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Ben Derindar
Dirty Deeds Corp.
Posted - 2005.09.12 04:26:00 - [121]

Armoured Assassins: is cookies their nickname for crokite? Embarassed
ATUF: Omgwtffrankination!
ATUK: They fight because they can.

Battle Angels Inc.: hunted Slackers for a while in Providence.
Body Count Inc.: accept no imitations.
Black Nova Corp: come a long way since NORAD.
Blood Inquisition: Amarr RPers?
BSC: CA back in the day? Dunno about them now.
Burn Eden: ugh

Cataclysm Enterprise: mainstays of G.
Celestial Apocalypse: stick to your roots, boys.
Celestial Horizon Corp: "resistance is futile."
Contraband Inc: mercs, ex-DDC/ex-JQA. Some good people.
Corp1: where are they now?

Dark Cartel: TS Rumble. 'nuff said.
Death Row Inc.: OWNED res0, "in the FACE!" Laughing
Dirty Deeds Corp: good crew, except that grumpy Steel Bear. <3
DNA: professional pirate organisation, now MIA.

Euphoria Released: "you SUCK... btw, that wasn't smack..." Razz
Evolution: what they say, goes.
E X O D U S: premier IRON corp.

Finite Horizon: more pirate badness.
Forsaken Empire: some good fights in and around Obe.

Guiding Hand Social Club.: thieves of the highest calibre.

Jericho Fraction: see Omerta Syndicate.

KIA: PA turned IMP turned merc.

MASS: driving force behind the new SA.
Millennium: Forsaken Empire, WTF?

NAGA: *your* T2 destination, if you don't mind waiting...
North Star Networks: quality vids.

Omerta Syndicate: see Jericho Fraction.

Petition Inc: new pirate corp on the scene.
PIE: Good anti-pirate reputation.

Rage and Terror: "We are not fly with RA, please."
Reikoku: more BOB.

S.A.S: live in Geminate?
Sharks with frickin' laser beams: saw one or two during the ASCN contract.
Shinra: Final Fantasy 7. Sorry.
SNIGG: heard lots of good things about Shamis.
Species 5618: fighting for SE.
Steel Vipers: solid crew I'm told, members of G.
Supremacy: forgiven, but not forgotten.

The Royal Syndicate: YARRRR!!
The X-Trading Company: what's left of Xetic?
Tundragon/Teddybears: the true pirates of Eve.

VentureCorp: loooongtime northern residents.
VIRII: they float around the south...
VOTF: Shadows of their former selves.


Gyro DuAquin1
Posted - 2005.09.12 04:38:00 - [122]

Armoured Assassins:Pirates, Good PvPers(Gankers)
ATUF:Fought once, nice fight, nice ppl
ATUK:Blob war, smack talking, Try to invade the north
Battle Angels Inc.:?
Beyond Divinity Inc:?

Body Count Inc.: MC, good Fighters, nice gankers, clean fights, respect
Black Nova Corp: Bob, our endless fight till the end of Eve, good PvPers, respect.
Blood Inquisition:?
Burn Eden:WCS, Damper Raven

Cataclysm Enterprise: G - nfuf said
Celestial Apocalypse:ASCN, try to gank, get ganked
Celestial Horizon Corp: ASCN, only met in gank squad, good fight, fast blobers
Contraband Inc:?
Corp1:FoE, FoE vs G has been a blast, gj guys, ebil pirats

Cult of cuthulu:?
Damage Industries:met some, cant say anything negativ or positiv
Dark Cartel:?
Death Row Inc.:evil Pirats
Dirty Deeds Corp:ASCN, T1 Frig fleets, that get killed by a Dominix

Euphoria Released:?
Evolution:BoB, the endless story G vs BoB
E X O D U S:Iron 4tw, good pvpers, a but understimated
Finite Horizon:?

Freeks Corp:?
Forsaken Empire:used to be pirats, some ex-FoE
Fury Corporation:?
Going Limp:?

Guiding Hand Social Club.:?
Jericho Fraction:Roleplayer, X-7o mostly docked
KIA:Some Mercs, only saw the warping
MASS:Tried to invade Fade, got killed, ran away, a bit overestimated, basic Gyrostabilizer, Trigger

Murini Ice Syndicate:?
North Star Networks:MC, great pvp, gank fast, hide if needed, always up for a fight
Northern Intelligence:?

Omerta Syndicate:O-Syn vs G has been of the shortest wars in G history
Petition Inc:JAGERBOMB 4tw
Rage and Terror:Some kind of pirat - merc corp as far as i know
Reikoku:BoB, respect good pvp, no smack, always need to be at guard

Sharks with frickin' laser beams:MC, same as above
Shin Ra:?
SNIGG:Pirates, havent seen so many around
Solar Wind:?

Species 5618:Stain Empire, some kind of ppl who sent other ppl into battle without a clue, cujo docked in Agil, some good pvp, and a lot of bad pvpers, shortest Invasion in Eve, did last 3 hours then back in Orvolle, Cloud Ring ownage
Steel Vipers: Also G
Supremacy:good pvpers, havent seen so many around
The Royal Syndicate:nice fights, got out with 10% structure at my scorp,
The X-Trading Company:Xetic

Tundragon:The enemey before bob came up
Teddybears:From time to time try to blob
UK Corp:?
VentureCorp:Iron 4tw, cant understand Mac
VIRII:heard of, but cant remeber
VOTF:Imp, Xirtam, Forum, Smack, 4c-, need to get some things rollin


Deep Core Mining Inc.
Posted - 2005.09.12 05:31:00 - [123]

Originally by: Seleene
OMG, is no thread safe from this crap?? Take is to another thread! Rolling EyesEvil or Very Mad


Thread cleaned.

Some of you may wish to think about what you post, and what type thread this is.

Now, be nice. If you don't like someone's opinion of you, declare war in game or something equal.

Nuclear Option
Posted - 2005.09.12 06:32:00 - [124]

Armoured Assassins: no idea
ATUF: very original
ATUK: selfish - wouldnt want them on my side
Battle Angels Inc.: wannabe's
Beyond Divinity Inc: no idea

Body Count Inc.: the best
Black Nova Corp: hype
Blood Inquisition:m no idea
BSC: no idea

Burn Eden: forum tards/ crappy pilots
Cataclysm Enterprise: no idea
Celestial Apocalypse: loud mouths
Celestial Horizon Corp: big corp
Contraband Inc: no idea
Corp1: no idea

Cult of cuthulu: no idea
Damage Industries: no idea
Dark Cartel: ganking miners makes you tough
Death Row Inc.: neato forum sigs
Dirty Deeds Corp: no idea

DNA: inactive :(
Euphoria Released: smalk
Evolution: pro's
E X O D U S: no idea
Finite Horizon: small corp, big mouths

Freeks Corp: useless spelled 'Feeks"'
Forsaken Empire: no idea
Fury Corporation: no idea
GODS: smalking on forums while sucking ingame
Going Limp: name says it all

Guiding Hand Social Club.: T2 Ego 4TL
Jericho Fraction: no idea
KIA: Good Chaps
LEGI0N: no idea

Millennium: Quality
Murini Ice Syndicate: SA chums
NAGA: The name you know
North Star Networks: mercs
Northern Intelligence: no clue

Omerta Syndicate: no idea
Petition Inc: random gank outfit *yawn*
PIE: *bows*
Rage and Terror: ebay
Reikoku: mad props

S.A.S: who?
Sharks with frickin' laser beams: MC
Shin Ra: lots of talk, little bite
SNIGG: racist
Solar Wind: broken sails

Species 5618: ego
Steel Vipers: respects
Supremacy: unknwn
The Royal Syndicate: who
The X-Trading Company:t2

Tundragon: b00oring
Teddybears: lame
UK Corp: props
VentureCorp: cheeky gits
VIRII: not news worth
VOTF: syntax error

Tyrell Corp
Posted - 2005.09.12 07:10:00 - [125]

Armoured Assassins: ?
ATUF: fanboy
ATUK: jimmy will fix it
Battle Angels Inc.: errr KBP7
Beyond Divinity Inc: ?

Body Count Inc.: Al
Black Nova Corp:
Blood Inquisition:
BSC: yar empire wars ftw
Burn Eden: WCS

Cataclysm Enterprise: ?
Celestial Apocalypse: goodluck with GoldenBoy
Celestial Horizon Corp: corp chat must be a nightmare
Contraband Inc: ?
Corp1: FOE

Cult of cuthulu:
Damage Industries: 200km sniping
Dark Cartel: o/ fairamer
Death Row Inc.:
Dirty Deeds Corp: Ascn

Euphoria Released: err kos.
Evolution: guys need to visit the south
E X O D U S: iron
Finite Horizon:

Freeks Corp:
Forsaken Empire: originally an alliance now a corp?
Fury Corporation:
Going Limp:

Guiding Hand Social Club.: ego? you dont know the half of it! Laughing
Jericho Fraction: is jade still banned?
KIA: mercs for hire
MASS: Bold stole the spoon

Millennium: no longer foundation
Murini Ice Syndicate: SA
NAGA: never a sk in chat.
North Star Networks:
Northern Intelligence: iceblock ftw

Omerta Syndicate:
Petition Inc:
PIE: roleplaying
Rage and Terror: if you see one. 10 will follow
Reikoku: duh Bob

S.A.S: forums
Sharks with frickin' laser beams: best name in eve.
Shin Ra: the corp or the tard? if you mean corp then i want cor's babies
SNIGG: organized
Solar Wind: o/

Species 5618: Shivan had a 19.9 damage mod!
Steel Vipers:
Supremacy: OC joined atuk now its just zoners.
The Royal Syndicate: m0o
The X-Trading Company: wtb t2 stuff

UK Corp:
VentureCorp: once came down with like 30 frigs.. havnt seen them since.
VIRII: in stain space
VOTF: Laughing

Band of Brothers
Posted - 2005.09.12 07:26:00 - [126]

Armoured Assassins: Lordmix! First pvp, he scared me.
ATUK: Friendly

Body Count Inc.: Hardcore Mercs, Honorable + Loveable
Black Nova Corp: Family!
Blood Inquisition: Crazy RPers, nice bunch tho.
Burn Eden: pi3wats

Cataclysm Enterprise: G
Celestial Horizon Corp: ex-Carebear ( ;) ) Mega corp
Corp1: Havent seen them for a long time

Damage Industries: Have come a long way, but still a ways to go

Euphoria Released: Smack. Also have an exploiter in the corp.
Evolution: :D :D

Fury Corporation: Potential, crazy poles.

Jericho Fraction: Hardcore RPers
MASS: God complex tbh

NAGA: Huge T2 mega corp, have worked hard for it.

Reikoku: Family \o/

Sharks with frickin' laser beams: BDCI's little (but vicious) brother

The Royal Syndicate: Savage. I like.

VOTF: Smacktalk of the Fallen. They have a fair bit of talent, but its over shadowed by the big mouths.

Caldari Provisions
Posted - 2005.09.12 08:56:00 - [127]

Armoured Assassins: seen a few times in empire
ATUK: smacktalk in Rl at the london meet 4TL
Battle Angels Inc.:
Beyond Divinity Inc:

Body Count Inc.: KIA wannabies :p
Black Nova Corp: dunno if i fit in yet as im t-total now and everyone else is ****ed.
Blood Inquisition:
BSC: used to sell me ships a long time ago
Burn Eden:

Cataclysm Enterprise: nice people
Celestial Apocalypse: Darth Solo 4TW
Celestial Horizon Corp: not got an opinion tbh
Contraband Inc:
Corp1: used to argue a lot with them in syndicate.

Cult of cuthulu: these guys seriously rock
Damage Industries:
Dark Cartel: Dakkon...... erm. no that will do as a description tbh.
Death Row Inc.:
Dirty Deeds Corp:

Euphoria Released:
Evolution: used to fight. then not, then fight, then not, now i fly with them. time change i suppose :)
E X O D U S:
Finite Horizon:

Freeks Corp:
Forsaken Empire: some cool peeps there.
Fury Corporation:
GODS: used to be a corp i liked till the smack in he last kia contract, now tainted my view of em.
Going Limp:

Guiding Hand Social Club.: uber. just uber.
Jericho Fraction: i dunno why i just get an image of ships covered in flowers like bugs in the 60's
MASS: never had an opinion on them before but now i have respect

Millennium: LOONIES LIKE KIA!!!
Murini Ice Syndicate:
NAGA: for all your shopping needs
North Star Networks: great vids.
Northern Intelligence: this is a misnomer surely :P

Omerta Syndicate:
Petition Inc:
PIE: i wish i were amarr somtimes, how can inot love a corp named pie?
Rage and Terror:
Reikoku: forgive and forget i say.

S.A.S: you know you want to join kia :)
Sharks with frickin' laser beams: started small, now widely respected.
Shin Ra: no opinion
Solar Wind:

Species 5618:
Steel Vipers:
Supremacy: some cool peeps there too
The Royal Syndicate:
The X-Trading Company:

UK Corp:
VOTF: only corp other than evol to pod me. payback is a ***** :)

Outcast Heroes
Imperial 0rder
Posted - 2005.09.12 09:12:00 - [128]

Armoured Assassins: Awesome killers and great bunch of guys.
ATUF: yer
ATUK: large reputation
Battle Angels Inc.: ?
Beyond Divinity Inc: ?

Body Count Inc.: well respected merc corp
Black Nova Corp: another with a large rep
Blood Inquisition: seen a couple around, spoken of highly by corpmates
BSC: terminal disease suffered by cows
Burn Eden: PvP unit of much ability

Cataclysm Enterprise: ?
Celestial Apocalypse: darth solo
Celestial Horizon Corp: josh's current home? funny how he did not know freeks corp yet he almost joined.
Contraband Inc: good pvp types, now disbanded?
Corp 1: always think of vadar kramax even tho he has left them and rejoined a billion times. nice guys.

Cult of cuthulu: ?
Damage Industries: heard of em - somethin to do with fountain?
Dark Cartel: know the name
Death Row Inc.: ahh, old FU compadres and home to some of the most amusing ppl i know.
Dirty Deeds Corp: ex-Xetic enforcers

DNA: another fine pvp outfit
Euphoria Released: erm...NBSI founders
Evolution: no need to comment here, like these guys
E X O D U S: another name
Finite Horizon: ?

Freeks Corp: corp whom i am in second spell with, the first as wishdokkta (hello Tbone) funny as feck and a good bunch
Forsaken Empire: corp come alliance come corp?
Fury Corporation: oh yer, got annoyed cos we killed em and then vanished
GODS: yep
Going Limp: really?

Guiding Hand Social Club.: unsavoury types but with style
Jericho Fraction: another name from our time in the north, nice peeps, nice sigs
KIA: another corp that killed us for fun when we were in FU. seem very capable but had suspect tactics if i recall
LEGI0N: very fine ppl indeed, good pvp'rs and good friends
MASS: former SA now current SA but not in get my drift.

Millennium: heard lots but never met
Murini Ice Syndicate: ?
NAGA: great suppliers if you can get hold of em :(
North Star Networks: they been around a while i believe
Northern Intelligence: and so have they

Omerta Syndicate: ?
Petition Inc: decent pirate types, home to benwallace and co.
PIE: cant speak highly enough of them. consumate professionals.
Rage and Terror: ?
Reikoku: another with a big rep, db preacher is a good bloke who once had us on his wing.

S.A.S: know the name
Sharks with frickin' laser beams: the finest corp name in the game and good pvp'rs
Shin Ra: ?
SNIGG: heh. the dogs. former member in ikvar and a very top bloke in magic trev.
Solar Wind: cool name

Species 5618: somethin to do with Stain i believe
Steel Vipers: ?
Supremacy: large corp with large rep - ex members there
The Royal Syndicate: mOo on acid
The X-Trading Company: another name i know

Tundragon: pirates of north syndicate
Teddybears: see above
UK Corp: seem to remember their recruitment thread
VentureCorp: old corp once responsible for for deklien etc?
VIRII: erm...southerners
VOTF: old old corp

Funny how so many people have short memories these days :s

Loki Gortha
Posted - 2005.09.12 09:13:00 - [129]

Armoured Assassins:
ATUF:Suny Ra .o>
ATUK:just another 5 guys :D like to fight alone :D
Battle Angels Inc.:?
Beyond Divinity Inc:?

Body Count Inc.:
Black Nova Corp:tumbs up
Blood Inquisition:ehhh uhhh seen some n00b from there once helepd him with mission
Burn Eden:wcs`s ?

Cataclysm Enterprise:
Celestial Apocalypse:not impressed
Celestial Horizon Corp:
Contraband Inc:
Corp1:seen them camping yulai

Cult of cuthulu: good RpG system
Damage Industries:ohnoes GD
Dark Cartel:
Death Row Inc.:YARRRR!!
Dirty Deeds Corp:YARRRR!!

DNA:Ifni =/ well they camp some complex iirc
Euphoria Released:
Evolution: made me kill ppl :D
E X O D U S: yeah should exodus to wow :D
Finite Horizon:hmmm not impressed yet YARRRR!!ifni now =/

Freeks Corp:
Forsaken Empire:yah right
Fury Corporation:cant tell much bunch of n00bs love cyb0r and smack on ts when fighting
GODS:PA (old times )
Going Limp:Kurenin ? ( ehh )

Guiding Hand Social Club.:YARRRR!!
Jericho Fraction:Jade oh Jade
KIA:done good movie former heros of PA some good guys there , mercs now ?
MASS:big mass sa or se who cares

Murini Ice Syndicate:?
NAGA:some good loot
North Star Networks:pa?
Northern Intelligence:

Omerta Syndicate:
Petition Inc:Benwallace ?:P (cfs?)
PIE: pi3 ? but still c4k3
Rage and Terror:lol few of them on local from time to time passing by ( dec us )
Reikoku: RKK-Rat killin kings :P good guys

Sharks with frickin' laser beams:not impressed good name tho
Shin Ra:.o/
Solar Wind:

Species 5618:seen in Fountain
Steel Vipers:hard snakes ?
Supremacy:ehh some say goos other bad me not impressed
The Royal Syndicate:YARRRR!!
The X-Trading Company:

Tundragon:oh zola :( how could u still <3 u YARRRR!!
Teddybears: yeah right been there kill some YARRRR!!
UK Corp:
VOTF:old time now not so popular

Celestial Horizon Corp.
Posted - 2005.09.12 09:52:00 - [130]

Edited by: Weebear on 12/09/2005 09:52:04
Armoured Assassins: Disbanded(?) Gatecampers
ATUF: Frankinator has the best sig ever on Eve-O
ATUK: Aspire to be like ATUF
Beyond Divinity Inc: Pirates in the disguise of Mercs

Body Count Inc.: Spawned probably the worst profession in all of Eve. No not Mercenary, the people who want to be like BDCI profession. Still got some nice folks.
BSC: Started off in the same way as CLS I think
Burn Eden: Forum smack sucks worse than in game ability for most of them.

Celestial Apocalypse: Pirates / Terrorists / Anti-Pirates or just Pie Rats? Who cares, they all wear pink dresses and Lodhi loves BGD's.... (really an alt mining corp of CLS, although it's kept secret)
Celestial Horizon Corp: Constantly Under-estimated, although hopefully proving people wrong.
Contraband Inc: Ex-DDC mainly I think.
Corp1: Haven't heard much of them since the fall of CA. Not sure what has happened to them.

Cult of cthulu: Mercs
Dark Cartel: Daakon
Dirty Deeds Corp: How do you do those little forum heart thingies...

DNA: Disbanded(?)
Euphoria Released: Try to be nice Try to be nice Try to be nice.... f*** it, next...
Evolution: Needs to stop killing people, and get their CGI vid finished and released!
Finite Horizon: Pirates. Never really had to deal with them, which is probably a good thing looking at some of it's members.

Going Limp: Used to be a 1 man corp that once declared on CLS. Not sure what it is now.

Guiding Hand Social Club.: Evil
KIA: The other corp outside of BDCI who can really call themselves Mercs.

NAGA: Tech 2
North Star Networks: Release good videos, assosciates of BDCI

PIE: Role-Playing Corp

Sharks with frickin' laser beams: Haiku Merchants
Shinra: The best [5] corp IMO
SNIGG: Loveable Pirates

Species 5618: SE Corp, guess they are now terrorists in Stain.
Supremacy: Used to be Omega Corp. Members of [5]
The Royal Syndicate: ex-mOo mainly. Know a few of the member names from their time in CLS, and if they were operating in my region, I'd be scared!
The X-Trading Company: Xetic. Not sure what they are up to now tbh

Tundragon: Pirates
Teddybears: Pirates

M. Corp
Posted - 2005.09.12 10:16:00 - [131]

Here's the corps I think of first when I look for the names that represent all that's good and not so good about EVE.

ATUK : Little needs to be said, look at them funny and they will crush you.
Celestial Apocalypse : I saw their fleet roll through Unertek once, I was scared.
Hadean Driveyards : Love the name and concept, very established.
MASS : Usually MASS have been an enemy of M., I look forward to flying with them.
N.A.G.A : The kings of the market. Always have been.
Xanadu : I always admired them for their T2 ops & PvP ops
Shinra : Our closest allies in [5] right now, these guys have an amazing history.
VOTF : Fond memories of VOTF from the CA days, Xirt was the boss.

Proconsul Para
Black Nova Corp
Posted - 2005.09.12 12:23:00 - [132]

ATUF: Frankinating
ATUK: Lookie, ur wallet is flashing, now get ur pod outta here.
Body Count Inc.: T3h Mercs, with capital M
Black Nova Corp: Who has gang lead, make a safespot and warp Blacklight there, he's passed away again Very Happy
BSC: Once upon a time, in a galaxy called Andromeda...
Burn Eden: YARRRR!!
Cataclysm Enterprise: Schnitzel und sauerkraut, bitte.
Celestial Apocalypse: What gate are we hugging today ?
Celestial Horizon Corp: Did those roids respawn ?
Corp1: C4W3
Death Row Inc.: Phonix and his merry band.
Dirty Deeds Corp: More teeth then tail, nice killmails.
Evolution: There is no alliance.
E X O D U S: Northern blobbage.
Forsaken Empire: Now you see me, now you don't.
GODS: logon traps.
Guiding Hand Social Club.: Gaming magazines ?
Jericho Fraction: Jade Constantine
KIA: cake > pie
Millennium: Where ? I'm itching for some kills. Twisted Evil
North Star Networks: For hire.
Petition Inc: I hate Tranquility.
PIE: A good Amarr is a dead Amarr
Rage and Terror: I gank, therefore I am.
Reikoku: DBP
S.A.S: Mercs on vacation.
Sharks with frickin' laser beams: see above.
Shin Ra: It's Shinra, and we're doing OK, thanks for asking.
Species 5618: Cujo and the Stain Mistake
Steel Vipers: Geee...
Supremacy: Cool
The Royal Syndicate: ex-m0os on the loose
Tundragon: .o/ Tenacha and Lifewire. -10 security ftw.
Teddybears: YARRRR!!
VentureCorp: GNW, Alexandra Belani.
VOTF: Xirtam

Avalon Beholder
Posted - 2005.09.12 13:01:00 - [133]

Armoured Assassins: Remember them from when they were a crappy offshoot corp from Crytek
ATUF: Novelty corpnames ftl
ATUK: Damn good CS-style PvPers
Battle Angels Inc.: No clue
Beyond Divinity Inc: No Clue

Body Count Inc.: FTW. Professional and deadly but lightweight.
Black Nova Corp: BoB Old boys, gd.
Blood Inquisition: Carebear RP corp
BSC: annihilated by the force of The Enslavers wrath
Burn Eden: Shin Ra is a nub, but Heinky is ok.

Cataclysm Enterprise: [G], disciplined but refuse to take risks.
Celestial Apocalypse: Non-entity corp who still talk big
Celestial Horizon Corp: Awesome displays of organisation
Contraband Inc: No Clue
Corp1: Whatever happened to them?

Cult of cuthulu: No Clue
Damage Industries: I always get them confused with Damage Unlimited. Stradvarious? or is that the other one
Dark Cartel: ADD suffering agent *****s
Death Row Inc.: Mediocre Pirates
Dirty Deeds Corp: CLS right hand men

Euphoria Released: Didnt defend XETIC too well, hopefully better now
Evolution: Classic Old Skool PvPers
E X O D U S: Also dont like taking risks, high opinion of selves
Finite Horizon: Finite Ability

Freeks Corp: no Clue.
Forsaken Empire: Disbanded, used to be arrogant.
Fury Corporation: no clue
GODS: Useless PvPers
Going Limp: no clue

Guiding Hand Social Club.: Organized Crime Ftw
Jericho Fraction: See CELEST, non entity with big mouths
KIA: mediocre merc corp
MASS: thebold is a nub but TRIG is cool.

Millennium: Only strong corp that was in F, big talk though.
Murini Ice Syndicate: Rising Power in SA?
NAGA: tech2 corp
North Star Networks: Another professional MC corp
Northern Intelligence: shortens to No. Intelligence. Iceblock owns.

Omerta Syndicate: no clue
Petition Inc: People who found even the tiny level of commitment required by atuk to be too much.
PIE: Want Pie Now. Amarr flavour
Rage and Terror: Useless bunch of wanabees with bad smack. Members of RA
Reikoku: Effective PvPers. DPB is a big wallaby face
S.A.S: no clue, talk big though
Sharks with frickin' laser beams:Awesome Mercs
Shin Ra: The best .5. corp.
SNIGG: what ever happened to them?
Solar Wind: SA corp, gd.

Species 5618: Got screwed.
Steel Vipers: [G], dont take risks.
Supremacy: PvP corp. The [5]. Own Tene
The Royal Syndicate: Not Quite Up to m0o mk1 standards. Good still.
The X-Trading Company: Dead?

Tundragon: Pirates!
Teddybears: Pirates!
UK Corp: no clue
VentureCorp: Big Talk in Little China
VIRII: Alliance hoppers, smack.
VOTF: People are finally beginning to realise quite how much of their old rep was based on Bull. Useless Pvpers, even worse at forum smack.

Confederation of Red Moon
Red Moon Federation
Posted - 2005.09.12 13:25:00 - [134]

Armoured Assassins: Nice corp ticker
ATUF: I have seen them
ATUK: why are these guys on crop recognition test?
Battle Angels Inc.: unknown
Beyond Divinity Inc: unknown

Body Count Inc.:unknown
Black Nova Corp:unknown
Blood Inquisition:unknown
Burn Eden:unknown

Cataclysm Enterprise:unknown
Celestial Apocalypse:anti-pirates I think
Celestial Horizon Corp:ASCN boss
Contraband Inc:unknown
Corp1:vaguely familiar fought XF a long time ago.

Cult of cuthulu:unknown
Damage Industries:unknown
Dark Cartel:unknown
Death Row Inc.:unknown
Dirty Deeds Corp:ASCN co-boss

Euphoria Released:ex XF now NBSI
E X O D U S:vaguely aware
Finite Horizon:unknown

Freeks Corp:unknown
Forsaken Empire:in vale or geminate
Fury Corporation:unknown
Going Limp:unknown

Guiding Hand Social Club.:unknown
Jericho Fraction:NVA from ages ago, I believe they cyber each other and all pretend to be girls or something

Murini Ice Syndicate:SA?
NAGA:market peeps
North Star Networks:unknown
Northern Intelligence:unknown

Omerta Syndicate:unknown
Petition Inc:unknown
Rage and Terror:unknown

S.A.S:sanctioned pirates
Sharks with frickin' laser beams:unknown
Shin Ra:unknown
Solar Wind:SE/SA??

Species 5618:SE
Steel Vipers:unknown
The Royal Syndicate:unknown
The X-Trading Company:xf

UK Corp:unknown

IT Alliance
Posted - 2005.09.12 13:47:00 - [135]

Armoured Assassins: oooh ebil pirates
ATUF:Funny bunch
ATUK:Smack Smack Smack
Battle Angels Inc.:Mercs
Beyond Divinity Inc:Mercs

Body Count Inc.:Uber Mercs lub em
Black Nova Corp:My Hotties *\o/*
Blood Inquisition:Blood Raider Wannabeeee's
Burn Eden:t2 stabs anyone ?

Cataclysm Enterprise:<3 [G], lots of great people in here i lub Wink
Celestial Apocalypse:Anti-Pirate
Celestial Horizon Corp:Carebears/pvp'rs
Contraband Inc:Question
Corp1:vanished, think they still hold up the FoE flag.

Cult of cuthulu:Question
Damage Industries:no idea what their deal is, are they IMP or what ? lol
Dark Cartel:oooh pirates
Death Row Inc.:I miss yous Joudas and Caany :(
Dirty Deeds Corp:ASCN

DNA: inactive Question
Euphoria Released:See Burn Eden, ex-southerners that think they are uber.
Evolution: Hotties *\o/* .... Molle bites. <3
E X O D U S:<3 my Ducky, Iron
Finite Horizon:Question

Freeks Corp: IMP's, currently living in orvolle or somewhere in empire ....
Forsaken Empire:We talking the alliance or the disbanded corp Question :P
Fury Corporation:Idea
GODS:Smack Smack Smack.
Going Limp:Still ?

Guiding Hand Social Club.:Ebil Mercs that steal stuff.
Jericho Fraction:Northerners and tech2 builders.
LEGI0N:ex-FoE .... pirate empire now.
MASS:Big Carebear corp

Millennium:Alliance hoppers, omg Zzazzy why F-E ?
Murini Ice Syndicate:Question
NAGA:Tech2 empire.
North Star Networks: Uber Mercs, ex PA.
Northern Intelligence:Question

Omerta Syndicate:JF buddies
Petition Inc:Where alot of the ex-Atuk smacker are.
Rage and Terror:no opinion
Reikoku:Pervs Exclamation <3 em all even though dbp wants to kill me Confused

S.A.S:Cruel Intension
Sharks with frickin' laser beams: <3 Karmic, Uber Mercs lub em
Shin Ra: no opinion
SNIGG:Honorable pirates, respect.
Solar Wind:no opinion

Species 5618:SE
Steel Vipers:<3 [G]
Supremacy: [5]
The Royal Syndicate:no opinion
The X-Trading Company:Question

UK Corp:Think ive killed a few of them other then that no idea.
VentureCorp:my ex-hotties Sad <3 u all
VIRII:no opinion
VOTF:(I must not smack)..... IMP nuff said.

OMG im too lovy !

Black Nova Corp
Band of Brothers
Posted - 2005.09.12 13:52:00 - [136]

Armoured Assassins: Bounties
ATUF: Frank
ATUK: Blob
Battle Angels Inc.: -
Beyond Divinity Inc: -

Body Count Inc.: MC, Respect.
Black Nova Corp: Alcohol
Blood Inquisition: -
BSC: -
Burn Eden: Stabs

Cataclysm Enterprise: G. Tempest. Pain. Respect.
Celestial Apocalypse: Camel boots
Celestial Horizon Corp: Lots of people
Contraband Inc: -
Corp1: c4w3

Cult of cuthulu: Very effective.
Damage Industries: -
Dark Cartel: Ebil
Death Row Inc.: PvP
Dirty Deeds Corp: -

DNA: Was one of the best
Euphoria Released: Like to fight
Evolution: Wagonmaster
E X O D U S: Deklein
Finite Horizon: Digi

Freeks Corp: -
Forsaken Empire: Old Venal vids
Fury Corporation: -
GODS: PvP. Smack.
Going Limp:-

Guiding Hand Social Club.: Outright evil
Jericho Fraction: Jade, smack.
KIA: David Hasselhoff

Millennium: -
Murini Ice Syndicate: -
NAGA: Tech 2 forever
North Star Networks: MC but can't respect them because they're Swedes :)
Northern Intelligence: Iceblock

Omerta Syndicate: -
Petition Inc: -
Rage and Terror: PvP
Reikoku: DBP

S.A.S: Good guys.
Sharks with frickin' laser beams: MC, need I say more?
Shin Ra: Lallante
SNIGG: True and respectable pirates
Solar Wind: -

Species 5618: -
Steel Vipers: G
Supremacy: Five
The Royal Syndicate: Boys are back in town
The X-Trading Company:

Tundragon: Pink panties, also see SNIGG
Teddybears: See SNIGG
UK Corp: -
VentureCorp: Deklein + CoD + GNW
VOTF: Old man Xirt's gang.

The Scope
Posted - 2005.09.12 14:48:00 - [137]

NBSI are looking into the alligtions of a possible exploit.

I suggest the people involved file petitions and we will also consult the GM's regarding this, to make sure it is handled properly.

NBSI do NOT exploit.

Please send all evidence and or logs to Cartiff for our internal investigation and also so we can forward the information to the GM's

Jasmine Constantine
Jericho Fraction
The Star Fraction
Posted - 2005.09.12 17:20:00 - [138]

Armoured Assassins: Originally a northern corp, I think their leader had a falling out with CoD or Venturecorp and turned to piracy.
ATUF: Small comedy/pirate corp?
ATUK: Longtime pvp corp who's alts with funny names attacked us once - their kill figures are certainly good though.
Battle Angels Inc.: Professional sounding Pvp corp.
Beyond Divinity Inc: Merc startup with an ex RKK member I think.
Body Count Inc.: Best mercs in Eve.
Black Nova Corp: BoB founder previously Norad mainstay.
Blood Inquisition: Blood Raiders got evicted from empire by PF
BSC: Used to be respectable got in with a bad crowd and died.
Burn Eden: Very caustic forum presence but effective tactics.
Cataclysm Enterprise: G corp famed for login traps but have gained a lot more respect recently.
Celestial Apocalypse: The original and best pirate hunters - should be alliance neutral really and just kill negsec people.
Celestial Horizon Corp: Big and economically powerful.
Corp1: Bland corp formed by some guy who robbed us once.
Cult of cuthulu: A legend for years now, small unit pvp excellence.
Damage Industries: Ex fountain?
Dark Cartel: Old style pirates with reputation.
Death Row Inc.: Sexy pirates with a mix of funk and freedom fighting thrown in for good measure.
Dirty Deeds Corp: They don't sound like good guys.
DNA: Complex haunting pirates?
Euphoria Released: Neutral shooting aspirant pvp corp.
Evolution: Generally reckoned the scariest corp in Eve - they keep their word and always extract a pound of flesh from the bad guys.
E X O D U S: IRON leaders, they moved to the North when the NVA was running. Were PA allies now independent.
Finite Horizon: Small unit of highly skilled long term players into running drugs and forum commentary.
Freeks Corp: Were in the north, moved south, seem a lot happier.
Forsaken Empire: Like an annoying tune you can't get out of your head. Hear it once and it never entirely goes away.
Fury Corporation: Cool name know nothing about them.
GODS: Old style NVA then PA then FE pvp/pirate/0.0 survivalists - they hate us worse then death itself.
Going Limp: Guerilla corp funded by Miso and Athule afaik.
Guiding Hand Social Club.: One of the most deadly corps in Eve. Controlled brutality and great PR.
Jericho Fraction: My corp, fighting tyrants in sexy ships for funky ideologies since the beginning of Eve.
KIA: NVA corp, joined PA, we loathed them as Halseth's minions but they seem quite cool as independent Mercs.
LEGI0N: there name is :)
MASS: Excellent old style corp, lots of character and the confidence to really shake things up.
Millennium: Old NVA southern pvp corp turned pirate hunters/turned alliance builders/now have joined FE in a really puzzling move.
Murini Ice Syndicate: Southern Pvp corp?
NAGA: Richest industrial corp in Eve? More blueprints than us.
North Star Networks: Excellent merc corp, brilliant videos
Northern Intelligence: Not sure what they do exactly but I recognise the name.
Omerta Syndicate: Very skilled roleplaying pvp corp. Yuki is a monsterously good Raven pilot.
Petition Inc: Not sure what they are.
PIE: Old school roleplayers protective of their ballpark.
Rage and Terror: Carebears :)
Reikoku: Original guerilla fighters made good. Excellent friends and longterm allies.

Jasmine Constantine
Jericho Fraction
The Star Fraction
Posted - 2005.09.12 17:27:00 - [139]

S.A.S: Mercenaries against the FE (or one of those FE style powers maybe?)
Sharks with frickin' laser beams: Charity Regard and Miso's corp - started as an anarchy turned into mercs and excellent video makers. Helped form the Merc Coalition.
Shin Ra: Southern pvp corp involved with the 5 alliance.
SNIGG: Popular pirate good, skill level varies but generally a lot of fun.
Solar Wind: Old stain corp? I remember the name from long ago.
Species 5618: Stain Empire Corp. Good fighters and honourable. They have fought with us in the North vs the bad guys there before.
Steel Vipers: G alliance corp. Very cautious and very good at workmanlike ganking.
Supremacy: 5 Alliance corp. Like the southern equivilent of some of the BoB corps.
The Royal Syndicate: Pirates with a bit of style and pannache.
The X-Trading Company: Old industrial corp that I remember mainly from their empire space ads long ago.
Tundragon: Good natured pirates, alliance free.
Teddybears: Good natured pirates, alliance free.
UK Corp: Bland name, no idea what they do.
VentureCorp: Nice guy industrialists turned roadblocking territorialists - I hope they go back to being freespacers one day.
VIRII: Southern pvpers - do they fight russians?
VOTF: Really don't like these guys, big forum smack and huge arrogance. The ex oracle guy that flies for them seems okay though. Cool

The 5 Amigo's LLC.
NxT LeveL
Posted - 2005.09.12 17:27:00 - [140]

Armoured Assassins: ASS, who could not love that?
ATUK: Old TNT, handle with care
Beyond Divinity Inc: Mercs. Waging war on wallets near you.

Body Count Inc.: Slightly more amusing mercs
Black Nova Corp: EBIL!!
Blood Inquisition: No clue
Burn Eden: Effective, annoying to fight.

Celestial Apocalypse: On break or something?
Celestial Horizon Corp: Good home, loving it

Cult of cuthulu: Don't remember, pirates?
Damage Industries: Good flyers, top notch people. Need to be apart of something bigger.
Death Row Inc.: Solid
Dirty Deeds Corp: Brothers in arms

DNA: Don't they have a lot of faction ships?
Euphoria Released: Good corp, bad terms. Pity.
Evolution: Heard good thing.

Jericho Fraction: Awe, it's the little guy fighting a big fight.
KIA: Mercy merc, doing underwear ads.
MASS: Conflicted at the moment, next few weeks will decide.

NAGA: They need more zealot BPO's. 170 day waiting period ftl :(

Reikoku: Scary mofo's.

S.A.S: God I had an opinion, but I can't seem to find it atm.
Sharks with frickin' laser beams: Great great name, but still the hired help.
Shinra: The most mentally stable of the 5? lol
SNIGG: Pesky rats!
Solar Wind: Meh

Species 5618: ... ?
Supremacy: I flip flop, love em at times, at times leaves a big ??

Tundragon: Never fought 'em, don't particularly care to.

VIRII: Bane of my vigil. Watch them closely.
VOTF: I want to like em, I really do. But then, I don't really know why.



Deep Core Mining Inc.
Posted - 2005.09.12 18:41:00 - [141]

Originally by: Cartiff

I suggest the people involved file petitions and we will also consult the GM's regarding this, to make sure it is handled properly.

Excellent advice.

Discussing exploits on the forums is quite serious, and will result in a love note in your email box.

If you haven't noticed, all comments not in the format of the original post have been removed. List out your corps, say what you like, as long as it is within the forum rules.

Now back to the regularly scheduled program, *As the Corporations Turn*.

Aperture Harmonics
Posted - 2005.09.12 19:17:00 - [142]

Originally by: Abdalion

Now back to the regularly scheduled program, *As the Corporations Turn*.

or "All my corporations"
or "The corporations of our life"
or "Corporations"


Dexter Rast
Mercenary Forces
Exquisite Malevolence
Posted - 2005.09.12 19:33:00 - [143]

Armoured Assassins: /
ATUK: old stain corp
Battle Angels Inc.: /
Beyond Divinity Inc: /

Body Count Inc.: selenes merc corp, draximus 4twCool
Black Nova Corp: BoB
Blood Inquisition: /
BSC: /
Burn Eden: /

Cataclysm Enterprise: /
Celestial Apocalypse: the good guys, hunting bad guys
Celestial Horizon Corp: one of the best run corps in game afaik, cyvok must be a god
Contraband Inc: /
Corp1: first pvp corp i ever came in contact with, many years ago in providence

Cult of cuthulu: /
Damage Industries: /
Dark Cartel: /
Death Row Inc.: we use their ventrillo, top blokes too
Dirty Deeds Corp: old xetic i thinkQuestion

DNA: /
Euphoria Released: /
Evolution: BoB
E X O D U S: we use to shoot these guys
Finite Horizon: /

Freeks Corp: /
Forsaken Empire: didnt this name used to be an unofficial pirate allianceQuestion
Fury Corporation: /
Going Limp: /

Guiding Hand Social Club.: istvaans corp, empire war based i think, but could be wrong
Jericho Fraction: best war i have ever been in, jericho V`s merc frigates was awesomeCool
KIA: Oh oh I loved the ki ora advert "its to orangy for crows its just for me and my ora oh oh oh oh ki ora"
MASS: old stain corp

Millennium: robbie williams
Murini Ice Syndicate: /
NAGA: rich, rich, rich, i wish i was a few quid behind them
North Star Networks: corp from oop north
Northern Intelligence: ditto

Omerta Syndicate: /
Petition Inc: /
PIE: hmm pie, role play extrodinair, they have more apocs than i have hair folacles
Rage and Terror: /
Reikoku: BoB

S.A.S: /
Sharks with frickin' laser beams: bdci`s shadow
Shin Ra: /
SNIGG: bunch of noobs and greifers, dodgy sigs and not very nice people at all
Solar Wind: stain corpQuestion

Species 5618: /
Steel Vipers: fought agaisnt these guys while in .MF. not sure where they are now
Supremacy: votf breakaway corpQuestion
The Royal Syndicate: odet and co.
The X-Trading Company: /

Tundragon: the syndicate prowlers
Teddybears: as above
UK Corp: a corp from the UK maybeQuestion
VentureCorp: /
VOTF: xirt is da man, used to be my fleet boss in CAWink

Kalast Raven
Caldari Provisions
Posted - 2005.09.12 21:15:00 - [144]

Armoured Assassins: Pirate corp
ATUF: Pirate corp
ATUK: [5] corp
Battle Angels Inc.: Unknown
Beyond Divinity Inc: PvP ex-Merc

Body Count Inc.: Merc
Black Nova Corp: BoB corp
Blood Inquisition: RP/Pirate Hybrid
BSC: Building corp
Burn Eden: PvP/Merc corp

Cataclysm Enterprise: G corp
Celestial Apocalypse: Anti-Pirate corp
Celestial Horizon Corp: ASCN Megacorp
Contraband Inc: PvP corp, unknown sphere of activity
Corp1: Old Pirate Corp

Cult of cuthulu: Old Mini-Merc corp
Damage Industries: Ex-FA corp
Dark Cartel: Tank CEO's pirate corp
Death Row Inc.: Pirate corp
Dirty Deeds Corp: ASCN PvP corp

DNA: Pirate corp, unknown sphere of activity
Euphoria Released: NBSI corp
Evolution: BoB corp
E X O D U S: IRON corp
Finite Horizon: Pirate corp, ex-M00

Freeks Corp: Pirate corp
Forsaken Empire: Pirate corp, broken up I believe
Fury Corporation: Unknown
GODS: Forsaken Empire Corp
Going Limp: Unknown

Guiding Hand Social Club.: Corp Theft
Jericho Fraction : Variety
KIA: Merc corp
LEGI0N: Unknown
MASS: PvP corp, SA Founder

Millennium: Forsaken Empire corp
Murini Ice Syndicate: Stain Corp, not sure which Stain
NAGA: Market Lords
North Star Networks: Merc Corp
Northern Intelligence: Stain Corp, not sure which Stain

Omerta Syndicate: Caldari RP/PvP
Petition Inc: Pirate Corp
PIE: Amarr RP/PvP
Rage and Terror: unknown
Reikoku: BoB Corp

S.A.S: Merc Corp
Sharks with frickin' laser beams: Merc Corp
Shin Ra: [5] Corp
SNIGG: Pirate Corp
Solar Wind: Stain Corp, not sure which Stain

Species 5618: Stain Corp, not sure which Stain
Steel Vipers: G Corp
Supremacy: [5] Corp
The Royal Syndicate: Pirate Corp
The X-Trading Company: unknown

Tundragon: Pirate Corp
Teddybears: Pirate Corp
UK Corp: unknown
VentureCorp: IRON Corp
VIRII: Pvp Corp, unknown Sphere of activity
VOTF: Imperium Corp

GalacTECH Unlimited
Posted - 2005.09.12 21:21:00 - [145]

Armoured Assassins: guiltess gank gluttons in empire.
ATUF: ex atuk having a joke?
ATUK: Blobb blob blob blob, hi, we are there to blob you
Battle Angels Inc.: NA
Beyond Divinity Inc: NA

Body Count Inc.: The good mercs
Black Nova Corp: Once friends, now enemies. fun to fight!
Blood Inquisition: NA
Burn Eden: Lords of warp stabs and sensor dampeners.

Cataclysm Enterprise: go G!
Celestial Apocalypse: anti pirate or something. darth solo posts a lot, or did, and does again, i am lost.
Celestial Horizon Corp: bleh.
Contraband Inc: bleh
Corp1: FoE. enemies

Cult of cuthulu: NA
Damage Industries: NA
Dark Cartel: Pathetic pirates
Death Row Inc.: pirates, they like to actually put up a good fight now and then.
Dirty Deeds Corp: ASCN i beleive, like to come to deklein/PB and then run out real fast.

Euphoria Released: those other north guys, NBSI
Evolution: Sir Molles ***** extension.
E X O D U S: My good buds.
Finite Horizon: NA

Freeks Corp: NA
Forsaken Empire: enemies
Fury Corporation: NA
GODS: imp
Going Limp: more rats.

Guiding Hand Social Club.: old corp of something
Jericho Fraction: people who think they stand for something, but are full of themselves and mostly just an annoyance.
KIA: more mercs.
MASS: southerners, 5ers, who cares, they tried to invade the north once and failed.

Millennium: Some old friends not in foe? blah.
Murini Ice Syndicate: who?
NAGA: 2 months wait to buy a HAC
North Star Networks: NSN NSN
Northern Intelligence: na

Omerta Syndicate: lapdogs of jericho?
Petition Inc: they hate siim!
PIE: na
Rage and Terror: NA
Reikoku: the yin to BNCs yang.

Sharks with frickin' laser beams: da mercs
Shin Ra: who?
SNIGG: another pirate corp that has come, and gone, and come and gone again
Solar Wind: na

Species 5618: Stain Empire, can they hold on?
Steel Vipers: G G G my buds
Supremacy: 5
The Royal Syndicate: more pirates
The X-Trading Company: NA

Tundragon: rats?
Teddybears: rats?
UK Corp: NA
VentureCorp: friends, neighbors buds. everyone calls them carebears, but they can fight.
VIRII: lets jump on the SA bandwagon
VOTF: imp

IT Alliance
Posted - 2005.09.12 23:06:00 - [146]

Edited by: algorythm on 14/09/2005 16:23:13
Armoured Assassins: corp ticker says most, fiew exceptions.
ATUF: Frakie! :D
ATUK: never had contact with
Battle Angels Inc.: never had contact with
Beyond Divinity Inc: never had contact with

Body Count Inc.: never had contact with
Black Nova Corp: cool guys, Blacklight rocks
Blood Inquisition: know the name, cant remember from where
BSC: never had contact with
Burn Eden: I Think I fought em when was JQA

Cataclysm Enterprise: Geeeee
Celestial Apocalypse: never had contact with
Celestial Horizon Corp: big corp, dont like em much
Contraband Inc: good bunch of carebears
Corp1: fought em allot in syndicate

Cult of cuthulu: I know they had another name, cant remember
Damage Industries: Ex FA, lone pvpers
Dark Cartel: never had contact with
Death Row Inc.: never had contact with
Dirty Deeds Corp: never had contact with

DNA: The most fun to play with, pitty they went innactive
Euphoria Released: never had contact with
Evolution: Has Tina Turner would say, Simply The best
E X O D U S: never had contact with
Finite Horizon: never had contact with

Freeks Corp: pirates
Forsaken Empire: never had contact with
Fury Corporation: never had contact with
GODS: never had contact with
Going Limp: never had contact with

Guiding Hand Social Club.: never had contact with
Jericho Fraction: never had contact with
KIA: never had contact with
LEGI0N: pvp somwhere in syndicate
MASS: never had contact with

Millennium: never had contact with
Murini Ice Syndicate: never had contact with
NAGA: T2 stuff, great ingame website
North Star Networks: never had contact with
Northern Intelligence: never had contact with

Omerta Syndicate: never had contact with
Petition Inc: never had contact with
PIE: never had contact with
Rage and Terror: never had contact with
Reikoku: Great guys

S.A.S: never had contact with
Sharks with frickin' laser beams: never had contact with
Shin Ra: never had contact with
SNIGG: never had contact with
Solar Wind: never had contact with

Species 5618: never had contact with
Steel Vipers: never had contact with
Supremacy: the longest fleet battle I have ever been, great enemy.
The Royal Syndicate: never had contact with
The X-Trading Company: never had contact with

Tundragon: never had contact with
Teddybears: never had contact with
UK Corp: never had contact with
VentureCorp: never had contact with
VIRII: The Virtu and Xile :D
VOTF: They kept coming after me, now I am after em

Thats it, I might be forgeting some, my memory sucks ugh

EDIT: Memory been helped by someRolling Eyes

The Scope
Posted - 2005.09.12 23:53:00 - [147]

Armoured Assassins: Ass Lord mix
ATUF: Ducks
ATUK: Bwob
Battle Angels Inc.: Who?
Beyond Divinity Inc: Who?

Body Count Inc.: 1 half Uber Mercs
Black Nova Corp: The Miners of BoB
Blood Inquisition: Who?
BSC: Who?
Burn Eden: They died

Cataclysm Enterprise: Had an alt... tried to scam... got bored
Celestial Apocalypse: Pyr8s with a different idea of the word
Celestial Horizon Corp: 300 x 8 Miner 2's?
Contraband Inc: They let skillz in... nuff said
Corp1: Some good guys, died a bit now

Cult of cuthulu: Not seen em much
Damage Industries: Erm used to be fa?
Dark Cartel: We win, all a bunch of jews so send me 20mil
Death Row Inc.: Phonix n his buddies r cool =)
Dirty Deeds Corp: Blob

DNA: Good guys... gonna miss em
Euphoria Released: Who?
Evolution: They have zap and twd... Nuff said
E X O D U S: Errrr nubs i think
Finite Horizon: Some cool guys... vex the russian arab jew ftw (not racist... its actually factual)

Freeks Corp: Used to fight a bit =/
Forsaken Empire: Not seen em much
Fury Corporation: Adam c and co i think... cool guys
Going Limp: Kurninen gave me aids =(

Guiding Hand Social Club.: Jim raynor and a few of the other guys = cool
Jericho Fraction: Dunno
KIA: Miners
LEGI0N: Madgaz r nub for joining em
MASS: The bold looks like harry potter IRL (no joke) thats all i can think of

Millennium: Used to fight em loads when i was in sneak...
Murini Ice Syndicate: Eh?
NAGA: They dont sell me **** fast enough =(
North Star Networks: Eh?
Northern Intelligence: Erm yea!?

Omerta Syndicate: Who?
Petition Inc: Who?
PIE: Omg RP Nubs think they should die... still got my bounty from killing their old CEO
Rage and Terror: =/
Reikoku: RKK Half miners Half PVP

S.A.S: Not seen em much latley but cool
Sharks with frickin' laser beams: The other half of the uber merc corp
ShinRa: Some good guys
Solar Wind: Only remember squirrel... rest where carebear miners

Species 5618: Think they should remove their head from Cujo's ass
Steel Vipers: Some good fights with em
Supremacy: Cant count... i'm sure theres not 7 in 5
The Royal Syndicate: Omg TRS FTW i ♥ Those guys with all siddys sand wub
The X-Trading Company: Traders?

Tundragon: Lifewire is a bit much... but xpo and the guys rock
Teddybears: Zarq chode myal and co FTW!
UK Corp: Who?
VentureCorp: Just remember makeh from them
VIRII: MK Ultra (join d-c)
VOTF: Blob with drones then moan cause their drones have lagged everyone out?

Band of Brothers
Posted - 2005.09.13 00:35:00 - [148]

Armoured Assassins: Big mouths
ATUF: Nerds? :)
ATUK: Historic
Battle Angels Inc.: Something clings but what?
Beyond Divinity Inc: merc corp

Body Count Inc.: Seleene should take the game less seriously. High class merc corp after all.
Black Nova Corp: Cleisthenes2 is my biatch, Strong fleet.
Blood Inquisition: Neighbours
BSC: Short for?
Burn Eden: Annoying posts without any foundation.

Cataclysm Enterprise: Respect. Aggressive and intelligent.
Celestial Apocalypse: old antipirate corp now more of something else traditional pvp.
Celestial Horizon Corp: Huge corp, still donīt know much about them.
Contraband Inc: danneh on the forums. Donīt know anything else.
Corp1: classic corp from the past. Donīt know about them now.

Cult of cuthulu: empire gankers
Damage Industries: Roam on the remainings of FA. Not FA themselves though.
Dark Cartel: Feels like you know something about them but still canīt recall.
Death Row Inc.: Old NSA days and fade/dek roaming force. (they attacked nsa)
Dirty Deeds Corp: who?

DNA: Sorry, donīt know them
Euphoria Released: Weīll meet again...
Evolution: SirMolle for Statue in Yulai!
E X O D U S: Old NSA corp, Buddrow is a good commander.
Finite Horizon: old school pvpers from for example M0o and others. Digitalcommunist too.

Freeks Corp: Donīt know
Forsaken Empire: Good at defending their space
Fury Corporation:
GODS: Hehe...
Going Limp: roamed in deklein last time i saw them. Bizarre you .... !

Guiding Hand Social Club.: sounds familiar
Jericho Fraction: Jade Constantine marathon posts. ****o chatters.
KIA: Stumpy is here!
MASS: Stain Alliance. One of the founders I was told. Very strong during the early Stain Alliance days.

Millennium: n00bs
Murini Ice Syndicate:
NAGA: T2 stuff
North Star Networks: old PA, now mercs. Swedes
Northern Intelligence: spies! Reporters. Annoyed some people on these forums during a period with their intelligence reports.

Omerta Syndicate:
Petition Inc: Drunken0ne?
PIE: has always wondered myself. Only seen them on player gathering pics.
Rage and Terror: They must be mad
Reikoku: Who? Haha, just kidding. You know them, we all do.

S.A.S: Seen them on killmails sometimes. On both sides actually.
Sharks with frickin' laser beams: Ostaps, where are you?
Shin Ra:
SNIGG: Name change?
Solar Wind: Old Stain alliance

Species 5618:
Steel Vipers: Same as CE. Respect.
Supremacy: Flown with them.
The Royal Syndicate: Some old m0o. Some wannabee m0o :)
The X-Trading Company:

Tundragon: Chased one the other day. Hunts at n00b shooting field.
UK Corp:
VentureCorp: Some I donīt like. Some actually listens. Donīt know about them now. Old NSA recreated it to IRON.
VIRII: Havenīt seen them in fight yet
VOTF: Who? Rarely to be seen. Dead alliance.

Body Count Inc.
Mercenary Coalition
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Pallas Athene
Posted - 2005.09.13 06:33:00 - [150]

ATUK: -1000%

Body Count Inc.: Efficient

Black Nova Corp: One system after the other

Burn Eden: Economical

Corp1: Past tense

DNA: Syndicate syndicate

Evolution: desoxyribonucleic acid gone wild

E X O D U S: IRON , an approach to a RL democracy

Guiding Hand Social Club.: Great corp. success in the past - too bad that everybody knows about it

MASS: They have a trigger

Millennium: has a bug


PIE: Amarr go home !

Reikoku: = merciless, a coincidence ... donīt think so

Tundragon: Insurance agents
Teddybears: Insurance agentīs substitutes

VentureCorp: Nice guys

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