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Posted - 2003.08.09 03:59:00 - [1]

It started simply enough: a small skirmish, neither side would back down, and then the war began in earnest.

They came from out there, from the edge of the universe, in massive numbers, conquering every empty system in the lawless space around FDZ4-A, and meeting little or no resistance, blowing everyone and everything up.

Until they reached Obe.

That hotbed of pirate activity, the bane of the civilized world, that place of murder and mayhem, became the last hope of the Caldari Nation. The bottleneck led into Caldari space and the home worlds, and that's where the last stand had to be.

Ironically enough, it was not CONCORD who led the resistance. The police force retreated into Caldari space, to protect citizens who, clueless in the ways of combat, started screaming for protection.

No, Obe was defended by pirates. Ousted from their home systems in lawless space, driven out, bleeding, with their numbers dwindling, they decided to make a last stand in Obe, the system they knew so well. And they did. The invasion was actually stopped, for a week, as everyone watched in awe. On the billboards, the faces of the Most Wanted became the faces of Heroes, of Saviours, as they shed their blood with a battle savvy never before seen. Rumors circulated that Lord Zap, thought dead or missing before the war, would actually be awarded Lordship status by the Amarr Emperor, and would be recognized and decorated by the other heads of state, for his displays of Heroism and Valor under fire.

But the week ended. And the invaders broke through Obe. The entire Caldari State would lay in ruins within ten days. Stations, burning, or deserted. Flotsam and debris everywhere.

Desperately, the battle continued. The security status of systems was updated daily, showing the advancing sea of red dots and the shrinking mass of blue and green. Ever smaller. Miners, traders, scientists, all were drafted into service by the desperate CONCORD, and sent to the front lines to be slaughtered. Those who refused were branded criminals, and hunted like animals.

Whole squadrons of CONCORD battleships patrolled the systems, enforcing the draft, looking for "viable combat candidates", and sending them to the front lines, with orders to kill the invaders, or die trying. They tried, and they tried to return home, wounded, only to be killed by the police.

At some point, enough was enough. If CONCORD was the enemy, too, then CONCORD would also be treated like the enemy. For too long they had shot at innocent civilians; no more. The shiny battleships hiding in secure space were ambushed and a new battle started. Security status had stopped meaning anything a long time ago, anyway. There was nothing left to lose.

They didn't surrender. The battleships did not surrender. They fired at the populace, at the very people they were supposed to defend, at the wounded and bleeding coming back from the front; they fired at everyone.

In the end, they were defeated.

Tiredly, everyone turned around, getting ready to continue to fight the losing battle against the invaders, but there was nothing there. Amarr space, the middle worlds, Caldari space, even OBE, all empty. Destroyed, in ruins, but empty. The invaders, gone, as if they never existed.

It was over.

And this is where we are now. The rebuilding has started; the Amarr are already making plans to restore the destroyed monuments in their home system, the few surviving Caldari like myself are returning home, and hopefully life will get back to normal. Even the CONCORD billboards, silent for weeks, have returned to life, and, ironically, they are currently displaying some recently discovered documents revealing the thorough corruption that existed within CONCORD ranks from the beginning.

The reason for the war? No one knows. Probably no one ever will, either. Steps taken to contact the Jove for an explanation have all been unsuccessful.


This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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