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Princess Akmazara
Posted - 2003.08.01 22:06:00 - [1]

(Camera scene opens on a desolate village on a barren plain)

"This is Princess Akmazara reporting from New Caldari in the heart of Lonetrek."

(Camera pans over to some desperate looking people outside a shanty hut).

"Here in the middle of the mighty Caldari Empire, home of wealth and capitalism, people starve and die"

(Camera follows reporter as she walks thru the crowds begging for food).

"I've been here only an hour and people have been begging for food, asking me to take their children to a better life, these people are desperate".

"Yet in the middle of all this is the capitalistic Caldari Empire with incredible wealth".

(Picture changes to a luxurious mansion and a party of elite with reporter speaking in background).

"Despite the poverty the rich have no problem squandering the peoples money for lavish parties. People die just kilometers away yet their cries and the cries of their chilren go unheard".

(Camera goes back to reporter kneeling holding a sick child).

"Yet here in the heart of wealth is despair and poverty. People who deserve to be taken care of yet so shunned by society and ignored by those who have a moral obligation to help"

"This child will probably die yet the rich megacorps do nothing but count their isk and walk on the backs of these less fortunate in search of even more obscene riches".

(Camera follows reporter as she walks to ship with a mob of beggars following her pleading for help).

"The rich are destroying Caldari. The people need help yet they are ignored. When will the madness stop? When will the empire tax the rich to help these poor people?"

"This is Princess Akmazara signing off from New Caldari".

(Camera follows her into ship and goes dark).

So Nar
Hounds of Basgerin
Posted - 2003.08.02 00:45:00 - [2]

I have a few questions for this “Princess Akmazara” and her cry for charity. Now before I get started on her cry for charity I would like to state that I have no problem giving to people who are needy, I just question the way the request for my money is made. Here we have a “Princess” that switches scenes faster then I can reload the guns on my Stabber. The scenes go; a back drop of a desolate village (on a barren plain no less), people outside of a hut we are to assume is from this village, suddenly crowed around with begging people, switches to a mansion (that is filled with people who have worked hard for their money), to her holding a child, back to a mob of people begging her for help. The final scene is her walking into a ship and leaving those starving people behind. Is this not like the ancient Earth movie “Wag the Dog” where a fake story is put into place to change the opinion of people? The government or New Caldari surely knows what is best for its people and is doing its best for them.

Use your political strength as a princess Princess and not by trying to lend credence to a story few are interested in. Or better yet put out a can next to the register in the local Quafe store.

Posted - 2003.08.02 03:07:00 - [3]

What the hell is ancient earth?

It's twenty three thousand years in the future, and all the races of eve know of earth is that is a myth, like atlantis. They have no conrete proof it existed except some scattered relics from thousands of years ago. There no way in hell Wag the Dog would be known, or half of anything people refer to "ancient earth".

roleplay ****</off>

Posted - 2003.08.02 05:11:00 - [4]

Edited by: Dirtybones on 02/08/2003 05:14:07

Except for Howitzers..... lovely, lovely Howitzers....Wink

"There, there my pet, would you like some Phased Plasma? Of course you would. Now lets go find us a nice, juicy slaver ship to beat on!" Twisted Evil

Deep Core Mining Inc.
Posted - 2003.08.02 05:35:00 - [5]

Edited by: Yoshokun on 02/08/2003 06:30:32

I personally find it fascinating that personal success, for those who have succeeded, is so often considered in modern society a stigma or used as an insult in arguments of moral righteousness while the ideal of personal success for those who have not yet (or will ever) achieve it is praised. Perhaps it is our culture’s passion for the underdog or perhaps it is the jealousy that this ideal creates in the masses of the failed or almost-haves.

At any rate, I wonder, exactly why do these slums exist mere miles from the centers of Caldari society? While it is true that the Caldari do indeed posess some level of caste and social structure, it is not a glass roof that must be broken, it is merely a level that must be achieved and passed by ones own drive to do so. A healthy society will always have a lower class, but abject poverty should not exist if every individual in society does his or her best to take advantage of the resources available to them to make their lives and the lives of their loved ones better. All societies have this class of poverty, despite that all of them are healthy primarily due to the fact that these people make a conscience decision to work outside of the system in some form (failed attempts to make inroads into a black market) or simply do not possess the mental capacity in some form to do a job that ultimately provides for their very being.

Jobs exist in Caldari. Many, many jobs as a matter of fact. Taggart Transdimensional, for example, is always hiring. We do not take into consideration the present financial status of an applicant (beside heavy debt) or their history of achievement or failure. All we seek is a singular individual with a drive to make it for the well being of themselves and their families. Tell the dwellers of the slums you frequent that if they wish to work for their pay they will always have a job.

Do you wish, instead, that we distribute our profits to those who have not succeeded by their own undoing? Here is how a capitalist society works, for those reading this who may have some misgivings or misunderstandings regarding the topic. Upon reading this, hopefully, you will see the fallacy in the theory of income redistribution, no matter the form it takes.

At present, there are a number of manufacturers producing ships of every variety throughout space. Through the normal course of competition, prices have become unbearably low for many to stay in business and now only the wisest of businessmen continue to earn a worthy profit for their hard work. Now, despite the fact that these businessmen are working quite diligently to maintain their production levels, you hope to perhaps take a percentage of their profits and give it, asking nothing in return, to these slum dwellers, so that they may no longer starve or so that they may spend the cash on some sort of personal vice which will not feed them or bring them any closer to a lifestyle which is self-sustaining?

Should it ever be attempted that the producers (be them miners, industrialists or traders of pirate loot) of Gemini space are required to give a portion or all of what they earn to the lazy or incapable of Gemini, then you will a collapse of the entire economic system which people such as this Princess Akmazara (whoever you are) expected to use towards their own self-righteous goals. If the profit of each producer in Gemini is taken from them and given to another, then how are the economies and societies of the Empires supposed to bloom and grow to their full potential? If every person in Gemini were required to give their income to another, then the biggest ship on the block would still be a Moa and battleships such as the wondrous and powerful Apocalypse would still be out of reach.

-- continued --

Deep Core Mining Inc.
Posted - 2003.08.02 05:37:00 - [6]

Why? Because these monies used by the producers to expand their production, to invest in a better blueprint and to increase the size of their cargo hold would instead go to these moochers who beg to save their children. If the capable and successful members of the economy and society are each harnessed by the weight of ten starving children with inept parents who do not wish to have a job but instead a handout then there will be no hope for any of us to succeed. Why bother to succeed, after all, if all you have to look forward to is providing for the lazy with your hard work. Instead it would be much easier to sit back, put out your hand, and wait for the damned fool who actually showed his potential for success to give up everything they earned. I would not work under such conditions, and nor would any other truly successful businessman. Only those businessmen whose only quality involves the writing of papers, offering meetings and coming to committee decision would offer themselves to such a regime of slavery. Those are not the businessmen of conquest, of growth and of success; those are the businessmen of the status quo, capable of dealing only with the present and continuing on what has always done before. Success is often much, much more than that.

And as such, I warn all of you who would attempt such business practices. The success of an individual lays in the will of that individual to do whatever it takes to make their first isk and to take that first isk and put it towards being able to make more of it. Those are the people you should be spending your time writing about.

Khrom Hazen
Posted - 2003.08.02 10:31:00 - [7]

The Amarrians will gladly take a few of those poor souls in.
We are ready to give them a job along with some food and shelter
Just pack a few hundreds of them in an indy and send them over.

Radio Free Albemuth
Posted - 2003.08.02 12:06:00 - [8]


Reading you is interessing, and describe well the route that a still evolving race should take to overcome the lack of resources and technology, to improve and develop at a fast pace, even if part of the population, often described as the 'weaks' (I will come back to this later), have to be sacrified.

The definition of who is weak or strong at one point of the evolution, may change later on, there's is qualities native into human beings, like mathematical abstraction, artistic creativity, and lot of others, that were not usefull in the stone age, where raw strengt was the key for survival, that became gems when you entered in the ages of advanced civilisations, then the ability of a race to keep and develop the qualities of his members, may be the way to go in a long term vision, even in you take into account genetic evolution of the spiecie.

So the question that come is, where and when should the run for self richness and power stop ? What are we looking for really ? How much rich and powerfull should a single person be to have a perfect life ?

Should the vision of our civilisations made of a minority of powers fighting for domination over the majority of the other beings, forgetting and sacryfying all those who don't want or can't be assimilated by the system, thus reducing the notion of evolution to nearly only the technological and industrial level, but with a regressing culture and level of civilisation, story has shown that it alway created at the end false prophets, and mass manipulation into bloodthirsty and senseless ideological wars.

Or should the vision become something more close to the perfect ideal society, where the evolution lead, to the long term, to a deep cultural change, where all beings finally accept that they can live in harmony and peace, and recognise that there's way enough resources to be shared around if we speak to each other and organise and distribute them, and that fighting over them is not 'constructive' (we come back here to one of the foundations of your own phylosophy).

Most industrialists will see this as a fools dream, since we all stuck in our every day mission of survival, fearing and not trusting the other guy, stockpiling richnesses and resources for ourselves in fear of a worse day, but this is our animal side still speaking too loud in front of our intelligence and wisdom.

I believe that a time will come where humans will think to themselves as part of humanity, and as an integral part of the universe, able to recognise the suffering of his neighbors as his own, able to exist in perfect harmony and ballance with every other living being, and more important of all, without fearing his differences, and able to use all of them for the good of the whole.

Deep Core Mining Inc.
Posted - 2003.08.03 05:01:00 - [9]

Arguments in favor of communism as the ideal social end-game of humanity cause me to wonder exactly how one can forget the simple tenants of economics in favor of a proven-to-fail ideology.

There is a flaw in the logic which is present in the previous argument which allows it to end with such a well written wrap up. It is that it assumes that every single animal of humanity would be able to completely put aside ego in favor of collective reasoning and well being. This assumption is fallacy simply because it does not take into account the harsh reality of day to day life and the even harsher human nature.

If we are all to share so that each human can be equal, who chooses the amount which is to be shared and who organizes the distribution of wealth? This assumes that the caretakers of this communist society are not human.

If the weakest of society are to be brought to the same level as the primary producers, how do you confirm that these resources are being used effectively and not being wasted, as there will obviously be limited resources to spread over the overwhelming population of lazy. What is to prevent these leeches from wasting their handout on something that does nothing to maintain a standard of living similar to that of the producers as it supposedly is able to? Their own caring for human society over their own being? You assume the loss of ego in your communistic dreamland. The house of cards you have built upon the loss of human ego is bound to fail because once a single individual imposes their ego, their will, their wants, their desires upon the it, the entire system crumbles. Of course, this may be prevented, I’m sure, with a strong and informed secret police force with a charter to use their power, unchecked, to prevent such an instance.

Communism aside, there are also issues with your thoughts on the evolution of an economy. Economies continue to be strong through growth. It is, again, human nature to constantly expand, and if you prevent this force, then all things involved with the economy will stagnate. Modern history tells us that a reduced birthrate can drastically impact the economies of stations and planets. This is just only one form of growth, and not even the one mentioned in your commentary. If there were never any new products to sell in any form, then production would stay at minimal levels, which is fine, despite the fact that the huge amount of cash spent and jobs created by industry to create new products or refine products would cease to exist, thus preventing the economy from holding enough jobs to keep all people employed. This puts more pressure on what producers that do exist to produce more. This whole system, again, relies on a complete reversal of humanity to date. The moment a single individual creates a slightly better widget, this entire system goes into a tailspin. Jobs at producers that do not make New Widget would not survive if they did not take up the same course of action as that single individual – competition. If the economy did happen to convert to competition from its state of rest, then the comments I said earlier about robbing competitive business of its profits to feed the lazy apply.

-- continued --

Deep Core Mining Inc.
Posted - 2003.08.03 05:01:00 - [10]

Edited by: Yoshokun on 03/08/2003 05:12:31

But then all of that assumes that we picked a great spot in the never-ending chain of technological evolution to stop. What if human society had stopped building before we reached the stars ages ago because humans of that day felt they had gone far enough? We know now that life today is much better than the lives of our ancestors, and the same will be true for our offspring, when we are the ancestors. Do you wish to rob our children of a potentially better life than ours? This desire for a better life, of course, does not exist in your ego-less society, but that’s exactly the point I am trying to make.

What are we looking for? Humanity is an animal, it is not some being of special purpose or meaning. As such, we will continue to do what makes us feel like our relatively meaningless lives have meaning. It’s your own life, you have your own ego (despite the fact that you wish a loss of that will upon others) and so you do what makes you feel useful, purposeful. If you gain your own self-purpose through the help of the lazy, then so be it. I honestly do not care what you do with your own time, as it is your own time. I do not wish to impose my ideals of competition, success and greed upon you; I only wish to make sure that you understand that I do not wish for you to impose your ideals upon me. Unfortunately, because your ideals require the imposition of your ideals and your meaning upon me and the rest of the successful achievers in space, I write this, in a vain attempt to help you to understand that your ego is what drives you to write what you write and believe what you believe. If you lost your ego in favor of the collective of humanity, then you would understand that the silent majority who live within the system would like to keep the system, and do not accept any alternative.

Attempt to impose your collective being upon us and you will see, in action, exactly why every assumption you made is misguided and false.

Posted - 2003.08.03 05:50:00 - [11]

Die capitalist bastards! We gonna pod j00!!! :) for the poor um... slaves... and ... ***** women... or something :P

Oh well actually we're just bored.. and wish to kill kill kill... pod ya later all...

Dorian Aredes
Posted - 2003.08.04 08:16:00 - [12]

I have to say that you have yourself a point, Yoshokun, but maybe these people would like to hear your views? I'm sure that even from a the mouth of a fellow Caldari, they would certainly have a very different viewpoint.

So you see, Princess, it is from within the Caldari State itself that things like this happen, and from within the viewpoints of people such as Monsieur Yoshokun that it still exsists today.

But again, I find it quite vexing that an Amarrian comes to report on human rights.


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