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Body Count Inc.
Mercenary Coalition
Posted - 2005.09.11 15:18:00 - [91]

ATUF: Velsharoon - ebil yet huggable.

Battle Angels Inc.: Up and coming, with videos!
Body Count Inc.: Never heard of them.
Black Nova Corp: <3 Twaddle
BSC: Is Pulsar still playing?
Burn Eden: Love or hate 'em, they seem to get results.

Celestial Apocalypse: Indians now that Cowboy is gone?
Cult of cuthulu: Absolutely lethal group, recent merger. Love the vids.

Dark Cartel: Interesting TS recordings every now and then.
Death Row Inc.: Pink, fluffy, big eyes.
DNA: Highly effective from what I hear.

Evolution: TWD? Scary thought.

Finite Horizon: Digi & Co.

Guiding Hand Social Club.: Scary as hell!

Jericho Fraction: Forum whoring made an artform?

KIA: How tight does a group have to be to have KIA in 99% of their member names?

MASS: Spelling is highly overrated anyways...

NAGA: Cha'mone!
North Star Networks: Commies. <3

PIE: Evil empire. Rp extravaganza.

Reikoku: Miss Relina makes my heart beat faster.Embarassed

S.A.S: vs. Dreamscape! :D
Sharks with frickin' laser beams: Eyeshadow and Farjung, f'ing looser griefers! <3
SNIGG: Verone's got it right I think. And he's got Bosie - what more do you need? :D

The Royal Syndicate: Falconetta! o_0

Teddybears: I miss their videos. :(

Lotka Volterra
Posted - 2005.09.11 15:21:00 - [92]

Armoured Assassins: empire pirates, prolly somewhere in caldari space
ATUF: frank, remember reading some funny ultimatum from them
ATUK: biggest corp in 5, full time pvpers
Battle Angels Inc.: merc corp, good fighters as individuals
Beyond Divinity Inc: some northern corp

Body Count Inc.: best merc corp, showed how its done then others joined the bandwagon.
cautious about losing ships. frigs and hacs
Black Nova Corp: bob corp, not many members
Blood Inquisition: RP corp siding with the blood raiders, no balls
BSC: very old corp, total carebears, enslaver's old corp
Burn Eden: had some good pvpers, good in roaming in hostile territory. has lots of hatred towards shinra, seeking approval of others, vigils and ravens

Cataclysm Enterprise: G corp, has some good pvpers.
Celestial Apocalypse: Has good pvpers, lots of skillpoints, camp next to safe space systems.
Celestial Horizon Corp: biggest corp in eve, some pvpers but not fulltime
Contraband Inc: must be mercs
Corp1: used to be quite big in CA days, then disbanded or something

Cult of cuthulu: used to be good pvpers in early days of eve, then went inactive
Damage Industries: some good pvpers, ex-FA
Dark Cartel: attention seekers, are stupid or just playing stupid
Death Row Inc.: pirate corp, quite small
Dirty Deeds Corp: ascn,big corp, frigs

DNA: theyre good
Euphoria Released: ex-xetic, frig fleets
Evolution: biggest corp in bob
E X O D U S: G? north anyway
Finite Horizon: forum warriors, dont actually do anything

Freeks Corp: another merc corp?
Forsaken Empire: disbanded 10 times
Fury Corporation: -
GODS: average northern corp
Going Limp: pirates, prolly empire

Guiding Hand Social Club.: would die without attention, firstname lastname
Jericho Fraction: RPers, average pvp
KIA: went mercs cause its trendy
MASS: lots of old timers, stain

Millennium: slothe, always in frigs
Murini Ice Syndicate: stain
NAGA: tech2 kings, 1 year waiting for hacs
North Star Networks: merc corp, swedish
Northern Intelligence: norwegians, iceblocks corp ex stain

Omerta Syndicate: -
Petition Inc: drunkenone, frigs and cruisers
PIE: amarr RPers, has balls compared to other rpers
Rage and Terror: hed-gp, camp gates in short range max damage battleships, has no goals
Reikoku: big bob corp, 2nd in bob

S.A.S: scandinavian airlines, pirate corp somewhere, syndicate prolly
Sharks with frickin' laser beams: good name, thats it
SNIGG: good pirates, syndicate?
Solar Wind: ex stain

Species 5618: cujo, head of SE, some good pvpers
Steel Vipers: G?
Supremacy: [5]
The Royal Syndicate: ex-moo, insignificant now
The X-Trading Company: xetic corp, full time carebears

Tundragon: same as snigg, good at waht they do
Teddybears: same as snigg
UK Corp: -
VentureCorp: G?
VIRII: small ships, full time pvpers living in stain
VOTF: imperium head corp, corp for ppl like zelota and aneu, should merge with dark cartel

Destructive Influence
IT Alliance
Posted - 2005.09.11 15:47:00 - [93]

Originally by: thebold

ATUK: Bigup all the old school Shak Rainman, pyro, mr rain'stella chav' nubler 'ill blow someone up in 10 seconds!'script0r.. so many names

Shockedlook its my 10 secs of fame in eve Shocked

Istvaan Shogaatsu
Guiding Hand Social Club
Dystopia Alliance
Posted - 2005.09.11 15:57:00 - [94]

Originally by: Golgrath
Guiding Hand Social Club.: would die without attention, firstname lastname

He's not in my corporation, you know.

Omniscient Order
Posted - 2005.09.11 16:03:00 - [95]

- We are not inactive
- Our corp name is Cult of Cthulhu

Thank you Cool

Agent Kenshin
Bath and Body Works
S I L E N T.
Posted - 2005.09.11 16:18:00 - [96]

Armoured Assassins: From what i remember serious pvp corp.
ATUF: Vels, and some other guys.
ATUK: Big corp, member of the [5]
Battle Angels Inc.:
Beyond Divinity Inc: Had a few engagements with them. Not bad guys.

Body Count Inc.: You think Seleene was joking.. YARRRR!!
Black Nova Corp: Some of the friendlies in BoB. ugh
Blood Inquisition: All i know is they a role play corp associated with the Blood Raiders.
BSC: Long time ago CA members.
Burn Eden: Pirate gone merc.

Cataclysm Enterprise: ? Sorry dont know them.
Celestial Apocalypse: Anti Pirate corp finally gone back to their roots.
Celestial Horizon Corp: Who doesnt know them?
Contraband Inc: Some good merc corp.
Corp1: FoE. Good guys.

Cult of cuthulu: ?
Damage Industries: Old FA corp.
Dark Cartel: Daakon. Wink
Death Row Inc.: Good pirate corp. YARRRR!!
Dirty Deeds Corp: ASCN corp who gave us some good fights. Smile

Euphoria Released:?
Evolution: Some more friendly BoB guys.
E X O D U S: IRON corp dont know much other than the press releases that i see on the forums.
Finite Horizon: Some of the old school m0o guys.

Freeks Corp:?
Forsaken Empire: Great guys good fights. Cool
Fury Corporation: ?
GODS: More great guys and good fights. Cool
Going Limp: ? Never even heard the name. ugh

Guiding Hand Social Club.: Love em, hate em, or despise them. They are damn good at what they do. YARRRR!!
Jericho Fraction: RPers from the north. And of course you have Jade in there.
KIA: Gotta love em. They rank right there with us.
MASS: Orginal stain corp and hte cause of a lot of commotion on these forums.

Millennium: Not really familiar with them but name rings a bell.
Murini Ice Syndicate: ?? Think i saw their name on these forums somewhere.
NAGA: Freewheeling mate how ya doing?
Northern Intelligence: ?

Omerta Syndicate: ?
Petition Inc:??
PIE: Premiere Amarrian RP corp.
Rage and Terror: ?
Reikoku: Yes its those BoB guys. /emote waves to Dianabolic.

S.A.S: Heard of them cant put my finger on what they do.
Sharks with frickin' laser beams: What do mean you've found him already????YARRRR!!
Shin Ra: ?? Theres a corp by this name?
SNIGG: ? These the guys who usually camp the EC?
Solar Wind: ?

Species 5618: Stain Empire corp. Seen lots of them on these forums.
Steel Vipers:?
Supremacy: [5] guys.
The Royal Syndicate: Super pirates i think?
The X-Trading Company: One of the few remaining Xetic Corps i believe.

Tundragon: Nafri. Usually out in PF or somewhere around there.
Teddybears: Hanging out with there pink panty loving friends.
UK Corp:?
VentureCorp: ?
VIRII: Seen posts here dont know much about them.
VOTF: Xirtam and anue... Yea what Sel said.

State Protectorate
Posted - 2005.09.11 16:37:00 - [97]

Armoured Assassins: haven't seen any in awhile
ATUF: the new and improved?
ATUK: not like it used to be
Battle Angels Inc.: seen them on forums..
Beyond Divinity Inc: ?

Body Count Inc.: movies *fap fap*
Black Nova Corp: haven't flown with them in awhile
Blood Inquisition: ?
BSC: didn't they die a long time ago
Burn Eden: smack, wcs, what else could you want

Cataclysm Enterprise: killed my first battleship
Celestial Apocalypse: aren't that speshul
Celestial Horizon Corp: theres alot of them
Contraband Inc: fly in syndicate
Corp1: are dead?

Cult of cuthulu: growing in size
Damage Industries: ?
Dark Cartel: tank tekka daakkon, just noobs Rolling Eyes
Death Row Inc.: a bunch of slags i used to fly with, hi2u phonix.
Dirty Deeds Corp: ex xetic, and massive blob baiting and such.

DNA: cool doods that are now inactive
Euphoria Released: ex xetic?
Evolution: nuff said.
E X O D U S: one of the stronger pvp corps out of the north
Finite Horizon: losers

Freeks Corp: seen them, dno about them
Forsaken Empire: dead?
Fury Corporation: ?
GODS: flew with them like twice..
Going Limp: harrrr

Guiding Hand Social Club.: scamming
Jericho Fraction: jade
KIA: from the north
LEGI0N: i forget
MASS: was part of them a LONG time ago, most of the pilots i flew with are atuk, finite, or krom(or in other related corps)

Millennium: pirates hunters... or used to be or something..
Murini Ice Syndicate: ice = bling bling?
NAGA: loot shop.
North Star Networks: MC now, were PA
Northern Intelligence: SA or SE or w.e. they are now, stain ppl.

Omerta Syndicate: ?
Petition Inc: pvpers.. ?
Rage and Terror: pvpers.. ?
Reikoku: flew with them awhile back, cool cats.

S.A.S: haven't seen them ingame in forver.
Sharks with frickin' laser beams: a millionbagillion dollars...MC, do the video thing, fap fap etc.
Shin Ra: some burn eden guy... and then theres Shinra the 5 corp which is quite massive now
SNIGG: pirates
Solar Wind: are/were stain alliance/empire, stain ppl.

Species 5618: stain empire?
Steel Vipers: G, huge blobness
Supremacy: ex CA ppl, part of 5..
The Royal Syndicate: they're around..
The X-Trading Company: ex xetic, haven't seen them ingame for awhile

Tundragon: pirates, syndicate, almost always in FD-MLJ
Teddybears: are fuzzy
UK Corp: are in the UK?
VentureCorp: from the north
VIRII: were in the north, i tanked like 10 of them in a raven worth a few in ec- while chatting with them
VOTF: they're ceo has a wheelchair

Razor Jaxx
Pandemic Legion
Posted - 2005.09.11 16:37:00 - [98]

Armoured Assassins: Pirates, used to gatesnipe in Aunenen, then went to GW, now in Y9G I think?
ATUF: Frank's funky outfit.
ATUK: Challenging Evol for most influential megacorp.
Battle Angels Inc.: Ex-FIX I believe. Pirates or 'Good' guys?
Beyond Divinity Inc: Ugluuk's crew up north, never dealt with em.

Body Count Inc.: MC's core. Awesome rep.
Black Nova Corp: I'll always have a soft spot for 'Blacky', a true gentleman warrior if there ever was one. His corp is to his image.
Blood Inquisition: Almost joined them. And then they got badly shafted.
BSC: Last time I saw them was in FU (2nd Ed.). One of the oldest corps if I'm not mistaken.
Burn Eden: You know they're doing something right when they generate so much flak. Keep it up.

Cataclysm Enterprise: Best Fleet PvP corporation, bar none. Pacifiers of the North.
Celestial Apocalypse: Good call going back to your anti-piratical origins. Lots of fun ahead.
Celestial Horizon Corp: Largest corp, and that outpost was a noticeable achievement.
Contraband Inc: Think ex-JQA turned ebil?
Corp1: <3 Psycho

Cult of Cthulhu: Elite, high-end mercs. IOCTL scares me.
Damage Industries: Ex-FA, currently waging guerilla warfare in Fountain?
Dark Cartel: Keeping Empire on their toes.
Death Row Inc.: Home Sweet Home Cool
Dirty Deeds Corp: CLS's original sidekicks.

DNA: Come back Sad
Euphoria Released: Lay off the forums a bit mmkay? Current Tenal squatters.
Evolution: <3 Ubi, Akan, Asmo Wink
E X O D U S: Conveniently living in G's backyard.
Finite Horizon: Elite activists / terrorists.

Freeks Corp: Remember these guys from FU days. Cool people.
Forsaken Empire: RIP.
GODS: The rock of BKG. GNW memories.

Guiding Hand Social Club.: Legendary sabotage corp.
Jericho Fraction: Political activists. Free Jade!!! <3 Tats Wink
KIA: Ex-PA PvPers turned mercs. Efficient.
MASS: Ex-Future-Ex-Ex-Future-Ex Stain.

Millennium: Ex-northerners turned eastern rebels. Nice guys.
NAGA: Tech II. Loot shop.
North Star Networks: Ex-PA PvPers turned mercs. Efficient. Leafo's the king of video-making.

Omerta Syndicate: Jericho's ebil sidekicks!!
Petition Inc: Ex-ATUK turned rabid pirates.
PIE: Household Amarrian Slaverers. Evil RPers.
Rage and Terror: RA's murder squad. Scary.
Reikoku: The evil, piraty, doesn't give a **** element of BoB, yet highly organized & efficient. <3.

Sharks with frickin' laser beams: BDCI's sister corp. Same awesome rep.
ShinRa: [5]'s other juggernaut megacorp. Friends. Chow's a gent.
SNIGG: Ventrilo squatters.Wink Verone's movies kick ass. Close friends.

Steel Vipers: See CE. Just as deadly.
The Royal Syndicate: Ebil pirates. Mucho love. Rev you suck, I'm still waiting. Razz
The X-Trading Company: The last XETIC industrial giant?

Tundragon & Teddybears: Yaaarrrrrr!!!
VentureCorp: Like EXO, but fluffier.
VOTF: Imperium. Sometimes spotted in Syndicate.

Versatech Co.
Posted - 2005.09.11 17:08:00 - [99]

Originally by: pershphanie
Originally by: Latex Mistress

Celestial Horizon Corp: Milli Vanilli


Originally by: Latex Mistress

Jericho Fraction: James Brown

no, no, no. They are soooo dead kennedys


Boy George :D

Sir JoJo
IT Alliance
Posted - 2005.09.11 17:22:00 - [100]

Armoured Assassins: Pirates all i can say .
ATUK: Grown big and evil a real Force in EVE
Battle Angels Inc.:--*--
Beyond Divinity Inc:--*--

Body Count Inc.: The real Merc like old RIP
Black Nova Corp: BoB member says it all ;)
Blood Inquisition:--*--
Burn Eden: Hated by all but not sure if i wanna hate em my self just yet

Cataclysm Enterprise: old timers good PvP'ers and good germans
Celestial Apocalypse: u are confusing me whit what u really are Anti pirates once sounded good but now?
Celestial Horizon Corp: The heart of Xetic now they finally did the right thing and startet ACNS
Contraband Inc: oohhhh welll.... i dont hate em like most in syndicate do, i just like to fight em decent guys.
Corp1: C4w4

Cult of cuthulu: Ebil really evil guys when they come for killing u ,,, u better run off or fight the best u learned or u will be back in a close station

Damage Industries:--*--
Dark Cartel: Tank Ceo well never fought em but good some evil guys in there
Death Row Inc.: DIE love em well loved the old DIE got a awesome CEO and had some sweet fighst against em :)
Dirty Deeds Corp: same ass celestial horizon
DNA: they are dead and will be missied... they usually used some really nice ships ;)
Euphoria Released:--*--
Evolution: pretty much the same as atuk but they have been that big like forever
E X O D U S: hmmm northeren corp sometimes they bring a fleet of 30 frigs to the south
Finite Horizon: oldish m0o and they got Digital ;)
Freeks Corp:--*--
Forsaken Empire: never heard of a corp die and get resurectet like FE
Fury Corporation:--*--
Going Limp:--*--

Guiding Hand Social Club.: like there work , there stile and there ebilness in how they do it
Jericho Fraction: Jade miss u on the forums ;)
KIA: good Merc corp really good ;)
MASS: Made the south fun again :)
Millennium: TBH never like MLM and prolly never will think ppl overrates them
Murini Ice Syndicate:--*--
NAGA: they know the market well but thinks thats about it production is there doing in eve
North Star Networks: Awesome movies part of MC
Northern Intelligence:--*--
Omerta Syndicate:--*--
Petition Inc: these guys are nuts ;) in a good way...
PIE: RP but --*--
Rage and Terror: Grrrrr RA alts or not they kill alot and well had some good fights against em.
Reikoku: evil guys part of BoB they know what they are doing
S.A.S: cruel
Sharks with frickin' laser beams: part of MC and a great bunch of guys nice fighters..
Shin Ra:--*--
SNIGG: Pirates says it all
Solar Wind:--*--
Species 5618:--*--
Steel Vipers: another major G corp good figthers
Supremacy: Once one of the biggest power in eve now they are less in size but still very decent in what they do KILL ****
The Royal Syndicate:--*--
The X-Trading Company:--*--
Tundragon: same as snigg
Teddybears: same as Tund
UK Corp:--*--
VentureCorp: once one of the Big in NSA now i never hear of em.
VIRII: Once my best friends now i am not sure, but they do what they wanna do and atm its SE thats suffering
VOTF: much is said about this corp and Xirtam but u cant denie thats they used to be The corp atm they are a shadow of them self and its a shame

Trey Azagthoth
T3AM America
Wicked Nation
Posted - 2005.09.11 17:25:00 - [101]

Edited by: Trey Azagthoth on 11/09/2005 17:25:17
Armoured Assassins: Really deserve more respect than they get
ATUF: Getting rich off of lazy idiot carebears
ATUK: Embrace the blob
Battle Angels Inc.: Seem pretty effective
Beyond Divinity Inc: Dont know them, but nice vids

Body Count Inc.: Mercs
Black Nova Corp: Embrace the blob
Blood Inquisition: RP pirates
BSC: Umm?
Burn Eden: Any WCS to spare?

Cataclysm Enterprise: Umm?
Celestial Apocalypse: Self proclaimed anti pirates...
Celestial Horizon Corp: Got alts?
Contraband Inc: Lost respect for when they recruited Skillz
Corp1: Old school, hope to see them come back

Cult of cthulu: High member counts dont mean *snip*.
Damage Industries: Only seen a few times.
Dark Cartel: Wont say anything.
Death Row Inc.: Cool people, much respect.
Dirty Deeds Corp: Inventors of the T2 scaled blob.

DNA: Cool dudes.
Euphoria Released: No comment.
Evolution: Embrace the blob
E X O D U S: Umm?
Finite Horizon: "Intellectual" wannabes and all-around asshats

Freeks Corp: ♥ XKittyX
Forsaken Empire: Cool dudes (the few I know)
Fury Corporation: Umm?
GODS: Umm?
Going Limp: Kurenin

Guiding Hand Social Club.: the ORIGINAL Digital Terrorists
Jericho Fraction: Umm?
KIA: ♥ Gner Dechast, awesome BF2 server
LEGI0N: Cool dudes, some went to The Priory
MASS: Have fun with Stain region.

Millennium: Only fought them when I was in -ASS-
Murini Ice Syndicate: Dont know them.
NAGA: Losing grip on their T2 empire
North Star Networks: Mercs, awesome vids.
Northern Intelligence: Umm?

Omerta Syndicate: ♥ Yuki
Petition Inc: ♥ everyone of them, especially Wild Rho
PIE: Err?
Rage and Terror: ♥ Hanns
Reikoku: Embrace the blob

S.A.S: REALLY good at what they do.
Sharks with frickin' laser beams: Mercs.
Shin Ra: The corp or the person? Person: forum spamming idiot. Corp: Cool dudes, no love for me though.
SNIGG: The only TRUE pirate corp. Dripping with sex apppeal tbh.
Solar Wind: Umm?

Species 5618: Was it good for you?
Steel Vipers: Err?
Supremacy: Dont like them at all.
The Royal Syndicate: God I had fun in that corp.
The X-Trading Company: Xetic?

Tundragon: Pirates, when they undock.
Teddybears: Pirates, when they undock.
UK Corp: Riiiiiiiiight.
VentureCorp: Umm?
VIRII: Got killed by them once...
VOTF:Dont like them at all.

Posted - 2005.09.11 17:31:00 - [102]

ATUF: Annoying

Body Count Inc.: Amazing and well organized pvpers
Burn Eden: Killed me in my first Apoc...Annoying

Cataclysm Enterprise:
Celestial Apocalypse: Annoying corp, logged alot when i fought them
Celestial Horizon Corp: omfg HUGE!

Cult of cuthulu: Cool name!
Death Row Inc.: I killed one of their deimos' and the pilot blamed the game. Meh at pvp

DNA: Yucky syndicate pirates
Euphoria Released: omfg enemies
Evolution: amazing video

GODS: Yucky Syndicate pirates

Guiding Hand Social Club.: Prolly largest corp/alliance robbery
KIA: me :D
MASS: No respect, when I was in SE when MASS was in it, SE fell apart. My corp's POS got attacked by own alliance members..

NAGA: Trustworthy and the best T2 prices around
North Star Networks: omfg great videos
Northern Intelligence: My first real corp. Stayed with them for almost a year before Stain tore us apart.

PIE: Great fights with them when i was in Northern Intelligence and in 'Friends of Matar'

Sharks with frickin' laser beams: amazing pvpers
SNIGG: lots of respect for one of the only real pirate corps

The Royal Syndicate: Bad pirates, BAD!

Tundragon: Annoying pirates
VOTF: /me remembers the old SA - CA war

Tenacha Khan
Pandemic Legion
Posted - 2005.09.11 17:55:00 - [103]

Armoured Assassins:
ATUF: they stole our traffic when we camped in tannolen and only sent pods through
ATUK: ebil pvpers respect alot of them, but detest quiet a few too

Body Count Inc.: imo the best merc corp in eve
Black Nova Corp: "good boys doing bad things"Very Happy \o/ blacklight and the doc
Burn Eden: they seem to know my corp, ive never seen em

Cataclysm Enterprise: pirates YARRRR!!
Celestial Apocalypse: bad pirates
Celestial Horizon Corp: joshua calverts corp (my fav forum *****)
Corp1: full of ebil people

Dark Cartel: <3 Tekka
Death Row Inc.: phonix and ham 4tw

DNA: ebil pirates in syndicate too, though i think they are inactive, blew up my scorp when i attacked 4 of them ****ed up
Evolution: bob pvp corp, has lots of nice people, but some real *snip*idiots too. its a pitty they let the idots talk in local
E X O D U S: iron
Finite Horizon: viceroy \o/

Forsaken Empire: loved the aliance till it turned into the mega corp, some of my best times in eve were spent there

Jericho Fraction: isd needs to release jade, all nice people and used to drop the best loot in eve when doing trade runs
KIA: spiffeh pvp corp, one of them podded me in nonni when i was still in aunenen though...made me feel sadCrying or Very sad
MASS: some top quality guys, lost their ts info though

Millennium: a bb of theirs used to annoy the hell out of me in pb
NAGA: -1000% and they call it a discout, met these guys when sara made the bazaar channel and was buying from them from the begining till they *snip* me off
Northern Intelligence: pa corp

PIE: amarrian poo poo eaters
Reikoku: dbp imo is one of the most annoying people in eve

S.A.S: zincol
Sharks with frickin' laser beams: spiffeh name
Shin Ra:
SNIGG: they have a great rep, the only time i saw one inspace he was in a freighter Laughing

Steel Vipers: nice guys and quality pvpers
Supremacy: we went to war against these guys in empire and i ****in hated it, but that has nothing to do with them
The Royal Syndicate: mining and manufacturing corp in syndicate

Tundragon: immature ****s that have mental issues irl, especially tenacha
Teddybears: YAY
UK Corp: ukranian corp?
VentureCorp: iron, they have a great corperate infrastructure
VOTF: i really like these guys, good sports in local and always fun for a fight or a chat

Koth Krakenworth
Mugen Industry
Posted - 2005.09.11 19:32:00 - [104]


Rage and Terror: ♥ Hanns

I'm quite sure that is R4G3 (Random Acts of Violence) :S

FileCop AI
Finite Horizon
Posted - 2005.09.11 19:33:00 - [105]

MASS: Sometimes TRULY kamikaze. 2 years counting - LOVE IT.
ATUK: Love them, even though very good old mass members from it quit game.
PIE: Hail Pie! Hail Amarr!
Species 5618: Cujo got powerhungry I'm afraid.
E X O D U S: BLOB, fighters
Rage and Terror: Good catch fighters.
Forsaken Empire: Never liked them
NAGA: Tech 2 indeed
Guiding Hand Social Club: Pirate curse space looong time ago. Dunno anything else
Reikoku: BoB good, mkay
Solar Wind: Miners ;)
VIRII: Happy to be on their good side ;)
Shinra: Love you, member came to CPH gankaton once.
The Royal Syndicate: Gank, not really that scary.
Tundragon: Fight ok from my few encounters with them.
Armoured Assassins: Hate them, can't even honor friendly mercs.
VOTF: Where's the warhat.
Battle Angels Inc.: War decced us, never seen them.
Evolution: Goooooooodie
Supremacy: ;)
Celestial Horizon Corp: Has no idea what neutral means, has no idea what they're doing?
KIA: Fought with them, fought against them.

Slacker Industries
The Boat Violencing Initiative
Posted - 2005.09.11 19:35:00 - [106]

Edited by: Soulis on 11/09/2005 21:10:31
Armoured Assassins: (ASS) pirates
ATUF: ATUK wannabes?
ATUK: 5, big corp, pvp
Battle Angels Inc.: dunno
Beyond Divinity Inc: dunno

Body Count Inc.: mercs, part of mc
Black Nova Corp: bob? blacklight? much drunkeness
Blood Inquisition: dunno
BSC: dunno
Burn Eden: these guys like to annoy people on the forums, never seen them ingame tho.

Cataclysm Enterprise: dunno
Celestial Apocalypse: part time pirates?
Celestial Horizon Corp: biggest carebear corp ever :D
Contraband Inc: dunno
Corp1: foe? i seen them in syndicate once, they never caught me

Cult of cuthulu: dunno
Damage Industries: dunno
Dark Cartel: dunno
Death Row Inc.: dunno
Dirty Deeds Corp: thats us, carebears with guns

DNA: dunno
Euphoria Released: frigs, pvp, ex-xetic, smack
Evolution: bob, never seen any in space tho.
E X O D U S: buddrow, northern folk, like the germans
Finite Horizon: dunno

Freeks Corp: dunno
Forsaken Empire: i remember these guys from the foe wars.
Fury Corporation: dunno
GODS: dunno
Going Limp: dunno

Guiding Hand Social Club.: bad men :D
Jericho Fraction: fraction no faction :D
KIA: mercs, funny video of them clubbin in london, tidy bird
LEGI0N: dunno
MASS: trigger, the reason for all the se-sa threads

Millennium: dunno
Murini Ice Syndicate: dunno
NAGA: shopping in the one place :D
North Star Networks: mc?
Northern Intelligence: dunno

Omerta Syndicate: dunno
Petition Inc: drunkenone?
PIE: dunno
Rage and Terror: ex fa?
Reikoku: bob, db preacher

S.A.S: dunno
Sharks with frickin' laser beams: mc
Shin Ra: dunno
SNIGG: pirates, static makes my sigs
Solar Wind:dunno

Species 5618: stain guys, seem alright
Steel Vipers: dunno
Supremacy: 5, they like pvp and keepin it real
The Royal Syndicate: dunno
The X-Trading Company: xetic

Tundragon: pirates
Teddybears: pirates with tundragon?
UK Corp: uk corp lol, if only they were around when i started
VentureCorp: dunno
VIRII: dunno
VOTF: x-ca, not seen them recently

Vader Crane
Rage and Terror
Against ALL Authorities
Posted - 2005.09.11 20:09:00 - [107]

Armoured Assassins: Old killer clowns from outer space
ATUF: Franki boy
ATUK: have some cool people
Battle Angels Inc.: first deimos video ?
Beyond Divinity Inc:

Body Count Inc.: Mercs very good
Black Nova Corp: Old norad
Blood Inquisition: ?
BSC: ?
Burn Eden: seem good..

Cataclysm Enterprise: G ftw
Celestial Apocalypse: Darthy :)
Celestial Horizon Corp: used to be huge..
Contraband Inc: ? pirate ?
Corp1: Old FE members

Cult of cuthulu: Mercs
Damage Industries: FA ?
Dark Cartel: Daakkon and the gang
Death Row Inc.: cool people
Dirty Deeds Corp: hmm dunno BoB ?

DNA: cool pirates in syndicate.. jqa smashers
Euphoria Released: ?
Evolution: Alliance gankers
E X O D U S: Pureblind ?
Finite Horizon: ?

Freeks Corp: ?
Forsaken Empire: old corp.. that got merged from all the normal FE corps.. huff etc
Fury Corporation: ?
GODS: Used to be anti pirate
Going Limp: ?

Guiding Hand Social Club.: rich people ?
Jericho Fraction: Constantine ^^
KIA: cool people

Millennium: Very nice people to
Murini Ice Syndicate: ?
North Star Networks: old PA. .now mercs
Northern Intelligence: Iceblock ?

Omerta Syndicate: ?
Petition Inc: ?
PIE: Roleplayers very nice
Rage and Terror: ?
Reikoku: BoB

S.A.S: mercs
Sharks with frickin' laser beams: nice mercs to
Shin Ra: ?
SNIGG: PvPers dunno maybe pirates..
Solar Wind: Squrriel

Species 5618: ?
Steel Vipers: G wildcard :)
Supremacy: hmmm
The Royal Syndicate: Corp of the month
The X-Trading Company: Xetic ?

Tundragon:... dunno ? who are they...
Teddybears: well... doh
UK Corp: ?
VentureCorp: old timers
VOTF: old CA corp

Ellisa Annasan
Posted - 2005.09.11 20:15:00 - [108]

ATUF: <3 RAWWR and fantastic <3

Trey Azagthoth
T3AM America
Wicked Nation
Posted - 2005.09.11 21:06:00 - [109]

Originally by: Koth Krakenworth

Rage and Terror: ♥ Hanns

I'm quite sure that is R4G3 (Random Acts of Violence) :S

DOH! Well, dunno who Rage and Terror are, but I still ♥ Hanns!

Posted - 2005.09.11 22:21:00 - [110]

Edited by: Tbone on 11/09/2005 23:04:32
Armoured Assassins: They still around?
ATUF: Frank has a little piece of my heart.
ATUK: Allied with the entire EVE universe
Battle Angels Inc.: ???
Beyond Divinity Inc: ???

Body Count Inc.: Best mercs in game. Never fought them.
Black Nova Corp: TRS pirate corp.
Blood Inquisition: ???
BSC: ???
Burn Eden: miners

Cataclysm Enterprise: Had fun fighting them a few times
Celestial Apocalypse: D Solo, come get some.
Celestial Horizon Corp: Great corp, CYVOK is the man and jodax is my ho.
Contraband Inc: ???
Corp1: Got a few in TRS

Cult of cuthulu: ???
Damage Industries: Think this is actually the old DMG, INC
Dark Cartel: Allies for life
Death Row Inc.: Phonix and Hama are my slaves.
Dirty Deeds Corp: ???

DNA: Great guys, wish we flew more together in syndicate
Euphoria Released: ???
Evolution: one of TRS pirate corps
E X O D U S: Think i was allied with them one time
Finite Horizon: Great friends from m0o, still wonder why they hate us.

Freeks Corp: WISHDOKTA (misspelledConfused)
Forsaken Empire: Havocide
Fury Corporation: ???
Going Limp: ???

Guiding Hand Social Club.: Lamers
Jericho Fraction: roleplayin
KIA: i guess they are mercs now?
LEGI0N: ???
MASS: Dalman needs a new mega

Millennium: dont know what they do now
Murini Ice Syndicate: ???
NAGA: production alts of TRS
North Star Networks: great vids
Northern Intelligence: ???

Omerta Syndicate: ???
Petition Inc: ???
PIE: use to fight us in m0o, dont know now
Rage and Terror: ???
Reikoku: DMZ is my pvp char. another TRS pirate corp

S.A.S: pvp
Sharks with frickin' laser beams: great name
Shin Ra: 5 and pvpers
SNIGG: where are they now?
Solar Wind: ???

Species 5618: SE/SA ???
Steel Vipers: like to fight
Supremacy: got rid of alot of trash from their corp.
The Royal Syndicate: BOB production/mining corp.
The X-Trading Company: Xetic

Tundragon: fun fights
Teddybears: fun fights
UK Corp: ???
VentureCorp: somewhere up north, think Notferr was there
VIRII: ???
VOTF: i went mining with them once in syndicateEmbarassed

Edit : forgot about shinra on there, watching football.

Phoenix Pryde
3-I Area 42
Posted - 2005.09.11 22:24:00 - [111]

ATUK: big PvP corp
Beyond Divinity Inc: Mercs

Body Count Inc.: Mercs, MC, nice guys making nice movies
Black Nova Corp: BoB, carebears :)

Cataclysm Enterprise: germans, somewhere in the north
Celestial Apocalypse: supposedly anti pirate?
Celestial Horizon Corp: big, however well run, a bit too self-focussed
Corp1: FOE ? just remember them from their pirate times ..

Cult of cuthulu: Small but decent merc corp?
Death Row Inc.: BoB
Dirty Deeds Corp: hotheaded carebears

DNA: hhmm, pirates too?
Euphoria Released: dont give Cartiff a Rifter! any by god, dont let him sing!
Evolution: Evolving
E X O D U S: guys from the north

Forsaken Empire: more pirates
Fury Corporation: hhmm, pirates too?

Guiding Hand Social Club.: evil
Jericho Fraction: talk a lot
MASS: Stain

NAGA: loot shop
North Star Networks: mercs, MC, videos :)

PIE: slaveholders =)
Rage and Terror: RATS
Reikoku: BoB, CAREBEARS! ;)

Sharks with frickin Laser Beams: mercs. MC
SNIGG: pirates ..

Species 5618: SE ..
Steel Vipers: once FA, once XF, now G
Supremacy: Five, Tenerifis or so
The Royal Syndicate: pirates ..
The X-Trading Company: Founders of Xetic, still XF and true to its original values

Tundragon: pirates ?
VentureCorp: somewhere in the north ..
VIRII: go olyyy, go \o/

StiZum Hilidii
Acta sanctorum
Posted - 2005.09.11 22:56:00 - [112]

tbone we wont hold your ignorance against you. could always check out our killboard to see the alliances we kill at the top. but clearly that is too much of a sensible idea for you to follow so continue on your

* i have no clue but ill make 4 out of 1 and 2*

Armoured Assassins:
Battle Angels Inc.:nice vids
Beyond Divinity Inc:nice corp

Body Count Inc.:if i could afford you i would hire you to shoot aneu all day long
Black Nova Corp:omg mining in l33t faction ships ftl
Blood Inquisition:?
BSC: :|
Burn Eden: :(

Cataclysm Enterprise: good pvpers when odds suit them
Celestial Apocalypse: hmm what can you say about a corp that cant afford tech 2
Celestial Horizon Corp: big ass
Contraband Inc:

Cult of cuthulu: like their style
Damage Industries: done some ok stuff
Dark Cartel: :?
Death Row Inc.: nice people
Dirty Deeds Corp: steelrat is cool

Euphoria Released:
Evolution: twd is a tool
E X O D U S: iron suck tbh
Finite Horizon: lo

Freeks Corp:
Forsaken Empire:lol
Fury Corporation: nice people
Going Limp: muppets

Guiding Hand Social Club.: im glad we have nothgin to steal
Jericho Fraction: posters
KIA: used to sell them minerals
MASS: love trigger

Millennium: ok guys
Murini Ice Syndicate:
NAGA: muppets
North Star Networks: hmmmm
Northern Intelligence:

Omerta Syndicate:
Petition Inc: nice people
PIE: role players i dont understand that at all
Rage and Terror: some ok pvpers from russian alliance
Reikoku: industrial maga corp

Sharks with frickin' laser beams: :)
Shin Ra:
Solar Wind:

Species 5618:
Steel Vipers:
The Royal Syndicate:muppets who think they rock off the back of m0o rep
The X-Trading Company: wont die with good grace

UK Corp:
VOTF: omg battleball ftl

Pilots Of Honour
Axiom Empire
Posted - 2005.09.11 23:03:00 - [113]

Edited by: Alexison on 11/09/2005 23:06:47
Armoured Assassins: Pirate corp?
ATUF: Sun Ra :D
ATUK: Very good pvp corp
Battle Angels Inc.: They have boldyn :(
Beyond Divinity Inc: Ugluuks merc corp

Body Count Inc.: MC Razz
Black Nova Corp: Don't drink and fly laser boats :/
Blood Inquisition: Blood raiders
Burn Eden: WCS and smack go hand in hand

Cataclysm Enterprise: Tempest loving germans, good fighters.
Celestial Apocalypse: Pirate corp
Celestial Horizon Corp: Very big corp
Contraband Inc:

Cult of cuthulu:
Damage Industries: Vagabonds Razz
Dark Cartel: Daakon Shocked
Death Row Inc.: Good pvpers
Dirty Deeds Corp:

DNA: I love their vids!
Euphoria Released: spl0iters and noobs
Evolution: Molle makes anyone frightened
Finite Horizon: Clever pwiwates

Freeks Corp: They came to querious once, I don't think they returned
Forsaken Empire: Dead? Gone? Alive?
Fury Corporation: Stole my npcs :|
GODS: Smack
Going Limp:

Guiding Hand Social Club.: E G O
Jericho Fraction: Old friends of the north <3
KIA: Merc corp
MASS: Stain

Murini Ice Syndicate:
NAGA: T2 sellers
North Star Networks: Full of swedish nubs Razz
Northern Intelligence:

Omerta Syndicate:
Petition Inc: Bored people shooting stuff?
PIE: Amarr rpers Idea
Rage and Terror: Lots of ruskies
Reikoku: One of the biggest badass carebear corp in eve

Sharks with frickin' laser beams: MC Razz
Shin Ra: DB fanbois
SNIGG: Pwiwates
Solar Wind:

Species 5618: Another star trek corp?
Steel Vipers: Ich habe ein sauerkraut in mein lederhose
Supremacy: 5 corp
The Royal Syndicate: Good pwiwates
The X-Trading Company: T2 producers

Tundragon: Baaaad pwiwates
Teddybears: Also baaaad pwiwates
UK Corp: Brits?
VentureCorp: Northen corp
VIRII: Xetic corp? Has some good pvpers
VOTF: Imp....

Nick Curso
Pandemic Legion
Posted - 2005.09.11 23:10:00 - [114]

Armoured Assassins: [ASS] Ticker suits
ATUK:Big PVP decent guys, had many a good fight with and against
Battle Angels Inc.:Very first guy i met in eve is there CEO
Beyond Divinity Inc: MC i think bloody good at what they do

Body Count Inc.: Mercs could have them mixed up with the abouve
Black Nova Corp: Good PVPers ex CA
Blood Inquisition:
Burn Eden:WCS dampiner Ravens far to arrogent could be good tho.

Cataclysm Enterprise:
Celestial Apocalypse: Richious? they wish
Celestial Horizon Corp:ASCN had alot of respect for them during feythabolis campaign. Now not so sure.
Contraband Inc:
Corp1: Haven't heard much about them lately

Cult of cuthulu:
Damage Industries:useless pirate wannabies
Dark Cartel:Tank CEO
Death Row Inc.: Mercs
Dirty Deeds Corp: CLS

Euphoria Released: Fourm smack.
Evolution: Very good PVPers alliance killers
E X O D U S: Too mouthy, Blobbers
Finite Horizon: GFL Torque *waves*

Freeks Corp:
Forsaken Empire: F-E
Fury Corporation:
Going Limp:

Guiding Hand Social Club.: Imp apoc (kileak)
Jericho Fraction: Role players
KIA: Good merc mucho respect
LEGI0N: Celestial cartel
MASS: ****ing useless carebear tards i hate them all.

Millennium: ex foundation
Murini Ice Syndicate:
North Star Networks: MC good vids
Northern Intelligence: Old sk00l SA

Omerta Syndicate:
Petition Inc:
PIE: Hail Amarr
Rage and Terror: RAT shoot everything that moves
Reikoku: Very good pvpers BOB (see evol)

Sharks with frickin' laser beams: dont know much
Shin Ra: shin Ra? isn that the charicter or Shinra? Ex CA good pvpers u still owe me many bs
Solar Wind: old SA

Species 5618:Alot of old old friends shooting eachother now :(
Steel Vipers:
Supremacy:Used to be omega and 7th space caverly i think?
The Royal Syndicate: Pirates ex m0o?
The X-Trading Company:

UK Corp:
VIRII: Mucho respect
Used to be something now just smacktards

A Blue Goat
Posted - 2005.09.11 23:18:00 - [115]

Edited by: Ikvar on 11/09/2005 23:17:57
Armoured Assassins: I thought they disbanded.
ATUF: Frank's manlove corp I think
ATUK: PVP corp that's a member of [5].
Battle Angels Inc.: Merc/Antipirate corp. Made up of mainly ex FIX pilots.
Beyond Divinity Inc: Ugluuk's videos ftw :D

Body Count Inc.: Seleene's videos ftw :D
Black Nova Corp: PVP corp, member of BOB.
Blood Inquisition: One time Myadra gave me a free Geddon \o/
BSC: Old corp, dunno what they do.
Burn Eden: Can't really mention Burn Eden without saying 'OMFG WCSZ0RSS!!'

Cataclysm Enterprise: PVP corp, member of G
Celestial Apocalypse: PVP corp, don't really know much about them.
Celestial Horizon Corp: Cyvok and his alts? Razz
Contraband Inc: Made up of loads of old DDC I think. We've had a few scraps.
Corp1: Still carrying the FOE tag \o/ :D (ex member)

Cult of cuthulu: Pretty pwnage merc group from what I've seen. Nice vids.
Damage Industries: Dunno.
Dark Cartel: I ♥ Daakkon's arse.
Death Row Inc.: They let us use their vent server 'cos our TS is buggered
Dirty Deeds Corp: Miners I think (joking Razz)

DNA: Pirates in and around syndicate. Nice videos.
Euphoria Released: I like greifing Cmdr Patrick Very Happy
Evolution: PVP corp, member of BOB. Smacking down those alliances Very Happy
E X O D U S: IRON PVP corp.
Finite Horizon: Greifing events ftw Laughing

Freeks Corp: PVP/pirate corp (ex member). Gavrok has the best beard ever.
Forsaken Empire: Dead I think?
Fury Corporation: Dunno.
GODS: Ex FOE I think? No idea what they're doing now.
Going Limp: Dunno, saw some of them around Saranen - Aunenen area though.

Guiding Hand Social Club.: The box Istvann keeps his ego in LaughingRazz
Jericho Fraction: Damn you Jericho Fraction! I actually read some of your IC posts!
KIA: Well known Merc corp.
LEGI0N: I had sex with Countessa. FOUR TIMES!
MASS: A legion guy gave my alt some ISK Very Happy

Millennium: Still see some of them around Egbinger. Good PVP corp I hear.
Murini Ice Syndicate: Dunno.... they have that guy.. you know, the guy.
NAGA: Selling type people. Big selling type people.
North Star Networks: Merc corp from the MC. Good videos.
Northern Intelligence: - V - Alliance? I can't remember.

Omerta Syndicate: Yuki's corp?
Petition Inc: New PVP corp, they have our Rho! (I just finished Rho cannon op 5 too)
PIE: Amarrian RP corp. Good PVPers and good RPers.
Rage and Terror: Pirate/PVP corp, funny vids Laughing
Reikoku: PVP corp from BOB.

S.A.S: I think they're a Merc corp aren't they? Very high scores on EVE kills
Sharks with frickin' laser beams: Another MC merc corp. They like panties I think.
Shin Ra: I'll assume that's Shinra, from the [5]. Good PVP corp.
Solar Wind: Gave me and Drilla and friends a fun fight in G-5EN2 once.

Species 5618: Head corp of SE I think.
Steel Vipers: No idea.
Supremacy: PVP corp from the [5]
The Royal Syndicate: New M0o!
The X-Trading Company: Old Xetic or something? I dunno.

Tundragon: Fun pirate corp Very Happy
Teddybears: See above
UK Corp: Dunno
VentureCorp: IRON corp
VIRII: Dunno really. Neur0n joined them or some ****.
VOTF: Old CA corp, Xirt runs it.

Caldari Provisions
Posted - 2005.09.12 00:11:00 - [116]

Armoured Assassins: True pirates
ATUF:Frank is funny and I died to them
ATUK:Very good pvpers
Battle Angels Inc.: All of fix pvper moved into a corp
Beyond Divinity Inc:Ugluuk's minions mercs

Body Count Inc.: Biggest MERCS
Black Nova Corp: good pvpers and good teamwork
Blood Inquisition: Rpers that I have to yell at alot
BSC: Very very old corp
Burn Eden: Gurilla warfare!

Cataclysm Enterprise: northern pvpers
Celestial Apocalypse: PIRATES
Celestial Horizon Corp: Miners/PVPers
Contraband Inc: don't know ot much but they are pvpers
Corp1: C3W4 ftw!

Cult of cuthulu: good mercs
Damage Industries: Gank me while npcing please
Dark Cartel: Pirates
Death Row Inc.: hami
Dirty Deeds Corp: Dirty

DNA: Faction battleship fleets
Euphoria Released: NSBI
Evolution: Lord zap is in evol 0_0
E X O D U S: 35 assult frigate gank squads :(
Finite Horizon: Ex-m0o

Freeks Corp: Seen them once
Forsaken Empire: DEAD
Fury Corporation: Homies
GODS: f-e?
Going Limp: merc?

Guiding Hand Social Club.: don't steal my bpos
Jericho Fraction: venal stuffz
MASS: TRigger and CA war fighters :D

Millennium: Old GW inhabitants
Murini Ice Syndicate: ?
NAGA: Hi freewheeling I know who your main is
North Star Networks: MErcs
Northern Intelligence: Iceblock is back

Omerta Syndicate: SEXY yuki
Petition Inc: LOSERS
Rage and Terror: good pvpers
Reikoku: DMZ ownz joo killboard

S.A.S: pvpers
Sharks with frickin' laser beams: MERCS
Shin Ra: My old home hi chow hast sucks
SNIGG:PVPERS with a pos
Solar Wind: old old old copr that disappeared

Species 5618: Cujo
Steel Vipers: ?
Supremacy: OC
The Royal Syndicate: ex-m0o
The X-Trading Company: Xetic sales :D

UK Corp:?
VentureCorp: northern pvpers
VIRII: saladin
VOTF: xirt mines alot

Band of Brothers
Posted - 2005.09.12 00:38:00 - [117]

ATUK: [5] corp, good blob fighters
Black Nova Corp: BoB corp, they make me glad I'm not in an alliance full of dead weight.
Blood Inquisition: Were something fresh to RP, not sure what happened to them after the highways change.
Burn Eden: If they were as good as they think they are, we'd all be out of ships.
Cataclysm Enterprise: Respect

Contraband Inc: Keep practicing your smack, some day you might be able to compete with Burn Eden
Cult of cuthulu: No real contact, effective in small numbers I hear
Death Row Inc.: Damn good at what they do
Dirty Deeds Corp: Frig squads
DNA: Not much contact, seen them around in Syndicate

Evolution: BoB corp, they like to break things like alliances
E X O D U S: T A L K I N G L I K E T H I S I S S O C O O L T H E Y N A M E D T H E I R A L T C O R P T H E S A M E W A Y
Forsaken Empire: I thought they were dead.
GODS: Not what their name would suggest they are.
Going Limp: Sorry about that. Maybe some viagra would help.

Guiding Hand Social Club.: After my damage control II BPO
Jericho Fraction: Responsible for anything bad that has ever happened to anyone in the north.
KIA: Effective merc corp
MSAS: Oops I spelt their name wrong... Embarassed
NAGA: Waiting lists fts, friendly people though

North Star Networks: A lot cooler as a merc corp
Northern Intelligence: Kind of wish there was some these days.
Omerta Syndicate: Apparently some sort of pirates who don't shoot neutrals.
Petition Inc:
PIE: C4ke is better tbh, but a tough bunch to fight.

Reikoku: Wouldn't want to fight these guys.
S.A.S: Kind of surprised I haven't met these guys yet.
Sharks with frickin' laser beams: Their vids rock.
SNIGG: I'd almost enjoy getting pirated by these guys.
Steel Vipers: G corp, much respect

The Royal Syndicate: Some good pvpers, making a good name for themselves
Tundragon: Good pirate corp, no smacktalk
Teddybears: see above
VentureCorp: Sure not what they used to be.
VOTF: Used to be a powerhouse PVP corp, seems BoB has knocked the fight out of a lot of them.

Sebiestor Tribe
Posted - 2005.09.12 02:12:00 - [118]

ATUK: Awesome
Black Omega Security : Fantastic
Black Reign: Uber
M-Corp: Wonderful
Shinra: Magnificent
Supremacy: Phenomenal
TTI - Brilliant

Did I miss anyone? Very Happy

The Initiative.
Posted - 2005.09.12 02:16:00 - [119]

Armoured Assassins: Have known and been friends with many of the players in this corporation, from the beginning. Old school scammers and gate rats, who came together for a time as a PvP corp with an evil bent. Hi to Mix and Nigel and Willy.
ATUF: <3 Sun Ra
ATUK: An interesting combination of all walks of life within eve, blended together to be a powerhouse.
Battle Angels Inc.: Alliance people coming together to have fun, shedding the alliance constraints.
Body Count Inc.: A member of Mercenary Coalition, which to me are an unrivaled group of players who actually understand what the name mercenary means, and sets the standard for any and all who choose the same path.
Black Nova Corp: Comprised of some of the most serious minds I have encountered in Eve behind the scenes, with a capital F for Fun at the forefront.
Burn Eden: Have mastered the art of making people angry on the forums, so much so that those angry people make the mistake in-game of underestimating the smaller gang tactics employed by this group who play to win, their way.
Cataclysm Enterprise: Part of an honorable alliance known as G.
Celestial Apocalypse: Corporation who states that they are headed back to their roots of hunting low-sec pirates that prey upon the “weak”, under the heading of a Bounty Hunting corp. I hope that the game allows for proper tools to assist them in their work, so that they don’t get bored and get all political again which is quite draining.
Celestial Horizon Corp: The largest corporation in the game, which I believe has held Joshua Calvert’s interest longer than any other single group. Also of note, they built the first Outpost, while under fire from mercenaries, pirates, and others. Obviously one of Eve’s supreme logistical planning groups.
Corp1: Had some of these guys chasing me around in Vale of the Silent. Very nice in local. Didn’t get me, neener neener.
Cult of Cthulu: Most excellent at small group Mercenary work, who don’t say a whole lot, but their videos speak volumes.
Damage Industries: Fun people to fight, with Stradivarious having some of the largest set of brass ones that I have seen in Eve, bringing his Machariel to a fleet fight. (I almost got you with my alt in case you are wondering).
Dark Cartel: I sang for Daakkon on TS. I also chased Tank CEO around some when I was a noob. Or was it he chased me?
Death Row Inc.: Targets.
Dirty Deeds Corp: Just have gotten to know SteelRat, fine chap.
Euphoria Released: NBSI people who type a whole lot on forums, who are squatting in Tenal for now.
Evolution: Home, sweet home. Seriously the most amazing group of players.
E X O D U S: A corporation who hangs with G alliance, and actually one of the few outside of BoB corps that I have seen who does whatever it takes to back their friends up.
Forsaken Empire: Pirates turned alliance people.
GODS: You know when your momma told you that if you couldn’t say anything nice, not to say anything? <3 Persh.
Going Limp: Has to be like really old people in this corp that named this. Either that, or they are talking about boiling pasta.
Guiding Hand Social Club.: The most Evil and Insidious corporation in Eve, and they are damned proud of it. Just ask them.


The Initiative.
Posted - 2005.09.12 02:16:00 - [120]

Jericho Fraction: A tech 2 production corporation, with a powerful bent for the strange and unusual, meaning going against the flow politically, and backing their friends. I have seen them be honorable allies towards mutual friends, many thanks.
KIA: Mercenary corporation, who made the break from alliance politics.
MASS: Stain Alliance.
Millennium: Anti-pirate corporation who joined an alliance loaded with pirate types. Ain’t quite figured that one out yet.
NAGA: Started out as a loot sales warehousing type organization, who evolved into a Tech 2 and POS powerhouse.
North Star Networks: Part of the Mercenary Coalition, along with excellent videos.
Omerta Syndicate: Jericho Fraction sister corp.
Petition Inc: I thought about sending them money to war dec FIX, to give FIX something to do.
PIE: Roleplayers extraordinaire.
Reikoku: Carebears extraordinaire. (HI DMZ) Seriously though, led by a good friend, in a successful corporate model, with excellent balance and clarity of thought.
Sharks with frickin' laser beams: Part of the Mercenary Coalition, with an interesting name.
Shinra: Part of the [5] that is now 6 or 7 I think.
SNIGG: Led by one of the most honorable men in Eve that I have found, Shamis Orzoz, who also happens to be the person that took the time and taught me how to find safespots. SNIGG is also a pirate corp that plays for fun and sticks together.
Steel Vipers: Part of an honorable alliance known as G.
Supremacy: Part of the [5] that is now 6 or 7 I think.
Tundragon: Fierce defenders of PF-346 and FD-MLJ, see Teddybears.
Teddybears: Fierce defenders of PF-346 and FD-MLJ, see Tundragons.
Venture Corp: I remember the Venture Babes. I have a Krystal corpse (now BNC) and just got an Alexandra Belani corpse (Now Rona), doubt it was the same “her” though, not talkative enough. I miss Rarium too, tho he isn’t a babe.
VOTF: I saw a video of their return to Curse, liked it, very dramatic. Their CEO dies a lot, like Shrike does.

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