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Posted - 2003.09.21 21:20:00 - [61]

Edited by: fujin on 21/09/2003 21:26:09
Anyone here think cairnz is the bug i mean that
realy was a heafty load of smelly bs he handed us

ati 9500 pro
1gig 333 fsb non intel ram
30gig 10,000 rpm hdd seril 150
audigy 2 platnum

iv ben haveing the ctd problem all day long
things are getin ugly an if they dont start
goin good ima just use this game till world of warcraft comes out

Twisted EvilTwisted EvilTwisted EvilTwisted EvilTwisted EvilTwisted EvilTwisted EvilTwisted Evil

Cadman Weyland
Irn Bru Crew
Posted - 2003.09.22 23:41:00 - [62]

I realise this is an old thread, but i gotta add to it.

I just got a new pc and adsl almost purely for this game, old one kept jamming up, turning off etc while on Eve and just surfing in general.

New pc, Windows XP, Radeon 9200, 552ddr ram etc, its worse than b4. Im suffering constant ctds, jamming and Total sys reboots.

Looks like im not alone either. It bugs me to be paying cash each month for a service this bad, 3 days of it since new pc and its driving me nuts.

"Crashman" Weyland as im now called in corp Mad

Aurelius Zarander
Posted - 2003.10.05 21:52:00 - [63]

I have been getting reboots after i launched scouting drones and ordered to attack them..

I can't remember having these problems before Neutral

Advanced Security And Asset Protection
Posted - 2003.10.06 07:34:00 - [64]

I can now sympathise with all these people.

Recently upgraded my system, new nforce board and an audigy among many parts. Never had a problem with CTD's before and now I can't get more than an hour without one.

Now this conflicts with the "random" aspect, I've obviously incorporated a piece of hardware that EVE does not agree with, my money is on teh board or the soundcard. I've updated all the drivers as best I can.

Going to give this realtek codec thing a go, I'm not using the onboard sound but I'm willing to try anything.

Dr Snarl
4S Corporation
Morsus Mihi
Posted - 2003.10.06 21:21:00 - [65]

I wonder if its a problem with the nForce card.

I have an ABIT NF7-S v2 (nForce chip) in conjunction with radeon pro 9700.

I crash after about 5 mins of play in eve.

Advanced Security And Asset Protection
Posted - 2003.10.07 01:16:00 - [66]

Anyone else running nforce motherboards?

Maybe we can find a common hadware issue here.

Hawk Tengu
Posted - 2003.10.10 17:53:00 - [67]

CTD's for me seem to mostly occur when I enter warp, leave warp, dock at station, leave station and jump into new system. In all cases updates should be going to and from the server at a rapid pace to update the location data.

It occurred to me that the CTD's could be a network related problem - either LAG related or maybe even driver related to the network card. I'm betting on LAG as it's the most common factor between all people.

This could be why CCP is upgrading their hardware. Though my worry is that it has nothing to do with the server and everything to do with bandwidth. The client maybe fast and the Servers may be fast, but if it takes 4 seconds for the data to arrive at the client due to limited bandwidth how are you going to fix it?

Just something to think about.

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This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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