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Count TaSessine
Interstellar Starbase Syndicate
Posted - 2005.10.26 21:35:00 - [1]

Dear Eve Community

It is with immense pride the Interstellar Starbase Syndicate announce the opening of the first player owned outpost with unrestricted access to all pilots in Eve.

We have chosen a Gallente Administrative Outpost which, to our knowledge, is the first outpost of this type in Eve, for itís market and office facilities to promote commerce.

We have deliberately built it in unclaimed space, near the highways leading to and from empire space and close to the great southern alliances. It is designed to be a trade hub, and we hope that in time, it will become the new Yulai of the southern 0.0 regions.

Great profits can be made here, trading ships and modules from empire, selling rare ore and Starbase products from the inaccessible moons and asteroid fields in deep space for traders to bring back to empire.

To encourage trade, our goal is for the Marginis system (KDF-GY) to be a neutral zone where we ask all pilots to refrain from discharging weapons. ISS Navy enforce the neutrality of the system.

ISS Marginis Outpost Visitors
Everyone can visit the outpost, but the primary target group of visitors to Marginis are expected to be the neighbouring alliances and empire traders with the stomach to run 0.0 trade routes.
The secondary target-group is POS operators and NPC hunters in the surrounding area.

Visitors to Marginis are expected to be trade based:
- Inter-alliance sellers of POS products (Raws, Processed Materials, Advanced Materials)
- Inter-alliance buyers of POS products
- Alliance and inter-alliance sellers of named loot (Escrow)
- Empire buyers/sellers of Advanced Materials
- Empire sellers of Tech2 ships and equipment
- Alliance buyers of Tech2 ships and equipment
- Empire sellers of compressed ores (eg. Passive Targetters, Small Hull Repairers).
- Nearby POS owners
- ISS Alliance Members

ISS Marginis chat channel
'ISS Marginis Public': A general chat for the system and area. Beware pirates trying to trick you into undocking etc. Pirate corps will be banned from channel as they are identified.

Insta-jump bookmarks
Insta-jump bookmarks to the station will be available on the market through escrow shortly for a nominal fee, both in Marginis system and in 0.0 entry systems. The only reliable and approved distributors of these bookmarks are ISS Logistics, ISS Marginis Outpost Corporation and Interstellar Starbase Syndicate Operations. The bookmarks are offered to be freely traded between players, corporations and alliances.

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Count TaSessine
Interstellar Starbase Syndicate
Posted - 2005.10.26 21:36:00 - [2]

Edited by: Count TaSessine on 26/10/2005 22:31:05
Edited by: Count TaSessine on 26/10/2005 21:52:19
Docking fees
The outpost is owned by the people who bought shares in it during the Initial Public Offering of Marginis shares which we held in the beginning of October. The shareholders expect a return on their investment. This return comes in the form of rising share value and regular dividends from the ISS Marginis Outpost corporation who technically administer the outpost. To create profit to pay dividends, the current ingame mechanics only give us two ways to earn ISK - docking fees and repair fees.

The docking fees are not high, as an example it costs around 80.000 ISK to dock a Bestower, but they are there, because they have to be. We would very much prefer to tax fx. market transactions instead, but this is not possible with the current game mechanics.

Read about docking regulations here

There are 5 offices remaining, which are offices not already claimed by investors, that will be put on auction in the 'For Sale' forums on

Office owners receive a 10% discount on docking fees, and hold the Ďtitleí to the office as long as they donít let the rent lapse. This means we will respect their right to re-sell the offices in the future, with the new owner taking over the 10% docking discount. The cost for the transfer will be a nominal sum as % of the auction value of the original value.

Factories and labs
Factories and labs are assigned to ISS Management Corporations for revenue generation. When factories are re-programmed to be 'Per Job Basis' as per recent Dev Blog, they will be opened to all-comers.


ISS would like to credit the following pilots and entities for service above and beyond the call of duty related to the construction of ISS Marginis.

For procurement and hauling of the incredible quantities of materials needed to build the outpost: ISS Logistics - especially Stins, Cker, Vic Arbor

For defense, escort and other security related tasks:
ISS Navy - especially Simon Illian and Superscarface

For all round duty:
Jarizza Syndicate - Zark Brassen, Zephyir, Godon III

And last, but not least, for structuring the IPO and superb project management, we extend our gratitude to the beautiful Serenity Steele.

We also need to mention the dozens and dozens of ISS pilots who, in the last hours of the project, provided protection and extra hauling capability. Thank you all!

Indeed, we think that the 24th of October, was a good day to be part of ISS !

Blackwater USA Inc.
Against ALL Authorities
Posted - 2005.10.26 21:44:00 - [3]

Congrats Very Happy

Elve Sorrow
Celestial Apocalypse
Posted - 2005.10.26 21:46:00 - [4]

Edited by: Elve Sorrow on 26/10/2005 21:46:23
It is pretty.

Cant spell :/

The Royal Syndicate
Posted - 2005.10.26 21:47:00 - [5]

Wow, where this is going.

Posted - 2005.10.26 21:48:00 - [6]

Not to confuse you deep space guys, the Strip Club is not seen from the outside, but there are high class clubs in the inside, so come see it :)


Johnathan Roark
The Graduates
Morsus Mihi
Posted - 2005.10.26 21:50:00 - [7]


Dark Shikari
Deep Core Mining Inc.
Posted - 2005.10.26 21:51:00 - [8]

Very Happy

Spaceballs XXL2
State War Academy
Posted - 2005.10.26 21:55:00 - [9]

pictures please :)

The Sp00Ks
Posted - 2005.10.26 22:02:00 - [10]

i would like to offer my congratulations and hope every alliance respects iss neutral stance and open nature.

Q-Tech Solutions
Posted - 2005.10.26 22:04:00 - [11]

Edited by: superscarface on 26/10/2005 22:04:09

Chosen Path
Lotka Volterra
Posted - 2005.10.26 22:04:00 - [12]

Really very impressive :)

This deserves some official new coverage.

Posted - 2005.10.26 22:12:00 - [13]


Simon Illian
Black Nova Corp
Band of Brothers
Posted - 2005.10.26 22:13:00 - [14]

hey mom, i'm on it !!!!

/me can go to sleep now ???

thanks to all the ppl who have participate in this Great & Wonderfull project.

now what can i do better than this ????

Coahim Madden
eXceed Inc.
Posted - 2005.10.26 22:16:00 - [15]

Great Project and Great Outpost. Grats Smile

Deep Core Mining Inc.
Posted - 2005.10.26 22:16:00 - [16]

Good job, hope you mantain the neutrality of the system. Smile

Sintered Sanity
Posted - 2005.10.26 22:18:00 - [17]

It's a beautiful sight, I'm proud of ISS, proud to be part of this.

This is one of those times EVE is very rewarding.

Times of Ancar
Posted - 2005.10.26 22:21:00 - [18]


November Corporation
Posted - 2005.10.26 22:22:00 - [19]

Even though I shoot at your indies, I think this is a mighty fine achievement. Wink

Band of Brothers
Posted - 2005.10.26 22:22:00 - [20]

Congratulations; you guys managed to get innovative project all way from the ground into the space... and got about the coolest looking station in EVE in the process -.^

Isayo Arkindra
Mercurialis Inc.
Wildly Inappropriate.
Posted - 2005.10.26 22:23:00 - [21]

Awsome work! Congratulations!

Thaylon Sen
The Boondock Saints
Posted - 2005.10.26 22:23:00 - [22]

Good luck guys Smile

Midnight Elites
Echelon Rising
Posted - 2005.10.26 22:24:00 - [23]

damn thing is big!Shocked

...or at leaast it looks bigVery Happy

congrats peepsCool

Band of Brothers
Posted - 2005.10.26 22:25:00 - [24]

"damn thing is big!Shocked

...or at leaast it looks bigVery Happy"

it's 50 km tall or so... a dread fits easily in the undocking bay, and leaves plenty room around it ;s

Posted - 2005.10.26 22:27:00 - [25]

Congrats Count;)

Body Count Inc.
Pandemic Legion
Posted - 2005.10.26 22:28:00 - [26]

I'm so going to check this out when I get home. *reaches for camera*

Body Count Inc.
Pandemic Legion
Posted - 2005.10.26 22:29:00 - [27]

Originally by: DigitalCommunist
Even though I shoot at your indies, I think this is a mighty fine achievement. Wink

LOL! Classic DC. :)

Kall Listo
Republic University
Posted - 2005.10.26 22:29:00 - [28]

Nice one! Very Happy

How much did it cost? Razz

Derron Bel
Imperial Academy
Posted - 2005.10.26 22:32:00 - [29]

I thought it wasn't opening until December Shocked

United Federation Starfleet
Saints Amongst Sinners
Posted - 2005.10.26 22:32:00 - [30]

That thing is beautiful. I might have to fly down just to see it sometime.

<3 <3 Gallentean Stuff™ <3 <3

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