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Deep Core Mining Inc.
Posted - 2003.08.02 07:46:00 - [1]

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Full RP history here

In reference to Jade Constantine’s two recent press releases here and here

Venal at Dusk

Ragnar leaned back as the nighttime came upon them in Venal. Nighttime was always hard to detect in this system with the ever present sunlight streaming into his office and the flurry of activity at all times. He had never quite grown accustomed to tricks that nonstop light could play on the biological clock, but he kept himself on a strict schedule to keep the ill-effects of fatigue from affecting his daily routine, which was usually anything but routine.

The office was appropriately appointed, but not overly lavish. He had no need to impress any of his partners that were shown in hour after hour for meetings or discussions about all matters galactic. The office had been rented in this station for many months after he had sent some associates out to ensure Taggart had adequate representation in areas they identified as ideal for future growth.

Around him holo-displays unfolded in display after display of critical market data and corporate analyses of many interesting operations around the universe. Ragnar took a quick scan for anything interesting and examined all his buy positions. Satisfied, the displays folded away into the air from which they sprung, and he summoned his assistant. She came into the room fresh as the morning.

“Yes Mr. Danneskjöld,” Katherine smiled, looking genuinely happy to be set on another task.

“Have you read this press release from Miss Constantine?” He asked, now rocking back a little further into his chair.

“Yes sir,” She said, walking closer to his desk, sensing he was in a mood to talk. “You were right about her. I’m glad you were able to convince your old business associates in here in Venal.”

Ragnar made a mental note to call the restaurant at which his executive Calladen Nimitz and Jade Constantine would soon be dining to have a bottle of the finest Caldari wine to be delivered to the table. Perhaps it was a bit potent for the delicate Gallantean tongue, but certainly it is that way with all things Caldari.

“The reaction vexes me, as the visceral hatred of Taggart from certain circles is completely without merit or rationale,” Ragnar tapped with one finger on the desk as he squinted out the window. “I haven’t noticed this hurting our sales.”

“Are we going to have to lower our earnings estimates for shareholders?” She asked as if there may not be a silver lining at all.

“No certainly not, I’ve already seen the latest numbers from Murray and everything seems to be growing according to plan. The street will be pleased,” he said, still looking around the room as if something else was bothering him. “What about this Drakt fellow? I notice he has a penchant for all things Taggart.”

Katherine smiled reticently. “Yes he does seem to be quite the sensationalist. It sells papers, they say.”

“Have we gotten that list of interview questions yet he promised,” Ragnar asked, looking at Katherine’s datapad.

She scanned it one last time and shook her head. She knew as well as he did that Drak had agreed to stop the public flailing and gross accusations to sully the good name of Taggart until a formal interview could be conducted. It had been many days since yet Drak had found ample time to cast aspersions in public rather than follow through on a promise to allow Taggart to explain things in a forum of their choosing. Ragnar would not allow his organization or his people to be subjected to a ludicrous barrage of baseless accusations and irrational behavior from a melodramatic media whose histrionics only served to decrease shareholder confidence. Fortunately, the shareholders of Taggart are both intelligent and excellent business analysts that know a winning stock when they see one.

Ragnar harrumphed at yet another tiny annoyance that sought to distract his attention from the more important matters at Taggart. He leaned further back in his chair until he was now almost supine, still slowly scanning the room and outside the window as if looking for something. Something to arrive perhaps. He closed his eyes and let his head drop a bit towards the window.

“Katherine,” he asked in a hoarse whisper as if he was just briefly visiting this world. “Send in my Amarrian friend and tutor. I should like to find out more about how to operate the one of the new battleships down there.”

“Right away sir,” she said and quietly excused herself.

A few moments later a cloaked figure entered the room and the shades were drawn.

(Story continued about 5 posts down...)

Deep Core Mining Inc.
Posted - 2003.08.03 06:49:00 - [2]

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Despite the horrid hours, being an Executive had its perks, Yoshokun thought as he watched over the Caldari Rock Café on Ladies Only Night. Being male and getting into the CRC on Ladies Only Night was certainly one of his favorites.

The table regularly reserved only for the inner circle of Taggart Transdimensional Executives had long ago been claimed by a handful of girls who were probably too young to be there, so he sequestered himself to the screen lounge, watching the news and Minmatar sports while nursing a bottle of vodka in a room full of women completely unaware of who he was but wondering what he was doing there. The news was offering non-stop coverage and analysis of the press conference held by Jade Constantine of the Jericho Faction regarding Venal Alliance and TTI. Yoshokun shrugged off all of the naysayers and angry retired CONCORD Lt. Colonels damning TTI. Who cares what some talking head in 1.0 space says.

Behind the screens, illuminating them, was a window facing the center of the system. He was sure that somewhere out there, the pioneers of TTI were looking at the same sun he was, pondering what the future would bring this company that always seemed to be in a state of siege. His memories wandered back to the short history of one of the greatest companies in Caldari history and realized that Taggart’s success laid its past conflicts.

And because of that, he thought, we should look forward to it.

Posted - 2003.08.03 07:55:00 - [3]

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Dr. P. Roberts sits on his throne on the command deck of his Raven class battleship "Revenge", eagerly devouring news item after news item... Nearly all of which make Concord look like ****ty quafe drinking pond scum.

Oh wait, here's something interesting, interplay between TaggartTi and good ol' Jade.. Fascinating... Maybe I'll be able to tip the odds in her favor by causing a few little accidents to the oh so powerful and wonderful TTi... Guerilla warfare (terrorism) can be so fun at times :)

Roberts jumps off his throne, startling his command crew of gallente slave girls (wearing the custom designed leather thong+negligee uniform he had created as a teenager), he exits the command center, making his way to sensei Ykzgran's domo for his daily fencing lessons.
Jogging along the corridors of the P. ship Revenge, Roberts nods to the two or three other males (executives of DNRC) he encounters,
All the while scheming various ways to annoy TTi, discarding most of his ideas and putting together a basic strategy on the run (pun).
Later yet Dr. Roberts is relaxing in his emperor sized jacuzzi with five of his favorite cabin girls when the intercom rings. BRRRIIIIINNNGG BRRRRIIIIIIIIIINGG
Roberts splutters and swallows some water, surprised out of his wits by the annoyingly loud ring of his antique intercom of doom.
Roberts: *splutter* Hello ? Roberts here...
Tyrrax Thorrk: hey robbie.. time to go kill some punks in the Collective, get off your fat ass and do your damn job you uselesss sack of ****!
Robbie: what ? HEY, stop using this line you *****! I'm busy! *hangs up*
Robbie: *sigh* what is it this time Tyrrax...
Tyrrax: Dude.. I have -20 sec rating towards those *******s... GO KILL THEM YOU ****TY DWEEB!!!
Rob: Fine fine.. then you get to handle TTi ok? Just remember.. Scorpions can target jam you so don't drive in there in an apocalypse or something stupid like that..
Tyrrax: bah I laugh in the face of danger HAUHAHahAHahahAaha!
Robbie: Don't say I didn't warn you when I'm activating your basic clone :)
Tyrr: errrr can I have some isk for a newer clone soon ?
Rob: No. Just be careful ...
Tyrrax: fine fine... 'later you dumbass.
Roberts goes back to relaxing for a few hours, planning his next moves.


Tehel Necrona
Black Omega Security
Pandemic Legion
Posted - 2003.08.03 15:47:00 - [4]

Edited by: Tehel Necrona on 04/08/2003 03:02:25
The TTS Nosefratu lowered to cruising speed as it entered the E-WOK system, North of lonetrek.

The Battleship was on route back to Venal, after a long-range patrol mission to Lonetrek. It wasn't a good idea to be travelling these parts alone. Even in a battleship.

The battleship belonged to the Taggart Battle squad Gamma. Lead by GunnyP, the pinnacle of Caldari warriors and his senior officer Tehel Necrona.

The TTS Nosferatu was the command ship of Tehel Necrona. Who had ordered the solo venture himself, despite the risks he felt that a too large a force would of simply deterred the pirates ahead of arrival. The path from venal to lonetrek was populated with many eyes.

Despite this action Tehel had still not managed to engage the terrorists of going limp inc. Nor had he managed to score a hit on the m3g4 corp. battleship which had been harassing the populates of Auhunnen. He did however manage to clear the blockade and broadcasted to the locals to take advantage of the window of opportunity and escape the system while the Pirate battleship hid from the TTS Noferatu.

After ensuring the safety of 16 industrials and 4 cruisers who made the run for the gate Tehel decided enough was enough and that he would not waste his time on a coward.

What annoyed Tehel mostly was that the people who he was saving were the same people who'd criticise and condemn his own corporation out of jealousy and hate. The thank you’s soon died down when the tradesmen found out Tehel belonged to Taggart. After all who could blame them? Taggart was number one in Industry. Producing more ships, equipment and ammunition than any other corporation inside lonetrek. This lead to a lot of xenophobic hatred towards Taggart.

Tehel left the bridge upon leaving lonetrek and ordered a small skeleton crew to handle the journey back up to Venal.

"Ensign, forward all incoming transmissions to my inbox, and ask them to leave a message. I don't want to be disturbed this evening, only priority 1 communications only." He turned towards the lift of the bridge "..Oh and have a bottle of Minmatar spirits sent to my quarters."

"Aye sir" The ensign replied as Tehel left the bridge.

Brutor tribal war theme's echoed through the walls of the captain’s quarters. Tehel lay far back in his chair motionless. He had once been a businessmen. Him and his associate Ammnal Women were once Lonetrek's largest producer and supplier of cruisers. However terrorist acts, pirate attacks and general hatred towards TTI had drove Tehel out of lonetrek. His new life was in Venal, as a warrior. As a child Tehel knew nothing other than war and conflict. Border raids by Amattar extremists had left him without parents. He joined the local security force; he was stationed close to the Empire and Republic border. At the age of 25 when tensions between the two empires were high but the peace was settling and soon Tehel was left redundant. Many of his colleagues moved to pirate factions and freedom groups.

However Tehel had come to detest conflict. Not that he was bad at it, no the pain and suffering that he had witnessed ever since he was able to remember was enough alone to make him want to find a new life.

With the payoff from his position in the forces he bought a small second hand frigate and made the trip to Caldari space, where he settled down and became a successful businessmen.

So why now, was he so eager for combat and war? You can take the Brutor out of the war but you cannot take the war out of the brutor. His very veins oozed with blood geared for combat and battle.

The intercom interrupted Tehel's "moment".

"Damn it, I thought I said level one transmissions only Ensign." Tehel was furious.

"Forgive me sir, but i have a level 1 security transmission from Admiral GunnyP." The ensign's voice quivered through the intercom.

"Very well, direct it to my quarters." The holo-screen appeared directly in front of Tehel. It projected the image of the Admiral Gunny. Commander of the Gamma Fleet.

"Sorry to disturb you Tehel. I've received word that your mission went well. Congratulations. However this is not what i'm here to discuss so i'll get right to it. A Press release has been sent out from the Jericho Faction. Its an offical statement from ourselves and the venal alliance." The admiral forwarded the file to Tehel. A small object appeared at the side of the holo-screen announcing the file transfer.

"Yes it was being projected on the bulletin boards all over lonetrek. You know what caldari media are like, especially with an issue with Taggart." Tehel replied, somewhat relieved at the thought the admiral was only contacting him to inform him of a press release.

"Indeed, but i ask that you take note of the replies to its release. Have you noticed what people have been saying?" Gunny's attention turned now towards Tehel's bottle of spirits.

Tehel Necrona
Black Omega Security
Pandemic Legion
Posted - 2003.08.03 16:12:00 - [5]

Edited by: Tehel Necrona on 04/08/2003 03:06:55
"Perhaps you should check in the morning, when you don't have any intoxicating substances in you.

God damn it. What could they possible have against such a statement? It was flawless." Tehel overlooked the glass and took a long drink out of the bottle.

"Indeed, but as i said read the replies for yourself. Their quite distasteful and i suspect we'll be seeing some action soon. Have your ship return immediately." Gunny ordered.

"Aye sir, were already on route. Has Ragnar contacted you? Is Gamma mobilizing?" Tehel's pupils dilated as he rose to his feet.

"No, but i suspect we'll be seeing something happen soon and you can be sure Gamma will be spearheading it, as usual." Gunny took a deep breath and stared Tehel in the eye. "Just be ready, whatever happens I’m going to need the Nosferatu up here in Venal. Admiral Gunny out."
With that the small holo projector folded into the roof of the quarters.

Tehel sat back once again and poured another double.


Femme Fatal
Roving Guns Inc.
Posted - 2003.08.04 03:44:00 - [6]

Femme sat inspecting the charred piece of wreckage of what had once been pirate cruiser belonging to one of the various low lifes attacking innocents around the Venal area. She had come across it on one of her routine flights just across the border from Empire space. It had been engaging a clueless trader when she warped in, and opened fire. Although it outgunned her feeble blackbird by tenfold, it prooved to be no problem after its targetting had been jammed, and its warp drive brought to a standstill.

She was now examining the various debris she had taken with her from the wreckage and smiled to herself as she caressed the fine caldari marksmanship. This gun was smeared with the blood of countless traders, yet beneath the residue she still found the embossed Taggart Transdimensional Industries stamp showing its origin. She knew that the poor fools who had fallen to the fire plasma discharges had gotten a Concord letter listing various Pirates involved in their murder, yet found it ironic how the suppliers and people who made it all possible were never found on those reports.

Sitting back in her chair she wondered wether she should actually continue killing these pirate scum, inorder to help the Taggart Shipyards, or if she should fly back to kill some of the grey suited murderers where their henchmen coulndt follow. Decisions, Decisions..

Maud Dib
The Bleeding Heart Cult
Posted - 2003.08.06 12:40:00 - [7]

The crowd at The Silicon Mermaid seemed even more animated than usual thought Maud as he worked his way through the crowd or may it's just that I am weary beyond care.' The usual Sam...wait make it a double" then Maud turned to survey the crowd hoping to find a familar face.....only to turn back to the bar disappointed just in time to receive his drink. " So what do you think of the news Maud?" Sam asked. " What news? My comm link went out two days ago and I didn't have the spare parts on board to fix it. Stupid rookie mistake.". "TTI issued a press release about their return to Venal .....". " I get it Sam and the free traders are up in arms. It's an odd thing Sam getting shut out of Venal is going to hurt a lot of people but it's not just TTI thats keeping it locked up. Sometimes my free trader brethern can be short sighted. Also these freedom fighters are no better than the people they are fighting. The worst thing about this sort of conflict is the the heaviest price is born by the little guy trying to keep their buckets in the air and make a few isk here and there. You maybe it's time to give up, join one of those monolithic corps and become a nameless drone in their ever growing empire. I mean it took me three days this week just to find some Zy on the market. Well enough of that kind of talk, while I am here good Sam let me pay my tab and here is extra for you my friend. I'm going to head back to The Dark Lady Lost and try and get some sleep.". As Maud makes his way back towards the door he can't help but wonder how many of these guys aren't going to make it through the next several days.

Deep Core Mining Inc.
Posted - 2003.08.06 17:50:00 - [8]

Edited by: Ragnar on 06/08/2003 18:04:27
The Jovian Railroad
(contiued from above)

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Taggart's offices deep in Venal amidst the Alliance

The room was now adequately dark. The sheer shades still allowed just enough light from the bluish sun to show the cloaked figure moving about in the room to get situated.

“I look forward to what you have brought to me today, Roark,” came the disembodied voice from behind the desk of Ragnar.

Roark stopped his pacing and turned, opening up his cloak to reveal his datapad. Punching a few buttons on the surface illuminated a stream of data which danced across his Amarr features.

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Roark, one of Taggart's links to the netherworld of Jovian mysteries

“I trust the acquirer has been made comfortable?” Ragnar inquired, knowing full well that his corporation would do whatever it took to both silence and satisfy parties that encountered these otherworldly experiences.

Roark nodded, “You don’t want to know how much you paid, my master.” His attention turned back to the datapad. Roark was all too accustomed to communiqués from all over the galaxy from people that come across such Jovian artifacts. They come to TTI and their families are, in return, financially taken care of for the remainder of their lives. It is well known that Ragnar had a penchant for Jovian antiquities and the last thing on his mind was the cost.

“No need to call me master, old friend,” Ragnar smiled, speaking quickly to get to his request. “Tell me of the story behind this latest artifact, Roark. You do know how I enjoy hearing the stories.”

“Certainly master,” Roark began, placing the datapad on the desk just out of Ragnar’s sight. “A new acquaintance of mine was traveling in deep space on a lone mission of exploration in a region far away from here in Venal. He came across another traveler and examined his corporation.”

“The Society of Conscious Thought, no doubt,” interrupted Ragnar.

“Indeed. Upon examination of the portrait, this traveler was clearly not of the four known races. The Jovians were completely foreign to him, the stuff of legends and childhood stories. His exasperation though did not prevent him from the following information on the traveler.”

Roark leaned over to the datapad and above it spun a portrait of the Jovian traveler, named Torfifrans.

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A visitor on a mission from the Jovian Empire

Ragnar leaned in to imprint the feature then returned to his nearly horizontal meditative state to listen to the rest of the story.

“He contacted the Jovian on the local hailing channel to bid a kind greeting. Torfifrans responded by indicating he was on mission for the Jovian empire. Our source asked him if he could be of any assistance, to which Torfifrans said he was unfortunately unable to receive assistance from non-Jovians.”

“This sounds strikingly like all the other tales we have heard,” Ragnar peaked his fingers and tapped them together seriatim, pondering. “I cannot decide if they are simply xenophobic or if their missions are of such a nature that non-Jovians simply are unsuited. It is all idle speculation for now, please go on.”

“My source was then approached by a Wraith class ship which entered a nearby orbit for a few moments. The ship left as quickly as it appeared and he was left totally mystified and excited by the whole experience.

He decided to visit the local station to unwind and collect his when he was suddenly hailed again by Torfifrans. He was told to exit the station immediately, as some equipment had been left for him. Hastily exiting the station, he found an idle cargo container filled with the equipment promised. The Jovian was gone.”

Ragnar sat up and leaned forward once again at Roark’s datapad, anxious to see what had eventually been filtered through to him.

“And the equipment?”

“Yes my master,” began Roark, “It was tested today with one of our mining crews. Kell Braxis sent me the following pictures taken from his camera drone.”

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TTI Delta Mining Crew take from Kell's Camera Drone. Click to Zoom.

The image appeared in midair in front of Ragnar’s face which stood as still as a statue.

Looking sideways at Roark, he said, “And the other mining crews are soon to be fitted?”

Roark nodded.

“Please get me Zedem Mion,” Ragnar began, hitting the button to talk to his assistant Katherine.


Deep Core Mining Inc.
Posted - 2003.08.06 18:04:00 - [9]


A few minutes later a slight and agitated Zedem appeared on the screen. Zedem Mion was in charge of the sales and marketing of all Jovian items from TTI. He had a large staff of salesman and industrialists assigned to work with him on this special class of items to be sold only to friends of TTI.

“You got even more stuff didn’t you?” He said excitedly, almost panting.

“Roark will wire you the – “ And the look on Zedem’s face showed that he had just received the stats on the Nibelung even before Ragnar finished the sentence.

“Do you know what this means?” Zedem began jumping around his mad-scientist like laboratory with such speed that the robot camera could not stay on his zealous face. “ With high Astrogeology you are pulling well over 200 units of ore per minute per turret slot. On an Apocalypse that is 112 Bistot per minute, 6720 per ho–“

“Get a grip Zedem,” chided Ragnar, always amazed at how someone could have so much energy. He had thought to send him a fine Minmatar woman to break him in, but the extra energy was actually good for profits. “Package this with the same price points as other luxuries. Minimum order of 20, price breaks if beyond 100, etc. You know the drill.”

Zedem was seen running all around his lab checking mineral inventory and contact lists and the rest as his screen faded to black, much too busy to even respond.

“Thank you again Roark,” Ragnar gratefully said to the composed figure collecting his datapad back into his cloak.

“I will be in Fountain then on to meet our crews in Curse to continue my collection of artifacts for you. Expect me in a few days, my master.”

“We do see the pattern now, do we not?” Ragnar asked, knowing the answer.

“The clues are plain.”

“Well then you know where to find me then,” he said, smiling and popping up from his chair. They headed down to the hangar together in silence before heading off in opposite directions.

Body Count Inc.
Cascade Imminent
Posted - 2003.08.06 18:20:00 - [10]

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With an irritated expression Yalson looked up from a pile of blueprints scattered around his desk and eyed the ringing com system suspiciously. Shaking his head he tried to focus his attention on the scribbled notes along the side of a rather intricate drawing, chewing absentmindedly on a pencil. He'd been trying for days to wrap his mind around this odd construct while his ship was docked for maintenance.

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After a brief silence the ringing started anew, this time even more urgently. With an exasperated sigh he tossed away the pencil and hit the com button with more force than the fragile system was built to withstand, producing a rather dubious crunching noise.

"What is it this time? This better be important, or... ". He flinched from the loud voice yelling back at him from the speakers, scolding him for the breach of just about every military procedure set up by Mulligan Defense. With a smirk Yalson turned down the volume and looked over at the close-range scanner monitoring the immediate environment of the Q-Labs facilities on Venal station. The grin slowly faded and turned into a frown as he spotted a battleship escorted by a small group of cruisers instead of the regular industrial headed for the docking bay. Almost jumping from his chair he grabbed a coat and rushed towards the hangar, toppling over a mug of coffee and a variety of electronic equipment along the way.

Panting heavily he arrived at his destination, just in time to see a group of military personnel unloading a heavy crate from one of the battleship's shuttles. Leaning forward, hands on his knees, he surveyed the scene for a short while until a rather official looking Amarri in a black suit spotted the lone figure and walked over, waving some paperwork at him.

Putting his hands on his hips, Yalson stood upright and raised an eyebrow towards the approaching man. "Just one crate? Lemme guess, one of the exec's cleaning robots got dented and now we're supposed to fix it in our spare time?" With a mutter he gently shoved the visitor away and headed for the crate, gesturing at the soldier next to him to open it. Peering inside Yalson tugged at some of the sheets covering an object, exposing a small part of it's hidden surface. His head ****ed to one side he paused briefly, investigating a rather odd looking metal pane. Then, all of a sudden, he started tugging at the sheets frantically, trying to uncover the rest of the object.

Cursing under his breath and restricted by the narrow confinements of the crate he finally gave up, turning around to look agape at the Amarr official. "This.. that thing is... ?" Leaping almost back towards the paperwork, he snatched it from the smiling man, and leafed through the papers. With his voice barely audible, he finished the sentence: ".. Jovian?"

Scribbling his signature on the contract with his right hand he reached for the com system with his left, almost yelling into the microphone. "Lomex? Storwin? Get moving... yes, I _know_ what time it is. Wake everyone else, we got some dismantling to do!"

Prophet Arames
Posted - 2003.08.06 19:09:00 - [11]

and if you think im reading all that, truly u are a dense little monkey..

Prophet Arames finished reading one of the twenty-seven holo-vids he used to follow the news stories across Eve. He shook his head from side to side and sighed... but then smiled.

He looked over to one of his two PR department assistants. "Do we still have a contact working for the Cliffs Corporation?"

Sarah Perti looked up from her data-tablet. From the fluttering of her eyelids Arames could tell she was accessing the data... "Nollus Pye, broker agent for the Cliffs Corporation. Do you wish his current location?"

"No, just send him a message. Request that his corporation create a condensed version of 'Venal At Dusk' and send a copy to Stavros."

"Yes, sir--"

"Wait, better tell him we need it to be less than 500 words..."

"Yes sir--"

"And no words with more than three syllables if he can help it."

"Certainly sir." Sarah paused for a moment, making sure no more requests came from her director. Seeing Arames's attention turn back to the holo-vids, Sarah began pushing buttons on her data-tablet.

Halo Jones
Oberon Incorporated
Posted - 2003.08.06 19:13:00 - [12]

*text removed*

In character posts only on this forum.

- Pann

Athule Snanm
Rien Ici
Posted - 2003.08.06 21:15:00 - [13]

The whole thing stinks of Satan. Satan is real, hellfire is real, the miners are real.

Tyrrax Thorrk
Habitual Euthanasia
Pandemic Legion
Posted - 2003.08.06 23:31:00 - [14]

Ahh I love the smell of me going to steal stuff in the morning :P

Deep Core Mining Inc.
Posted - 2003.08.07 18:43:00 - [15]

Edited by: Ragnar on 07/08/2003 18:52:53

No sooner was Ragnar approaching his hangar bay when a door blew open just in front of him to the left. Two disheveled figures wrapped in a freshly burnt lab coats flew across the hallway, hitting the wall, falling into a crumpled heap on the metallic floor. Smoke and other noxious fumes billowed out of the room from which they were just expelled.

The two jumped up as if they had just had a playground spill, adjusted their glasses and started excitedly talking. It was only after looking past the soot covered faces and mussed hair did he realize it was two of his hardest working men, Zedem and Yalson.

“Ragnar!” Zedem yelled as if seeing a killer in his private quarters in the middle of the night. “Err this isn’t what it looks like. We’ll get it back together! This Jovian stuff is light years beyond what we have. I told Yalson –“

“Yes it may be my fault,” stammered Yalson, “I thought the actuator would be like a CU Vapor but it wasn’t it was really amazing and then I –“

Before the two gesticulating lab men could continue a cadre of huge Minmatar men in full black body armor ran up behind Ragnar and whisked him forward through and down the hallway. They were his personal guard and never more than a few seconds away.

The men dropped him quickly in a private secure communications room just outside of his personal hangar. Ragnar flipped on the comm and performed the instant DNA verification. He was shown on one screen a short headline about a rogue Jovian agent but his attention was drawn to another screen which showed two Jovian battleships circling outside some station. Strange, he thought, that looks like this station.

The center screen appeared with the face of Calladen, one of his most trusted men.

“Ragnar, there is something terribly wrong,” he explained, quite irritated. He kept looking from side to side as if someone could be overhearing him. “The Jovians. They are outside. They are asking to talk to you.”

Looking back at the screen showing the two Jovian battleships, Ragnar did not indicate any thoughts with his face. He slowly turned his head back towards Calladen on the middle screen, who gave him a slight thrust of the head forward and a widening of the eyes, as if to say “go ahead.”

Ragnar looked down for a minute and straightened his suit and left the comm room. He instructed his personal guard to get follow him to his ship, the EBIDTA, which was already being prepped for a trip that was about to change.

His ship left the station at Y-4CFK and he saw, idling about 40KM away, a messy tangle of huge ships silently in orbit around one another. They were still a bit away, but he could make out the two Jovian battleships the station’s cameras had picked up. He sent his camera drone over to investigate as he slowly approached.

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The Jovians appear in style, as Jovians are wont to do.

Zoom Pic

The local channel filled with a voice that sounded unlike he had ever heard.

“Pilot Ragnar, can we have a word with you if we will?” asked one of the Jovian battleship pilots named Ouria.

Well this is not a normal day, thought Ragnar, quickly checking his computers to pull up what information he had on Ouria.

Please visit your user settings to re-enable images.
Ouria, one of the two Jovian visitors.

“Yes allow me a moment to prepare a few things,” Ragnar answered, furiously punching up whatever intel he could quickly gather. Executives from all reaches of the galaxy were contacting him to both get information and give information. He forwarded it all to Katherine, back at the station, to monitor events.

Adjusting his controls, Ragnar replied, “I am on an approach vector.”

Looking around he saw other TTI friends and colleagues that had come out for the event like Elithiomel, Activor, Sinjin, XMorganX, and others. He also saw Setec, Mastema, trap, and other good members of the Venal alliance, all circling around this most unusual of events.

“Ragnar, you are meant to come to a meeting when the next day arises,” Ouria said.

Almost before that ethereal voice ended another chorused in on top. “Our elders seek your company,” added the other Jovian, by the name of Veniel.

Ouria continued, “They wish to discuss a certain matter in regards to an infected brother of ours.”


Deep Core Mining Inc.
Posted - 2003.08.07 18:44:00 - [16]

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“I would be happy to attend such a meeting to open whatever relations can assist all parties involved,” Ragnar replied. He continued tilting his head about to try to get a good look at the Jovian ships. No matter where his eyes looked, they tended to slip off the side of the ship and into space.

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One of the Jovian battleships.

Zoom Pic

Veniel went on to say the meeting would be in FDZ4-A, at planet 9, Moon 6, at the Society of Conscious Thought School.

“Bring the object in question. Our elders wish to make you an offer that will be hard for you to refuse.”

Ragnar raised his eyebrows at this. He quickly typed into his private comm device back to Yalson and Zedem, “Fix it you idiots fast!”

Ragnar responded, “I will have my secretary set aside that meeting in my schedule. I will also have an armed convoy prepared to bring the item.”

“Come alone.”

Ragnar could not tell who said that, although it hardly seemed to matter. Their Siren-like voices were almost indistinguishable from thoughts in his own head. Whenever Ouria or Veniel stopped talking, the listener was left with a faint metallic ting that resonated in the skull, a feeling not so unlike the end of a headache.

“We understand your concern about security,” explained one of them, “We will guarantee your safety as long as we have an understanding of mutual respect.”

“If that is your wish,” Ragnar conceded faced with two Jovian battleships in my viewport. “I have seen no indication of hostile intent, so I will take you at your good word.”

“We cannot however guarantee the safety of anyone else in that system,” warned Ouria. “You are allowed to have escort, but the meeting will only take place with you alone.”

“Understood,” Ragnar replied. “I will send a message to any involved parties to keep their affairs constrained to their current areas of space.”

“Good we have an understanding,” Veniel allowed.

“We will contact you tomorrow at 1430 GMT If there is any change of plan,” Ouria said as her ship began to softly vibrate against the planet behind her.

“Excellent,” Ragnar answered. “I appreciate your professional demeanor in the resolution of this unfortunate situation.”

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The Jovians, oblivious to their power, leave a wake of damage in their sudden exit.

Zoom Pic

Almost before Ragnar finished my sentence there was a tremendous flash of light and a shock wave, sending his ship rippling backwards away from the scene. His armor and structure were below 50% and shields had been eviscerated. Readusting the camera drone, Ragnar saw the Jovians were no longer there.

Well that was some kind of an exit, Rangar said to himself, ship ablaze while his crew activated the repair modules.

Heading back to the station he brought up Zedem and Yalson on his screen. They looked up from a tangle of wires and throbbing lights, their faces still dirty and glasses askew. Seeing Ragnar on the other end the screamed and jumped and ran all about the room collecting parts to piece it back together again.

Calladen Nimitz
Todaki Innovations
Posted - 2003.08.07 20:13:00 - [17]

Calladen Nimitz sat in his cruiser and watched the massive Jovian battleships depart. He had monitored their vessels from a distance and obtained limited intelligence from a scan of the ship.

Of course his scanner was like no other in existence.

Standing he acknowledged the glance of his first officer with a nod and retreated to his private office. The days events had certainly been dramatic and now there was the long journey ahead. Sitting on a large plush sofa he picked up an unusual looking object from the table in front of him. Turning it in his hand his face appeared bemused as the object began to glow slightly.

The object had been found in a remote planet in the Obe system. Its purpose was unknown but it seemed to magnify conscious thought into energy. His best scientists had been unable to determine its use.

Setting it down he leaned back and gazed out the window to the sight of a star setting behind a planet framing the TTI regional headquarters station. The station was of a unique design and fully functional. While TTI had its main headquarters in Caldari space this was the place where most of the major day to day operations of Taggart Transdimensional were conducted.

Standing he exited the office and reentered the bridge. Not configured like a normal starship bridge the command center of his cruiser Retribution II was more a lounge type setting then a functional bridge with two control stations near the front viewscreen where a helmsman and chief navigator were stationed. he sat in his comfortable command chair, more a sofa, and glanced around. To his right were several large comfortable looking chairs in a semicircle with small control panels on consoles in front. To his left were two large consoles facing the center with two large comfortable chairs containing the Chief Tactical Officer and the Science Officer. He had designed this unique bridge layout himself and found it promoted teamwork and a feeling of family-like closeness among his command crew.

"Set a course for Obe" he said and soon felt the ship slowly move forward before entering warp. He had a meeting with a friend, one who had given him the strange item in his possession, there was another find to report he had said in a communique. Another strange item to be purchased for Zedem Mion and the Taggart labs to examine.

Zodiac never failed to disappoint.

to be continued

Tehel Necrona
Black Omega Security
Pandemic Legion
Posted - 2003.08.07 20:20:00 - [18]

The TTS Nosferatu hurtled into warp on route to the Station in y-4cfk. As the Guritas testing facility transformed from a small spec to an awesome station upon the view screen, the Nosferatu shook with the turbulence as she dropped out of warp.

The remnants of what at first sight appeared to of been a battle met the eyes of Tehel.

He rose from his chair and opened a COM link to a nearby Taggart vessel. The Maller class ship was venting plasma out of her engines and appeared to be in a bad way.

Commander Wesley, also of Gamma squad appeared on screen.

"Commander, what happened here?" The bulkheads of the Nosferatu shook as a piece of debris glanced off the battleships shielding. "Did the jovians open fire?" Tehel was anxious, and grieved. He was charging towards Venal after the command of the admiral and had apparently only just missed the conflict.

"Captain." Wesley nodded in acknowledgement to the hail "No, they left requesting a meeting with Ragnar. Upon doing so however a shockwave was sent out, must be attributed to their jump technology.”

"It caused all this?" Tehel was quite taken at how something as harmless as a jump drive could decimate an entire fleet. "We have any casualties".

"None. Bar a bit of pride and shielding" The commander smirked somewhat. "It was an impressive display, but nothing more." Tehel was still somewhat anxious he paused for a moment.

"What of the artefact?" Tehel said, as his eyes came up to meet Wesley's.

"We still have it, but i believe it is to be returned, it was not a planned jovian leak. They mentioned something to do with an infection". Wesley's comment left Tehel even more anxious.

"This act of desperation can only indicate how badly they want this thing, perhaps we should reconsider handing it back so willingly. There's opportunities afoot here." Tehel's comment shook Wesley even more so than his own shook Tehel.

"I think your getting ahead of yourself Tehel, these are the Jove, not your average trigger happy Guritas". Wesley offered a slight grin after his comment, which was by all accounts extremely accurate. Taggart, even with the backing of the mighty Venal Alliance was no match for the jove. Tehel gave a small laugh.

"The mouse and the lion. Perhaps this laser is their net." Tehel sat back. "Thanks Wesley, I’m going to take the Nosferatu to the testing facility, my crew are somewhat famished after our journey, and I’ve a slight cravin for caldari bar maid. Tehel out!" With that the view screen returned the view of the enormous station.

The Illuminati.
Pandemic Legion
Posted - 2003.08.07 20:56:00 - [19]

wow this is very ghey, said stavros of m0o corp.

infact i think that tti may be the truly most arrogant pos corp in the history of the universe ever.

stavros checked his ****list wanting to add tti, but ooh gee they were already on there.

then stavros got really bored and decided to go hurt some more people safe in the knowledge that his corp wasnt a bunch of turncoat lieing gits.

m0o corp out!

Heretic Army
Posted - 2003.08.07 22:46:00 - [20]

I don't know about your ship but there is a crew abord mine. I'm the pilot, a role that takes so much training I am one of the very few people in the universe that is allowed to be cloned. The days of the captain going down with his ship is over. I am much to valuable to go down with it.

Yes, there are crews aboard ships, the captain is part of the ship though.


Posted - 2003.08.07 22:48:00 - [21]

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"Hina, could you please send Derkan, that's D-e-r-k-a-n, a copy of "20 questions you always wanted to ask about pods" ?"

Josephine looked up from one of his datascreens,

"Oh and highlight the part about why the pilot is not the whole crew but indeed just the pilot, and also the communications links from within the pod to the outside world, I'm sure the amarrians should by now know how loudspeakers work..."

Imperium Signal Corps
Underworld Excavators
Posted - 2003.08.07 23:46:00 - [22]

Xeserox sat there reading the news. That delecate scarred brow lifted hearing the news. He then slammed his fist down on the console that he was looking at and shook his head..

" Why does everyone else get to see what i dream of becoming. "

A deep breath taken as he shook his head with a deep sigh.

" My time will come.... and my DNA will be theirs...... "


ISD Interstellar Correspondents
Posted - 2003.08.08 17:03:00 - [23]

OOC comments removed.

Please keep the Summit IC as per the Laws that Bind Thee.

Deep Core Mining Inc.
Posted - 2003.08.08 21:22:00 - [24]

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The Meeting of the Jovian Eldars

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Five Jovian vessels surround the shuttle and the meeting begins.
Zoom Pic

Full story, what can be told, will come soon...

The Illuminati.
Pandemic Legion
Posted - 2003.08.08 21:50:00 - [25]

coming out of his weekly period of meditation stavros paused for a minute to ponder something..

why out of all the corps in the world had the joves picked the girlie shirt lifting toss pieces of tit...

perhaps the joves were not as clever as rumour permitted..... hmmm this could present interesting possibilites for piracy, especially if the tti tendancy for ***otry caught on it jove... thought stavros...

ahh true the ***gotry is strong within them.. he concluded...

stavros vowed to give the topic more thought after he had finished playing with his corpse collection, a pound of crunchy peanut butter and some industrial grade rubber gloves...


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