI and others adore so much, and purely so that they can obfuscate the issue.

I will not be drawn to prove evey word or answer every queery, because we have work to do in producing a magazine, not in humouring the ego of a pirate corporation.

Now then, I leave you to hear how all of this is untrue, that nobody has ever even suggested SI have fired on a ship after payment has been made and how SI are the undoubted champions of truth and honesty in the Galaxy.

I leave YOU to ehar it because WE are making a magazine and need THIS TIME to go out and find out if other people, giving us other information, are simply liers and cheats seeking too boost their own agenda or are telling us the truth.

WE, the entire staff at MDW, will NEVER know, be cause we are not omnipotent, but we do bloody well try... and, as this should clealry show, we do a bloody good job of it.

GUESS WHAT? SI don't like it, won't like and will argue the toss in anycase.

YOU make your mind up - we'll keep reporting it as WE see and when WE have made our minds up WE will report as such.

THAT, my dear Tyrrax is what MDW does, investigate, analyse and report. If you see it in our magazine then its because we've been convinced that its true.

I have a magazine to write.

(Edit for page cut)

The Editor
Posted - 2003.08.19 01:10:00 - [35]

Let me just be clear - I am NOT going to be drawn into bloody bickering and *****ing evertime a pirate sees a picture or word they don't like.

Cut, paste, rant and dodge the issue as much you like. The witnesses, the victims, bought here under the best protection and utmost secrecy, petrified of their lives and livings, sat opposite me and told their tales, and we asked, oh we asked, why not take this and show them for what they are in public?

The fear and loathing was palpable but the fear almost always wins out - "their word" against a horde of pirates. "Their reputation" torn apart publically? Pirates whom some will rally to defend and others will openly support and encourage.

I run a magazine NOT "Trial by Summit".

If you doubt the word of MDW you have choices:

1) You can take what SI say as gospel.
2) You can spend the time to investigate yourself and find witnesses and victims and publish your own reports and opinions.

I am not here, MDW is not here, to make you decide or to "show you the way". That is our opinion based on what we have been told - you can make yours however you like.

Unlike us I suspect you will never have to justify your opinion.

(PS - fwiw it would be defamation not slander, though defamation would fail also. It does not "declaim" but only makes a suggestion and offers a stance to take up on that. "All Editors are lawyers.")

Fides Punica
Posted - 2003.08.19 05:31:00 - [36]

Edited by: j0sephine on 18/08/2003 16:41:31

"J0sephine, I find myself agreeing with every one of your posts all the time :/

Let's become a fake lesbian duo and tour the galaxy bashing TF and TTI?"

*eeps* but...but! i might poke TTi with a stick every now and then, because let's face it... all those things that happen to them constantly are way too funny to just ignore them... but am generally really trying to view them fair... does it really comes across as bashing? o.O~

Ah my dear, perhaps bashing was too harsh a word.
If only there was ever reason not to poke fun at TTI :)

Aodha Khan
Posted - 2003.08.19 09:57:00 - [37]

Edited by: Aodha Khan on 19/08/2003 11:28:48
Great news. Keep up the good work. (except the anti-piracy crap)

Spawn El'Marr
Posted - 2003.08.19 12:15:00 - [38]

I really really look forward to read the next number of MWD, I bet it will kick some ass! Laughing

Posted - 2003.08.20 00:16:00 - [39]

Ah, excellent. I think I am beginning to understand where you are coming from.

When you say our reputation no longer suggests we are trustworthy, what you really mean, is according to a mere handful of people, we are not trustworthy.

Unfortunately you can't really define reputation in that way, as ones reputation is how it is viewed by the population as a whole.

For every person you can find who claims we broke our word, we can find two more to whom we have irrefutable proof we kept our words.

Also please not that the person you quote was proven beyond a shadow of a doubt to be wholly and completely in the wrong.

As I said, there is not *one person* out who lost their ship to SI after paying the requested toll. I do not even know of one pesron who claims such an event even took place.

But, as you say, you are merely presenting other peoples opinions, and letting the reader judge.

You say "There are people who claim SI is not to be trusted" and that is all well and good.

I claim we can, and then it is up to the reader to independently arrive at a conclusion. You can't really ask for more than that.

Posted - 2003.08.21 02:24:00 - [40]

Your email link to editor is not working in your magazine.

I know a brave pilot that has survived an encounter with a Jovian, and has a scan of his ship that your readers might find useful.

Jon McRae
Posted - 2003.08.21 03:20:00 - [41]

MDW is in fact a fine piece of investigative journalism - thought provoking, and doesn't pull it's punches.

It one of the many newsfeeds, along with other notables such as INO and FNN that led to the founding of the British Neural Network.

While we aim to fill a different news niche to MDW, we wish The Editor and his staff all the best!

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