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Posted - 2005.12.08 09:38:00 - [1]

A Totally Separate game idea totally offline apart from multiplayer Skirmishes.

Some people may remember StarTrek Armada (terrible game)

What about an RTS version of EvE, Where you control fleets of ships (As you would in c&c) could have the full expanse of ships in it.

(I just want something to play during downtime)

Angelic Resolution
The Arcanum
Posted - 2005.12.08 11:27:00 - [2]


Posted - 2005.12.08 13:11:00 - [3]

seems like a bit of a waste of Dev power tbh.

Dhejay Centrix
Destructive Influence
Posted - 2005.12.08 13:29:00 - [4]


This could be done... Someone get homeworld (1 not 2) and the modding tools...

Bingo... Eve offline

Posted - 2005.12.08 13:35:00 - [5]

The potential increase in funds could be used to help further improve Eve online. It could even be bundled with EvE online and 1 month free subscription. !

Thunderbird Anthares
ISK Reliability Inc.
Inver Brass
Posted - 2005.12.08 15:31:00 - [6]

Edited by: Thunderbird Anthares on 08/12/2005 15:31:05
ok,someone make that mod for HW Very Happy

Zion foundation
Posted - 2005.12.08 22:51:00 - [7]

i like this idea, i cant see why you cant play eve offline and just replace people with a lot of npcs. it would be great for DT Very Happy and it means you could try stuff you would not nessarseraly do in eve-online. say non-pvpers could trek 0.0. can we get a word from a dev on this? is this possible on a scaled down version of the game?

Radix Salvilines
legion industries ltd
AAA Citizens
Posted - 2005.12.08 23:40:00 - [8]

next would be...

FPS: Eve Offline: Minmatar Outcast:
Gmae where u play as ammatar soldier who somehow understands his roots and turns against empire. Using internal force he starts to aid Minmatar Rebellion.

Eve Offline: Minmatar Outcast 2: Republic Fleet academy:
Same hero who helps in establishing first school for pod pilots in newly formed republic. This time evil Amarr empire tries to infiltrate The Valley of the Slaves - holy minmatar place where souls of the bravest warriors of the revolution rests.

RTS: Eve Offline: Eve Armada 2:
Jove empire invades all fours empires in strange block-like ships. Their weapons are assimilating drones. As the supreme leader of Gallente-Caldari-Minmatar-Amarr alliance u must save the world from the jovian doom.

Adventure: Eve Offline:Golden Perception Implant:
As DED secret agent with operative number 007 u have to find out what the evil doctor X from the Sisters of EVE corp is doing around 'Central Point' system. Soon u find out that he is working on a new kind of narcotic (Y-sense) and is willing to kill everyone in the world except few chosen of his followers. U must stop him. Cool

Logic: Eve Offline: Incredible Roids:
In this game your task is to use your mind in repairning inner structure of the mining barges so that they can turn on its mining lasers and mine. U have a many tools at your disposal like: Running monkeys, Fridges, Baloons, Balls, Desks, Lines, Swithces, Pipes and many others... - just combine them together and hit "start" !!

Economy: Eve Offline:Sim Station:
Task is to build up your station from zero to a great civilizational miracle. U start with 20,000 ISK and a coal... ups i meant super fusion powerplant. u have to build industial sectors, residential sectors etc... Also try to keep your four neighbours in nearby moons behind.

Strategy: Eve Offline: Sid CCP' Extermination:
U start in the center of the world with one settler spaceship. After finding a good place to build your colony u can expand your territory, research new technological advancement, make pacts or wars with other civilizations, and what is most important: haste others in building super hyper spaceship (which will go back to the earth just to say; WE ARE BAAACK!!!... happy?)

Tycoon: Eve Offline: Stargate Tycoon:
U must build stargates between systems to provide the world with a best jumping services. Beware your opponents that will surely attempt to buy your shares or sabbotage your gates. Try yourself if u can gain economical superiority in maintaining transport lines between systems.

RPG: Eve Offline: Knights of the Old Federation:
U wake up in a almost destroyed gallente starship that is trying to hold orbit around new caldari. Game time: Caldari-Gallente War. Specific time: Caldari fleet trying to evacuate their peoples from New Caldari. Your ships gets destroyed just when u manage to get to escape pod. On the planet u try to avoid Caldari patrols, cooping with Gallente citizens feared of caldari rage. Your task is to free Gallente senator and escape the planet to Gallente capital. There u will se who u were and who u will be.

Arcade: Eve Offline: Duke Smartbomb 'em 2D:
U play as a cool dude who is loved by all the babes in the world and that is going to save the world from the hands of the evil Guristas Rabbits. Lots of firing, jumping over platforms, and a great dose of "kewl" humour!!

Simulator: Eve Offline: Deadspace:
Only one thing counts in - you and your ship. Flying through hordes of enemies, fitting your ship with over 5,000 modules,seeing best grapfics ever in game in best space simulator of the year!! Will u join Amarr slavers or be a concord lawful cowboy - it is u who decide... everyone, activate warp drives!!!


Do You guys want that to happen?

Think about this...

:P :P :P hehehe

Zion foundation
Posted - 2005.12.08 23:53:00 - [9]

not quite so many sequils but just the one would be cool. :)

Wayn Dotha
Posted - 2005.12.09 09:16:00 - [10]

I would love all the online sequels to see ^^
The offline one would be boring for me. Settle a planet, organize a station or some transporters without flying themself would be interresting addons for Eve ^^

Ascuris Wurm
Posted - 2005.12.09 21:28:00 - [11]

Do you know about X3?


Net 7
Intrepid Crossing
Posted - 2005.12.10 03:31:00 - [12]

i liked star trek armada =(

Drunken Wookies
BricK sQuAD.
Posted - 2005.12.10 07:06:00 - [13]

Originally by: DaReaper
i liked star trek armada =(

heh i even bought the sequel....i like this idea very could expand the eve label into other genres....i for one would like to see an eve FPS...and can u use nexus-the jupiter incident engine for the RTS rather than homeworld.....homeworld is waaaay old now

Lenil Star
Posted - 2005.12.10 11:21:00 - [14]

Boring. Continue making the game better instead.

Posted - 2005.12.11 05:38:00 - [15]

Originally by: pshepherd
seems like a bit of a waste of Dev power tbh.

don't make ASSumptions.

CCP would hire a different team most likely if they decided to do something like this.

Thunderbird Anthares
ISK Reliability Inc.
Inver Brass
Posted - 2005.12.11 15:14:00 - [16]

umm,can i get that lightsaber?

really,its a load of crap,but if CCP would make that,i would be the 1st one to get all Gold eddition releases Very Happy


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