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Posted - 2003.08.13 19:00:00 - [61]


The long time pirates who attack noob players in secure space should have no hope of escape when they do this.

Exactly right.

Arthur Eld
Posted - 2003.08.13 20:16:00 - [62]

Edited by: Arthur Eld on 13/08/2003 20:32:22
It seems to me that the real issue here is not piracy, but unadulterated piracy in supposed secure space. When the game developers were creating this game, did they envision all the noobies getting their asses handed to them by a battle ship in secure space? Not likely. Is there a bug in the game that is allowing people to do this? Yes. Are people using said bug to invade secure space and destroy with impunity? Yes. That is what would be classified as an exploit. Don't get me wrong. I don't think that piracy should be stricken from the game by all means. It is another aspect of the game that gives Eve it's wonderful depth that has really allowed me to enjoy the game, but when people use exploits to pick on new players, it isn't right. Besides this whole thing will be a non-issue when the patch comes along to fix it. Its unfortunate that its happening. Just my opinion. do you get your picture to show up next to your post?

"The man in black fled west across the desert and the gunslinger followed."

Soul Reaver
Deep Core Mining Inc.
Posted - 2003.08.14 08:10:00 - [63]

Edited by: Soul Reaver on 14/08/2003 09:20:46
Edited by: Soul Reaver on 14/08/2003 09:18:20
Zell and Suicide Fred

You obviously cant play the game boys :)Always amazes me these posts complaining about better players and then calling them griefers (god I hate that term) OK let SOul give you a little education.

Last night I am on my nightly patrol of EC toying with the idea of going up to Venal to hunt some TTi miners etc. The Cult is at war with TTI and the whole Venal alliance so I have planty of enemys ranging from hardcore pirates to more softer TTI targets.

Jumps into system and low and behold an enemy sitting at the planet from Sheliak corp we are at war with. A nice MOA. Lock on, jam, bang crash wallop and about 35 secs later im rummaging through his cargo container. Glance at Local and notice the system filling up with several of my known enemys. feeling enamoured with my fresh kill I decide to play. By the way he commented on the fact in chat that he enjoyed our battle even though it cost him a lot! I wonder if you to would do the same? I fear not I think you would whine about me on here and then to your mums to whilst having your nappies changed!

Now Soul is a wiley fellow but he also likes to get his pulse racing as this is why he ventures forth :) I dont care if I lose my ship even though with my present loadout it would cost me about 100 mill to replace, and thats if I could find some of the modules with the rare drops now!

Anyway I call for backup and for me that means one of only 3 other players :) Merd is 30 jumps away dohh and Acuna and Fal are away! I decide to jump the gate and if tricky for me on my own I shall jump out of sys. While I dont mind losing my ship I also dont mind tactical retreats if outnumbered. Martrys are idiots quickly forgotten in Souls mind :)

Engage. Warping to Torrinos gate finger on the trigger. Bang out of warp 32km from gate to be greeted by perhaps about 10 of my enemys and maybe 1 or 2 battleships. Locks Locks Locks. Now Souls Tub only does 150 and he caculates that he cannot take down 10 enemys so engages his up to now turned off MWD. This is still during my invul period so I quickly accelerate towards the gate.

Engage Drunkenmaster who loses sleep at night pondering how to catch me I know he he :) Fire off a couple of shots reach gate and jump out of sys. back to lai Dai ahhh Life is good

So How hard is that then? I would say that the pirates and my enemys had a bloody hard job to catch a wiley Soul this night! perhaps if I was AFK or not watching what I was doing then they might have stood a chance? perhaps if I didnt know how to play the game they might have also!

On a previous occasion up in dark Venal I was webbed and jammed by the same foes and managed to escape intact admittedly because of a mistake by the TTI bship pilot webbing me but thejn hey mistakes cost lives and in this case saved mine :) When the odds are not so bad I will stay and fight. We pick our battles carefully and this way stay alive for a little longer. Although we have very rich masters I have to provide a lengthy written report if I lose my ship so as to get my replacement, and I hate paperwork!

So Zell and Fred learn to play this game before slagging game mechanics etc or indeed other much better players by calling them griefers (I hate that term) Just because they actually know what they are doing with their skill training their loadout and their ships weaknesses etc etc.

Better still try and become a pirate ha ha you wont last 5 mins Ill wager. Go to war with some large corps and I wager youll fare the same if not worse!! You could always stay with the tutorial at the training grounds if you need to feel protected. Even better stay here on the boards playing out this same tired old thread about griefers (did I say I hate that term) then you wont lose anything!

Caldari Provisions
Posted - 2003.08.14 19:05:00 - [64]

Edited by: Zell on 14/08/2003 19:14:01
Edited by: Zell on 14/08/2003 19:12:31
The last self-gratifing post(and others before it) did nothing but boost your tiny ego while trying unsucessfully to make a point, from which you have no ability to do so.

Leanring how the game is played, was done 8 months before it was "released" to the public. I Was there while you were still pounding on donkeys kong. Building Moa's and better before you could spell it.

Half the post here had no inkling of the facts, only spewing thier favorite drivelisk lameboy tactics concluding that since it happened to them too, it must be what happened to me.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Point of fact most, if not all, of you are.(furthest from the truth). Not supriseingly so.

Expounding on PVP, tactics, equipment useage (or ingame "utilities" means nothing. The post was about "greifing". Exploiting the games weaknesses to the favor of the exploiters, while causeing the rest of the PVP community to cringe.

Im glad you hate the word. You are gonna end up hearing it alot...

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