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Posted - 2005.11.14 04:11:00 - [1]

It's only been a few weeks that I've been playing Eve and I'm already finding myself playing really brief sessions at a time due to boredom.

All Ive been able to do is mine, wait for my toon to level skills and a few redundant missions here and there.

Is there a point?
Are there other things to do I don't know about?
I've done the complexes. Same as a mission without the payoff.

What is there?

I'm not trying at all to sound like I'm puting down the game, it looks neat, it was very deep for a week, but now it's just sort of redundant and I'm trying to find something to hang onto....

Any advice?

Posted - 2005.11.14 04:12:00 - [2]

Get in a corp. A big one.

Deja Thoris
Rooks and Kings
Posted - 2005.11.14 04:16:00 - [3]

Grab a cheap ship, pick the furthest spot on the map and try to get there.

Learn to use the map features, they will help you stay alive.

It'll give you a good adrenalin rushVery Happy

Kyle Caldrel
Caldari Provisions
Posted - 2005.11.14 04:18:00 - [4]

Learn pvp... if you get good at it, its fulfilling within itself.

Posted - 2005.11.14 04:18:00 - [5]

Join a corp and go PVPing en mass.

Not Getting Any Younger
Posted - 2005.11.14 07:24:00 - [6]

Don't feel constrained to a area. If your getting boared doing missions or mining pick up and wander around. Try some 0.0 scouting or try you hand at PVP.

Another thing to remember is that EVE is a team game. Join a corp and start doing things with them.

Karn Mithralia
Neh'bu Kau Beh'Hude
Posted - 2005.11.14 10:51:00 - [7]

Set yourself some goals. Think about what you want to do in the game and start getting good at it. Cool


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