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The Jam
Sinner Among Saints
Exquisite Malevolence
Posted - 2005.09.29 07:10:00 - [1]

Laughingi had my first ship kill and podding was at a well know chokepoint in syndicate mhc.I was 130km off of the gate victum warped in the gate i jumped down to the gate. As soon as i warped down to the gate he took off for some spot looking in that direction i see the other gate marker and i chase.
I catch up with him and lock fire all guns within seconds his ship is blown up. also then i realise that his pod is not warping off that fast so i locked and wreck his pod. this was also the first time i killed someone that was not an hostiles ship and did not feel bad it was the most heart pumping thing ive ever done in game.Laughing

Posted - 2005.09.29 07:26:00 - [2]

I don't really remember my first ship kill. It's a bit hazy and I'm not quite sure which ship I killed first. But my first podding was a guy who was in an Osprey, who swore at me when I tried to ransom his pod (my first pod ransom attempt). He soon disappeared from local.

I sort of remember my fights in terms of how good they were, and evenly matched, and challenging. The fights that really get your heart pumping. Having lost count of the ships I've destroyed in my EVE career a while ago, it's a bit of a pity that I've only had about half-a-dozen "good fights" that I'll remember.

The Scope
Posted - 2005.09.29 07:40:00 - [3]

my maller had liek a half hour fight with a ferox. im assumeing he ran out of ammo bc he said "oh crap" in local and stopped fireing :P (i had him warp scrammed) (not my first but a memorible fight!"

Sincarnate Contracts
Posted - 2005.09.29 07:44:00 - [4]

I my first kill... I warp jam and webbed the gate.

Doktor Soet
Wrath of Fenris
Posted - 2005.09.29 07:54:00 - [5]

Very Happy
next time take me with u when u descide to go out killing.

congrats on ur first pod kill Very Happy

Sakura Nihil
Selective Pressure
Rote Kapelle
Posted - 2005.09.29 08:42:00 - [6]

My first was defending a corpmate from a pirate in Metropolis, his Bellicose wasn't set up properly and was getting pounded by a Rifter, so I turned on my Slasher's AB and hauled butt about 1km/s until my blasters and missiles could open up on him.

Let's just say at the end of the fight, it was us 1, them 0 ;).

Haven't podded anyone yet, tho I'm working on it...

Princess Beefcurtains
Digital Fury Corporation
Posted - 2005.09.29 08:49:00 - [7]

Mine was/where camping mid-system jump ins way back in the day Twisted Evil YARRRR!! YAHARRRR!

Lord Aradon
Fun Inc
Posted - 2005.09.29 10:29:00 - [8]

Never blown a pod yet, not my style TBH (unless they attack first or grief me)

But my best ship kill was prolly while i was cruising through some low-sec space in a Ferox, an enemy ceptor caught me and engaged, shame for him i had Blasters on, he got shredded within 3 volleys hehe.
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Shaolin Monks
Posted - 2005.09.29 10:47:00 - [9]

I think my first kill was a corp m8.....smartbombs 4tw YARRRR!!

Jenny Spitfire
Posted - 2005.09.29 10:50:00 - [10]

Edited by: Jenny Spitfire on 29/09/2005 10:50:52
A war target by a heavy missile. The egg cr4ck3d into 1000 pieces Evil or Very Mad

Posted - 2005.09.29 11:24:00 - [11]

my first pod kill was a french guy, who said i didnt have the guts to fight. that was a great day. i still have his killmail, and ill never delete it.

Posted - 2005.09.29 11:40:00 - [12]

My first solo kill was:

logging on after downtime, I undocked in my geddon in 9cg (fix home Smile), and saw a hostile person's pod (who was still offline) sitting 80km from the station Twisted Evil. So I flew over and popped it mwuha.

Since then I've been in a fair bit of combat, but will always remember my first solo killmail, so easy t'was Very Happy

Agony Unleashed
Agony Empire
Posted - 2005.09.29 11:40:00 - [13]

First pod kill I made was in b-vip. Sitting in a missle kessie 130km off the edbinger gate when a guy called RAFTERMAN warps to the gate in a pod at 15km, so i warped in and blew him up. About 5 minutes later i got an eve-mail from him asking "Why'd you blow me up? :(" I almost cried.

First real kill was a Taranis vs my Rocket Kestrel. Undocked in HLW and this guy tries to get me with blasters, so i dual webbed him and killed him, unfortunately about 2 seconds later his freind came in in his Taranis and blew me up in return. Fair trade i say

Quantum Industries
Prime Orbital Systems
Posted - 2005.09.29 11:44:00 - [14]

killed a celestys in bosboger when i did the gallente noob mistake of BRUTIX FOR THE WIN!!! he was noob to and went down fast from my 250s did not pod though.

1st pod was in war against ASEE, the guy sent hate mails and filled local with smack, he warped his pod back to me after his ship was popped!!!

Siren Shiva
Posted - 2005.09.29 12:00:00 - [15]

I'm going to shoot Verone tomorrow, yarr! YARRRR!!

Uhm... first kill was a mammoth mining alone in 0.2. Just a few days ago.

I'm such a nublet Sad

The Initiative.
Posted - 2005.09.29 14:32:00 - [16]

Edited by: Coupo on 29/09/2005 14:34:31
my first loss was to an NPC in sobaseki.. my first actual loss to a player was 5 seconds later when anister pod killed me for the hell of it :P
(he never did save that mail bwuhaha)

my first lone kill was:
2005.01.23 22:44:00

Victim: Marconious
Corporation: Shadow Squadron
Destroyed Type: Rifter
Solar System: Kemerk
System Security Level: 0.8

i was shaking so hard afterwards from the excitement that Ryu Dubos killed me 2 seconds afterwards because i couldnt click on the planet i wanted to goto :D

Posted - 2005.09.29 17:31:00 - [17]

Edited by: Zayle on 29/09/2005 17:31:38
hmm, mt 1st kill was months ago... rargh, but i remember it, it was my 1st ferox and i went out to aunenen for some action. i caught some poor guy in his carcal npc'in out in the belts, ez warp jam, web and fire, the poor bastard didnt stand a chance... but ill always love killing peeps in my punisher, lol, got a mail from killing a ferox with that ship :)

Righteous Fury
Posted - 2005.09.29 18:11:00 - [18]

My first kill was on July 18th, 2004 - I killed and podded a Thorax in the first empire war my corp was involved in.

Ironically, the guys we were at war with are now pretty close friends of my corp and are in our alliance.

Slacker Industries
The Boat Violencing Initiative
Posted - 2005.09.29 18:24:00 - [19]

my first pod kill was some dude in sobaseki, it was during the xetic vs ca war. he was in ca. i warped to a station and there he was in a pod approaching station to dock. show no mercy :D

Jenny Spitfire
Posted - 2005.09.29 18:27:00 - [20]

Edited by: Jenny Spitfire on 29/09/2005 18:46:12
This thread is getting funnier. Seems like to everyone remembers their first pod as if it is like their first kiss. Cherished forever ;P

Posted - 2005.09.29 19:28:00 - [21]

Podding the famed pirate Mursilus [c0w] in his indy with a full load of LLR at the Gate to TXW-EI

Repo Industries
Posted - 2005.09.29 20:36:00 - [22]

First ship kill was a rifter scout that I popped with a merlin.

First pod...well I'm rather pround of that one. I took me 4 months to train the skills to get into a scorpion and equip it with smartbombs...and the opportunity finally presented itself one night in Y-MWP. One Supremacy kestrel decided that after its 20+ jump trip from the depths of 0.0 it couldn't wait for its scout to go afk for a few minutes...especially when empire space was only single system away. So without hesitation, the Suprem kestrel jumped into Y-M and proceed to instawarp out of system and into Empire space.

Poor guy never even made it into jump range of the gate when 6 smartbombs went off as he came out of warp. After a few minutes of cheering and laughter, I decided to take a look at the killmail. SONOFAB*TCH!!! 50 mil of mega went up into to smoke with the kestrel. Shocked We quickly scrambled towards the can, hoping to see if any other minerals survived...all we got was a named missile launcher for our efforts. Wink

Veto Corp
Posted - 2005.09.29 20:40:00 - [23]

I can't actually remember Embarassed

Veto Corp
Posted - 2005.09.29 20:42:00 - [24]

Hmm... being gate camped, twice, while trying to bring a bestower through a system. Camped by a Maller.

Returning five minutes later with an Armageddon, warp scrambler and an urge to fragment someone. And proceeding to turn them into small pieces...

And then reading what they'd said in local when they realised what this Armageddon had turned up to do ^_^

Jenny Spitfire
Posted - 2005.09.29 20:47:00 - [25]

Edited by: Jenny Spitfire on 29/09/2005 20:58:29
Originally by: Verone

I can't actually remember Embarassed

Aawwwwwwwwwwwww Verone. How could you? It is like not remembering you first kiss, first date, first ahem... Evil or Very Mad

Veto Corp
Posted - 2005.09.29 20:58:00 - [26]


underworld cartel
Posted - 2005.09.29 21:28:00 - [27]

im a bit ashamed of my first pod kill, was killin guristas at a gate in my apoc and got carried away, i didnt even realise i had locked an ibis, i just kept clickin on the weapons and before i new it i had sentrys shootin me, realising wat i had done i started warping away but the urge to kill the pod was so great i stayed and popped him, then went and hid at a planet for half hour thinking how unfair that was, still 20 min later i got the bug and popped an osprey but the pod got away
o the shame of it............YARRRR!!aarrr

Team Laser Explosion
Molotov Coalition
Posted - 2005.09.29 22:07:00 - [28]

I remember my first kill very clearly. There was a guy NPCing in our system, late at night and there were not many people around. A corpmate and I spotted the guy in a Claw on scanner, and soon heard from one of our miners that the claw had enterd his belt. My corpmate and I go after the guy, almost catch him several times, but since we are both in BCs it's hard to keep pace. I chased him around for about 30 mins before i finally managed to get a lock and scramble him. My Brutix's blasters soon tore through the little claw and voila, my first ship kill. My first pod kill was hauler i think, nothign interesting.

Dark Shikari
Deep Core Mining Inc.
Posted - 2005.09.29 22:09:00 - [29]

My first solo fight was a Kestrel versus a Catalyst and Tristan.

End result: Two pods, and just my kestrel.

Was a fun fight.

CCP Eris Discordia

Posted - 2005.09.29 22:13:00 - [30]

I remember my first kill was in a bantam, first time being killed I don't recall either.

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