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Trans World Deliveries.
Posted - 2003.08.01 09:29:00 - [1]


I was just leaving for work, another courier delivery of my already flaying company. It seemed people just didnt need deliveries anymore. The sunlight glissened in the hazy day, as my ship was being prepared. I remebered my father, telling me why i was called smoke. "you, were so young son starring at the burning tendrills of our home planet, every night you would look up at the star and chase the smoking wisps of
our great cassim's"

I only know now 5040 years later, what they were. The war had reigned for 2000 years, burning my planet to a sinder. Back at the dawn of interspace travel man had developed exstensive dna splicing technology, and gene therapy .Monkeys where there obvious choice, in the year 2123 the first X-monkeys were born. Made todo remineal work they slaved tirelessly so serve man.But something happed..x-monkeys wanted to be classified in society regarded as citzens. The united senate of nations gathered, and began discussions with the monkeys. Tireless they fought for the rites but were turned down at every corner. Riots broke out and the monkeys were declared a threat. 88.256% were wiped of the planet the small group remaining fled to a new continent, and in only 6 years had developed interspace travel, nuclear and plasmonic arsenal and advanced cloning.

On july 12, 2130 they declared war on man. Striking at dawn earth was unaware. PLasmonic missiles had far more destructive power than mans nuclear counterpart. Each missile carried a payload that would incinerate from a range of 500 miles to 2000. Monkeys only used 12 missiles but left only 2% of the human race alive. These few fled leaving there home for space. One by one man colonies fell, mars came next and in it's fall left a history of its people as the burnt shadows on its glorious monuments and towers.My home of Somolian some 86 light years away, only heard rumors at this stage. Mass colonies dead, Earth no more, the USN in tatters. Until the bombs fell...

part 2 coming..


This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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