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Aperture Harmonics
Posted - 2005.09.10 23:03:00 - [61]

Armoured Assassins: Camped Aununen
ATUF: One of the corps we have blue, I love frank.
ATUK: Big Mother corp.

Body Count Inc.: Good at what they do, and thats kill stuff.
Black Nova Corp: Good at what they do, and thats mining Wink
Burn Eden: People lfam ehtem a lot.

Cataclysm Enterprise:[G] Alliance, dont take many risks, but dont really lose so meh.
Celestial Apocalypse:Antipiwates

Dark Cartel: Daakkon, tekka, Tank. Leet.
Death Row Inc.: Only pirate corp with a dreadnought in their corp?

DNA: I love them.
Evolution: Big ass mother rich ass corp :O
E X O D U S: IRON, like caps? :0
Finite Horizon: They took meridius from me Neutral

Freeks Corp: Played with them long, long ago.
GODS: PA? Had that one guy that smacked 24/7.

Jericho Fraction: Fighting the good fight.

Millennium: MLMM
NAGA: NPCers extraordinaire?
North Star Networks: Fought them long ago, they were good, fought htme again, they were good, It hink theya re still good? :)
Northern Intelligence: had that one guy That annoyed me...

Petition Inc: isn't drunkenone in there?
PIE: RPers
Reikoku: Favorite BOB corp Wink I <3 you galavet, and DBP.

Sharks with frickin' laser beams: MC, like Austin Powers
Shin Ra: Allowed us to Mine in 5 space, nearly killing our corp again, lol.
SNIGG: They are on our ventrilo, I can say hi to them.
Solar Wind:

Species 5618: Almost as cool as Species 5619, but cooler than Species 5617.
Supremacy: keepin it real?
The Royal Syndicate: Odet was my lover, then he left. Then we stole maya, god help us.
The X-Trading Company: Slighty better than the W-Trading company.

Tundragon: First people I ever PvPd against, had a 15 minute fight with voldemort :)
Teddybears: Made cool movies back in the day
VentureCorp: Ahh, the days of CoD. used to be allied with em.
VIRII: Fought them at some point.
VOTF: Fighting them now.

Flames removed

Yuki Li
Omerta Syndicate
Posted - 2005.09.10 23:14:00 - [62]

Armoured Assassins: 93PI isn't always safer than EC-P.
ATUF: Frank ftw o.O
ATUK: should hurry up and kill PA
Battle Angels Inc.: hm.
Beyond Divinity Inc: something about a brutix and an ishtar springs to mind, i think?

Body Count Inc.: Eek.
Black Nova Corp: decent bunch
Blood Inquisition: mine with bhaalgorns.
BSC: not sure
Burn Eden: WCS Ravens and wild rho.

Cataclysm Enterprise: OMG BLOB.
Celestial Apocalypse: "anti-pirates" ¬_¬
Celestial Horizon Corp: Better off with ASCN than Xetic.
Contraband Inc: called us names Rolling Eyes
Corp1: piwates.

Cult of cuthulu: be ruthless?
Damage Industries: don't know enough
Dark Cartel: Tekka :F
Death Row Inc.: HAC gankage.
Dirty Deeds Corp: not so sure.

DNA: steamroller squad
Euphoria Released: cartiff should have lost a Raven to us, lucky git.
Evolution: Ebil
E X O D U S: Darko's a big nubbin
Finite Horizon: Viceroy has no hair. haha.

Freeks Corp: bleh
Forsaken Empire: bleh
Fury Corporation: bleh?
GODS: imperial guard of smacktalk
Going Limp: odd name o.O;

Guiding Hand Social Club.: <3 Istvaan.
Jericho Fraction: Friends
KIA: difficult to fight
LEGI0N: no idea
MASS: abrupt

Millennium: former allies, pre O-SYN
Murini Ice Syndicate: don't know these guys
NAGA: waiting lists...
North Star Networks: Made the right choice.
Northern Intelligence: No idea

Omerta Syndicate: <3
Petition Inc: benwallace \o/
PIE: Were a good war.
Rage and Terror: blew up a 5 freighter?
Reikoku: Dian's a nubbin. alasse & j0sephine ftw

S.A.S: not sure really.
Sharks with frickin' laser beams: podded me twice. =|
Shin Ra: 5
SNIGG: Verone!
Solar Wind: Ehm.

Species 5618: lub MASS?
Steel Vipers: part of the G blob
Supremacy: 5
The Royal Syndicate: a bit scary.
The X-Trading Company: Ye Olde.

Tundragon: Teddybears
Teddybears: Tundragon
UK Corp: no idea
VentureCorp: bleh
VIRII: don't know enough
VOTF: seemed more at home in CA

shakaZ XIV
Destructive Influence
Band of Brothers
Posted - 2005.09.10 23:55:00 - [63]

Armoured Assassins: YARRRR!!
ATUF: name cracks me up Laughing
ATUK: Local is there to be used. (hi lung, banned yet? Twisted Evil)
Battle Angels Inc.: most of FIX's top pvper's are in here afaik (lo marko :p)
Beyond Divinity Inc: Nira Li <3
Body Count Inc.: good people
Black Nova Corp: know how to properly use alcohol
Blood Inquisition: bloody pirates
BSC: aren't getting any better
Burn Eden: dont mind the tactics, dont like the egos
Cataclysm Enterprise: I need revenge on Ryan Very Happy masters of focus fire in fleets.
Celestial Apocalypse: Some of them are good people... /me runs from atuk lynchmob Shocked
Celestial Horizon Corp: one massive massive
Contraband Inc: some rat corp?
Corp1: Neutral
Cult of cthulu: good rep
Damage Industries: FA Question
Dark Cartel: do they even play the game? Surprised
Death Row Inc.: they didnt let in those ex-FDCOM people did they? Neutral
Dirty Deeds Corp: got spirit
DNA: inactive
Euphoria Released: hmmm
Evolution: "the reclaiming" done properly (hey molle, i hear there is a throne vacant in Amarr... Very Happy)
E X O D U S: loooove assaultfrigs and cruisers
Finite Horizon: famous faces... and they stole merinubs Sad
Freeks Corp: dunno
Forsaken Empire: i cant be bothered keeping up with their breaking-up and reforming...
Fury Corporation: good people Very Happy
GODS: seem to talk much less smack than they used to? not sure...
Going Limp: not popping b0ners i guess...
Guiding Hand Social Club.: proper mercs
Jericho Fraction: <3
KIA: nice battlefield 2 server Razz
MASS: thebold
Millennium: joining F-E ftl
Murini Ice Syndicate: digiblast
NAGA: never bought anything from them Shocked
North Star Networks: <3
Northern Intelligence: disbanded? or not?
Omerta Syndicate: friends of JF
Petition Inc: Removed Personal Attack -Abdalion
PIE: bit cheesy sometimes imho but they do spice things up in the eve universe Very Happy
Rage and Terror: pretty skillfull but use dirty tactics, ra pets :P
Reikoku: reeekuku
S.A.S: zincol & friends, dont know anything else
Sharks with frickin' laser beams: yarr <3
Shinra: \o/
SNIGG: the funny is strong in this corp
Solar Wind: stain or ex-stain, fk knows...
Species 5618: need powerplaying lessons Embarassed
Steel Vipers: Ze Germanz
Supremacy: SPURM
The Royal Syndicate: Royale with Cheese?
The X-Trading Company: sounds like a pr'0n company Very Happy
Tundragon: YARRRR!!
Teddybears: YARRRR!!
UK Corp: errr... dunno. Gonna go with FSA?
VentureCorp: ye can venture off the plank, yarr. :P
VIRII: ex-foundation
VOTF: *expletive deleted*

Shin Ra
Sebiestor Tribe
Posted - 2005.09.11 00:45:00 - [64]

Edited by: Shin Ra on 11/09/2005 04:25:53
I'm only gonna speka about those corps I've personally faught with/against.

ATUK: They have better gunnery skills that most. Thats it.
Black Nova Corp: Equally good gunnery skills. Don't look for fights, look for ganks.
Cataclysm Enterprise: An average corp.
Celestial Apocalypse: Better fighters than most. They do spend agest changing thier setups for specific fights tho.
Celestial Horizon Corp: Possibly one of the worst corps in the game. It seems they TRY not to get into a fight ever.
Corp1: average. They gank in p3 alot.
Dark Cartel: They are legendary, but in practice they are rubbish and get no respect.
Dirty Deeds Corp: Like CLS they don't enjoy fighting.
Euphoria Released: A terrible corporation. No respect
E X O D U S: Apparently a good pvp corp, but they are the epitome of an alliance corp.
Forsaken Empire: Moderatly effective, but rarely used any good tactics other than blob and gank.
GODS: Back in FoE they had 1 or 2 ppl come out and fight, dunno what the other 100 odd do tho.
MASS: Like to think they are goodlike but fight just the same as any other corp ever does.
Millennium: A few pvpers and a lot of ppl trying to learn pvp.
Northern Intelligence: They were in old stain and average.
Reikoku: See BNC.
S.A.S: Afraid to loose ships. Use lots of covert ops alts. They do rack up the kills tho.
Sharks with frickin' laser beams: Guppies with Water Pistols
Shinra: Like to think they are the **** but they behave excatly like any bog standard alliance corp. blob + smack.
Solar Wind: Old time SA - same as the others.
Species 5618: We royally owned this corporation in Catch so they smack us lots.
Steel Vipers: Same as CE.
Supremacy: "We have BURN EDEN contained. **** I'm dead".
Tundragon: They snipe in Rancer.
Teddybears: They snipe in rancer
VentureCorp: Same as E X O D U S
VOTF: Had a cool fight vs their frig fleet in HED/SV5. Seemed alright.

Posted - 2005.09.11 01:05:00 - [65]

Armoured Assassins: Y9G-KS
ATUF: Frankinator
ATUK: King of fleet battles.
Battle Angels Inc.: Mercs.
Beyond Divinity Inc: Mercs

Body Count Inc.: Spanked us good >_<
Black Nova Corp: BOB.
Blood Inquisition: Blood Raiders.
BSC: ?
Burn Eden: Pirates

Cataclysm Enterprise: G respect.
Celestial Apocalypse: Anti-pirate to the bone.
Celestial Horizon Corp: ASCN founder.
Contraband Inc: My corp >_>.
Corp1: Foyle.

Cult of cuthulu: Had a good war with them.
Damage Industries: FA?
Dark Cartel:Tank CEO.
Death Row Inc.: ex Krom.
Dirty Deeds Corp: My ex corp.

DNA: Owned Syndicate and hopefully will do again.
Euphoria Released: NBSI.
Evolution: King of Eve.
E X O D U S:
Finite Horizon: Viceroy and Dc.

Freeks Corp: Pirates
Forsaken Empire: Dead.
Fury Corporation: Never met them.
GODS: The Forsaken Empire members.
Going Limp: ?

Guiding Hand Social Club.: Have a Imperial Apoc.
Jericho Fraction:I wanna see Jades posts she was banned before my forum whoring career.
KIA: Mercs.

Millennium: Ex Foundation now FE.
Murini Ice Syndicate:SA
NAGA:Love them.
North Star Networks:-MC-
Northern Intelligence:SA

Omerta Syndicate: :/
Petition Inc: Drunkenone.
PIE: Amarr roleplayers, respect.
Rage and Terror: RAT.

Sharks with frickin' laser beams: Farjungs smartbomb dominix of d00m :/.
ShinRa: .5.
SNIGG. Verone.
Solar Wind: SA

Species 5618: Head of SE.
Steel Vipers: G
The Royal Syndicate: Not sure realy pirates?
The X-Trading Company:Xetics core.

UK Corp: Stole my loot >_<.
VentureCorp: IRON
VIRII: Respect.

Sebiestor Tribe
Posted - 2005.09.11 01:10:00 - [66]

Armoured Assassins: Faught with them in syndicate ages ago, were good then, dunno now.
ATUK: Miners

Body Count Inc.: Faught with them once, deffinately seem to deserve their rep.
Black Nova Corp: Past out at moons.
BSC: The Ensalver's alt corp?
Burn Eden: WCS but effective.

Cataclysm Enterprise: Too catious for my liking but effective.
Celestial Apocalypse: Empire gate hugger, but effective I guess.
Celestial Horizon Corp: ASCN powerhouse
Corp1: Past sell by date? dunno.

Dark Cartel: Idiots.
Dirty Deeds Corp: I used to like shooting them.

DNA: Gankers.
Euphoria Released: Wannabees.
Evolution: Top corp.
E X O D U S: Frig squads.

Forsaken Empire: Old and busted.
GODS: Had some good times up north with them ages ago.

Guiding Hand Social Club.: ;)
Jericho Fraction: No comment Confused
KIA: Good guys, not heard much of them lately

NAGA: Waiting lists Twisted Evil
North Star Networks: Good corp, respect.

Reikoku: Another top corp.

S.A.S: Seem efffective
Sharks with frickin' laser beams: Top mercs.
Shin Ra: Top corp

Steel Vipers: G
Supremacy: Filthy miners
The Royal Syndicate: ex-m0o, duuno what else
The X-Trading Company: From the founders of the biggest alliance to total failures.

Imperial Dreams
Curatores Veritatis Alliance
Posted - 2005.09.11 01:33:00 - [67]

Armoured Assassins: We met twice, they died twice, i dide once also.
ATUF: Frank?
ATUK: They shoot me, I know not why :(
Battle Angels Inc.: Potential
Body Count Inc.: Scare me
Blood Inquisition: Hah, how's delve?
Burn Eden: shot me.
Celestial Apocalypse: Anti-pirate, mostly.
Celestial Horizon Corp: erm, like big..huge. corp chat must suck. :(
Corp1: Shot me
Cult of cuthulu: True Qaulity is so rare, this is it.
Death Row Inc.: Didnt shoot me, yet.
Euphoria Released: nbsi is a silly alliance name
Evolution: BoB'ers.
Freeks Corp: Try hard.
Going Limp: who?
Guiding Hand Social Club.: lower than a snakes belly ^^
Jericho Fraction: Spit the dummy.
KIA: Efficient
LEGI0N: Sorry I abused your CEO while drunk on vent :(
MASS: old school. Charisma.
NAGA: Stepstone was probably the best player idea eve will ever see.
North Star Networks: Vids!
Northern Intelligence: Iceblock
Omerta Syndicate: lub Yuki
PIE: Brothers in Arms
Reikoku: BoB'ers. Quality.
Sharks with frickin' laser beams:
SNIGG: Quality rats.
Species 5618: Cujo..
Supremacy: Decent [5]
The Royal Syndicate: Need a new direction
The X-Trading Company: old Xetic
Tundragon: shot me
Teddybears: tried to shoot me
VIRII: new?
VOTF: Forum smack :/

Northern Coalition.
Posted - 2005.09.11 04:06:00 - [68]

Armoured Assassins: Still around
ATUF: Wanna be ATUK?
ATUK: Wanna be as good at blobbing as B(l)oB
Battle Angels Inc.: who?
Beyond Divinity Inc: Lots of armor plates

Body Count Inc.: whatever
Black Nova Corp: Lets B(l)oB the carebears
Blood Inquisition: Who
BSC: Who?
Burn Eden: Crack heads

Cataclysm Enterprise: who?
Celestial Apocalypse: Lets kill the carebears and call them pirates.
Celestial Horizon Corp: We are big
Contraband Inc: who?
Corp1: Still alive?

Cult of cuthulu: You serious?
Damage Industries: blah
Dark Cartel: has been?
Death Row Inc.: Kill em all
Dirty Deeds Corp: Lets fly indy's in Jita

DNA: Yarr
Euphoria Released: who?
Evolution: B(l)oB em
E X O D U S: Great loot
Finite Horizon: ?

Freeks Corp: Yarr
Forsaken Empire: PA needs help again
Fury Corporation: ?
GODS: Damn it PA again
Going Limp: Viagra?

Guiding Hand Social Club.: Firstname Lastname
Jericho Fraction: ?
KIA: Furniture suppliers?
MASS: rings a bell

Millennium: ?
Murini Ice Syndicate: Bling bling?
NAGA: Where are my claws!!!
North Star Networks: ?
Northern Intelligence: contradiction in terms

Omerta Syndicate: who?
Petition Inc: ?
PIE: Yarr
Rage and Terror: Lets fake kill mails and drink vodka
Reikoku: Evol's first b*tch

S.A.S: Must pay people to fly in and die to get their kill mails.
Sharks with frickin' laser beams: Guppies with water pistols
Shin Ra: the 5 or whatever
SNIGG: PC pirates
Solar Wind: ?

Species 5618: Stain
Steel Vipers: ?
Supremacy: "we got them contained", we think?
The Royal Syndicate: who?
The X-Trading Company: wtf?

Tundragon: Snipe from 150km, run from anything else
Teddybears: Same as above
UK Corp:?
VentureCorp: ok loot
VOTF: Frig fleet 4tw

HatePeace LoveWar
Paragon Fury
Cascade Imminent
Posted - 2005.09.11 05:14:00 - [69]

Armoured Assassins: Lordmix still with these lot? Pirates as far as i can remember who reside in syndicate (not sure if thats still true)


ATUK: Cant really comment on my own corp other than just dont click on scripts links if u ever join!

Battle Angels Inc.: Never heard of 'em

Beyond Divinity Inc: Ugluuk FOR THE WIN

Body Count Inc.: have added a new dimention to the game and pioneered an industry.

Black Nova Corp: Come a long way.

Blood Inquisition: Never heard of 'em.

BSC: These guys still going?!

Burn Eden: Destroyed their own reputation (and hard work) by using too many stabs. I mean stabs are ok but not like 5 or 6 on your raven (unless ur traveling ofc).

Cataclysm Enterprise: G - heard these guys know how to use a tempest ;)

Celestial Apocalypse: Almost becaome something but i think they further into 0.0 they got the more disorientated they got.

Celestial Horizon Corp: First outpost, congrats ;D

Contraband Inc: Never heard of 'em.

Corp1: C4W3 is a very competent commander and i was really chuffed to see a few of them in local the other day, hope FOE comes back on its feet as it deserves.

Cult of cuthulu: My first 1v1 was versus Meredakka (When i was Tehel Necrona) merlin vs merlin, he pwned me but i'll never forget it. Oh and i recall one of them killing 6 evolution mining, thats gotta be something to tell the gran kiddies about :D

Damage Industries: ex-FA one of the few that resisted but even still it was little short of pathetic.

Dark Cartel: Daakkon mate u owe me 20mil.

Death Row Inc.: Bit gutted they went and shot at [5] after we let them mine in our territory, but i guess we know for future reference :).

Dirty Deeds Corp: Speaking from the XETIC war, they were _alright_ nothing amazing though.

DNA: Oh boy if u knew the truth about these ;)

Euphoria Released: ex-XETIC or something? Only heard of them via forums never met 'em in space.

Evolution: Fought them a lot, from up in Venal when i was in TTI, to Stain when i was in OC and in Curse when i was in Supremacy and im going to be honest here. They never really made that much of an impression in terms of capabilities. In saying that i've been on their TS and the way they conduct themselves is impressive.

E X O D U S: Please get out of your frigates.

Finite Horizon: Some ex-m0o, was on the news recently.

Freeks Corp: They killed my enyo while i was drunk the other day! :(

Forsaken Empire: Always liked their mentality, seemed to have lost it recently.

Fury Corporation: I used to play Planetarion and the name still sends shivers down my spine ;)

GODS: Fought them aloooooooong time ago in venal, heard good things since.

Going Limp: First ever kill was Femme Fetal in a Maller heh.

Guiding Hand Social Club.: PC Gamer anyone?

Jericho Fraction: Jade Constantine and her manipulating ways, awesome spin on history also ;)

KIA: Mercenaries, i liked flying with these when they were in CA and during Supremacy's alliance with IMP.

LEGI0N: Never head of 'em

MASS: Boy do i miss the DSS - HLW wars. Altho thebold should really watch his mouth.

Millennium: former corp (for a few days \o/), slothe owns.

Murini Ice Syndicate: Never heard of them.

NAGA: I cant buy **** from 'em cos we shoot 'em :(

North Star Networks: See Body Count

Northern Intelligence: Admiral Iceblock and crew, props to all the fights we had in Curse.

Omerta Syndicate: Never heard of them.

Petition Inc: benwallace has issues.

PIE: Still at it? Niceone lads.

Rage and Terror: Red Alliance alts :P - no some good pvp'ers wish their tactics had more backbone in them like the good ol' days of Russian crackhead pvp'ers :).

Reikoku: Grown a lot recently, they've really come on great like BNC have since forming BoB.

HatePeace LoveWar
Paragon Fury
Cascade Imminent
Posted - 2005.09.11 05:18:00 - [70]

S.A.S: Heard of them on the forums etc. never engaged them in game

Sharks with frickin' laser beams: See Body Count.

Shin Ra: <-- i assume u mean the [5] corp? Chowdown is a great fleet commander (once hes got a pint in him that is:P) and some good friends in there Ens etc. I lied to chow once tho. I said if i ever left OC id join these lot, sorry but Thol said he'd tell the world about my obession for hairy german women if i didnt join :(.

SNIGG: Never heard of 'em

Solar Wind: Learnt their lesson to not fk over Duke ;)

Species 5618: Solid group from the SA/CA war, think they got a few enemies now tho ;)

Steel Vipers: Tempest, ACK!

Supremacy: Heidbanger sucks, wizard is teh ghey and Acier is ma' biatch.

The Royal Syndicate: Have this aura about them that they think they deserve respect. Go earn it first kids :o.

The Second Sons
Posted - 2005.09.11 05:34:00 - [71]

Edited by: Hanns on 12/09/2005 22:19:25

Just to clear it up F-E the corperation is gone, for good, but the F-E name lives on in an alliance, but all the core F-E corp members left, confusing... lol

Armoured Assassins: Aint they disbanded?
ATUF: Funny
ATUK: no comment
Battle Angels Inc.: cant comment
Beyond Divinity Inc: Ganked me once, but got payback

Body Count Inc.: Great corp
Black Nova Corp: Dr gonzo cool guy
Blood Inquisition: RP'rs?
BSC: cant comment
Burn Eden: ill jump on the bandwagon and say WCS

Cataclysm Enterprise: Recognize the name
Celestial Apocalypse: D solo <3
Celestial Horizon Corp: think i fought them a few times
Contraband Inc: cant comment
Corp1: some good guys in there

Cult of cuthulu: old school
Damage Industries: cant comment
Dark Cartel: Some old friends
Death Row Inc.: PiwrateS?
Dirty Deeds Corp: seen em around

DNA: cant comment
Euphoria Released: cant comment
Evolution: Some cool people in there somewhere
E X O D U S: some fighty dudes
Finite Horizon: Druggies

Freeks Corp: cant comment
Forsaken Empire: Dead and buried, finally
Fury Corporation: cant comment
GODS: Respectable guys
Going Limp: viagra?

Guiding Hand Social Club.: HG
Jericho Fraction: Jade!
KIA: Old school
LEGI0N: Mad gaz
MASS: been around a while

Millennium: killed my first crow (long time ago, bastids lol)
Murini Ice Syndicate:?
NAGA: Freewheeling "chamon"
North Star Networks: MC
Northern Intelligence: cant comment

Omerta Syndicate: cant comment
Petition Inc: new corp?
PIE: One of my fave corps in eve
Rage and Terror: cant comment
Reikoku: Dianabolics new home

S.A.S: Knows Zincol for long time
Sharks with frickin' laser beams: ill tempered mutated sea bass
Shin Ra: cant comment
SNIGG: Funny
Solar Wind: Killed one of there Apocs long time ago

Species 5618: cant comment
Steel Vipers: cant comment
Supremacy: no comment
The Royal Syndicate: pierats?
The X-Trading Company: rich guys?

Tundragon: cool guys
Teddybears: not carebears
UK Corp: cant comment
VentureCorp: cant comment
VIRII: dont know them so cant comment
VOTF: Xirt

Ive noticed alot of people bashing a few corps, tbh ive been in some of the corps being bashed and ive never even seen the people doing the bashing, unless you have actually interacted with said corp you have no place to be bashing people, hence why rahter than comment on a corperation based on forum warriors, ive just refrained on commenting, i think some of you should do the same.

Darken Two
Oberon Incorporated
Morsus Mihi
Posted - 2005.09.11 06:22:00 - [72]

Armoured Assassins: Are they still around?
ATUF: Frank is funny.
ATUK: Blobbage 4tw. Not bad, but lots of smack
Battle Angels Inc.: dunno
Beyond Divinity Inc: Quite good at what they do.

Body Count Inc.: Great corp
Black Nova Corp: Excellent guys, excellent fighters. I <3 BL
Blood Inquisition: Rpers
BSC: Still here, still doin their thang
Burn Eden: They do well with the numbers they have

Cataclysm Enterprise: Wonderful guys, wonderful corp
Celestial Apocalypse: Great guys, glad to see they gone back to their roots
Celestial Horizon Corp: Biiiiiiig
Contraband Inc: dunno
Corp1: Still around somewhere

Cult of cuthulu: The best. Need I say more
Damage Industries: Dunno really. Heard good things tho
Dark Cartel: Funny and deadly
Death Row Inc.: Love the sigs, and nice guys
Dirty Deeds Corp: meh

DNA: Still around?
Euphoria Released: Good guys, good corp
Evolution: I wish they didnt have Rod Blaine
E X O D U S: Does the word "EGO" ring a bell
Finite Horizon: DC is funny. They are an excellent corp

Freeks Corp: Knew them a long time ago. Dunno what they do now.
Forsaken Empire: RIP
Fury Corporation: Dunno
Going Limp: Dunno

Guiding Hand Social Club.: Capable and dedicated
Jericho Fraction: PA obsession
KIA: The best
LEGI0N: Dunno
MASS: Big egos, not so good with the guns

Millennium: Great guys
Murini Ice Syndicate: Dunno
NAGA: The best industrial corp evar
North Star Networks: I love them
Northern Intelligence: The Admiral's funny. Dunno more

Omerta Syndicate: JF's friends
Petition Inc: They funny too
PIE: Suprisingly good fighters.
Rage and Terror: Good fighters
Reikoku: good

S.A.S: Known them for almost 2 years. Always been good
Sharks with frickin' laser beams: See NSN
Shin Ra: Hype hype hype.
SNIGG: Excellent pirates. Wish tehre were more like em
Solar Wind: dunno

Species 5618: Lots of Bravado from Falloutboy. Meh at fighting
Steel Vipers: Good
Supremacy: A lot more decent than some of the other 5 corps
The Royal Syndicate: The new mOo
The X-Trading Company: Still around somewhere

Tundragon: I <3 Nafri
Teddybears: More like killer cuddly toys
UK Corp: Dunno
VentureCorp: Still in the north. Going strong
VIRII: Heard good things about them
VOTF: Great corp.

Posted - 2005.09.11 06:40:00 - [73]

Armoured Assassins: Only fought 'em once. And won.
ATUF: Frank
ATUK: Stick together well but don't fight outnumbered
Battle Angels Inc.: Great bunch who handed use our ass in an empire war
Beyond Divinity Inc: Never sure if I'm supposed to be shooting them or not. Active in Tribute

Body Count Inc.: Decent merc corp
Black Nova Corp: Blacklight makes E-R looks like forum noobs
Blood Inquisition: ?
BSC: ?
Burn Eden: Underrated

Cataclysm Enterprise: ?
Celestial Apocalypse: Pirates in disguise :)
Celestial Horizon Corp: Cyvok's corp
Contraband Inc: Great guys. Lost touch with them recently. Around Syndicate
Corp1: I like these guys, didn't used to. A bit naughty

Cult of cuthulu: ?
Damage Industries: ?
Dark Cartel: Overrated
Death Row Inc.: ?
Dirty Deeds Corp: Steelrat needs to calm down :)

DNA: Inactive now :(
Euphoria Released: \o/
Evolution: Not seen 'em much
E X O D U S: Not seen much.
Finite Horizon: One of JC's ex corps?

Freeks Corp: Bad boys
Forsaken Empire: Sound bunch. Not as piratical as most
Fury Corporation: ?
GODS: Was shooting 'em, now friendly. FE
Going Limp: ?

Guiding Hand Social Club.: Bad folks
Jericho Fraction: Like a fart. Always heard, never seen.
KIA: Good corp. Honourable
MASS: Trouble causers down south :)

Millennium: FE I think
Murini Ice Syndicate: ?
NAGA: Less fighting, more producing please
North Star Networks: MC lot
Northern Intelligence: Seen 'em down south.

Omerta Syndicate: Yuki Li's wannabes
Petition Inc: ?
PIE: Amarr RP'ers?
Rage and Terror: ?
Reikoku: Used to be good. Now overrated

S.A.S: Merc corp. Kinda
Sharks with frickin' laser beams: Always heard, never seen
Shin Ra: Can fight.
SNIGG: Bad peeps
Solar Wind: ex-SE I think

Species 5618: Harbour pirates and Cujo was very rude to me
Steel Vipers: ?
Supremacy: No clue what these lot are doing now
The Royal Syndicate: Odet :(
The X-Trading Company: Keep the good fight XF

Tundragon: Overrated
Teddybears: Underrated
UK Corp:?
VentureCorp: ?
VOTF: Bad people

Rote Kapelle
Posted - 2005.09.11 07:07:00 - [74]

Removed off topic links -Abdalion

Armoured Assassins: Who I think of when I hear "northern pirates", along with SNIGG.
ATUF: Bored kids.
ATUK: 5 powerhouse.
Battle Angels Inc.: No direct dealings, but they look like a professional and adult outfit.
Beyond Divinity Inc: Good guys, haven't talked to them in a while though...

Body Count Inc.: What all little mercenaries aspire to be.
Black Nova Corp: BoB powerhouse.
Blood Inquisition: Some goth roleplayers.
BSC: Key players in the dead, buried and forgotten SPC, been pretty quiet since the end of 2003.
Burn Eden: Smacktalk.

Cataclysm Enterprise: G guys. Quality pilots and always polite and friendly in local, good guys.
Celestial Apocalypse: No dealings since the NVA days of yore.
Celestial Horizon Corp: The Emperor's loyal following.
Contraband Inc: No dealings...pirates, I believe I heard.
Corp1: Some bland pirate corp.

Cult of Cthulhu: No dealings, but I hear they're damn good.
Damage Industries: No dealings.
Dark Cartel: Adolescence in its purest form.
Death Row Inc.: Yarrr! Good guys. I like Phonix.
Dirty Deeds Corp: The other half of the ASCN royal couple.

DNA: No dealings, but again, sterling reputation.
Euphoria Released: Some bland PVP corp.
Evolution: The current pinnacle of power in Eve.
E X O D U S: Not much of an opinion of the corp per se, most of our interaction is conducted via gunfire and not dialogue.
Finite Horizon: The few, the supercilious.

Freeks Corp: No dealings, all I know about them is that they fought CVA in Providence at some point.
Forsaken Empire: Sounds like something from He-Man and the Masters of the Universe. As for the corp, dead and buried...what sticks out most of all in my memory is their frothing promises of our "fiscal annihilation" in the war a year and a half ago.
Fury Corporation: No dealings.
GODS: Oh, the volumes I could write. Laughing The chaps who declared us "-10 KOS forever!!11", amidst much screaming and gnashing of teeth.
Going Limp: Anti-TTI terrorists, back in the day. I don't know what they've been up to recently.

Guiding Hand Social Club.: Interesting people.
Jericho Fraction: We're selling these fine leather-bound dictionaries.
KIA: More ancestral enemies.
LEGI0N: No dealings.
MASS: Spell check, for the love of God Sad

Millennium: Nice sigs. Used to be old friends, now sadly F-E and thus targets.
Murini Ice Syndicate: Nice ring to the name. Presumably ice mining specialists?
NAGA: One of the few corps with a bigger T2 ship BPO collection than ours. Confused
North Star Networks: Good people, and Leafo's videos are great.
Northern Intelligence: Low-key.

Omerta Syndicate: Friends! <3
Petition Inc: Heh, cool name.
PIE: Some good people. Unfortunately too many rigid thou-spouters for my taste.
Rage and Terror: Imaginativeness does not live here.
Reikoku: Friends, old old friends. No dealings recently though.

S.A.S: Cruel Intentions founders. No direct dealings, but pretty famous and apparently quite good.
Sharks with frickin' laser beams: Our offshoot corp, now something completely different. Very Happy
Shinra: No real dealings.
SNIGG: Verone's tons of fun. Smile
Solar Wind: Old C4 stalwarts.

Species 5618: Curious name...
Steel Vipers: Yve Steel. No dealings besides mutual gunfire, though.
Supremacy: No dealings.
The Royal Syndicate: Interesting name, I wonder what the story is.
The X-Trading Company: No recent dealings (bar a war in, err, Beta 7 Very Happy )

Tundragon: Some pirates with interesting people.
Teddybears: Some pirate corp that used to hate us.
UK Corp: Some empire corp (with the most prosaic name ever).
VentureCorp: Destable is a great leader.
VIRII: No dealings.
VOTF: Enemies aeons ago, busy choking under BoB's boot these days.

Marko Debreault
Posted - 2005.09.11 08:27:00 - [75]

ATUF: Will let you get your covert ops into position. <3
ATUK: 10% uber, 90% inflation, controlled by a mad genius
Battle Angels Inc.: They think they’re special. Quick, crush it out of them!
Beyond Divinity Inc: Sweet pvp corp, pirates and mercs
Body Count Inc.: A member of the standard setting mercenary alliance, the Mercenary Coalition.
Black Nova Corp: Well run, admirable bob corp.
Blood Inquisition: Role players make tasty snacks!
BSC: Former CA. Boy am I behind the times.
Burn Eden: For a hot plate of smack talk, stabs, and ownage, call Burn Eden!
Cataclysm Enterprise: The power of the North! Or something!
Celestial Apocalypse: They click as hard as the best of them.
Celestial Horizon Corp: You cannot imagine the power of the dark side.
Contraband Inc: A pvp corp that is learning at the knee of the MC.
Corp1: Theyre pirates. I think. Someone named c4w3?
Cult of cuthulu: They busted my ss in an empire war, but I escaped. Nice adrenaline rush.
Damage Industries: I think I like them.
Dark Cartel: Home of renowned and legendary pirates - but I’ve never gotten to click on any of them.
Death Row Inc.: This is a solid pvp corp with a good legacy.
Dirty Deeds Corp: Feel the anger burning within you.
DNA: They've gone inactive, and the community will miss their corporation.
Euphoria Released: We had a war with them before I joined BA.
Evolution: The members of BoB I know least about.
E X O D U S: More northern pnwge
Finite Horizon: As elite as it gets, but they’ll spell it 1337.
Freeks Corp: They got owned by BoB in an amazingly single sided fleet battle.
Guiding Hand Social Club.: The most sinister group in EVE.
Jericho Fraction: Zealots with guns
KIA: They can click hard
MASS: They’re in the eye of the hurricane . . . again.
NAGA: Hard working carebears scare me.
North Star Networks: Members of the MC.
Northern Intelligence: Fired the first shots in the exciting SA/FIX war of early ’05.
Petition Inc: These guys say mean things about FIX a lot.
PIE: Roleplayers. I wonder how good they are at fighting.
Rage and Terror: Russians. Underhanded and game mechanic exploiting, but nonetheless good fighters.
Reikoku: A visionary BoB corp. They seem like theyre recruiting a lot lately.
Sharks with frickin' laser beams: A member of the MC. Definitely has some top notch pvpers.
Shin Ra: The [5]. Experienced fighters. Chowdown is tricksy, and doesn’t like being called primary.
SNIGG: Pirates, fun to fight in empire.
Species 5618: Has a lot of history in Catch and with Stain.
Supremacy: [5]
The Royal Syndicate: Very skilled pirates – they seem more straightforward, but basically of the same ilk, as FZN.
Tundragon: Very smart pirates. Difficult to set up. Props.
Teddybears: See Tundragon.
VIRII: I respect these fellows a good deal.
VOTF: BoB and [5] forum warriors are winning, but I don’t know how its going in game for these fellas.

darth solo
Celestial Apocalypse
Posted - 2005.09.11 10:29:00 - [76]

Armoured Assassins: pirates
ATUF: sun ra and others
ATUK: good fighters, but OMG the smack makes my ears bleed
Battle Angels Inc.: ?
Beyond Divinity Inc: we are at war with them, seem really unorganised and unwilling to fight..
Body Count Inc.: merc corp, ba$tards podded me in a serious lag spike:)
Black Nova Corp: used to be friends.. joined BOB/5
Blood Inquisition:?
Burn Eden: ppl say they have as many warp stabs as low slots... but they seem like good pvpers
Cataclysm Enterprise: northern corp
Celestial Apocalypse: darth is a sex god
Celestial Horizon Corp: massive corp, well run
Contraband Inc:?
Corp1: war with them, again seem unwilling to fight, caws is docked bout as much as me in ded station.
Cult of cuthulu: friends.. good pvpers
Damage Industries:?
Dark Cartel: pirates with the best pirate in EVE, tank
Death Row Inc.: pirtes
Dirty Deeds Corp: hmm, unsure

DNA: good pvpers
Euphoria Released: used to be enemies
Evolution: that molle guys an a$$ with a big mouth
E X O D U S: hmmm
Finite Horizon: digital guy is in it, he seems to know more bout eve than the devs

Freeks Corp: not 100% sure
Forsaken Empire: used to be enemies, now friends
Fury Corporation: unsure
GODS: good corp but they so needed to kick that smack talking donkey riker.
Going Limp: hmmm

Guiding Hand Social Club.: scams
Jericho Fraction: old time corp, role players, jade was and still is the most famous person ever to play eve.
KIA: mercs. good guys
LEGI0N: hmmm
MASS: really shocked at how poor many of them were at PVP during our war.. dalaman seems to know his stuff though, but never met him.. we podded trigger twice.

Millennium: old friends
Murini Ice Syndicate: ?
NAGA: make everything
North Star Networks: mercs?
Northern Intelligence: SA corp

Omerta Syndicate:?
Petition Inc: bad men
PIE: role players
Rage and Terror: darn good pvpers
Reikoku: used to be friends

S.A.S: zincol
Sharks with frickin' laser beams: mercs
Shin Ra:
SNIGG: pirates
Solar Wind: SA

Species 5618: SA
Steel Vipers: wildcard
Supremacy: smack talking wannabe PVPers that have no skill, they even fight on the forums and lose:).
The Royal Syndicate: ex m0o.. wouldnt mind a fight with them
The X-Trading Company: those darn containers

Tundragon:bad men
Teddybears: bad men
UK Corp: a french corp?:)
VentureCorp: hmmm
VIRII: few good guys, but a few smackers too
VOTF: i was in TS with xirtam... something that we fot would never happen

DB Preacher
Posted - 2005.09.11 10:36:00 - [77]

Edited by: DB Preacher on 11/09/2005 10:36:49
Armoured Assassins: Bunch of pirates from the North, disbanded now I think?
ATUF: Frank is in love with Sun Ra. Sun Ra is in love with money.
ATUK: Stanley and his men are true warriors.
Battle Angels Inc.: The best of Fix rolled up into one tight corp.
Beyond Divinity Inc: Ex-RKK member Ugluuk's new merc corp.

Body Count Inc.: Best merc corp in the game ran by the sexeh seelene.
Black Nova Corp: oooo new ships, must have 10 of them.
Blood Inquisition: Blood Raider RP'ers, they talk to their npc's before killing them.
BSC: Big Sexeh Carebears.
Burn Eden: WCS r us.

Cataclysm Enterprise: German Tempest corp who **** me off.
Celestial Apocalypse: Shadowthrone and Darth Solo wanna fight the good fight.
Celestial Horizon Corp: The biggest corp in the game.
Contraband Inc: Always 1 corp I have no clue about.
Corp1: F-E dudes with C4W3.

Cult of cuthulu: Small merc corp who used to be in the NVA with us.
Damage Industries: Dudes in HACs who wanna be big but ain't got many friends.
Dark Cartel: Daakkon keeps invading our irc channel.
Death Row Inc.: Phonix, Haem and many more of my good friends from the north.
Dirty Deeds Corp: Ex- Xetic carebears

DNA: Nope
Euphoria Released: These dudes think they are pvp'ers. Can't wait to show them they are not.
Evolution: Sir Molle is ebil.
E X O D U S: Old c0d corp, now IRON leaders.
Finite Horizon: DC's corp but don't know what they do.

Freeks Corp: Bunch of freeks up north.
Forsaken Empire: dead corp.
Fury Corporation: PVP corp who lived around Delve for a bit.
GODS: Generals of Destruction, mostly went to play wow.
Going Limp: PVP corp from the north wh ohas some "special" members.

Guiding Hand Social Club.: rip off merchants.
Jericho Fraction: old friends having a good time.
KIA: Killed in Action playing bf2.
LEGI0N: Stain corp?
MASS: Trigger wants to rule the south east.

Millennium: Destroyed more alliances than rkk.
Murini Ice Syndicate: no clue.
NAGA: A womens dream corp.
North Star Networks: Ex-pa corp gone merc.
Northern Intelligence: but they live in the east!

Omerta Syndicate: Yuki Li's corp who fight with JF.
Petition Inc: Small corp of ex-atuk pvp'ers
PIE: mmmm pie, Hardin's rp'ers with teeth.
Rage and Terror: What I felt last night after waking up next to some minger.
Reikoku: Galavet keeps calling us "reeeoukou", I think it should be "ryekoku".

S.A.S: Small pvp corp with zincol, live up north east.
Sharks with frickin' laser beams: Miso made this.
Shin Ra: Chowdown is a good fleet commander and his guys know their stuff.
SNIGG: Small pirate corp who live up north.
Solar Wind: dunno really.

Species 5618: stain boys
Steel Vipers: CE's german partners in crime
Supremacy: Who woulda thought that some of the ex-CA corps were cool?
The Royal Syndicate: Ex-m0o having a party
The X-Trading Company: Best cargo containers layers in the game

Tundragon: pirate corp who won't fight us.
Teddybears: Pirate corp who did fight us.
UK Corp: Was this Haze's old corp?
VentureCorp: Started c0d with us, now in IRON
VIRII: Olyyy's corp
VOTF: Very Ordinary Turd Flingers. Won't fight for IMP much.

The Collective
Against ALL Authorities
Posted - 2005.09.11 10:59:00 - [78]

Armoured Assassins: ASS != MASS :)
ATUF: Blew them up north some...
ATUK: Bigup all the old school Shak Rainman, pyro, mr rain'stella chav' nubler 'ill blow someone up in 10 seconds!'script0r.. so many names
Battle Angels Inc.: Thought them apart of fix war was fun! left fix to blow people up
Beyond Divinity Inc: Thought against them and with them... people lookin for fun!

Body Count Inc.: There blue with mass but never seen them much :)
Burn Eden: Ravens 5x Warp Core Stabs

Cataclysm Enterprise: Good times in Fade
Celestial Apocalypse: Uhg our war with SE vs. Was fun :P
Celestial Horizon Corp: They like veldspar

Damage Industries: Dedicated to harras the enemy good at it to!
Dark Cartel: Daakkon loves me for some reason.

Euphoria Released: Terrible -until your out numbered 3:1

Jericho Fraction: merced for them vs kia .. was fun :)
KIA: Good fighters up for a laff! love you eddz :o
LEGI0N: Thought them allot along time ago.. pirates livin in misaba MISSSSSSSSAAAABA
MASS: Trigger's ego is bigger than mine... must destro.. oo veldspar

Millennium: L0L whos that idiot i keep running to in that inty common speak up!
Murini Ice Syndicate: old school pilots willing to throw themselves into danger and laugh 'i wana go home'
NAGA: Expensive

PIE: Love Caya crazy mofo
Rage and Terror:Crazy russian players wanting to blow up people

Shinra: Chowdown has a secret alt and mined 5 billion. and he thinks im a carebear?!

Solar Wind: Old schoolers havin a laff

Species 5618: Once had fun blowing up people together, now having fun blowing each other up :D

Supremacy: Thank god CCP nerfed those dual mwd raven setups or they would still be using dukes old tactics
The Royal Syndicate: Weve had a blast... vassili i didnt say warp to the gate at 15!! argh
Tundragon: They will ...
Teddybears: ...Hug you when your all alone in the dark

VIRII: They just wana blow s***t up!
VOTF: Anue.. Anue.. one day my young padawan you may get me... but that day is long away!

Trooper B99
Body Count Inc.
Against ALL Authorities
Posted - 2005.09.11 11:01:00 - [79]

Armoured Assassins: Pirates from Syndicate who did a little roaming before the went their own ways
ATUF: Frank, Vels, Sun Ra, Tannolen is a scary place these days.
ATUK:Some great people and excellent PvPers to back up what they say. ♥ Thol
Battle Angels Inc.: Up and coming Merc corp
Beyond Divinity Inc: Merc pirate corp, pretty decent from what little I saw of 'em

Body Count Inc.: ugh
Black Nova Corp: PvPers of a very high calibre.
Blood Inquisition:: Piratey Blood raider RPers
BSC: These guys sure get around alot, been in ALOT of alliances in some incarnation or another.
Burn Eden: Good killers let down by petty smack

Cataclysm Enterprise: G guys - phear the tempest.
Celestial Apocalypse: Good(ish) guys. More like the Punisher than Spiderman. Wink Stole Cowboy.
Celestial Horizon Corp: Microcosim of EVE everything from great fighters to industrialists, intelligent thinkers to not so respectful people. A Megacorp and good at what they do.
Contraband Inc: Great Mercs, a *little* piracy on the side. Wink Danneh was really unlucky in that Mordu EVENT. ugh
Corp1: C4w3 - PvPers.

Cult of cuthulu: Mercs. Small but well formed.
Damage Industries: ex-FA now gueriila fighters
Dark Cartel: Pirates with recorders.
Death Row Inc.: PvPers - highly effective.
Dirty Deeds Corp: Kinda like CLS but smaller.

DNA: Syndicate pirates, now in hibernation.
Euphoria Released: NBSI PvPers
Evolution: BoB highly repsected PvPers
E X O D U S: IRON mainstay corp. Lots of spaces.
Finite Horizon: FH ♥ Aurora

Freeks Corp: Merc pirates
Forsaken Empire: Alliance and Corp - PvPers in any incarnation
Fury Corporation: ex-FA?
GODS: PvPers of the North
Going Limp: Alts?

Guiding Hand Social Club.: They use HG's ego to crush people they are hired against. Razz Seriously, a highly effective Merc Corp.
Jericho Fraction: RP'ers and Guerrila fighters.
KIA: Top notch mercs.
LEGI0N: pie-rats
MASS: Old school SA. Good PvPers

Millennium: ex-Foundation, PvPers
Murini Ice Syndicate: Stainers
NAGA: Industrial excellence
North Star Networks: Swedish Merc-tastic brothers
Northern Intelligence: CoC became SA, now defunct?

Omerta Syndicate: Caldari RPers.
Petition Inc: PvPers. Drunk ♥ Kyle
PIE: Amarrian RPer's. HIghly effective PvPers. Stole Golan and Vlad.
Rage and Terror: Russians. PvPers.
Reikoku: BoB - Highly respected PvP corp

S.A.S: PvP merc corp based out of Geminate
Sharks with frickin' laser beams: MC borthers. Scaryily effective. YARRRR!!
ShinRa: [5] Corp. great PvPers. Composed 95% of Ens Alts. ♥ Chowdown
SNIGG: Pirates first, mercs second. Excellence always. ♥ Verone
Solar Wind: old school SA corp

Species 5618: Old SA corp, became Coallition then back into SE.
Steel Vipers: G-tastic!
Supremacy: Old buds, been quiet of late.
The Royal Syndicate: Piratical killers.
The X-Trading Company: Xetic - Industrial corp, good sales.

Tundragon: Syndicate pirates great at what they do.
Teddybears: Syndicate pirates great at what they do.
UK Corp: -
VentureCorp: IRON corp
VIRII: PvPers - they have ollyy
VOTF: ex-CA now IMP. Not quite the powerhouse they once were in PvP.

Blackest Sheep
Posted - 2005.09.11 11:31:00 - [80]

Armoured Assassins: Northern pirates. Still active?
ATUF: Turned up then shrunk alot in a short time?
ATUK: The Five. PvP. Lots of talk, lots of shooting, too, I guess.
Battle Angels Inc.: Mercenaries.
Beyond Divinity Inc: Mercenaries?

Body Count Inc.: MC Mercenaries. Seleene writes good and sensible posts.
Black Nova Corp: BoB. Very sexy corp. Blacklight.
Blood Inquisition: Roleplayers. Drinking the blood of your enemies sounds strangely attractive sometimes.
BSC: British Space Corp. Still active?
Burn Eden: Small, ex-pirates doing mercenary work right now. Really big mouths, but that is what it takes to get recognition.

Cataclysm Enterprise: [G].
Celestial Apocalypse: Anti-pirate PvP. darth_solo. Love-hate-relationship with ATUK.
Celestial Horizon Corp: OMG, they are bigger than my whole alliance! Also: first outpost. Respect.
Contraband Inc: Pirates? Mercenaries? Danneh.
Corp1: FoE?

Cult of cuthulu: Pirates.
Damage Industries: No clue.
Dark Cartel: No clue.
Death Row Inc.: Evil pirates. ex-Kr0m? Flower power!
Dirty Deeds Corp: ASCN PvP. Provide fun at my home.

DNA: No clue.
Euphoria Released: NBSI.
Evolution: BoB. PvP corp. Sir Molle's dead as a dodo posts.
E X O D U S: IRON. Good guys and gals. Buddrow goes to the drumbs off war.
Finite Horizon: DigitalCommunist and Meridius? Sounds interesting. Griefers!

Freeks Corp: No clue.
Forsaken Empire: Gone with the wind.
Fury Corporation: No clue.
Going Limp: No clue.

Guiding Hand Social Club.: Evil. Corp theft. Love them.
Jericho Fraction: Longest posts ever. They are fighting the evil northern alliances but I never see them.
KIA: Mercenaries.
LEGI0N: No clue.
MASS: SA. STAIN ALLAINCE. Left Stain. Simply coming back would have been boring, eh?

Millennium: Ex-FA, now F-E. slothe.
Murini Ice Syndicate: SA.
NAGA: Can I get t2 stuff cheap? Yes? Thanks.
North Star Networks: MC mercenaries. Leafo's vids.
Northern Intelligence: No clue.

Omerta Syndicate: Roleplayers?
Petition Inc: DrunkenOne dies alot (nice vids). Fighting FIX?
PIE: Amarr roleplayers? Or am I confusing things?
Rage and Terror: RAT. RA friends. People love to hate them. They get 7/10 from me.
Reikoku: BoB. Great enemies. DB-preacher flames with the best of them.

S.A.S: Cruel Intentions?
Sharks with frickin' laser beams: A name that makes me laugh every time. Also MC mercenaries and ex-pirates.
Shin Ra: The Five. PvP. Chowdown.
SNIGG: Pirates. Cool sigs.
Solar Wind: No clue.

Species 5618: SE. Clinging to Stain with nails and teeth. Interesting to watch, anyone got popcorn?
Steel Vipers: [G].
Supremacy: The Five. PvP. Keepin' it real.
The Royal Syndicate: Pirates!
The X-Trading Company: XF's industrial powerhouse.

Tundragon: Pirates. Nafri.
Teddybears: Pirates.
UK Corp: No Clue.
VentureCorp: IRON. Buddies.
VIRII: Somewhere south?
VOTF: IMP. People love to hate them.

Lotka Volterra
Posted - 2005.09.11 12:13:00 - [81]

Edited by: Bruchpilot on 13/09/2005 16:44:08
Armoured Assassins: piewats, never fought them though
ATUF: dunno, funny corp name
ATUK: enemies till the server reset
Battle Angels Inc.: some old fix guys in there
Beyond Divinity Inc: actually at war with them, smacking in local, dishonering 1on1s, have no skill, therefore completly overrated corp.
Body Count Inc.: very effective merc corp
Black Nova Corp: well, they are bob and thats all I know about them
Blood Inquisition: role players
BSC: huh?
Burn Eden: they **** off whole eve so they are effective I guess

Cataclysm Enterprise: good PvP corp of G
Celestial Apocalypse: very sexy corp
Celestial Horizon Corp: huge
Contraband Inc: who?
Corp1: can't count the number of wars against them

Cult of cuthulu: no dealings
Damage Industries: vertigo?
Dark Cartel: famous piewat corp, dunno what they're up to
Death Row Inc.: i think we had a war against them in the north, wasn't fun
Dirty Deeds Corp: no dealings for a very long time

DNA: piewating syndicate?
Euphoria Released: NSBI, some of them were up for a few clean fights in catch
Evolution: misterious corp, at least to me
E X O D U S: IRON, remember their frigfleets in the south
Finite Horizon: no dealings

Freeks Corp: I remember shooting some of them but can't figure out who these guys are
Forsaken Empire: longtime enemies now friends (a shame)
Fury Corporation: ?
GODS: riker makes me wanna shoot these guys...
Going Limp: hm...

Guiding Hand Social Club.: w00t, scam
Jericho Fraction: role players, thats all I know
KIA: TIO Tatsue, still good friends, so guess they're cool
LEGI0N: didn't hear/see anything from them for a long time

Millennium: why oh why FE?
Murini Ice Syndicate: well... never heard this name
NAGA: never bought from
North Star Networks: like all MC corps very effective
Northern Intelligence: used to shoot them in SE/SA, dunno now

Omerta Syndicate: no dealings
Petition Inc: a few names in there, mostly ex-5
PIE: I like apple pie
Rage and Terror: cool guys, quite a few of them I flew with and against
Reikoku: dbp, diana

S.A.S: no dealings but I think they live just around the corner
Sharks with frickin' laser beams: see the other MC corps
Shin Ra: big PvP corp
SNIGG: cool piewat corp
Solar Wind: last thing I remember was an empire war with them but ages ago

Species 5618: pre exodus fights were fun
Steel Vipers: G
Supremacy: had a few good fights against them
The Royal Syndicate: roaming around syndicate?
The X-Trading Company: uh, I heard that name somewhere

Tundragon: post or pod, made me laught
Teddybears: cool guys
UK Corp: dunno
VentureCorp: been a long time, dunno
VIRII: I laughted my ass off when this "conflict" on our chat came up in the GWs
VOTF: flew with and against, was fun

Latex Mistress
Body Count Inc.
Mercenary Coalition
Posted - 2005.09.11 12:17:00 - [82]

It's downtime and I am up for a challenge... If nothing came to mind, I omitted you (sorry). If you don't get it, I don't blame you. :)

Armoured Assassins: Grateful Dead
ATUK: Lords of Acid
Battle Angels Inc.: Green Day
Beyond Divinity Inc: G3

Body Count Inc.: Dream Theater/Nightwish
Black Nova Corp: Joe Satriani
Burn Eden: Bobby Brown or Yngwie Malmsteen... a little of both maybe

Cataclysm Enterprise: Rammstein oder Die Toten Hosen?
Celestial Apocalypse: Elvis
Celestial Horizon Corp: Milli Vanilli
Contraband Inc: Skid Row (Sebastian Bach era)

Dark Cartel: Beastie Boys
Death Row Inc.: Ice Cube
Dirty Deeds Corp: Ashlee Simpson

Evolution: Aerosmith
Finite Horizon: Ministry

Freeks Corp: Marylin Manson
Forsaken Empire: Sir Mix-a-lot
GODS: Megadeth

Guiding Hand Social Club: Dimmu Borgir
Jericho Fraction: James Brown
KIA: Van Halen
LEGI0N: Kid Rock
MASS: Metallica

Millennium: Godsmack
NAGA: Fleetwood Mac
North Star Networks: Roxette

PIE: Enigma
Rage and Terror: Gorky Park
Reikoku: Pantera

S.A.S: Spock's Beard
Sharks with Frickin' Laser Beams: Blue Man Group
Shinra: Skinny Puppy
Solar Wind: Alice in Chains

Steel Vipers: Böhse Onkelz or Die Ärtze?
Supremacy: Prodigy
The Royal Syndicate: G3

Tundragon: Suicidal Tendencies
Teddybears: Infectious Grooves
UK Corp: Queen
VIRII: Sepultura
VOTF: King Diamond


Black Core Federation
Fidelas Constans
Posted - 2005.09.11 12:36:00 - [83]

Armoured Assassins: thank god lordmix was only in fe 1 day.

ATUF: Sun Ra's corp. never seen em in space.

ATUK: like to blob or run away. seem to hate pvp.

Beyond Divinity Inc: talk big for frig pilots

Body Count Inc.: eves most well known merc corp

Black Nova Corp: passes out drunk at planets. my favorite enemy corp

BSC: very nice all around corp. thank god they got rid of their bad seeds along time ago.

Burn Eden: best small pvp corp in eve. wcs 4tw!

Cataclysm Enterprise: eves most patient pvp corp

Celestial Apocalypse: killed me a few times, but gotta love em

Celestial Horizon Corp: their corp chat must look like most alliance chats

Corp1: /emote misses FoE

Damage Industries: big fix corp

Dark Cartel: dakkon is teh funny

Death Row Inc.: omg they have dreads now! look out pure blind

Dirty Deeds Corp: celestial horizons part2 the revenge of the carebears.

Euphoria Released: thank god they on our side now. cartiff's mean when hes playing for the other team

Evolution: '(insert alliance name here) is dead' log on traps 4tw


Finite Horizon: bob flunkies

Forsaken Empire: long live the empire!

GODS: excelent mining corp, have been known to smacktalk the astroids

Guiding Hand Social Club.: eves most sleazy corp

Jericho Fraction: manipulative, talk big, act little

KIA: top merc corp

LEGI0N: ex foe

MASS: stain allaince founders

Millennium: never heard of them Laughing

NAGA: rich bastards

North Star Networks: old friends. awsome corp

Omerta Syndicate: drank jade's koolaide

Petition Inc: omg h4x!!11

Rage and Terror: crazy russian dudes. excellent fighters

Reikoku: i hate rkk

S.A.S: small corp, big kills

Sharks with frickin' laser beams: mc, expirates

ShinRa: bigger bark than bite

SNIGG: what? i cant say sniggerdly on the forums?

Species 5618: cool corp name. killers of stain allaince

Steel Vipers: CE's friends. dunno too much about them. i hear they dont suck.

Supremacy: 5 mining corp?

The Royal Syndicate: at least they arent calling themselves moo any more

Tundragon: northern pirate cop

Teddybears: same as above

VentureCorp: long time northern corp. decent industrial corps are hard to find

VOTF: great northern corp. lotta fun to fly with

Carth Jared
Caldari Provisions
Posted - 2005.09.11 12:46:00 - [84]

Armoured Assassins: Saw them in saranen alot
ATUF: Cool bunch
ATUK: Thats us o/
Battle Angels Inc.: ex-fix merc corp
Beyond Divinity Inc: northern corp

Body Count Inc.: Bestest mercs
Black Nova Corp: crazy ppl
Blood Inquisition: rp corp
BSC: brits
Burn Eden: big egos

Cataclysm Enterprise: cool germans
Celestial Apocalypse: arch nemesis i guess?
Celestial Horizon Corp: Well structured economic powerhouse
Contraband Inc: pierats
Corp1: active?

Cult of cuthulu: cool vids, cool mercs ;)
Damage Industries: ex-fa
Dark Cartel: lots of bastards here
Death Row Inc.: Caanan <3
Dirty Deeds Corp: some cool guys here

DNA: rip :(
Euphoria Released: Never fights outnumbered
Evolution: ebil
E X O D U S: frig fleets?
Finite Horizon: old school m0o

Freeks Corp: pierats
Forsaken Empire: rip
Fury Corporation: cool guys
GODS: meh
Going Limp: sarkon knows em and its kaneds old corp so they mustnt be very good ;x

Guiding Hand Social Club.: ebil
Jericho Fraction: long posts
KIA: mercs
LEGI0N: pierats?
MASS: cool guys

Millennium: liked fightin some of them in our/their space
Murini Ice Syndicate: sounds tasty
NAGA: Lots of stuff,lovin the -1000% discount ;P
North Star Networks: Swedish merc-corp sounds like a dangerous mix
Northern Intelligence: still around?

Omerta Syndicate: Caldari rp'ers, sounds cool :>
Petition Inc: Kyle smells, Drunks ugly and ben sounds like a woman <3
PIE: amaarrian rp'ers since.. well ever :o
Rage and Terror: crazy russkies
Reikoku: badass fighters

S.A.S: mercs?
Sharks with frickin' laser beams: Eyeshadow <3
Shinra: omg pure <3
SNIGG: cool pierats
Solar Wind: sa corp

Species 5618: se corp
Steel Vipers: sounds cool
Supremacy: <3
The Royal Syndicate: lots of ex-m0os etc
The X-Trading Company: meh

Tundragon: cool pierats
Teddybears: cool pierats, great viddies
UK Corp: Brits?
VentureCorp: northern corp
VIRII: Some good guys, some trash. same as everyone i guess
VOTF: No comment

Black Core Federation
Fidelas Constans
Posted - 2005.09.11 13:36:00 - [85]

Originally by: Latex Mistress

Celestial Horizon Corp: Milli Vanilli


Originally by: Latex Mistress

Jericho Fraction: James Brown

no, no, no. They are soooo dead kennedys

Posted - 2005.09.11 13:49:00 - [86]

Originally by: Latex Mistress

Black Nova Corp: Joe Satriani

Evolution: Aerosmith

Reikoku: Pantera


us in black nova is more a mix off enya and celine dion

evolution hmm all i can think off is the bumbibears

reikoku sack pipes mixed with whitney houston

Razor Jaxx
Pandemic Legion
Posted - 2005.09.11 14:01:00 - [87]

Originally by: Latex Mistress
It's downtime and I am up for a challenge... If nothing came to mind, I omitted you (sorry). If you don't get it, I don't blame you. :)



Pure Gold. You 'Rock'. Cool

Arkani Gera
Posted - 2005.09.11 14:33:00 - [88]

Armoured Assassins: inactive(??) pirate corp which had a good run while it lasted
ATUF: one of the best names in the game
ATUK: nice guys
Battle Angels Inc.: sounds like a bunch mecha-fans =/
Beyond Divinity Inc: merc/pirate corp

Body Count Inc.: very professional merc corp afaik
Black Nova Corp: also nice guys
Blood Inquisition: blood raider rp-corp
BSC: i think they were kos back in the day
Burn Eden: inactive(?) pirates

Cataclysm Enterprise: gnw "starters" by many
Celestial Apocalypse: naughty anti-pirates, they killed some ship of ours once =(
Celestial Horizon Corp: biggest corp in eve
Contraband Inc: griefers and proud of it =)
Corp1: ex-CA?

Cult of cuthulu: old time merc corp
Damage Industries: wannabe muppets in pb last i heard of them
Dark Cartel: tank ceo?
Death Row Inc.: accomplished pirate corp
Dirty Deeds Corp: se or mc?

DNA: ifni! sadly we haven't had time to go up to syndicate and shoot at you in a long time =/
Euphoria Released:
Evolution: pvp/propaganda corp
E X O D U S: hang out with virii?
Finite Horizon: digi?

Freeks Corp: never seen one
Forsaken Empire: never seen one
Fury Corporation: best combo of polish, british and swedish ppl, ever...
GODS: ex-PA, now mercs?
Going Limp: they decced us once?

Guiding Hand Social Club.: wickedly evil merc corp =)
Jericho Fraction: i miss jades posts
KIA: another ex-pa corp, dunno what they do now
LEGI0N: they fight se?
MASS: mercs

Millennium: been around for a long time, imp or something
Murini Ice Syndicate: ice miners?
NAGA: slow delivery, low price
North Star Networks: swedish mercs
Northern Intelligence: fought se back in the day?

Omerta Syndicate: rp-corp/pirates
Petition Inc: drunkens vids rule them all
PIE: amarr loyalists
Rage and Terror: killed my harpy =/
Reikoku: good guys, kickass name

S.A.S: pvp corp?
Sharks with frickin' laser beams: best named mercs in the game
Shinra: nice fellas, they shoot fa
SNIGG: love verones forum sig, ransoming ppl in space near you
Solar Wind: se?

Species 5618: se pvp-corp
Steel Vipers: germans?
The Royal Syndicate: bunch of old ex-m0o killers =)
The X-Trading Company: xtech 4tw! good prices and fast delivery

Tundragon: no nonsense pirates, YAY!
Teddybears: no nonsense pirates, YAY!
UK Corp: brits?
VentureCorp: haven't heard of them in a good while, imp?
VIRII: hang out with exodus?
VOTF: xirtam and co

North Star Networks
The Kadeshi
Posted - 2005.09.11 14:49:00 - [89]

Originally by: Latex Mistress
North Star Networks: Roxette

Oh, you are SO gonna pay for that! Laughing


Darken Two
Oberon Incorporated
Morsus Mihi
Posted - 2005.09.11 14:52:00 - [90]

Originally by: Latex Mistress

GODS: Megadeth

\o/ we got equated to Megadeth. I love megadeth.

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