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Hans Fortean
Casting Shadows
Posted - 2005.10.17 16:13:00 - [1]

Has it ever been suggested to change drone AI to automatically attack the next target in your que? Specifically, once you destroy a target the "active" targeting bracket moves to the first object/ship in your target que. If drones defaulted to attacking this object/target that would solve the problem of your drones scattering every time they/you take out a target.

I'm not an experienced drone user, intermediate at best. A potential problem w/my solution is tactics. Ships that control massive amounts of drones may selectively send their drones to multiple targets. That would make my change a royal pain and probably harmful overall to gameplay for those tactics. Another solution would be to create a new command that would specifically tell the drone(s) to attack "next in que." This way, groups could be selected for systematic elimination of enemy elements, while enabling a drone commander to send preset groups against specific targets on the fly as is done with all drones now.

My reasoning is this: I use drones to supplement my firepower on a target-by-target basis. I.E., I want my drones to shoot at what I'm shooting at. This is because I am currently flying a Thorax and that just seems the best way to do it.

My other reason is this: If the drones only attack something I have actively targeted then at least I know they won't go aggroing something I may not want to mess with. I can still manually change the target, no harm done.

Was it decided in development that you should have to manually control drones against every target? I don't think so, since if that were the case drones should default to returning to orbit once their target is eliminated instead of randomly(?) choosing a new target. This kind of command reflects the kind of control I would expect to have over drones if I were to live or die by them. Any thoughts?


This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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