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Posted - 2005.11.22 14:13:00 - [1]

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Every once in a while I see "artifacts" ingame (like a big spike sticking out from the ship), it looks like some of the polygons on the model is broken or something.

And sometimes (happens almost only when I'm in a bigger gangwith many rats/cargo conts around.)the game zooms out like 10.000kilometers, and I cannot zoom back in with either the "reset camera" or the zoombuttons, the only solution is terminating the game and relogin (changing the graphics settings/resolution doesn't help)...

attaching a picture of what it looks like:

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Could this be due to corrupted gamefiles or GFX drivers perhaps? Really apreciate som help here guys, the game is almost unplayable cause of this, and I do like the game, I just doesn't want this to be the reason not to play EVE any longer. Crying or Very sad

The Scope
Posted - 2005.11.22 21:23:00 - [2]

iv been with the game since first day of release it has always had graphic bugs /glitches majority of them have been taken care of by the devs like roids stuck to ships minin drones etc etc most of the ones i see now are lag related,besides a zoom bug where it gets locked in magnify zoom and you have to reboot ..i dont know how new you are but good practice is to clear the game cache often could try the settins file too, hope some other ppl have an idea or two for you peace

Posted - 2005.11.24 19:34:00 - [3]

Edited by: dev''null on 24/11/2005 19:34:35
AH, thanx for the info. It seems it must be my graphic card tho, since the problem increases as the temperature increases on it (radeon 9800pro)

Ayar Manco
Posted - 2005.11.24 21:40:00 - [4]

This is a common symptom of graphics card overheating; specifically the card's ram. Some vertex in the polygon (or polygons, if things are really bad) gets set to "infinity" and so you get huge spikes sticking out of the polygon.

If you play any FPS with everything jacked up on the 9800 or similar games, you can get the spikes there too. Looks really odd, beating on some NPC with a spike out to the sky.

Anyway, I have a 9800xt. If I overclock the card, especially the RAM, I can get spikes sometimes. I had some GeForce 3 thing before this and had a lot more spiking.

I don't have any problems currently. I have a fan in the slot next to the card. I have 2x 75cfm input fans and 3x 52cfm output fans for the case. This seems to be more than enough. Plus it doubles as a hover craft. Most case fans are in the 26-33 cfm range, for reference. Those suck (or don't, actually).

Quinn Dawkins
Posted - 2005.11.25 07:51:00 - [5]

i have the exact same problem, geforce card too, dont think its the temp but i'd love to get it fixed let me know if you figure it out.


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