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Lyria Lightbringer
Brothers Of Republic
Libertas Fidelitas
Posted - 2003.08.02 22:57:00 - [1]

To:The Caldari Goverment.
From:Unknown Spaceship, FTL Messeage.


This is a offical request for Goverment Reinforcement in the Obe System, the Forge Region.

From day to day, the Situation in the Forge Region, Specialy the Obe Star System, get´s bader and bader. The Last Month´s, Pirate Activity has been Raised Rapidly , each day heavy Armed Pirate Squad´s Patroul´s now the System, and evil Warlord´s got the Complete Power in this System´s. The Cooperations in the near of the Obe System needs help, now! We cant hold out mutch longer if the Goverment didnt send Troop´s for Reinforcement. The Outer Colony Systems in the Forge are in Danger! Our casulitys gets higher and higher from day to day, the Free Bounty Hunters cant handle the Situation. The Pirate Squads and there Warlord Leader will Controll the complete System and itss Trade Roads if the Caldari State didnt send us Reinforcement. They controll allready Obe , and they are advancing in all directionss for more Controll. Please, if this Messeage reachs New Caldari, help us! Each day the Warlords in the System bringing more and more Battleships in this Sector of Space, our own Military cant handle this Situation!

The Defense Alliance of the Forge Region cant handle this Situation. If nobody will help us, Obe will be Fall, sooner or later...its just a matter of Time.

I pray to God this messeage will Arive you.

Lyria Lightbringer,
bPtL Cooperation,
ForgeAlliance Defense Forces.

Fatal Ascension
Posted - 2003.08.02 23:24:00 - [2]

i intercepted this distress call and pray that my message finds you all still alive. I have arranged a detacxhment of my best Ships and thier captains to come and aid you. I hope these men will be of some use please contact me on sub space channel Caldari Allaince

Posted - 2003.08.03 02:39:00 - [3]

The message was cheerfully intercepted by my fellow gallentian brothers. Prepare to die, you oligarch scum!!!!!!Twisted Evil

Adam Edwards
Caldari Legion
Posted - 2003.08.03 03:49:00 - [4]

Edited by: Adam Edwards on 03/08/2003 13:16:30
I will also be heading to help you. I command only a Bantam but I am obliged to help.

Maud Dib
The Bleeding Heart Cult
Posted - 2003.08.06 22:18:00 - [5]

I believe you have a better chance kind lady of getting the pirates to throw you a party than you do of getting help for our bloated and corrupt goverment. Fare thee well in your efforts if I can aid thee I will.

Posted - 2003.08.06 23:53:00 - [6]

My Private TTI Intelligence Network has provided me with evidence that there is a wormhole in the Obe system which opens into Jovian space. This is why the system is camped by pirates so oftenly. We have reason to believe that the pirates that camp this system (namely m3g4 i believe) are all jovians in disguise! My private TTI Tactical Operations Fleet was dispatched in the leadership of Me to track down these particular individuals. After a few days of searching we came across Tank CEO in his Jovian form! And oh, the horror! the horror! We had to push him into the jovian wormhole, but he dropped a Tech Level 5 Mining Laser just before the wormhole closed forever, we took claim over it immediatly ofcourse.

I believe that there wont be any more Pirate presence in the Obe system, and if there is I predict that these will be totally human pirates, as we found the REAL tank CEO in a statis cell next to the wormhole as we were leaving. We set him free, as he was not to blame for all his dispicable deeds. We believe that many other player pirates are imprisoned in statis cells around the system. My TTI Search and Rescue unit has been dispatched to save these individuals.

I also recall the Jovian that we bested reffering to my ship as "the millenium falcon" on a certain communication level. If anyone has any idea what this means please do share....

Posted - 2003.08.07 00:33:00 - [7]

Truly it sounds like an entertaining party site, expect me there! I'll bring a few cubic meters of booze Razz


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