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The Clash
Zor Industries
Posted - 2005.09.13 07:24:00 - [151]

Armoured Assassins: pirates
ATUF: Frankinator
ATUK: to bad of the smack back then
Battle Angels Inc.: mercs i believe ?
Beyond Divinity Inc: same as above i think , think i even fought Ugluuk back then

Body Count Inc.: Seleene tried to seduce Eddz :P
Black Nova Corp: Think theycan drink more then us Laughing
Blood Inquisition: n/a
BSC: n/a
Burn Eden: Shin Ra

Cataclysm Enterprise: ze germans ztried zo zteal me zirlfriend ;)
Celestial Apocalypse: Anti-pirates of the carrabian
Celestial Horizon Corp: big corp
Contraband Inc: pirates ?
Corp1: FOE

Cult of cuthulu: best pvp outfit imo , top mercs
Damage Industries: FA ?
Dark Cartel: Daakkon
Death Row Inc.: northern pirates
Dirty Deeds Corp: rings a bell

DNA: pirates in expensive ships
Euphoria Released: decent bunch
Evolution: they have my favourite APC driver Laughing
Finite Horizon: digi , merc or pirate ?

Freeks Corp: think we slapped them a while a go ?
Forsaken Empire: Havocide
Fury Corporation: n/a
Going Limp: n/a

Guiding Hand Social Club.: The great train robbery !
Jericho Fraction: only a shadow of what they used to be , much potential butgot stuck on teh past
KIA: best lookin pvp outfit in EvE and wtfpwns BNC in drinkin Laughing
LEGI0N: n/a

Millennium: good bunch
Murini Ice Syndicate: n/a
NAGA: tech II market
North Star Networks: Leafo , good bunch of peeps ;)
Northern Intelligence: admiral smackblock

Omerta Syndicate: RP corp
Petition Inc: ex-ATUK ?
PIE: impressing RP corp
Rage and Terror: pirates ?
Reikoku: BoB , think only BoB corp without any BF 2 player parked at KIA
S.A.S: Cool
Sharks with frickin' laser beams: MC , love the name
Shin Ra: shouldnt this be Shinra ? [5] if so
SNIGG: true pirates
Solar Wind: n/a

Species 5618: SE
Steel Vipers: G
Supremacy: had a blast in VV
The Royal Syndicate: pirates , ex-moo
The X-Trading Company: n/a

Tundragon: True rats
Teddybears: see above
UK Corp: n/a
VentureCorp: alexandra belani
VIRII: n/a
VOTF: xirtam Cool

Maza Nostra
Posted - 2005.09.13 12:18:00 - [152]

Armoured Assassins: nice guns
ATUF: controversial as hell, forum presence, never seen em though
ATUK: Um... they don't seem to like us. We like this fact :)
Battle Angels Inc.: dunno
Beyond Divinity Inc: hmmm...

Body Count Inc.: Mmmm, me likes I'm not in empire any more.
Black Nova Corp: Long story with those people, never understood why they made BoB. Their CEO is one of the best-known ppl in eve
Blood Inquisition: dunno
BSC: dunno
Burn Eden: For some reason everyone in the forums speaks of stabs when they see them. Met em in space and understood why... oh well

Cataclysm Enterprise: dunno
Celestial Apocalypse: Widely known anti-pirate corp, dunno if they're still doing it though
Celestial Horizon Corp: Hello ex alliance-mates and now everlasting enemies :)
Contraband Inc: We had em blue, looked like good guys. They said that DDC were cute, we had to revert to neutral cause cart had a heart attack ;P
Corp1: Let's start shooting...

Cult of cuthulu: hmm... heard the name lotsa times before, can't remember
Damage Industries: Aren't we shooting each other?
Dark Cartel: dunno
Death Row Inc.: Hey, I wanna shoot your dread :)
Dirty Deeds Corp: Hello.

DNA: Ah, we pvp'd against them, very cool guys which are in it for the same reason as us. I'm sorry that one of our gang tried to smack (he got pwnt on ts for that)
Euphoria Released: Never heard of em ;P
Evolution: Never been to a fight with em. Ofc everybdy knows em. We demand our 2 members back, NOW :P
E X O D U S: Hey, nice suicide run we made with you down to ASCN, luved it :)
Finite Horizon: For some reason, I think I should know em :/

Freeks Corp: dunno
Forsaken Empire: Long-lasting presence. Had some fights against em, now we're fighting alongside. Weird huh?
Fury Corporation: dunno
GODS: Gods dammit, decide which whom you are ;P
Going Limp: dunno

Guiding Hand Social Club.: controversial corp. Never heard their results from any of their victims. That can be bad.
Jericho Fraction: Jade is back in forums? yay
KIA: Oooh, let's fight again. I wasn't in nonni :(
LEGI0N: guns and stuff
MASS: S* ofc, lets see what happens down there

Millennium: [MLM]?
Murini Ice Syndicate: no idea
NAGA: "cha'mone", I got a sweet spot for em.
North Star Networks: Their hauler vid owned.
Northern Intelligence: hmmm

Omerta Syndicate: nope, haven't heard of em
Petition Inc: cute bunnies :)
PIE: best-known rp'ers of eve, don't know of anyone else rp'ing around here. Eve is not that good for rp.
Rage and Terror: For those guys I actually joined a gang thad had S.A.S. in em. Imagine that...
Reikoku: relentless

S.A.S: I was the warp beacon for that warp-in thingie back in xetic ;P. Ofc everyone knows of their camps in empire.
Sharks with frickin' laser beams: Loved that "canned" shark. Look like very good mercs
Shin Ra: hmm
SNIGG: Ex-mercenaries and now pirates. Only seen one of their friggies in the north
Solar Wind: should know em

Species 5618: S*, same with MASS
Steel Vipers: errr
Supremacy: no comment
The Royal Syndicate: Look like pirates with style
The X-Trading Company: hello there, long live the alliance :)

Tundragon: PF-346
Teddybears: PF-346
UK Corp: dunno
VentureCorp: Hey, I know em, but don't remember where from
VIRII: Oooh, lo guys, have fun down there.
VOTF: We lost a good member to your corp, Derekian. He went and never came back to us :(

Jherek Cornelian
The Black Rabbits
The Gurlstas Associates
Posted - 2005.09.13 12:55:00 - [153]

Originally by: Millis

Millennium: n00bs

there's always one.

/me amused

Band of Brothers
Posted - 2005.09.13 12:57:00 - [154]

Armoured Assassins: Aunenen.
ATUF: Like ATUK, but more franky style.
ATUK: Like ATUF, but without franky style.
Body Count Inc.: MC. Best mercs ever, and nice movies (Hi Selenne :p).
Black Nova Corp: Drunkard squad attack ! giga beer laser.
Blood Inquisition: RP-ers.
Cataclysm Enterprise: G-former corp. Good guys actually.
Celestial Apocalypse: omghax.
Celestial Horizon Corp: ascn, right ?
Corp1: once in ca... now in fe ?
Damage Industries: still in FA ?
Dark Cartel: Daakon, Tank, Tekka. nuff said.
Death Row Inc.: Hi bros 8) For me, the best pirate corp ever.
DNA: Nilkarus and his bunch of faction bs. Deadly.
Evolution: Hooooooome \o/
E X O D U S: Corp in north.. used to fight them alot.
Finite Horizon: Drug dealers. Digi, is my x-tinct ready ? ;)
Forsaken Empire: Used to be kinda powerful.
GODS: Still in PA ?
Guiding Hand Social Club.:
Jericho Fraction: hmmm Gallente pleasure hub...
KIA: Killed In Action ? ;)
LEGI0N: Pie-rats.
MASS: Stain formers. Hi Trigger <3
NAGA: Wanna spend some money ?
North Star Networks: MC. Great vids (Lowa, Leafo, ...).
PIE: Amarrian rp-ers.
Reikoku: Dimz's carebear squad.
S.A.S: Zincol, MegaJ and some nice guys.
Sharks with frickin' laser beams: MC.
Shin Ra: teh 5 (6 7 8 9...)
SNIGG: rats.
Species 5618:
Steel Vipers: G former corp.
Supremacy: teh 5
The Royal Syndicate: Odet and the old-m0o squadron.
Tundragon: Syndicate pirates. Can expect some good fights against them.
Teddybears: Syndicate pirates. Same as TDG.
VentureCorp: like E X O D U S ?
VOTF: rofl.

Brutor Tribe
Posted - 2005.09.13 17:04:00 - [155]

Armoured Assassins: YARRRR!! BIG gatecamps
ATUF: with added frank
ATUK: ... no frank.
Battle Angels Inc: Who?
Beyond Divinity Inc: Small mercs

Body Count Inc: Seleene must be raking in the $$
Black Nova Corp: Cool
Blood Inquisition: Who?
BSC: Who?
Burn Eden: Never met them, but know of them

Cataclysm Enterprise: Never met but heard of
Celestial Apocalypse: Ganked me once
Celestial Horizon Corp: Isn't this the biggest corp ingame?
Contraband Inc: Who?
Corp1: Old pirates

Cult of cuthulu: Who?
Damage Industries: Who?
Dark Cartel: Umm... Pirates?
Death Row Inc: Ex-m0o guys originally? Good enough pirates
Dirty Deeds Corp: Same as above?

DNA: Who?
Euphoria Released: Never met
Evolution: Vote Molle '08!
E X O D U S: E G O. Overestimated by themselves, underestimated by everyone else.
Finite Horizon: Who?

Freeks Corp: Who?
Forsaken Empire: Parmizan.. *haha* likes to wear makeup
Fury Corporation: Hmm... bunch of angry guys?
GODS: Not really
Going Limp: Who?

Guiding Hand Social Club: Cat burglars
Jericho Fraction: JC was my first crush...
KIA: Ex-PA mercs? Been round the block at least
LEGI0N: Never met but heard of
MASS: Trigger. Stain. Gunboat diplomacy 4tw.

Millennium: V. Cool guys
Murini Ice Syndicate: Who?
NAGA: If you look around, they are kinda expensive sometimes.
North Star Networks: MC
Northern Intelligence: Southern corp?

Omerta Syndicate: Who?
Petition Inc: New Pirates?
PIE: MMmm....
Rage and Terror: Southern guys? Never met them
Reikoku: Cool corp name, cool guys

S.A.S: Who?
Sharks with frickin' laser beams: MC, but how do sharks swim in space?
Shin Ra: [5]
SNIGG: erdly. Deadly.
Solar Wind: Who?

Species 5618: Southern corp
Steel Vipers: Not seen for a while
Supremacy: [5], the leaders of the group?
The Royal Syndicate: Ex-M0o
The X(XX)-Trading Company: Pron dealers eh? Wink

Tundragon: Yarr
Teddybears: YArr
UK Corp: Who?
VentureCorp: These guys and EV and E X O. were core of NSA. Where are they now?
VIRII: In Stain fighting right now
VOTF: Cool vids, never fought them or fought with them. I hear they smack a lot.

Imperial Republic Of the North
Posted - 2005.09.13 17:07:00 - [156]

Originally by: Galaxion

VentureCorp: These guys and EV and E X O. were core of NSA. Where are they now?

Still in the north, still in IRON, and better than ever.

Oh and BNC talking about EGO's. Smile


Caldari Provisions
Posted - 2005.09.13 17:56:00 - [157]

Armoured Assassins: yarr yarr
ATUF: Baddies
Battle Angels Inc.: ??
Beyond Divinity Inc: ??

Body Count Inc.: Mercs
Black Nova Corp: BoB
Blood Inquisition: ??
BSC: ??
Burn Eden: ??

Cataclysm Enterprise: G
Celestial Apocalypse: Good bunch of guys
Celestial Horizon Corp: ??
Contraband Inc: ??
Corp1: ??

Cult of cuthulu: ??
Damage Industries: Ex FA
Dark Cartel: Tank & Daakk
Death Row Inc.: ??
Dirty Deeds Corp: ??

DNA: pirates
Euphoria Released: ??
Evolution: BoB
Finite Horizon: ??

Freeks Corp: ??
Forsaken Empire: F-E
Fury Corporation: ??
Going Limp: ??

Guiding Hand Social Club.: ??
Jericho Fraction: ??
KIA: ??
LEGI0N: seen them roam around in syndicate
MASS: trigger happy TV

Millennium: ??
Murini Ice Syndicate: ??
NAGA: what do they do with all their profit?
North Star Networks: ??
Northern Intelligence: ??

Omerta Syndicate: ??
Petition Inc: ??
PIE: ??
Rage and Terror: Mother russia
Reikoku: BoB

S.A.S: ??
Sharks with frickin' laser beams: Merc
Shin Ra: 5
SNIGG: pirates
Solar Wind: ??

Species 5618: miners
Steel Vipers: ??
Supremacy: 5
The Royal Syndicate: pirates
The X-Trading Company: xetic?

Tundragon: pirates
Teddybears: pirates
UK Corp: ??
VentureCorp: ??
VOTF: Xirtam FTW! yeeehaa

Azeroth Uluntil
Pandemic Legion
Posted - 2005.09.13 18:19:00 - [158]

Armoured Assassins: lordmix! herculetz! Love you guys!
ATUF: Friends of ATUK?
ATUK: Good pvpers.
Black Nova Corp: Much respect, Blacklight. :D
Burn Eden: Best warp core stab pvpers
Cataclysm Enterprise: Who?
Celestial Horizon Corp: Love to SS...
Corp1: SE guys?
Cult of cuthulu: Thought they were an npc corp...
Death Row Inc.: Phonix... Good targets.
Dirty Deeds Corp: DDC, good targets.
Evolution: Much respect, pvp corp.
E X O D U S: Northern PVP corp, IRON, Buddrow, Darko, Tekkyhead incessantly calling everyone a noob...
Fury Corporation: FUCO! Good fights.
Jericho Fraction: Jade Constantine whining on forums... X_X
KIA: Good merc corp.
MASS: Love to smacktalk... SE guys? Or is it SA?
Millennium: X-NSA? Inactive?
NAGA: Best production corp in game
North Star Networks: Fun to fly in a suicide fleet with :D
Omerta Syndicate: Erm... They sit in stations alot?
Reikoku: Much smacktalk X_X
Sharks with frickin' laser beams: Fun to fight :D
Shin Ra: Heard about them once... never seen them...
SNIGG: Respectable pvpers. :-)
Species 5618: Excellent loot droppers
Steel Vipers: G, good pvp force.
Supremacy: Inactive?
Tundragon: Good pvp corp.
Teddybears: Erm... Saw one of them once?
VentureCorp: IRON!!! :D
VIRII: Friendly players
VOTF: Xirtam!!!

Sharks With Frickin' Laser Beams
Posted - 2005.09.13 19:01:00 - [159]

Armoured Assassins: Always chuckle at "ASS"
ATUF: The fluffy ATUK
Battle Angels Inc.:
Beyond Divinity Inc: Hmmm, sounds familiar

Black Nova Corp: lo Blacklight!
Blood Inquisition: Awesome, Blood Raider RPers
BSC: Good guys
Burn Eden: sigh ...

Cataclysm Enterprise: Always interesting to meet
Celestial Apocalypse: Aren't you pirate anti-pirates?
Celestial Horizon Corp: The best big corp
Contraband Inc: Great fighters, good attitudes
Corp1: yarrr

Cult of cuthulu: Good name
Damage Industries: They shot me :(
Dark Cartel: Ebil pirates live here
Death Row Inc.: Same here
Dirty Deeds Corp: Good pvpers, lots of good times

Euphoria Released:
Evolution: Adapt or die (or join them)
E X O D U S: Too many spaces, but not as bad as P E G A S U S S Y S T E M S
Finite Horizon: Jeez more ebil pirates!

Freeks Corp: Didn;t you guys fight NORAD a long long time ago?
Forsaken Empire: The old geezers of pirating
Fury Corporation:
GODS: ...
Going Limp: Not me, I'm rock hard!

Guiding Hand Social Club.: Best. Corp. Theft. Ever.
Jericho Fraction: RPers for the win
KIA: Bah, merc competition!
MASS: Kileak :(

Millennium: Cool fighters
Murini Ice Syndicate:
NAGA: We should ransom them for t2!
North Star Networks: Crazy swedes
Northern Intelligence:

Omerta Syndicate:
Petition Inc: Interesting name ...
PIE: Where do you think we get our frikkin laser beams from?
Rage and Terror:
Reikoku: For some reaosn it makes me think of a groundhog

S.A.S: Good fighters with some old friends
Sharks with frickin' laser beams: YES!!!!!!!
Shin Ra: hmmmm
SNIGG: I remember you from the northern war, campign EC
Solar Wind:

Species 5618: What's with the name?
Steel Vipers: Old NORAD allies
The Royal Syndicate: ex-m0o
The X-Trading Company:

Tundragon: German pirates
Teddybears: Fluffy pirates with knives
UK Corp:
VentureCorp: Alexandra Belani's old corp
VOTF: Hmmm ... gonna leave this one out ...

Lucian Alucard
Black Vice Industries
Posted - 2005.09.13 20:43:00 - [160]

I miss Kileak and his wierd singing in local.

Posted - 2005.09.13 20:56:00 - [161]

not a single FIVE post without smack?Shocked

Posted - 2005.09.13 22:56:00 - [162]

Armoured Assassins:pure blind pirats
ATUF: frank
ATUK: recruiters
Battle Angels Inc.:
Beyond Divinity Inc: uggluk and his thorax

Body Count Inc.: seleen
Black Nova Corp: yep
Blood Inquisition:Blood Raider RPers
Burn Eden: sigh WCS

Cataclysm Enterprise: tempest power got my mate crean
Celestial Apocalypse: good in the old days
Celestial Horizon Corp: BIG
Contraband Inc: Smugglers?
Corp1: still around

Cult of cuthulu:
Damage Industries: :P
Dark Cartel: lizaa daakon
Death Row Inc.: phonix
Dirty Deeds Corp:

Euphoria Released:
Evolution: Bob wingmen great corp spoons molle plotting
Freeks Corp: massacer
Forsaken Empire: great history
Fury Corporation:
GODS: ...
Guiding Hand Social Club.: CorpTheft.
Jericho Fraction: long posts
NAGA: big on the market never bought from them though
North Star Networks: ah leafo bamse old old mates very good corp
Omerta Syndicate:
Petition Inc: Interesting name
PIE: yarrrr
Reikoku:very good corp highly skilled dbp dian so many great people a war between bnc and rkk would sure be fun
S.A.S: dreamscape
Sharks with frickin' laser beams: pirats yarr
Solar Wind:
Species 5618:
Steel Vipers: Old NORAD
The Royal Syndicate: our own little pirat corp

Tundragon: Tenacha khan good pvpers like them
Teddybears: same as above
VOTF: yea um right

The Initiative.
Posted - 2005.09.14 16:00:00 - [163]

nullnullnullArmoured Assassins: Lord Mix?, 200KM, Tracking computer 2's FTW
ATUF: My Man Frank
ATUK: Is Tholarim really that stupid? And the survey says....Yes
Body Count Inc.: Selenne and his bunch of merry men, Damn Industrial n00bs.
Black Nova Corp: In m0o i hated em. In EVOL still hate em. Razz. They should join a amarr role playing corp, damn apoc loving fools.
Blood Inquisition: Damn Blood Raiders killed my BS, never seen these guys tho.
BSC: They were good guys, dunno what they do now
Burn Eden: Love em or loathe them, The WCS raven works like a treat, for these guys.
Cataclysm Enterprise: G some of the nicest guys you'll ever meet in game. Stand up enemeys.
Celestial Apocalypse: Fight the good cause, but they do stray over to the darkside.
Celestial Horizon Corp: Big
Corp1: FOE?
Cult of cuthulu: Good PVPer's. Nice loot on a raven they lost i remember.
Dark Cartel: Tank, Daakon.
Death Row Inc.: Phonix and the guys. Cool.
Dirty Deeds Corp: Nice name
DNA: Very good syndicate prowlers, gone inactive i believe.
Evolution: Best industrial corp in game.
E X O D U S: IRON i believe. Bark bigger than their bite.
Finite Horizon: Madcap, the man who mad me into the gallente loving boy I am, Damn idiot flys a scorp now. Razz. Great fighters.
Forsaken Empire: Who they betrayed this week?
GODS: PA now FE i believe.
Guiding Hand Social Club.: Jim and his caldari ships. They always sucked and always will. Evil or Very Mad
Jericho Fraction: Jade
KIA: Since i found out Eddz is a saints fan, i LOVE these guys. Very Happy
MASS: Trigger, SA
NAGA: I can't believe I lost my special 10% deiscount. Sad
North Star Networks: Great Vids
PIE: Yes please.
Rage and Terror: Russians?
Reikoku: Another BOB industial corp, singlehandedly keeps the price of miners 2s up.
S.A.S: Zincol, killed me in Jan 2 years ago...i will get my revenge one day. (damn i hold a grudge for a long time)
Sharks with frickin' laser beams: Charity Charity where art thou Charity.
Shin Ra: The Enslaver really does have the whinest voice ever on TS.
SNIGG: Only ever heard good things.
Species 5618: My main man Boba used to be in this corp, he dislikes em, thats enough reason for me to aswell.
Steel Vipers: Same a CE. <3 wildcard.
Supremacy: one of the 7 corps in 5, lost a few members a while back, still seem to be doing good tho.
The Royal Syndicate: Tbone and some ex m0o guys.
Tundragon: Pirates YARRRR!!
Teddybears: see above YARRRR!!
VentureCorp: IRON.
VIRII: Seem to like talking on the forums, never seen them in game.
VOTF: Ex-CA, shadow of former selves.

Elitist Cowards
Posted - 2005.09.14 16:58:00 - [164]

OMG, another "Blow yer mind on the forums" post :)

Anyone want a cookie ? (No its not another word for crokite)

Imperial Shipment
Posted - 2005.09.14 20:28:00 - [165]

Armoured Assassins: ?
ATUF: Something to do with Atuk?
ATUK: Seen them in ceptors in Fountain
Battle Angels Inc.: ?
Beyond Divinity Inc: ?

Body Count Inc.: Good at their thing :(
Black Nova Corp: Had a lot of great fleet battles with them :D (Thanks)
Blood Inquisition: RP'ers in Delve I think
BSC: If British space corp. Great bunch from back in my FU days.
Burn Eden: ?

Cataclysm Enterprise: ?
Celestial Apocalypse: Pirate hunters?
Celestial Horizon Corp: ASCN / first outpost built
Contraband Inc: ?
Corp1: Encountered them some times down in Derelik on the entrance to CA space when CA stil excisted.

Cult of cuthulu: ?
Damage Industries: Great bunch Cool
Dark Cartel: ?
Death Row Inc.: Hit and run on FU before BoB came
Dirty Deeds Corp: Xetic pvp corp, now ascn

DNA: Seen some movies of them
Euphoria Released: ?
Evolution: Same as BNC, thanks for the fleet battles :D
E X O D U S: Seen them in the north when FU stil was, hmm.. werent they in FU too?
Finite Horizon: Viceroy

Freeks Corp: ?
Forsaken Empire: Not enough info
Fury Corporation: I see you YARRRR!!
Going Limp: ?

Guiding Hand Social Club.: Stealing ****
Jericho Fraction: Heard about them ever since I was in FU, but never seen any of them in space
KIA: Not enough info
MASS: Taking over Stain space

Millennium: Great guys
Murini Ice Syndicate: ?
NAGA: T2 suppliers, used to buy from them, but not any more...
North Star Networks: ?
Northern Intelligence: ?

Omerta Syndicate: ?
Petition Inc: ?
PIE: RP'ers
Rage and Terror: ?
Reikoku: Same as Evol and BNC, thanks again for the fleet battles.

S.A.S: ?
Sharks with frickin' laser beams: Think FU were their first contract with BDCI. Had a few small fleet skirmishes with them
Shin Ra: ?
SNIGG: Pirates
Solar Wind: ?

Species 5618: Ex owners of Stain
Steel Vipers: ?
Supremacy: Not enough info
The Royal Syndicate: ?
The X-Trading Company: ?

Tundragon: Pirates
Teddybears: Pirates
UK Corp: ?
VentureCorp: ?
VIRII: Hunts SE and ASCN and Atuk
VOTF: Imperium

Sera Jiasalan
Posted - 2005.09.14 22:50:00 - [166]

Edited by: Sera Jiasalan on 14/09/2005 22:55:18

ATUK: Covert belt rats?!
Battle Angels Inc.: Meteoric rise.
Body Count Inc.: Professionalism
Black Nova Corp: BoB's big boys
Blood Inquisition: Want more of these guys.

Celestial Apocalypse: Anti Pirate

Cult of cuthulu: Scary name, scary people

Evolution: Policy Makers, Born again ... again?

Forsaken Empire: Like to see a writeup of their history.

Guiding Hand Social Club.: Wetworks of Eve

Jericho Fraction: Miss them.

Millennium: Anti pirate (a long time ago?)

NAGA: The Cartel

PIE: Lower key lately in big politics.
Rage and Terror: Mindless destroyers
Reikoku: BoB's 'cool' brigade.

Sharks with frickin' laser beams: Neurotic Cat

Species 5618: Anti-MASS

Supremacy: Horrible Ticker, CA residue

Tundragon: [email protected]'s
Teddybears: [email protected]'s

VOTF: Only a matter of time before Dulinor shoots Strephon

Dark Cartel
Posted - 2005.09.16 03:45:00 - [167]

Edited by: res0nance on 16/09/2005 03:46:23
Celestial Apocalypse: So much <3
Death Row: Phonix is my woman
Evolution: Facist Communists

Fedaykin Naib
Celestial Apocalypse
The Requiem
Posted - 2005.09.16 09:43:00 - [168]

Originally by: res0nance
Edited by: res0nance on 16/09/2005 03:46:23
Celestial Apocalypse: So much <3
Death Row: Phonix is my woman
Evolution: Facist Communists

PB!!!!!! ugh

Dark Cartel
Posted - 2005.09.17 01:34:00 - [169]


Dash Ripcock
Posted - 2005.09.26 02:06:00 - [170]

Armoured Assassins: Pirates who hang around Lonetrek, believe I may have crossed swords with them a long time ago
ATUK: Introduced me to Rob Zombie - enough said!
Battle Angels Inc.: Quite possibly the best damn outfit of pilots I have ever been involved in. Can often be seen ganking frigates in Empire (apparently)

Body Count Inc.: The mercenary outfit that, along with the rest of the MC, sets the standard all other mercenaries hope to achieve. Inspirational with some fantastic films to boot
Black Nova Corp: Booze, getting blown up very slowly by a Bezerker...
Burn Eden: Pirates

Celestial Apocalypse: One of the few pirate hunters in EVE, much respect
Celestial Horizon Corp: Enormous corporation run by a very nice man I hear
Corp1: A very old pirate corporation that was around when I was still in space nappys

Cult of cuthulu: Scary sounding mercenaries, with a name that makes me think of an Irish jig (or was that something else?)
Damage Industries: I was once a member of a corporation called Damage Inc, are these the same guys?

Euphoria Released: Had a contract against these guys when we were first starting out. They took the fight to us to begin with, so I have a lot of respect for their outfit if just for that
Evolution: You simply can't escape these guys on this website, whether it is on the boards or the most excellent CGI movie released some while back. Episode II release date is Fall 2017 I hear...

Going Limp: I certainly hope not

Guiding Hand Social Club.: Really pushing back the boundaries of what defines and MMO, and were completely deserving of their enormous pimpage in PC Gamer UK
Jericho Fraction: A very interesting role-playing corporation, had I been born in another universe I might have had a go at something like that
KIA: Aggressive bunch of mercenaries who make some rather rubbish films (sorry guys!)
MASS: Currently fighting them now, certainly have a lot to say about themselves and little to say about us. However, the odd pilot or two has been incredibly polite, so hats off to you sirs

NAGA: I can't believe my Ishtar was ready three days early, so I come back from holiday to find I have to wait ~130 days!!!
North Star Networks: Along with the MC an outfit to look up towards. From some of the films I have seen, they look like a thoroughly decent bunch of lads

Reikoku: My first solo kill in my Deimos was one of these guys when they were fighting FIX

S.A.S: He who dares, wins
Sharks with frickin' laser beams: Great name, great corporation. Wouldn't want to get into a fight in a phonebox with these guys
Shin Ra: Another of our earlier contracts, these guys seem like a pleasant bunch, although I was away for the majority of the time we were fighting them
SNIGG: Well-known pirate outfit, who have lost quite a bit of kit getting in our way Razz

Species 5618: Actually the first time I tried to start a mercenary outfit, I couldn't remember the name of these damn guys so ended up calling it 'Type 82'. What a bunch of absolute n00blets we were back then...

Tundragon: Pirates with a neat name
Teddybears: Not very cute, and not very cuddly. Where are they now? I remember watching various films and hearing stories of their exploits
UK Corp: Using my immense brain power, I would guess a corporation based in the UK
VOTF: Seen them in a lot of films, not much elsewhere mind

Unknown Soldiers
Posted - 2005.09.26 06:05:00 - [171]

Edited by: DrunkenOne on 26/09/2005 06:07:35
Armoured Assassins: ?
ATUK: \o/
Battle Angels Inc.: ex-FIX mercs, lots of FIX leadership went there so they are prolly quite good.
Beyond Divinity Inc: had a lot of good pvpers, good vids

Body Count Inc.: I would join MC but I'd lose too many HACs.
Black Nova Corp: 4tw
Blood Inquisition: RPers around delve, they killed me
BSC: ?
Burn Eden: Shin Ra is the greatest at public relations ever. Somehow turns every thread into a BE thread. Flamed for using stabs a lot, might be lame but effective.

Cataclysm Enterprise: 1400 IIs, good pilots, but never jumping in
Celestial Apocalypse: Lots of good guys but get flamed too much.
Celestial Horizon Corp: Xetic w/ a new name
Contraband Inc: Danneh
Corp1: FOE

Cult of cuthulu: They are uber
Damage Industries: I think their ceo was the first jagerbomb kill :S
Dark Cartel: Daakkon and Trey
Death Row Inc.: callon and hellspawn and crusher OH MY
Dirty Deeds Corp: More xetic

DNA: They all fly bs worth 5 bil, run when u see them
Euphoria Released: Lots of nubs
Evolution: Not as active or scary as they used to be, but prolly the greatest corp in eve history.
E X O D U S: All they fly is frig fleets.
Finite Horizon: DC and meridius means win

Freeks Corp: ?
Forsaken Empire: An alliance named after a corp that doesnt exist 4tw.
Fury Corporation: Kill FA
Going Limp: ?

Guiding Hand Social Club.: HG
Jericho Fraction: Jade
KIA: Mercs who think they are better than they are from all I hear
LEGI0N: Pirates?

Millennium: Always choose the wrong alliance
Murini Ice Syndicate: ?
NAGA: discount
North Star Networks: More MC
Northern Intelligence: ?

Omerta Syndicate: Yuki
Petition Inc: Ben and Kyle didn't want to mine, now merged w/ Cosmic Fusion
PIE: So... many... geddons...
Rage and Terror: RA
Reikoku: makes alliances die
S.A.S: Never fought em, sposed to be good
Sharks with frickin' laser beams: MC , prolly the best name in the game
Shinra: shouldnt this be Shinra ? Daily orgys w/ Hast and Enslaver's alts
SNIGG: Good pirates
Solar Wind: ?

Species 5618: ?
Steel Vipers: G
Supremacy: Shadow of its former self.
The Royal Syndicate: mo0
The X-Trading Company: Xetic

Tundragon: Best pirates in eve
Teddybears: ^^^^^^
UK Corp: ?
VentureCorp: ?
VIRII: good pvpers, had some good 1v1s around curse w/ them and the botox guys.
VOTF: HED-GP invasion 4tw.

Deep Core Mining Inc.
Posted - 2005.09.26 07:18:00 - [172]

Thanks to everyone who alphabatized and put some spacing in their reply... it makes the thread easier to readShocked

The Wild Hunt
Posted - 2005.09.26 08:37:00 - [173]

Edited by: Archilies on 26/09/2005 08:46:09
A word of advice Dnt be drinking your tea, and reading this at the same time,just went all over my keyboard Very Happy

Battle Angels Inc.: the men with guns
Guiding Hand Social Club: Have my deepest sympathys
NAGA-so how rich are ya?
Sharks with frickin' laser beams- mercenaries of the year
UK Corp- So its welsh, Scottish, English and irish?
Species 5618-reminds me of that film with the alien
SNIGG:- Bloody everwhere!

A Blue Goat
Posted - 2005.09.26 09:29:00 - [174]

Originally by: Dash Rip****

SNIGG: Well-known pirate outfit, who have lost quite a bit of kit getting in our way Razz

In response to your little jab at us there, I will say this: Faction fitted Zealots Very Happy

Darwin With Attitude
Posted - 2005.09.26 10:44:00 - [175]

Originally by: Dash Rip****
Armoured Assassins: Pirates who hang around Lonetrek, believe I may have crossed swords with them a long time ago
Damage Industries: I was once a member of a corporation called Damage Inc, are these the same guys?

Aye, the active ppl made a new corp for some reason. Damage Inc has been revived tho.

Que Omega
Un-Natural Selection
Posted - 2005.09.26 12:29:00 - [176]

/me thinks we need to get our PR team a little more active :P

Dash Ripcock
Posted - 2005.09.26 12:51:00 - [177]

Originally by: Ikvar
Originally by: Dash Rip****

SNIGG: Well-known pirate outfit, who have lost quite a bit of kit getting in our way Razz

In response to your little jab at us there, I will say this: Faction fitted Zealots Very Happy

I am soundly put in my place Wink

Activor Faust
Posted - 2005.09.26 13:01:00 - [178]

Originally by: Vince Draken
Edited by: Vince Draken on 10/09/2005 11:02:15
DNA: Activor, we're keeping a spot warm for you

You almost got me out of retirement for a second then, almost.


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