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Solu Ithikar
Posted - 2005.10.12 18:36:00 - [1]

Edited by: Solu Ithikar on 12/10/2005 18:36:29
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Discussion thread (with this idea and plenty more):

First major suggestion: Take away the security penalty for bounty hunters firing on pirates in undefended empire space.

"bounty hunter" : someone with positive security, possibly +1 or higher
"pirate" : someone with negative security, possibly -1 or lower
"undefended empire space" : 0.4 to 0.1

Bounty hunting does not exist as a valid profession because all bounty hunters wind up eating security status penalties as part of their work. This reduces bounty hunting to "pirates hunting pirates" - not the same thing at all.

Some change should be made to allow the "good guys" of EVE the right to clean up pirates. CONCORD doesn't want the job below 0.4 -- let us do it.

The original thread has a host of other ideas and relevant discussion (a licensing system, etc) but I feel most of my original post requires further refinement. I'm working on a second revision of ideas and will contribute them after getting some more input back from the community.


- S.

Caeden Nicomachean
The Older Gamers
Posted - 2005.10.12 18:54:00 - [2]

I'd be all for this, absolutely.

Spartan III
Posted - 2005.10.13 00:56:00 - [3]

/me signed

Gold Diggers Inc.
Posted - 2005.10.13 01:15:00 - [4]

Current system does leave room for improvement. Noob sees target with flashing bounty and assumes he can open fire. However, because target has only -4.999 security status, noob gets blown away by Concord. System is not intuitive. However, may need to rethink what players can have bounties put on them and/or for what reasons, before allowing "licensed" killers to take down anyone with a bounty.

Before anything, need to reform bounty system so that bounties are real, instead of window dressing for vain pirates. (See ArrowBOUNTY REFORM: Payout Cap at Value of Destroyed Property.)

Ayame Corp
Posted - 2005.10.13 07:28:00 - [5]

I think there is a potential role for a Bounty hunter profession and probably a skill to go with that.
I also think the bounty system needs to be looked at I think its a little wooley. Players with negative Security status at -3.0 should be where the bounty system starts and where the bounty hunter begins. Perhaps a low slot module purchased from the region police force to allow unhindered bounty hunting within that region.
This would allow bounty hunters to work and give both sides a good challenge.

just my 2 cents


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