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Posted - 2005.10.14 02:22:00 - [1]

Edited by: GrimmReaper on 14/10/2005 02:24:20
hey guys just started but im gonna stay way past the trial..

so i was trying to narrow down a pvp ship for later on.

atm i have the Ferox or The Moa

what you think which is better? how would you outfit it?
im trying to get a ship with missles and guns also that has some decent EW etc. if it has drones thats better.. atm im reading on all the ships listed but want to get some vetern opionion

... so if you know of a good ship to use... again i will do some pve, but basically once i outfit a ship i wanna pvp

so any help would be appreciated.

Jessica Fletcher
Posted - 2005.10.14 02:40:00 - [2]

Edited by: Jessica Fletcher on 14/10/2005 02:45:21
The better your skills the more effective your ship will be, if your character is low on skill points then frigates would be more effective when flown by you than larger ships. There are plenty of frigates out there that can be useful in pvp, i personally like the tristan however the rifter, kestrel and punisher are all also good, and make good ships for starting out in pvp. mainly because they are cheap to replace and so you don't need to stress out too much when you get destroyed.

Basically; my advice is pick a ship class and work towards specialising in it with your skills, perhaps one of the smaller ship classes at first. It's better to very good at using one ship than mediocre at flying many types of ships. have you considered one of the caldari frigates for suiting your needs to begin with, it would allow you to work towards assault frigates which, in my humble opinion, are very effective ships and can fit missiles, turrets and electronic warfare modules just as you specified.

Edit: sorry i realise i haven't really answered your post here or even specified a ship, my main does not really fly a lot of caldari ships, and this seems to be the path you're going down, just thought i'd share some general advice.

Agricola Augusta
Aeronautical Innovations
The Jagged Alliance
Posted - 2005.10.14 03:52:00 - [3]

In my opinion you want to be looking at interceptors, assault frigates, heavy assault craft and Battleships for a future pvp ship.
One of these ships will do well solo or in a group with proper skills invested. At the moment I'm concentrating on Caldari BS, the Scorpion is an excellent 1v1 pvp ship against almost anything. Also a Raven can do the damage and have a little EW if you know what you're up against.


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