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Posted - 2003.08.08 10:33:00 - [1]

Edited by: Miso on 08/08/2003 10:33:44
"Miso my dear, I hear you've been a very naughty girl...."

I felt the cold hard prod of a machine pistol barrel push against my ribs, and then a hand grab my shoulder, leading me further into the dark interior of the alleyway. I could hear the dull thumping music of the nightclub nextdoor as I was lead to almost certain death. I knew the owner of the gun, and I knew that he never messed around.
"It saddens me deeply that our relationship has come to this Miso."
I let him talk. I had nothing to say. I had made a stupid mistake to trust this slimeball in the first place, let alone meeting him in such a place - an alleyway, for crying out loud! We stopped about halfway down, and he pushed me hard into a cold, wet wall.
"You packing Miso?" I felt a letcherous hand grope my body and I shuddered. "Nice..." he purred. I bucked hard against him, but he was too strong for me and he retaliated with a pistol butt in the back of the head. My legs buckled under the blow, but he held me firmly up and pushed me harder into the wall.
"Don't try any funny **** Miso."
"I didn't realise I was amusing you," I croaked into the wall. My head was reeling. The beat of the music from the nightclub throbbed in time with the pain in my head, and it was a sensation that was making me feel sick.
"I'm only going to ask you once Miso, so listen up... where are the slaves?"
I paid for that remark with a sharp punch in the ribs. I felt an intense pain stabbing deep into my lungs and I knew straightaway that my ribs were broken. It didn't matter, I would be dead soon anyway.
"Where are the slaves?" he hissed into my ear. I could feel his hot, stinking Amarr breath on the back of my neck.
"I can show you," I replied weakily.
"Tell me where it is. Now."
"You kill me, you never know."
"Wrong Miso. I kill you, I get to pull your brain apart and retrieve the info anyway."
"Then what are you waiting for?" I asked. I was beginning to black out. I could feel the soft, gentle caresses of unconciousness stroking my fevered brow into oblivion, and I longed for it to take me there. I had always prepared myself for death, but never thought how easy it was to accept it. I always thought I would put up more of a fight.
"Goodbye Miso..."

Blackness took me...

I had a wonderful dream.

I was floating in a deep green sea, deep deep down in the waters. The sea held my body in a soft, gentle grip. I felt safe and secure. I watched as sunlight filtered through the waves danced with demented fervour across the sand banks below me. I watched small shoals of multi-coloured fish rake the kelp beds like miniture hot-rods, accelerating and stopping instantly, jinking, diving, turning, in the blink of an eye, the shoal throbbing and pulsing like an iridescent heartbeat.

I turned my body and faced up, looking up at the sky and the lemon yellow sun above. It was then that I had this sudden urge to float upwards towards the surface of the water. It felt the right thing to do, like somehow, I was not at home in the sea, even though I had no memory of knowing anything else.

I allowed my body to rise in the water until I was about 10 feet or so from the surface. The sunlight was stronger now, and more seductive, and the urge to break the surface was growing stronger and stronger by the second. Without knowing it (or rather, being conscious of it) my body slowly began to rise, until, all of a sudden, I broke the surface, and my lungs drew in the warm sunlit air.

At first I choked, and felt a torrent of water eject from my mouth. For the first time I could actually smell the sea and the air. It felt good, so right, so evocative... my lungs were in shock however, and another torrent of water shot from my mouth. I began to pant quickly, it seemed the right thing to do.

"Don't do that, you'll hyperventilate" said a voice. "Breath in through the nose, out through the mouth." I did as I was told. For a moment I lay there, practicing to breathe air and not water, trying hard to calm myself. I felt a sharp sting in my left thigh, and wondered if I had been stung by a jellyfish.

"Its an injection" said the voice, as if anticipating my concern "adrenalin and cortizone. Cutting your recouperation link in 5 - 4 - 3 - 2 - 1"

Everything went white. I shut my eyes for some reason, reluctant to open them. When I did, the soft yellow sun and been replaced with the harsh glow of a medical lab lamp, the blue sky with the dull grey interior of a ship.

"Welcome Miso," said a voice, "to the starship Breath of Fire."

I immediately turned my head and vomited.

Einheriar Ulrich
Vengeance of the Fallen
Posted - 2003.08.08 11:27:00 - [2]

Hope all is well Miso, be safe out there, im sure Oracle will cross your path in the near future.

(By the way good story)

Brutor Tribe
Posted - 2003.08.08 13:39:00 - [3]

Nice, real nice Miso.



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