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Radix Salvilines
legion industries ltd
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Posted - 2005.12.07 10:04:00 - [1]

This post is focused basically on skills and training.

I am playing 0,5 year eve and few ideas camed to my mind:

1) more learning skills.
There should be an elite skills and super elite learning skills. How can that work.

Elite skills will add +2 to attribute per level... its not that much having in mind requirements for that kind of skill. Lets say they will require players to have trained all basic and advanced learning skills. EX:

Elite skill named "Mind management:Memory" will require ALL basic learning skills (learning, empathy etc...) trained to lvl 5 as well as advanced skills (logic, eidetic memory, clarity...) to lvl 5. Then player will have to train advanced learning skill (named for ex. mind management) that would add +5% to attributes. When all this will be on lvl 5 (and mind management skill will have rank 8 - which will make it difficult to train) u will be able to train elite learning skills (their ranks will be like 12).

And again for maniacs that will spend months to train all of it to lvl 5 there will be elite learning skill named like "controlled mind growth" that will add 7% to attributes and will have rank 15. When trained to level 5 it will unlock super elite learning skills that will add +5 to attribute per level and will have rank 20.

This is for elite +25% and +10 for each attribute and +35% +25 per attribute for super advanced skills.
Some may consider it to be way to much but look at the requirements and ranks.

Others may think that new players will have advantage and will faster get to older players but a) training all advanced skills takes around 4 months of instant training - no one is doing that, b)these elite skills will be so expensive and hard to train that new players will be able only to dream about them.

Also it will add many other ways of creating your char - its like u want to spend months on elite trining skills so u can after that boost your skills much quicker or u will only learn advanced ones.

High ranks of those skills will balance the game well. The results of training of these skills will be seen after few years when player that was training elite skills will finally catch up the one who was not training them but training other normal skills.

I think its a good idea. Maby we can forget about super elite skills for a while but elite skills are NEEDED.

2)training queue:

it sometimes happens we forget about skill training completement, or we have to go accidentally somewhere for afew days, or are just to busy to think about game.

When u are finally home and u log in to the game what u see... that skill training has been finished 6 days ago!! 6 lost days!!

There is remedium: Skills for training queue. It can has a form of a list where u can copy untrained skills from your character screen (by dragging them). First skill in the list will be the one that is currently being trained. After its finishes it starts to train second in column.
U will be able to copy to the list not only skills that u can train but also skills that have pre-requisites untrained under one condition - those required skills are earlier in queue. Also u would be able to add how many levels to train (ex u train anchoring to lvl 3 but already have anchoring lvl4 in queue soe it will be the next to train... then u train another skil and again anchoring to lvl5 - all automatic since u put it into queue). And finally skillbooks - u will be able to add even skillbooks into queue. This will cause the skillbook to disappear until u will remove it back from the list.

This will be specially usefull if someone is going on vacations. He can put skills into training and forget no worrying that he will loose game time that can be spent on training.

Skill training queue list will also show a total time needed for training all the skills in list.

3) Also it would be nice if devs would release a nice program that will sit in tray and will notify how much time left for the skill training to be completed :) RadixIdea


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