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Bagdh Dearg
Big Bird Industries
Posted - 2005.10.14 21:32:00 - [1]

Hey lads, myself and a few friends were doing a Lvl4 Angel Extra and we killed a few Gist Domination War Generals.

These of the few of these 1mill. behemoths we killed 2 of them dropped loot cans. With some interest we opened the cans and to our surprise and... well horror we got an Overdrive Injector System 1 from one can(Yeah 1 item,And a bad item at that) and from the second,amoung others we got a 1mn Afterburner(Why would a ship this size have that) and a medium regard shield Transfer Array,

Now I understand if CCP dont wanna simply hand out massive quantities of the best Named Equipment and that it comes from Commander and Officer Spawns in 0.0 but at least have some sensible loot instead of these utterly bewildering Mods which have no place on a Machariel class ship.

I remember in a Dev Blog or Thread responce that Oveur mentioned that the loot tables would be Modified in the future to filter out these pointless drops and allow for more Profitable and at least loot which has a place on a BS.
Im just wondering if this change has occured(Obviously not but might be bugged) or whether its planned for the next content patch or Kali?

Hedron Industries
Red Dwarf Racketeering Division
Posted - 2005.10.14 21:34:00 - [2]

Has not happend yet, Kali probably.


This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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