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Queens of the Stone Age
Black Legion.
Posted - 2007.04.26 08:23:00 - [91]

Edited by: Aramendel on 26/04/2007 08:26:07
It's the same for every other EW module, too.

Lots of other stuff as well. Nosses/neuts, sensor boosters, webber. In some cases the advantage of t2 is the easier availability/lower price.


And about ECM while in falloff range - the correct hitting chance formula isn't that complicated

Hit chance = (1/2)^((Range-Optimal)/Falloff)^2)

Lindee Cruz
Posted - 2007.06.09 23:15:00 - [92]

Good Info Ryysa, thanks for the work

Mission Fail
Posted - 2007.06.09 23:19:00 - [93]

Thank you for the compliment, but this guide is rather old.

Everything of the working mechanisms still applies, but the examples are with the pre-nerf sensor strengths.

I suggest you read the newer guide. It has cleaner layout, perhaps slightly less details (not that it matters), and covers a much broader area.

You can find a link to it in my signature.

Morsus Mihi
Posted - 2007.06.09 23:20:00 - [94]

Edited by: Djerin on 09/06/2007 23:19:41
It was a nice thread 2 years ago. Jamming doesn't work this way anymore. Ryysa has put up a new one. Have a look at the stickies.

edit: dang, i was too late on this one ^^

Mission Fail
Posted - 2007.06.09 23:22:00 - [95]

Jamming does work the same way.

The only difference is that the jamming strengths of the modules have been changed.
Other than that, everything in this guide still applies, except for the falloff formula, which is incorrect.

I shall edit the header of this guide, and point it to my new EW guide.

Morsus Mihi
Posted - 2007.06.09 23:29:00 - [96]

Ya sorry, i was about to say it is outdated. Of course the basics of this guide haven't changed. It's just the details. I really appreciate your work. It's what actually encouraged me to train for ew. Keep it up.

Mission Fail
Posted - 2007.06.09 23:30:00 - [97]

Thank you :)

FarScape III
Journey On Squad
Posted - 2007.06.12 17:39:00 - [98]

Thanks Ryysa :)

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This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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