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Callemshin Brutor
Posted - 2005.11.22 14:46:00 - [1]

Greetings all.

Recently installed this on a mates pc, came across the following problem.

When i type something in EVE it then takes about 2 seconds for the actual words to type themselves out. I'm lanning with him, and trying the same on my own computer - It works fine on the other, no 'delay' at all. Task Manager shows everything running within optimal parameters, so nothing overly wrong there.

The 'delay' also makes for laggy-ish performance when I minimise a window. Let me show you the things I have tried.

This is a fresh install, no cache *or like a few files, max* and also works fine.

Tried the dual processor fix *whilst I am not running dual processors, I do have hyperthreading* no go there

Raised and lowered my priority.

Checked for updated drivers - everything up to date.

checked that everything was working properly, all connectors connected fine. All that is A OK

As i couldn't find any sort of help on this topic, i figured I would type a new thing in here. I will be e-mailing support if I can't get this fixed.

Please note : Delay is only in EVE to my knowledge, don't have any hugely graphics of processor applications running *unless SETI counts*

all non-essential applications have been closed as well as going through the msconfig and disabling what I could.

So that's it folks. The delay is about 2-3 seconds, and it can be longer if I keep typing. minimising windows has the window minimise in 'frames' almost, not smooth. I haven't even TRIED flying yet *shudders*

Hoping someone else has had this trouble and fixed it,

Callemshin Brutor
Posted - 2005.11.22 14:49:00 - [2]

System Specs.

2.4 Pent
512 RAM
GeForce 5900

I guess that's pretty much what you guys need to know :D

BradNett Reloaded
Posted - 2005.11.22 15:19:00 - [3]

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Ok, i had the same problem a while back. I have a list of things to check.

How many frames per second are you getting? (press CTRL TAB)
IF its more then 50 then thats ok, but if it less then 24 then the graphics card needs driver updates or a new card. If you have Below an AGP 8x think about a new motherboard with PCI-E.

Make sure the processor is up to running eve, i saw you said it was over 2Ghz, make sure its not being underclocked. For the best performace use an AMD64 cpu.

Check the speed of the memory! if its less then 400Mhz it could do with an upgrade, will not make a massive difference but it improves how stable the system is when its working hard.

make sure the harddrive isn't near full xp runs like a pig when it starts to!
Make sure its been defraged, performace can be a tiny bit better by doing this.

Its a known fact that computers brought as a whole can (sometimes) have poor motherboards for gaming.
(for the exception of Alienware, Dell XPS ect)
They 'sometimes' use P4 BUT use only 533Mhz FSB processors and they also 'sometimes' give motherboard with just 4x AGP slots for graphics.

If you built your computer then the above Motherboard section doesn't apply.

System cooling:
Almost totally never thought of, the cooler your PC is the better and more stable it is. If Eve plays well then slows to the speed you talk of then this could be the problem. Check the graphics card temperature, if you have an Nvidia Card you will be able to.
Check around the pc for venterlation, i personally have 6 fans inside, and the PC is away from any wall or heat. ConfusedWink

I hope the above can help 'find' the problem, if it doesn't check the running of other applocations on the system. Good luck!Laughing

p.s to me its seems to be screaming out a graphics problem... which means new graphics card or drivers


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