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Posted - 2003.07.28 18:24:00 - [1]

I'm a bored miner and would like to get into a little PvP and PvE. I'd appeciate any advice on what Cruiser and modules I should go for.

I'm interested in the best defensive set-up at the moment as I'd like to provide more of a tactical & supporting role in combat situations... so in your opinion/experience which ship & modules prove to be the hardest to kill in a PvP situation? (1 on 1 and/or group combat).
How useful are Warp Core Stabilizers for example? Is there a module that will break a Webifying lock? Is speed essential in PvP i.e. using Afterburners in combat situations - useful? And what's the best module to go for for protecting my ship - shield boosters or armour upgrades?

Of course I'd like to dish out a fair bit of pain too, so what modules/ammo would you consider best suitable for my limited options (considering most of my modules would be defensive ones)?

I really don't have much of a clue as far as loadouts go, so hopefully someone who's been there and done it all will enlighten me on what's what.

Thanks in advance,

Posted - 2003.07.28 20:03:00 - [2]

Defensive measures require medium slots, and if you want medium slots on a Cruiser, you want a Blackbird.

While you won't be able to field much in the way of weaponry, you'll have six medium slots for ECM, ECCM, shield hardeners, shield boosters, afterburners, jammers, scramblers, what have you.

Many people that fly support-Blackbirds fit projectile artillery, since they have a lighter fitting requirement, and use no cap. (which is good, since ECM modules eat cap like mad!)

I flew a Blackbird for a long time; eventually traded it in toward a Moa, but I think I'll pick up another Blackbird for my ever-growing garage. It's simply a fun ship to fly.

Posted - 2003.07.28 20:28:00 - [3]

- Warp Core Stabs are quite useless IMO. The will protect you against a single PC pirate and only is he locks you with a 20k scramble - those have a scramble strength of one. If he hits you with an 10k scrambler - which have a strength of 2, you'll need two WCS to counter him.
AFAIK they DON'T work agnst NPCs.

And for group combat - forgetthem. Wrong way of thought there. Your aim is not to save your sorry ass if the group is in trouble and leave them alone in the flames, but to aid them.Embarassed

The only way to avoid webbifiers is to stay out of 10k range of the ships with them Wink (or to mount a lot of AB or MWDs, so you can still make some decent speed)

Best way to make your ship though is to use shield hardeners. Find out what damage types your enemy deals and use the appropriate hardeners. With them online you will suffer around 1/3 of the usual damage.

November Corporation
Posted - 2003.07.28 21:23:00 - [4]

I agree that you will need lots of medium slots for defense, and that Blackbird is your best bet.

However, staying out of 10k range to avoid webifier is useless, since the rare ones have a range of 20-25km.

I suggest (on a blackbird):
2 x heavy launchers with heavy/cruise missles
1 x small launcher with defender missles

medium converse booster
em shield hardener
thermal shield hardener
supplemental gravimetric (to avoid being jammed)
2 x warp core stabilizers

2xpower diagnostic 1's

again, this is PURE DEFENSE. if used properly, u can be safe from small drones (sb), missles (defenders), the most shield-crippling damages (em and thermal), from being warp jammed (by one close range disruptor or two long range jammers), from being target jammed via ecm (youll have 15 gravimetric)

dunno what else... and you can still deal massive damage if you have cruise missles

Posted - 2003.07.29 02:51:00 - [5]

The other option that nobody has yet mentioned is a Thorax. Fit the three medium slots out with +70% wards (EM/Thermal/Kinetic/Explosive - whatever is best for the situation), sufficient power diagnostics in the low slots to support the wards and your high slots, then 8 heavy combat drones.

You're not going to be able to do ECM/ECCM with a Thorax but with drones and well chosen gunnery it makes one hell of a long range (20-50k) attack ship when you're in a group.

The wards should allow you to survive close range encounters with three or four 50k npc pirates without losing any armour - or long range fighting in a group against battleships. Whatever - they give you the chance to get away provided you haven't been scrambled Very Happy

Mira Finoso
Horror Business
Posted - 2003.07.29 16:53:00 - [6]

Take it from someone who's had experience, wards on a Thorax will not help you when you run into a Blackbird with warp disruption and 3 Magno-jammers. In this situation, you'd better hope you have 2 ECCM Magnos, and a backup array equipped. OR, a couple warp stabilizers (so you can RUN Forrest RUN).

Wards do no good when you are unable to warp and unable to lock your target. Drones can't quite cut it on their own. ;) The little buggers need some support from turrets.

BTW, never enter Caldari low sec space without at least a Backup Array equipped. I learned this the hard way.

Blackbird = the Devil Twisted Evil


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