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Posted - 2005.11.27 02:20:00 - [1]

Edited by: Tobiaz on 01/03/2006 02:32:55

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I sadly have to announce that Spacerats has been put into hibernation.

Our style of piracy requires quite a bit of reliable 'maintenance' from the directors to keep everything running, but sadly, Fabster and myself were having more and more problems combining that with RL.

That was harming our beloved corporation and the best course of action was to put Spacerats into hibernation.

Piracy isn't about flying around in fancy T2 ships and raking in killmails by the dozens. It's about managing to pay for your losses with crime. Most of our members, even the newbies, were pulling that off quite well and had great fun while doing so.

Now they'll see other sides of EVE and perhaps one day the rats will return in EVE's blueberry pie. YARRRR!!

I'm aware a lot of people really don't care about this announcement and Spacerats in the first place. We're not a 'big league' pirate corp, but we've fought many, many wars and in most of those there was a lot of mutual respect.

So this is for all our former enemies and the numerous people that are still sending in their applications. Smile

Band of Brothers
Posted - 2005.11.27 02:43:00 - [2]

lol, best banner ever :D

gl with the recruitment :)

The Royal Syndicate
Posted - 2005.11.27 03:33:00 - [3]

Recommended, Great guys and cool banners Wink

Lunas Feelgood
Posted - 2005.11.27 07:16:00 - [4]

omfg awesome banner lmao

Posted - 2005.11.27 17:12:00 - [5]

You ain't much if you ain't dutch Very Happy

Siren Shiva
Posted - 2005.11.27 18:24:00 - [6]

The Spacerats will always hold a special place in my heart. Tobiaz gave me a long lesson on scanner use and orethiefing when I was a complete nublet. <3

Thumbs up from Miss Eve / Universe.

Mr LovaLova
The Pole Position
Posted - 2005.11.28 14:14:00 - [7]

challenge #4: get me something cool to say for bumping

Trina Tron
Contraband Inc.
Mercenary Coalition
Posted - 2005.11.30 14:56:00 - [8]

Spacerats is a verry big corp on fun. :)

Posted - 2005.12.05 16:42:00 - [9]

Edited by: Tobiaz on 05/12/2005 16:44:28
This thread deserves a healthy kick in the butt.

Edit: Fab, I WILL steal you back from ATUK YARRRR!!

James Lyrus
Lyrus Associates
The Star Fraction
Posted - 2005.12.05 18:39:00 - [10]

Ooh cavity search? Usually I have to pay extra for those...

Two Swords Guild
Posted - 2005.12.05 20:18:00 - [11]

Best banner and sig I have seen for quite some time Very Happy

Posted - 2005.12.10 09:12:00 - [12]

Ha, I got Fab back!

Sorry ATUK peeps, but the Tob&Fab dreamteam HAD to be restored! YARRRR!!

Siren Shiva
Posted - 2005.12.12 14:39:00 - [13]

Bump for a friend. Cool

Jebidus Skari
Comply Or Die
Drunk 'n' Disorderly
Posted - 2005.12.12 15:24:00 - [14]

That sig kills me Laughing

Xandria Bogard
Posted - 2006.01.03 22:42:00 - [15]

New, very nice - that is truely the pirate way ... kick @$$ sig btw - plus a free Bump for ya too...
But remember B00Bies 4TW Shocked

Maximus Wolf
The Scope
Posted - 2006.01.04 10:35:00 - [16]

Where are you operating from ?

Do your members a profit from your work, how do they get paid ?

Sounds a fun life, how active is the corp and in which timezone predominantly ?

Have you a website / forums for discussion ?

Who are you fighting right now ?

Do I ask too many questions ?

I am an experienced and active combat pilot with specializations in EW and cloaking. Love flying frigs and cruisers but can fly BSs to good effect.

I've recently discovered the delights of piracy and have a tactical approach. I value good intel and leadership above all and seek a corp with those values in mind.


Ortu Konsinni
KIA Corp
KIA Alliance
Posted - 2006.01.04 12:31:00 - [17]

I feel I can answer these without overstepping my limited authority, even though I joined only recently; so, in order:

- We operate where our targets operate, and that's in empire space. No 0.0. For the time being at least. My personal HQ is in The Forge.

- We get paid equal shares based on what we loot from destroyed ships and what we can ransom from a warp-scrambled capsule. For example, if we were 3 on a target, if we looted an estimated 2 million ISK worth of modules and if we extorted 5 million ISK to let the capsule go, that's a total of 7 million ISK that we split up between 3 pilots, => ~2.3M per person.

- Activity is picking up once again and will no doubt pick up even more once the current issues with RMR are resolved. As far as I know, most members are European but I know we have at least one American (I know from his accent on Teamspeak Razz).

It may look inactive at first sight but we're there and we'll answer if you post :)

- This you can easily check by looking up our active wars.

- No :)

- I'm sure we can find you a suitable position among us.

- We're not so much about leadership as about cooperation and group effort. Tobiaz usually gives the orders on Teamspeak and we're obviously expected to follow them if the operation is to be successful but we're also free to comment and make suggestions. Our small size naturally makes vocal communication more friendly than large alliance fleet ops.

Mr LovaLova
The Pole Position
Posted - 2006.01.06 14:16:00 - [18]

authority?? Rolling Eyes always room for more YARRRR!!

Caldari Provisions
Posted - 2006.02.22 21:19:00 - [19]

Completely awesome ideas and sig BTW. Lotsa respect for what you're trying to do as well.

I really didn't know that there were even any real pirate corps out there (fleet battles are NOT piracy IMO, its large-scale grinding of a more dangerous type). Too bad that the good pirates in this game seem to have died out just before I came hereCrying or Very sad. Anyway, best of luck with your recruiting.

Ibova Adams
Posted - 2006.02.25 19:20:00 - [20]

Not only do they know what they are doing but are friendly about it and offer good free advice as well.

Posted - 2006.03.01 02:25:00 - [21]

Spacerats has been put in hibernation and I wish our members good luck in their new corps.

Posted - 2006.03.14 19:55:00 - [22]

Sorry to see you go my corp lost a few good strikers to you all and they helped us become better strikers in the end. I even though about joining you myself!


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