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Rymar Vortox
Mix Master
Posted - 2003.08.02 05:38:00 - [1]

I've been getting random CTD and my comp rebooted when doing anything or nothing in the game. I've had it happen after jumping to a system, while approaching a gate or station inside a station chatting or doing anything else.

UnderHated iNc
Brotherhood Of The Sick and Twisted
Posted - 2003.08.02 06:58:00 - [2]

Yea! I have been having the same trouble too...
Drivers are all up to date and everything, EVE's been doing this since the last patch, it is extremely annoying Anyone else having this problem?

Posted - 2003.08.02 08:28:00 - [3]

Edited by: Isomerone on 02/08/2003 08:37:08
Agreed. I never had this problem before the lastest patch. Completely random. I can't alt-enter anymore without it instanly rebooting my system. Confused

Rymar Vortox
Mix Master
Posted - 2003.08.02 12:21:00 - [4]

Last night it happened to my and a corp member at the same time twices. It seems like this started happening to me ever since the previous server up.

I upgraded my video card drivers to make sure that it wasn't them but the new drivers didn't fix the problem. The graphics run faster and smoother but I'm still getting random CTD and reboots.

When scanndisk runs it finds at least 4 bytes worth of bad clusters and one time it said the drive space was being incorrectly reported which it repaired.

There was one time when I got a windowed error message from the game saying the following:

EXCEPTION #270 logged at 8/1/2003 11:04:25 AM
ValueError: list.remove(x): x not in list

Traceback (most recent call last):
File "C:/builds/files/script/sys/", line 318, in RunSvc
File "C:/builds/files/script/environment/", line 68, in Run
File "C:/builds/files/script/sys/", line 535, in FavourMe
ValueError: list.remove(x): x not in list

This function was called with arguments:

self : <service.ServiceManager instance at 0x0D03AB80>
fn : <bound method Godma.OnModuleAttributeChange of <svc.Godma instance at 0x0D4A7488>>

Barring function arguments, the local namespace was empty.

eve.session was <Session: (sid:17, mutating:0, role:0x1, corprole:0)>

Again I started having this problem after the last server being on Friday 1st of August.

I don't know if it's related or not myself and others have been having a problem with the local channel filling up with players from other channels. Its gotten to about 90 and it's been maxing out my cpu and hardrive to the limit as well as causing major lag making it hard as hell to type and play the game if I don't CTD or get rebooted first.

Heroes For Hire
Posted - 2003.08.02 12:32:00 - [5]

Same here. Since the last patch I have been averaging a CTD every hour or so. They occur in random areas doing random things. No clear pattern.

System Specs:
P4 2.4
768 MB RAM
SB Audigy 2 Platnum
Geforce 4
All latest drivers.

Most of the error text files say this..

Blue.List: Key 0 our of range, size is 0.
trinity.TriDevice: ["(null)"], RotUrl: ["tri:/dev"]
CurrentArea: [""]
CurrentShader: [""], RotUrl["(null)"]
There is no D3D device available

Also, I did run across a log text file that made reference to a sound file name being too long and it listed one of my mp3s. It seems these may be limited to a name of 55 characters. Since this is not a supported feature I removed the mp3s.

Seaufly Dragon
The Scope
Posted - 2003.08.03 03:58:00 - [6]

I too have been having this problem since the last patch. My puter will shut down completely at times and others just ctd around 10 times a day and very frustrating. My puter is up to date. I do not have this problem with any other games just eve. Confused

The Scope
Posted - 2003.08.03 12:44:00 - [7]

Edited by: Arrik on 03/08/2003 12:45:06
I'm getting similar problems myself, they started around 3am August 2nd, when I got two spontaneous reboots in 5 minutes. I waited until downtime to see if that would clear it, but I still get the odd one, usually in combat OR while loading some data from server (opening container, entering asteroid belt)

I have not been able to pin down a reliable trigger, but I should mention that nothing on my system was changed or installed prior to this happening, so I can only conclude its something coming from the server end.

I also cannot get any dump or log data. since when it reboots EVE does not have chance to save a dump file, nor can I grab anything with logserver.

System Specs:
AMD XP2800+
EpoX 8RDA+ nForce2 motherboard (intergrated MCP-T sound)
Radeon 9700 Pro 129Mb graphics card (3.4 catalyst drivers)
512Mb DDR RAM (PC3500)

PS: Yes this is a mostly repeated post, but I'm putting the info into several threads in case only a few are seen!


Posted - 2003.08.03 19:32:00 - [8]

Those error files that are automatically generated by the game, like those [""] things, are pretty pretty useless.

For those that experience CTD/Reboots, the most likely cause is hardware conflicts/bugs in your setup, not at CCP.

"But it works with every other game..." Sure it does, but is every other game a game that requires DX9?

Also, there is a number of nice posts in the Known Workaround forum that explains issues most of you are having.

Just to refer, VIA recently pushed out a BETA fix for an error in their memory register, which caused overflows in the write queue on heavy memory access. They also stated that the new nVidia drivers were heavily optimized and pushed that bug more out in the open, since the new drivers allow more memory throughput. Go search around in that forum, and if you have a VIA chipset, it might be worth it to check it out.

For those that just have CTD's, running LogServer while playing and saving one of the workspaces when it crashes, you might provide some useful information to the bughunters. Visit the #eve-chaos channel on for more information. Posts about how to run logserver and the test (chaos) server can also be found around these forums.


Brutor Tribe
Posted - 2003.08.03 23:14:00 - [9]

Edited by: Encrypter on 03/08/2003 23:19:48
Blah Blah blame my system when there is nothing wrong with it, CCP release more bugs in their patches than they are fixing from previous ones, how can they expect to introduce new things when what they have doesnt work right!

I dont have this many problems running the Doom 3 Alpha release!!! Twisted Evil

Another thing, I dont care if there are workaround for every problem there is, workaround are not solutions to the problem they are only a band-aid to keep us playing because we pay to play, not to test things out. (aka retail beta) Rolling Eyes

Posted - 2003.08.04 02:15:00 - [10]

cairnz stop talking **** eh? Go take a look at the server status graphs on and then hang your head in shame.

Hundreds of people are crashing at the same time! You guys can lock as many CTD threads as you like and spread disinformation like this but anyone with half a brain knows this wasn't happening 2-3 weeks ago.

Posted - 2003.08.04 07:11:00 - [11]

Edited by: Kasha on 04/08/2003 07:11:19
Cairnz wrote "For those that experience CTD/Reboots, the most likely cause is hardware conflicts/bugs in your setup, not at CCP"

This has got to be the most ******ed statement I have read on these boards in long time.
Tell that to the hundreds of players that have this problem. But better do it quick because soon there will not be any players left.

Arthur Vandelay
Posted - 2003.08.04 07:57:00 - [12]

I have to disagree with you, Cairnz. While it is true that in a number of cases the CTDs and reboots may be attributed to the particular hardware setups of the players (and EVE just happens to stress the system in a certain way and make those bugs visible) there seems to be a pattern here: CTDs and reboots have been known and experienced by some players since beta (although I was under the impression that it was happening only to a minority), but many people are reporting to have started having them right after the last patch. It would seem that patch introduced something that is causing these problems. Really, the amount of posts related to this topic has increased dramatically in the last days.

Speaking for myself, I have also started to have complete reboots of my computer (not CTDs) when playing EVE after the patch. It is a new system -assembled less than two weeks ago-, so I haven't had the time to bloat it with crap (it is a fresh install with the latest drivers for all the hardware). And again, the computer works fine with other games (although you have a point, these other games don't use DirectX 9.0) and worked fine with EVE before the patch. These are the specs:

- Dual Athlon MP 2400+ in a K7D Master-L
- 1 GB PC2700 memory
- 120 GB Western Digital SE (1200JB)
- DVD and CDRW (Lite-on).
- ATI Radeon 9500 Pro 128 MB (Sapphire)
- Philips Sound Edge 5.1
- Win2K (properly patched and up to date)

The system has very little installed on it other than the drivers, EVE and some basic apps (winzip and the likes) because I only use Windows for games (I am what you could call a Linux person).

Also, I can safely say that in my case the reboots have nothing to do with the sound because they also happen when there isn't a sound card in the system (I unplugged it to see if they were related to it ). Of course the mobo sound is disabled. My main suspect would be the video card, but then... the problem seems to happen only with EVE. I would buy the theory of a problem in MY system if this stuff were happening to me only, but you cannot ignore the number of threads and posts in these forums from people having the exact same problems. All of us have hardware/software problems in our computers? Because we are quite a heterogeneous bunch, not all of us have the same chipsets, processors, video cards... It is not impossible, but it is unlikely.

Anyway, I hope CCP is able to track the cause of these problems and fix them soon, I really like this game and I don't dare to do anything serious -i.e. combat- since the crashes started. Not planning to leave, though, I am sure these things will be ironed out. I just hope this happens soon.

Posted - 2003.08.04 08:28:00 - [13]

Hail to all!

I'm having the same problems. I'm a new player to Eve, so i can't give you much details of when it happens. It always does CTD or reboot during setting up an Amarr Character, and has been known to do it ingame with my current cha. But I had to create him by clicking next quickly and/or clickingthe first item. Grr...

Anyway, I've emails technical, no reply as yet... :(

Posted - 2003.08.04 13:35:00 - [14]

If you're having problems with this happening.. as I'm sure we all are, then please see my post on "vote to help CCP" and let them know what is the single most important thing that needs fixing in your oppinion.

Pukin' Dogs
Posted - 2003.08.04 13:50:00 - [15]

Edited by: Abbadon on 04/08/2003 13:50:50
Im sorry Cairns, this in no Hardware/Driver issue at the PC end....why?......

1) 5-6 people in my corp CTD at the same time
2) I sometimes see extreme lag and then a dozen people from my buddy list 'log out'
3) Only started after last patch
4) You can be anywhere doing anything....sitting idle in station chatting, warping, mining...
5) result is one of three possible outcomes...CTD with no error, reboot PC or complete system freeze.

Everyone I have spoken to in game has noticed this since last patch so I would point the finger at the proxys as CCP have always had problems with nodes dropping.

Imperial Republic Of the North
Posted - 2003.08.04 14:19:00 - [16]

I too have had this problem, just starting within the last few days. Often most or all of the people in my corp CTD/reboot at the same time. It's happening once and hour or more, can't even get an indy filled up all the way when mining before I crash. My most common problem involves XP crashing (probobly an attempted re-boot) to a black screen. Only powering down the PC and re-booting can get my system back. Again, just started a few days ago. Before that, I was just about crash free, maybe one CTD every 5 days or so. Doesn't sound like a "problem with my system"...

Hober Mallow
Posted - 2003.08.04 15:51:00 - [17]

For those that experience CTD/Reboots, the most likely cause is hardware conflicts/bugs in your setup, not at CCP.

*snorts with laughter*
*falls over with laughter*
i wish someone would go put that as a news announcment when you load up eve... ccp wouldnt know what hit them...

Posted - 2003.08.04 15:55:00 - [18]

Aye. 500 or so people got booted about 15 minutes ago (me being one of them) and of course it's all down to our hardware. Where the hell do they find people like cairnz? Rolling Eyes

The Scope
Posted - 2003.08.04 19:18:00 - [19]

Cairnz - have you ever read this thread?

In particular you might find my post interesting, whre I make it abundantly clear that this problem DID NOT EXIST PRIOR TO AUGUST 1ST.

Also, that I MADE NO CHANGES TO MY SYSTEM, DRIVERS OR HARDWARE *AT ALL* before experiencing this problem. Before this date, with this exact setup, I had no trouble, after that date, I get periodic reboots. What conflicts with my hardware? Do you SERIOUSLY think that they will take this long to suddenly and magically appear from nowhere?

Fer chris' sake man, it didn't even conincide with the patch! It just started happening, and is still going on...DO YOU UNDERSTAND?

*READ* the thread before posting stock responses.

Posted - 2003.08.04 19:31:00 - [20]

Edited by: Aldebaran on 04/08/2003 19:33:23
Happened to me too on 2 different systems, and it only happened since the last patch.

System 1 at work:
Dell running Win2000 SP3.

System 2 at home:
Win XP SP1.

1) The crash seem to be random, all of the sudden, the game gives no response, then boom! You either crash to desktop or have a kernel panic (on both systems).
2) No specific pattern, I was either sitting in a station and load/unload stuffs, or fitting stuffs, or plainly just doing nothing. It also crash while approaching jump gates, or during combats (Due to the randomness of the crash, I have to do light combat against Frig pirates, or I would lose my cruisers).
3) Only start to crash since the last patch. performance has been SOLID on both systems [EDIT: Solid prior to the last patch build 1128)].
4) Other games run fine.

Because of (3) and (4) please dont give me the lame excuse that it is a conflict in my system. I have 15 years working on computers to know better.

Salazar N'terre
The Technomages
Posted - 2003.08.04 20:29:00 - [21]

Last night i counted 7 CTDs, I upped my memory and that helped, but who has extra memory lying around. I cleaned out my prefs.ini file and that made them go away for like 4 hours before another wave of CTDs occur. I have never had a CTD occur until this last patch. If I cant play, Then why should I pay.

CCP fix the CTD bugs!

Salazar N'terre
The Technomages
Posted - 2003.08.04 20:29:00 - [22]

Last night i counted 7 CTDs, I upped my memory and that helped, but who has extra memory lying around. I cleaned out my prefs.ini file and that made them go away for like 4 hours before another wave of CTDs occur. I have never had a CTD occur until this last patch. If I cant play, Then why should I pay.

CCP fix the CTD bugs!

Steel Rat
Dirty Deeds Corp.
Axiom Empire
Posted - 2003.08.04 21:20:00 - [23]

This occurance has been happening to me as well since the last patch. Now I noticed the canned response from cairnz, but I happen to run 2 accounts on 2 totally different machines.

Machine 1:
Dual 2.4 Xeon, 1 gig ram, ATI 9700 Pro, WinXp
Machine 2:
P4 2 gig, 512 Ram, GF4 4200, W2K

BOTH machines crash at exactly the same time. If 1 goes, the other goes and I get synchronized reboots. Sometimes I can catch 1 or the other as there is usually a little lag just prior to the crash happening and if I am quick enuff I can save 1 machine from rebooting.

I have to say, with all the problems/bugs Eve has/does have, NONE of them annoy as much as this. When a program starts rebooting machines, you would think someone would pay attention and FIX IT! Please Razz

Nexus VI
Posted - 2003.08.04 21:44:00 - [24]

Just wanted to throw my hat into the ring. I will say this has made me return to my RL for a few days...maybe not such a bad thing, but Im still paying for this game so let's get this fixed!

p4 2.4ghz
gf4 ti4600
SB Live!
512mb ddr pc2100

Ill log some time tonight with the log server and submit a proper bug report but I just wanted to tack another post onto this thread so CCP knows it isnt anything like cairnz says...this is certainly a bug.

Deep Core Mining Inc.
Posted - 2003.08.04 22:23:00 - [25]

Well i get the restart every now and then and my drivers are updated..depressing !!

Xtreme Intruders
Posted - 2003.08.04 22:23:00 - [26]

I get's worse everyday, for some damn reason the server stop sending packets to the client then the client tries to process like you got dropped but CCP has ****ty error handling and and causes and abnormal termination of the program effectivly F'ing up windows.

Causing Reboots or Blue Screen of DEATH.

Come on get your guy off of vacation and fix something damn.

Caldari Provisions
Posted - 2003.08.04 22:27:00 - [27]

sigh im sick of this fking ****. I can't belive that statement from Cainz so your telling me theres 100's of players with my exact spec all crashing at the same time? Dont make us laugh and fob us off with blatent bull pls, were not 10yr who know nothing... Sort it out? It's to do with the latest patch, as its only happned from then

512 DRR2100
GF3 Ti500
SB Audigy

Tyrell Corp
Posted - 2003.08.04 22:42:00 - [28]

For those that experience CTD/Reboots, the most likely cause is hardware conflicts/bugs in your setup, not at CCP.

No.. YOUR crap is busted, mine is working great. Fix it!

I've made no software or hardware changes in the last month on my machines. (yes machines I have several) and I am crashing, being booted out of the game and my machine is even restarting. Same problems as the hundreds and hundreds of other people are having.

Imperial Shipment
Posted - 2003.08.04 22:52:00 - [29]

Edited by: Boneca on 04/08/2003 22:56:13
Cairnz you are basically talkin out of your ass on this one Rolling EyesWhen 200 ppl disappear from trade channel in one go how can you still come on the boards and say it's our systems . there seems to be a major bug/problem since last patch causin random ctd/node drops and it needs to be addressed bloody quick. Mad
Or a lot of ppl me included are gonna find games that do work on our systems, and we pay your wages remember( we don't play and you don't get paid)
EVE is a great game but this ctd problem is makin it a great game that don't work properly and that equals a game that ain't that good really, and ccp's stubborn refusal to accept that there is a problem is only makin things worse.

Seaufly Dragon
The Scope
Posted - 2003.08.05 00:29:00 - [30]

I know I posted earlier on this subject.. and was told must be my system couldnt be ccp... My Husband reminded me that we have 3 different accounts and 3 different computers in our computer room and they all ctd. Now you saying that all brands of computers have this problem? They didnt do it before the patch. and did I mention we have 3 accounts. SWG beta didnt crash, wonder if planetside has same problem. And I use my directx 9 with enb and eq no problems... no ctd. Please I love eve wouldnt have spent 150.00 on the disc if I didnt but crashing and not knowing when I will crash is getting to be the pits.

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