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Peri Stark
Blood Covenant
Pandemic Legion
Posted - 2005.12.05 02:51:00 - [121]

If you have it I will come.

Valeo Galaem
New Eden Advanced Reconnaissance Unit
Sentient World Observation and Response Directive
Posted - 2005.12.05 03:12:00 - [122]

OMG! It just happens that I get a half week break from Uni on the same days. I'm already in the States (Midwest), so its not that far. If I can dig up enough $, I will definitely be there.

Good luck on setting up the event and those pricing packages! Hopefully, this can become a regular occurrence.

Official Unofficial FanFest FTW!!!

Posted - 2005.12.05 04:06:00 - [123]

I would come, no prob! Wife works for airline so free flight 4TWCool

Drunken Wookies
BricK sQuAD.
Posted - 2005.12.05 16:36:00 - [124]

Third Page?!? Oh hell no...

Deadly Alliance
Posted - 2005.12.05 17:09:00 - [125]


Psychopat/Many alts will attendLaughing

Developmental Neogenics Amalgamated
Posted - 2005.12.05 17:10:00 - [126]

if this turns out to be big, i might drive over there from california.

Posted - 2005.12.05 17:54:00 - [127]

need a break from South Dakota, and I think it falls right in line with my spring break from school..count me in. YARRRR!!

BlackHole Bob
JuBa Corp
Posted - 2005.12.05 18:42:00 - [128]

Edited by: BlackHole Bob on 05/12/2005 18:46:09
Originally by: Sosus Red
please tell us the club across from the hard rock you are talking about is club paradise ;)

no thats the WRONG club...we still have to keep it family nightclubs are not on our agenda...but if its any consolation its right NEXT door

if you need comps for it, they are one of our clients our real jobs:P

The Club is "The Rainbow Ba & Grill" it is right next door to Paradise and across the street from the HArd Rock

24/7 Rock Venue....upscale.

Devious Assassins
Posted - 2005.12.05 19:35:00 - [129]

Edited by: MiracleMaker on 05/12/2005 19:35:24
Now this sounds very interesting! A definitely maybe from this crazy Canuck. If the finances are right, ohh baby.

Keep up the good work!

Claude Leon
Posted - 2005.12.05 22:02:00 - [130]

I am interested.

Blue Labs
Knights Of the Southerncross
Posted - 2005.12.05 23:55:00 - [131]

Count me in. Airfare is pretty easy from just about anywhere in the US.

Intrepid Crossing
Posted - 2005.12.06 01:07:00 - [132]

Great Idea .. i know about 10 to 20 people in southern cal would love that....

Shiva Aleth
Posted - 2005.12.06 01:09:00 - [133]

Originally by: KSUDruid
Originally by: Shiva Aleth
I would imagine KSU = Lawrence


But yah, graduate of K-State, live in Salina now. Always surprised by the people you find so close to home.

And Knuck, I have not yet begun to smacktalk Twisted Evil

Hehe, I knew I should've looked it up before I said anythingLaughing. It looks like a couple of corpmates want to go, so I'll bite the bullet and say I'm in.

Phoenix Propulsion Labs
Lost Sheep Domain
Posted - 2005.12.06 01:17:00 - [134]

Yes Yes and YES.

HDY/PPL had a event there in 2005 and it was awesome. Lets get the whole Gang there.

Posted - 2005.12.06 04:48:00 - [135]

Originally by: BlackHole Bob

The Club is "The Rainbow Ba & Grill"...

Trying to court the Scottish and Kiwi playerbase with your choice of location?

Sobeseki Pawi
Insurance Claim Services
Posted - 2005.12.08 01:11:00 - [136]


RONA Corporation
RONA Directorate
Posted - 2005.12.08 19:00:00 - [137]

Well well about time this has happened. I will see what I can do about getting some corpys and alliance mates to attend I am pretty sure there are atleast 20 of us from the portland oregon area, whom would love to attend this. Very Happy

and Druid make sure Chin Chin is going as well so i can properly chastise him for being a non playing gimper and flower picker. Shocked

Lucian Alucard
Black Vice Industries
Posted - 2005.12.08 19:22:00 - [138]

Im draging my butt there from LA,unless you live around San Fransisco its cheaper to drive there from California.

The Graduates
Posted - 2005.12.08 23:41:00 - [139]

Originally by: BlackHole Bob

will you come???
do you want to meet the devs of eVe?
do you want to meet other eVe players?
do you want to do all this in the entertainment capitol of the world???

We need feedback......tell us what you want to see at this event also...if you might attend...

the point.... would YOU attend....????

I'm SO there. I still kick myself for missing the "Drink with the Devs" last GDC. Yes, to all questions.

XIII Interstellar Legion
Posted - 2005.12.09 15:08:00 - [140]

Grew up in Vegas, folks are still in Vegas, might be able to even get em to comp the cost of the flight out there.

Yes to all your questions, I for one, would plan to be there. Sounds like a hell of a lot of fun (since I can't fly across the pond to the rest of the events).

Keep us posted on the event link and I'll definitely start making my plans. Thanks for all the hard work.

Posted - 2005.12.09 21:01:00 - [141]

Unreal - I will be in Vegas that same weekend. Already have everything planned for a Bachelor party there. We are staying in the Venetian, but I will definately swing by if there is an Eve event.

Posted - 2005.12.09 21:43:00 - [142]

Still no reply from CCP?

... and falling off the first page?

I'm about due for a trip to Vegas, this might provide a fine excuse.

Posted - 2005.12.10 01:30:00 - [143]

I WILL BE THERE - - I live in southern california and I bet that just about everyone in southern, mid, and northern calif would go. It is a hop skip and jump to getthere for all of us.

You should go to the event channel/forum, and find teh california thread (a bunch of people have posted) and tell them about it.


Zeraph Dregamon
Guiding Hand Social Club
Posted - 2005.12.11 07:08:00 - [144]

GH-SC will bring a massive presence and in our usual style Very Happy

This gathering is going to be the best ever, so some devs better show up. (I'll bring a few with me from Iceland if I can).

Amarr Defence Initiative
Posted - 2005.12.11 07:10:00 - [145]

I'm sin! Cool

Vogon Deconstruction Fleet
Posted - 2005.12.11 09:20:00 - [146]

Where do I sign up? Very Happy

Posted - 2005.12.11 18:45:00 - [147]

My husband & I have been playing Eve for a little over a year now, & love it! Meeting other gamers would be awsome! We're like everyone else, & cash could be a problem. But we'd do everything in our power to be in vegas! PPlleeaassee make it happen. Even if the CCP couldn't make it, (which would be a shame) would still be a great party if a big group of Eve nuts would show. Surprised Good luck with the planning!

Sebiestor Tribe
Posted - 2005.12.28 15:11:00 - [148]

I cant seem to locate the web site for the Las Vegas trip sign up. Anyone out here have it?


Minmatar Ship Construction Services
Posted - 2005.12.28 15:56:00 - [149]

Originally by: Xroxor
I cant seem to locate the web site for the Las Vegas trip sign up. Anyone out here have it?

Linkeh, though it didn't get updated when scheduled. Shocked

United Space Aillance USA
Posted - 2005.12.28 16:15:00 - [150]

Crying or Very sad
rWould sign up but there is no link for it.

Is it still going to happen? Need to get a room reserved. The hard Rock is all ready booked.

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