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Sun Ra
Euphoria Released
Posted - 2005.09.10 08:32:00 - [1]

Edited by: Sun Ra on 10/09/2005 16:26:55
Edited by: Sun Ra on 10/09/2005 08:31:56
Well i was only going to have 50 corps but there were so many i went to 60ish, sorry to those who didnt make the cut!

Here we go, you all should know the deal by now, give thoughts on each corp listed, feel free to remove the names of corps you know nothing about to save space

Armoured Assassins:
Battle Angels Inc.:
Beyond Divinity Inc:

Body Count Inc.:
Black Nova Corp:
Blood Inquisition:
Burn Eden:

Cataclysm Enterprise:
Celestial Apocalypse:
Celestial Horizon Corp:
Contraband Inc:

Cult of cuthulu:
Damage Industries:
Dark Cartel:
Death Row Inc.:
Dirty Deeds Corp:

Euphoria Released:
E X O D U S:
Finite Horizon:

Freeks Corp:
Forsaken Empire:
Fury Corporation:
Going Limp:

Guiding Hand Social Club.:
Jericho Fraction:

Murini Ice Syndicate:
North Star Networks:
Northern Intelligence:

Omerta Syndicate:
Petition Inc:
Rage and Terror:

Sharks with frickin' laser beams:
Shin Ra:
Solar Wind:

Species 5618:
Steel Vipers:
The Royal Syndicate:
The X-Trading Company:

UK Corp:

Joshua Calvert
Rule One
Posted - 2005.09.10 08:47:00 - [2]

Edited by: Joshua Calvert on 10/09/2005 09:59:37
MASS: TRIGGER is a Yorkshireman
ATUF: Like ATUK only more Frank
ATUK: Like ATUF but less Frank
PIE: Amarrian version of Thundercats
Damage Industries: SMASH? Dunno.
Species 5618: Dunno.
E X O D U S: Caps Locked 4tl
Finite Horizon: Ultra violent carebear group
Death Row Inc.: Pink flowers and deathrays.
Rage and Terror: Eve-Kills "manipulators"?
Forsaken Empire: Did they disband again?
NAGA: Tech 2
Steel Vipers: Dunno
Cataclysm Enterprise: German? Been around forever?
Blood Inquisition: Some RP'ers I guess.
Going Limp: They <3 TTI
Guiding Hand Social Club: Egotistical
Northern Intelligence: Oxymorom
Euphoria Released: Smacktalkers
BSC: Quite lately....
Corp1: Still around?
Fury Corporation: Dunno
Reikoku: They have a strange ranking system......
Omerta Syndicate: RP'ers?
Solar Wind: Caught between SA and SE....
Petition Inc: Dunno
VIRII: Not very good gate campers...
Burn Eden: WCS
Black Nova Corp: Drunken CEO
The X-Trading Company: Ex-XF
Dirty Deeds Corp: ASCN's mining corp.
S.A.S: Bastids!
Shinra: .5. big boys
Jericho Fraction: RP'ers?
The Royal Syndicate: New m0o?
Murini Ice Syndicate: Dunno
GODS: Alliance hoppers
UK Corp: UK! \o/
Tundragon: Filthy rats
Armoured Assassins: Dunno
Teddybears: Filthier rats
VOTF: Imp...haha
SNIGG: Dunno
Battle Angels Inc.: Dunno
Celestial Apocalypse: Led by a man who wears a skirt
Millennium: Strange change of direction...
Body Count Inc: Paid-for MDK'ers.
Freeks Corp: Dunno
VentureCorp: Dunno
North Star Networks: Vids
Evolution: Evilution
Supremacy: .5.'s mining corp.
Sharks with frickin' laser beams: Frigates
Celestial Horizon Corp: CYVOK (and his dog)
LEGI0N: Dunno
Cult of Cthulu: Just got bigger
Dark Cartel: No idea what they're upto. No good, rpobably.
Contraband Inc: Dunno
Beyond Divinity Inc: MDK'ers
DNA: Dunno

Temptation inc.
Posted - 2005.09.10 08:50:00 - [3]

Edited by: MadGaz on 10/09/2005 08:51:03
MASS: Good Fighters, had loads of fun with them in the soul cartel days
ATUF: These guys are amazing, I am not biased in any way at all.
ATUK: Haven't seen much of them apart from when they came down to fight CA, meridius rocks though.
PIE: Again good fun, can't stand the roleplay in local though Wink
Finite Horizon: Viceroy ftw.
NAGA: They blacklisted me, everything costs 100% more than usual for me
Guiding Hand Social Club.: YARRRR!!
Corp1: Awesome bunch of guys, had loads of fun with them in FOE.
Dirty Deeds Corp: Good cannon fodder Twisted Evil
The Royal Syndicate: Can't fault these guys, know what they're doing, bring regions to its knees.
VOTF: Argh the smack :/
Celestial Apocalypse: Overated, sorry.
Freeks Corp: Good laugh
Sharks with frickin' laser beams: Well generally the MC kickass, can't comment on one corp.
Celestial Horizon Corp: Another good cannon fodder corp (well back in the FOE days)
LEGI0N: Love these guys :( You won't find a corp with a funnier vent server ever.
Dark Cartel: Daakkon is an emo :(
DNA: <3 Nilk

I left out a few, can't be arsed to type much more lol.

Altai Saker
Rapier Innovations
Posted - 2005.09.10 09:01:00 - [4]

MASS: Stainers
ATUF: Some funny mother ****ers in this corp
ATUK: Not really a big fan... but decent fighters
PIE: For the emperror!
Damage Industries: Dunno
Species 5618: Stainers
E X O D U S: Irons pvp core?
Finite Horizon: Digital commy
Death Row Inc.: Pirates who seem to have alot of money
Rage and Terror: Uh-oh they are approaching equal numbers in local, log out(not all bad guys but more bad than good imo)
Forsaken Empire: YARRRR!!
NAGA: Rich
Steel Vipers: G
Cataclysm Enterprise: G ... blobers
Blood Inquisition: Screwed by ccp?
Going Limp: old corp
Guiding Hand Social Club.: Istvaan... scammers... untrustable... cool guys ;)
Northern Intelligence:
Euphoria Released: if I hang out enough in m-o eventually they will gank me
BSC: Big corp but low profile
Corp1: I still like these people...
Fury Corporation:
Reikoku: Good fighters
Omerta Syndicate: ... have seen my greatness Laughing
Solar Wind: ... stain?
Petition Inc: Cool guys that got sick of the blob
VIRII: Southern freedom fighters?
Burn Eden: WTS WCS BPO
Black Nova Corp:
The X-Trading Company:
Dirty Deeds Corp: Gave me a few good fights...
S.A.S: Tacticians!
Shin Ra: old CA
Jericho Fraction: everytime I lose a ship to one of these guys in a decent fight I dont stop hearing about it on ts for a week...
The Royal Syndicate:
Murini Ice Syndicate: Taz Devlin
GODS: Good guys, decent fighters
UK Corp: Dunno
Tundragon: Pirates.
Armoured Assassins: When I first kind of knew of these guys I thought they were the biggest bunch of ***s in the whole game... After flying with some of them in F-E I figured out these guys really know how to have fun and have a pretty decent attitude about the whole thing.
Teddybears: Zarq
VOTF: Xirt...
SNIGG: Pirates with good attitudes
Battle Angels Inc.: Dunno them... but sound familiar
Celestial Apocalypse: Decent enough fighters...
Millennium: Cool guys afaik... oh they have that one kessy pilot.
Body Count Inc.: The MC
Freeks Corp: dunno
VentureCorp: Well structured northern industrial corp
North Star Networks: Leafos vids
Evolution: Have some serious spoon issues.
Supremacy: Big time miners, part time pvpers Wink
Sharks with frickin' laser beams: I remember them back to miso... now they are MC!
Celestial Horizon Corp: Do you like our outpost, biatch.
LEGI0N: dunno
Cult of cuthulu: Some of the best!
KIA: Good guys
Dark Cartel: Shout out for my home boyz >.>
Contraband Inc: Seen a few floating around... dont really know them too well
Beyond Divinity Inc: My image of them is forever marred by Ugluuk shouting "log on trap" after we beat them :/
DNA: Just badasses really Twisted Evil

Rod Blaine
Band of Brothers
Posted - 2005.09.10 09:04:00 - [5]

MASS: Keeps turning up.
ATUF: Frank, Sun, bleh ?
ATUK: No Frank, not Sun, meh ?
PIE: can we get something else then the regulars for a change ?

Damage Industries: Well, they try at least.
Species 5618: Which of the ten startrek clones is this ? the SE one ? In that case: gl, you're gonna need it.

EXODUS: Removed those annoying spaces for you.
Finite Horizon: Love crashing aurora parties i hear
Death Row Inc.: DIE, got Maya, feel a bit sorry
Rage and Terror: Hear bad stuff, means that at the very least they can be annoying, which is mroe then 905 of whats out there.
Forsaken Empire: bleh, still nothing special in my book.
NAGA: Seems fading from teh frontlights recently.
Steel Vipers: G corp, CE's little brother.
Cataclysm Enterprise: STV's BB, good guys, good fighters, take risk ffs.
Blood Inquisition: Myadra and friends, got royally shafted
Going Limp: Hehe
Guiding Hand Social Club.: pff, tours of Isthvaan's ego leave at 14:00 and return to the place of departure at 19:00, bring food and flashlights.
Northern Intelligence: Dead, arent they. Iceblock was in it, loud but never seen one in more then two years.
Euphoria Released: NBSI, another of them Zezman things, beleiving to be original while not coming close.
BSC: gotten out of my view
Corp1: same
Fury Corporation: Feisty blonde
Omerta Syndicate: Feisty black
Solar Wind: Feisty ? Nah, not really afaik.
Petition Inc: another temporary corp of fleeting vet enjoyment for the bored.
VIRII: sounds good, does well.
Burn Eden: gone, finally
The X-Trading Company: old, no longer of any importance in 0.0 space, two years after first stepping into it.
Dirty Deeds Corp: Meh, undecided
S.A.S: Seem content to be sitting in the quitest part of 0.0 for some reason that evades me.
ShinRa: removed the annoying space for you
Jericho Fraction: Undecided, great yet ... meh, i dont know.
The Royal Syndicate: ex-m0o, but not as fearsome yet.
Murini Ice Syndicate: Just noticed they got Diamond Dog, must be something there then, had never heard of them before.
GODS: Persh and friends, undecided.
UK Corp: ?
Tundragon: Lifewire and friends seem very skilled, but simply never seem to be around when i am somewhere.
Armoured Assassins: arent they gone too ?
Teddybears: See TDG
VOTF: former smacking (in more ways then one) giant that has lost enough weight to scare off WW people. Used to like, but few of the good guys are left, and all of the baddest are still there.
SNIGG: another pirate corp I'd be happy to join if I were a pirate.
Battle Angels Inc.: ?
Celestial Apocalypse: ?
Millennium: Zazzt and friends tend to make too much noise for people that have been avoiding playing with the big boys for so long. I do value the opinions of some fo their people tho, seems a nice corp, yet just a little irrelevant at times.
Body Count Inc.: MC, nice folkls as far as I've seen recently.
Freeks Corp: Arent these sort of Burn Eden wannabee's ? (whcih is even worse then being BE tbh)
VentureCorp: Venturebabes have gone, corp seems to have improved... Neutral
North Star Networks: MC, see BDCI
Supremacy: From loved to hated to liked to.. I dont know, seem too quiet lately tho.
Sharks with frickin' laser beams: see NSN
Celestial Horizon Corp: Large, yet somehow heavy handed but posessing a lucky stroke or soemthing.
LEGI0N: Meh, empire pirates, largely irrelevant.
Cult of cuthulu: Not people to 1v1, but seem to be growing bored and complacent like so many of the older players have.
KIA: Stumpy ftw.
Dark Cartel: Daa...nm.
Contraband Inc: ?
Beyond Divinity Inc: ?
DNA: Quite a rep, never met.

That's it ? Where's the almight Zaibatsu corp ?

Mercurialis Inc.
Wildly Inappropriate.
Posted - 2005.09.10 09:06:00 - [6]

Edited by: Beringe on 10/09/2005 09:13:19
MASS: The old guard of SA. I think they made a splash at the last fan fest.
ATUF: Frank.
ATUK: Not Frank.
PIE: Amarr loyalists that need a new emperor.
Damage Industries: --
Species 5618: Stain Empire.
E X O D U S: Iron.
Finite Horizon: I remember when Digital Communist was an anti-pirate.
Death Row Inc.: Some ex-m0o, a bunch of other guys.
Rage and Terror: --
Forsaken Empire: One of the northern alliances. Name first used after the total sacking of Venal.
NAGA: Shopkeepers, industrialists and all in all top corp.
Steel Vipers: Top PvPers and members of [G]. We've often interacted with one another in the past, usually peacefully.
Cataclysm Enterprise: Also top PvPers and members of [G]
Blood Inquisition: A bunch of people that get it.
Going Limp: Long gone anti-Taggart corp?
Guiding Hand Social Club.: Ruthless and evil.
Northern Intelligence: --
Euphoria Released: NBSI?
BSC: --
Corp1: Used to be pirates in Syndicate at one point.
Fury Corporation: --
Reikoku: --
Omerta Syndicate: The only Caldari RP corp.
Solar Wind: --
Petition Inc: --
Burn Eden: Everyone loves to hate them.
Black Nova Corp: Bob.
The X-Trading Company: Xetic founders. Still pretty large, last I heard.
Dirty Deeds Corp: Ex-Xetic, now big ASCN players.
S.A.S: Mercs now, I hear.
Shinra: Huge [5] corp. Ex-oldschool-CA.
Jericho Fraction: Pseudo intellectuals. I miss Jade.
The Royal Syndicate: Some ex-m0o.
Murini Ice Syndicate: --
GODS: Ex-PA, now Forsaken Empire.
UK Corp: --
Tundragon: Top pirates.
Armoured Assassins: Hah.
Teddybears: Top pirates. Also, Zarq is the best pirate.
VOTF: Imp founders, fairly inactive now.
SNIGG: Top pirates.
Battle Angels Inc.: --
Celestial Apocalypse: The original anti-pirates.
Millennium: Honorable corporation. I remember Slothe hunting pirates solo in PF. Now a part of FE.
Body Count Inc.: Merc corp.
Freeks Corp: --
VentureCorp: --
North Star Networks: Merc corp.
Evolution: Key member of BoB. Whatever EVOL is doing is the focus.
Supremacy: One of the original [5]. Not as active as they used to be.
Sharks with frickin' laser beams: Merc corp.
Celestial Horizon Corp: The biggest corp in the game and the major player in ASCN.
LEGI0N: --
Cult of cuthulu: Small, effective merc corp. One of the orignial anti-pirates.
KIA: Ex-PA, now mercs. Used to be RONA-KIA.
Dark Cartel: Pirates.
Contraband Inc: --
Beyond Divinity Inc: --
DNA: What made Syndicate dangerous. Now taking a break.

Shadow Company
Axiom Empire
Posted - 2005.09.10 09:08:00 - [7]

MASS: SA, poor spellers.
ATUF: Pirates - Frank.
ATUK: Forum Warriors of Eve
PIE: Amarr warriors
Damage Industries: VC, ex hoso/anodyne pilots fly here
Species 5618: SE -> ex-SE -> SE -> SA?
E X O D U S: Northeners
Finite Horizon: ?
Death Row Inc.: Pirates / ex-BoB croonies with an elite NZ division.
Rage and Terror: ?
Forsaken Empire: extinct
NAGA: they still selling t2 suff?
Steel Vipers: Northener
Cataclysm Enterprise: Northener
Blood Inquisition: pirates?
Going Limp: ?
Guiding Hand Social Club.: Quiet on the public front atm.
Northern Intelligence: ?
Euphoria Released: NBSI
BSC: ex-CA?
Corp1: FoE, ex-CA/C4 hitsquad
Fury Corporation: ?
Reikoku: BoB's Right hand
Omerta Syndicate: ?
Solar Wind: ex-SE?
Petition Inc: pirate/merc corp
Burn Eden: Pirate's who said gonna go ex pirate, now merc/pirate
Black Nova Corp: BoB
The X-Trading Company: ?
Dirty Deeds Corp: pirate/merc
S.A.S: 'holders of geminate'
ShinRa: Shinra = [5], smack talkers last i remember
Jericho Fraction: Northener rebel
The Royal Syndicate: pirates
Murini Ice Syndicate: ?
UK Corp: Large UK corp i see in gallente space
Tundragon: Pirates
Armoured Assassins: Pirates
Teddybears: Pirates
SNIGG: Pirates
Battle Angels Inc.: Pirates/merc
Celestial Apocalypse: Anti-Pirate :D
Millennium: Anti-Pirate ex-Foundation
Body Count Inc.: Merc C.
Freeks Corp: ?
VentureCorp: Northener
North Star Networks: Merc C.
Evolution: BoB, the arrogant 'leaders'
Supremacy: [5] ex-CA powerhouse
Sharks with frickin' laser beams: Merc C.
Celestial Horizon Corp: ASCN, large industrial corp
Cult of cuthulu: Merc, ex-Pirate-Hunters
KIA: Merc, pr0's ;)
Dark Cartel: Pirates
Contraband Inc: local's of mine atm
Beyond Divinity Inc: Pirates, camp m-o often
DNA: Pirates, syndicate

Intensity Green
Cutting Edge Incorporated
RAZOR Alliance
Posted - 2005.09.10 09:20:00 - [8]

MASS: Overrated has been fighters
ATUF: The Frankinator Experience
ATUK: 5 forum power
PIE: Amarr good guys
Damage Industries: Clinging onto fountain
Species 5618: This weeks villain
E X O D U S: Darko/Buddrow built a pvp powerhouse
Finite Horizon: ex m0o, semi bored vets
Death Row Inc.: Ph0nix guys, pretty good
Rage and Terror: The best pvp corp ingame, least noobs of all
Forsaken Empire: mk XX... Tribute must be cursed
NAGA: Industry ftw
Steel Vipers: Wildcard created a good corp
Cataclysm Enterprise: No idea Wink
Blood Inquisition: Actually have no idea
Going Limp: Bizkit?
Guiding Hand Social Club.:
Northern Intelligence: Used to be in Stain
Euphoria Released: Cartiff invented the NBSI term
BSC: TFE guys,
Corp1: Foyle loyalists, dunno where atm though.
Fury Corporation: Ex Fountain?
Reikoku: Who runs this corp anyway? Dbp or Galavet?
Omerta Syndicate: JF buddies in x-70
Solar Wind: Stain
Petition Inc: Siim's mum joke gone bad led to this corp
VIRII: Mass's best buddy now.
Burn Eden: The self proclaimed best ingame, not impressed.
Black Nova Corp: Tranquillity Drinkers Club
The X-Trading Company: Xetic guys that don't make noise...
Dirty Deeds Corp: CLS best buddies
S.A.S: Claiming Geminate with RO
Jericho Fraction: x-70 with Omerta
The Royal Syndicate: x m0o.
Murini Ice Syndicate: Mass
GODS: Loud Americanos in a good/bad way
UK Corp: Some ex PA in there methinks
Tundragon: -10 guys in aunenen
Armoured Assassins: Let me feel trishy's cookie lord pls.. Wink
Teddybears: see tundragon
VOTF: Xirtam runs imp with acks
SNIGG: Good pirates seemingly in trouble
Battle Angels Inc.: Only seen these on forums.. Stain?
Celestial Apocalypse: The Good guys
Millennium: Surprising new TFE recruits. Good corp.
Body Count Inc.: The glue of MC
Freeks Corp: Y9G is a bad system mmmkay?
VentureCorp: EXO buddies in Deklein
North Star Networks: Swedish MC goodguys..
Evolution: Molle is good
Supremacy: Fading into ATUK
Sharks with frickin' laser beams: Cool name, deadly ships
Celestial Horizon Corp: Weekend fun in PB. Massive props to these guys.
LEGI0N: Dunno
Cult of cuthulu: Blast from the past, very good and active again.
KIA: Very very good mercs
Dark Cartel: TankCEO is here. They fly with TRS and ATUF
Contraband Inc: How a potsmoking hazy ceo got all xJQA to join him in probably the worst corp among them all I'll never know.
Beyond Divinity Inc: Ugluuk, lotsa flaming where these guys are involved
DNA: A big big loss

Deep Core Mining Inc.
Posted - 2005.09.10 09:25:00 - [9]

<3 These Very Happy

MASS: Ego? What ego?
ATUF: We all wish we could join.
ATUK: Meh we arnt all that bad :p.
PIE: Cool roleplayers, havent heard much of them lately tho.
Damage Industries: Heard the name, dont know them tho.
Species 5618: In SE again now.
E X O D U S: S P A C E B A R A N D C A P S L O C K B R O K E N
Finite Horizon: Old m0o guys.
Death Row Inc.: Again havent heard much lately.
Rage and Terror: Cheep tactics but are effective, RA whatever they say.
Forsaken Empire: Disbanded :/.
NAGA: Never used them.
Steel Vipers: G corp?
Cataclysm Enterprise: Definatly G corp.
Blood Inquisition: Dunno.
Going Limp: Viagra?
Guiding Hand Social Club.: Ebil!
Northern Intelligence: Where are these guys? Havent seen them for a while.
Euphoria Released: Cmdr Patrick sucks! Razz
BSC: British space corp? Not sure where they are atm.
Corp1: Still in FOE seem to have fallen off the top rankings as such.
Fury Corporation: Dunno.
Reikoku: pwnage.
Omerta Syndicate: Dunno.
Solar Wind: Old stain.
Petition Inc: Kyle and TheOneWhoIsDrunk ftw Very Happy
VIRII: Attacking SE i believe and they have Olyyyyyyyyyyyyy <3
Burn Eden: *shudders*
Black Nova Corp: They had Caanan <3, they dont anymore :(
The X-Trading Company: Dont know when to give up.
Dirty Deeds Corp: Second corp in ASCN.
S.A.S: Havent heard much lately.
Shin Ra: Ownage²
Jericho Fraction: Meh :/.
The Royal Syndicate: M0o guys again.
Murini Ice Syndicate: dunno.
UK Corp: Dunno.
Tundragon: Dont know much of them either tbh.
Armoured Assassins: ASS hehe love that.
Teddybears: Awesome movies.
VOTF: No comment Razz
SNIGG: <3 Ikvar, <3 Verone
Battle Angels Inc.: Dunno.
Celestial Apocalypse: Gone back to anti pirate? Have to see Laughing
Millennium: Orange.
Body Count Inc.: Cool mercs, omg harsh recruitment Razz
Freeks Corp: dunno.
VentureCorp: dunno.
North Star Networks: MC corp
Evolution: phear.
Supremacy: <3 ^^
Sharks with frickin' laser beams: MC corp.
Celestial Horizon Corp: Can you mine? Sign here......
LEGI0N: dunno.
Cult of cuthulu: Small merc corp, sweet vids.
KIA: Crap cars tbh :/.
Dark Cartel: Mental asylum.
Contraband Inc: Rawr.
Beyond Divinity Inc: Some cool guys in there ;).
DNA: dunno.

Body Count Inc.
The Requiem
Posted - 2005.09.10 09:40:00 - [10]

ATUF: Pirate types?
ATUK: OMG KEEL, err wait that was in my former lifeRazz
PIE: Amarr, RPers
Damage Industries:?
Species 5618: Ganked and been ganked by them
E X O D U S: Corp from the north?
Finite Horizon: Digi, Madcap and ex-bovine
Death Row Inc.: Pirates
Rage and Terror: Flew alongside in the past decent folks
Forsaken Empire: Long time enemies of CELES
NAGA: I think I kept them in business with all AF sales
Steel Vipers: North?
Cataclysm Enterprise: More North guys?
Blood Inquisition:?
Going Limp:take viagra to fix that
Guiding Hand Social Club.: Ohh noes lock your assets
Northern Intelligence: SE or somethign
Euphoria Released: Had some good fights
BSC: Ex-CA dunno now
Corp1: Bad guys
Fury Corporation:?
Reikoku: DBP and crew
Omerta Syndicate:?
Solar Wind: Stain
Petition Inc: Bad guys YARRRR!!
VIRII: Dunno fightine in the south?
Burn Eden: Don't get me started...
Black Nova Corp: Black light and BoB
The X-Trading Company:?
Dirty Deeds Corp: Targets
S.A.S: mercs
Shin Ra: enemies, in my past life
Jericho Fraction: Jade
The Royal Syndicate:?
Murini Ice Syndicate:?
GODS: FOE, mostly ok folks except one nimord in the corp
UK Corp:?
Tundragon: BaddiesYARRRR!!
Armoured Assassins: More baddies
Teddybears: Started by ex-Celes (Baddies)YARRRR!!ugh
VOTF:Xirt and crew
SNIGG: baddiesYARRRR!!
Battle Angels Inc.:?
Celestial Apocalypse:EvE's good guys, and my friends.
Millennium:Once good, now bad
Body Count Inc.: What do you thinkTwisted Evil
Freeks Corp:?
VentureCorp: North folks
North Star Networks:Brothers in arms
Evolution: What's up FuzzCool
Supremacy:See ATUK and Shin Ra
Sharks with frickin' laser beams: More brothers in arms
Celestial Horizon Corp: targets
Cult of cuthulu: Old school pvpers/mercs from the north
KIA: Mercs
Dark Cartel: OMG,run baddies
Contraband Inc:?
Beyond Divinity Inc: baddies

Amistad Annihilate
Brutally Organized Ruthless Gangsters
Posted - 2005.09.10 09:50:00 - [11]

MASS: Big Spoon, pot stirred down south
ATUF: Pretend ATUK?
ATUK: Busy Guys, some ok some not so, same with alot of corps.
PIE: Roleplay. Got me months back with a cloak ambush Shocked
Damage Industries: Nice Guys, active PVP'rs
Species 5618: Stain, busy!
E X O D U S: Iron - Top people
Finite Horizon: Vets corp, alot of forum activity
Death Row Inc.: Rich?
Rage and Terror: RAT
Forsaken Empire: Work close with them, top bunch.
NAGA: Rich, but market competition trimming them down.
Steel Vipers: Good Corp, solid history, [G]
Cataclysm Enterprise: As above
Blood Inquisition: They were screwed?
Going Limp: No idea
Guiding Hand Social Club.: Big Robbery?
Northern Intelligence: huh?
Euphoria Released: NBSI partners, top chappies, abit nuts at time.
BSC: Quiet
Corp1: OBE!
Fury Corporation:
Reikoku: Big big corp, good fighters, love the mass transport
Omerta Syndicate: forum spam?
Solar Wind: Stuck in the middle!
Petition Inc: Vets, love the FIX
VIRII: Seem very good at annoying stain.
Burn Eden: WCS - Forum posts so not worth reading.
Black Nova Corp: [5] experienced, well organised unit
The X-Trading Company: Xetic remains?
Dirty Deeds Corp: DDC - HED-GP cannon fodder
S.A.S: Skilled but quiet atm. Lovers of the SMASH
Shin Ra: Forum posts galore as of late.
Jericho Fraction: HUUUUUUGE posts that i never read cos i simply have no idea what there place is in the game or what they are hoping to achieve.
The Royal Syndicate: Vets, experienced corp.
Murini Ice Syndicate: ?
GODS: Skilled, wuick to react.
UK Corp: ? Some merc unit?
Tundragon: Quality, a solid small dedicated outfit, very good and effective.
Armoured Assassins: Geddons! Ganky Ganky.
Teddybears: Same as TUndragon
VOTF: Imp - Slowed down to play WOW
SNIGG: Good Vids, aint met them much
Battle Angels Inc.: Nice corp
Celestial Apocalypse: Ex Corp of mine, very effective, stumbling block i think is over now.
Millennium: Top corp big solid history
Body Count Inc.: MC = CLASS
Freeks Corp: ?
VentureCorp: Big boys?
North Star Networks: MC = CLASS
Evolution: Big, moves as a mass.
Supremacy: Quiet, dropping in numbers?
Sharks with frickin' laser beams: MC = CLASS
Celestial Horizon Corp: Fodder from south?
LEGI0N: huh!
Cult of cuthulu: Class effective and building some solid rep.
KIA: Good lads, effective, getting better and better.
Dark Cartel: Vets unit, effective
Contraband Inc: Not sure what these guys do but seem to be making friends
Beyond Divinity Inc: Ex Epic, gate camp alot as ive seen
DNA: Vids, REP, both top notch.

my 2 cents

The Corporation
Cruel Intentions
Posted - 2005.09.10 10:06:00 - [12]

MASS: TRIGGER ALLAINCE CAPSLOCK. Sorry, but that's going to haunt you.
ATUF: ATUK's fan club, it's full of cuddly little cute ChubbChubbs.
ATUK: Respect.
PIE: Pure respect.
Species 5618: I'm thinking "TV-soap", but people tell me it's a Star Trek reference.

E X O D U S: S H I V A
Finite Horizon: So... has Gallente Federation taken actions yet?
Death Row Inc.: Die.
Forsaken Empire: Let's see, hasn't this corp died twice? Once to Lineage II and once to WoW? Since they're (F-E) still around, that says something about those two games.
NAGA: A very successful and honest buisiness organisation.

Steel Vipers: Random trivia - once they helped Xetic prior to the Stain conflict (which was prior to the CA conflict)
Guiding Hand Social Club.: The one and only corporation in EVE that I fear. Respect and fear.
Northern Intelligence: NOINT, SE during the CA war, right? One of the few SE corps that didn't have a hard-on for HLW only.
Euphoria Released: CARTIFF! Sing a tune for me!
Corp1: What can I say. Archangel Sean (my personal hero back when I was still <1 million in gunnery) had some very interesting moments with these guys back in the days.

Reikoku: Dianabolic, BoB, nice guys.
Solar Wind: I remember these... I think.
Burn Eden: It's a bit cliché, but... Stabbed Eden?
The X-Trading Company: These guys were the heart of Xetic. Not the fat, not the trigger-happy, and not the arrogance, the HEART. They made it function inspite of the differences, jabbering, and selfishness. X-Traders did, and not CLS.
Dirty Deeds Corp: Each time we face them they loose respect.

S.A.S: Collegues.
Shin Ra: Neat, really.
The Royal Syndicate: nmwone.
Tundragon: Let's see here... My second PvP loss and my first cruiser loss 2 years ago.
VOTF: They were more scary in CA

Celestial Apocalypse: Self-righteousness incarnate. Classic black-and-white vision in a world where noone have any colour but shades of gray.
North Star Networks: On second thought, let's not go there. It's a silly place.
Body Count Inc.: So many neat chaps. PvP = Passive Veldspar Pwning. We're really cute and cuddly.
Evolution: One day Darwin bought a gun...
Supremacy: Hmmm... What to say, really. Most commonly miss-read corp ticker?

Sharks with frickin' laser beams: Safe spots are not safe.
Celestial Horizon Corp: These guys are prone to make bad decission when tempers flare.
KIA: No more RONA
Contraband Inc: Someone hired them on us, then someone hired FRICK on them. They're all-in-all decent guys.
DNA: Uphallant. I associate them with Uphallant.

Pandemic Legion
Posted - 2005.09.10 10:30:00 - [13]

MASS: pretty kool guys in local and to fight
ATUF: ATUF>ATUK one of the "few" corps leno was in :P
PIE: scum amarrian slavers hanging onto the dieing ways of the empire
Damage Industries: LMM sidekicks/partners
Species 5618: stainers
E X O D U S: Carebears turned pvp'ers some slighly aragent but earned it.
Finite Horizon: i friggin hate there jamming scorps :/
Death Row Inc.: sigs nightmares are made of! seem good guys
Rage and Terror: efective but also have difficulty staying logged in for long periods of time >_<
Forsaken Empire: YARRR now r4g3 <3
NAGA: drug pushers, laundering money in ship sales :P
Steel Vipers: Ze germans very effective long time CR inhabitents, nowowners of it with the rest G.
Cataclysm Enterprise: temepests> lock pod> OUCH
Blood Inquisition: blood raider supporters screwed over after there withdrawel from low sec ammarr space
Going Limp: YARRR?
Guiding Hand Social Club.: scammers, mercs, the "dark side" of mercs, istavnn has an ego to big proberly even for EVOL
Northern Intelligence: they live in the south?
Euphoria Released: hwo fast can you run, how fast can you run
BSC: EnB beta corp, now in FE alliance
Corp1: c4w3 pwnz, nuff said.
Fury Corporation: ?
Reikoku: to arragant on the forums still but seem pretty kool now in general. they just need sean arekk back
Omerta Syndicate: run from haulers in inties.
Solar Wind: solar fart?
Petition Inc: my claw killed ya AF OMGWTFH4X
VIRII: kool guys very suttle on the forums, neur0ns raven tanks like a *****
Burn Eden: stabbed to the max smack talking at 200k
Black Nova Corp: i wasnt passed out at a planet drunk i had a RL emergency >_<
The X-Trading Company: dont keep up with there deals from what im told, but my personal experience is good.
Dirty Deeds Corp: some kool fighters
S.A.S: megaj's 3 hour lunch breaks, kool guys
Shin Ra: delta team came from here so cant be that bad.
Jericho Fraction: jericho fiction, mmorpg=many men roleplaying girls
The Royal Syndicate: few muppets but most seem kool
Murini Ice Syndicate: ?
GODS: pershs "skill point recylcing system" more balls then a snookertable.
UK Corp: from the UK?.......
Tundragon: true pirates to the core
Armoured Assassins: same as altai thought they were muppets at first and didnt like lord mix's log out stand point but are actualy VERY kool guys.
Teddybears: same as tundragon, pirates to the core.
VOTF: some VERY kool peeps here but also alot of fraggles.
SNIGG: made me apreciate frigs when i first started playing, kool guys and wicked channel "join channel teh sniggles" :P
Battle Angels Inc.: one of THE best advertisment videos seen, x fix supposidly very effective
Celestial Apocalypse: x hypercritical "anti pirates" but good fighters, gone back to true anti piracy.
Millennium: pretty kool, but some like the stabs abit to much :/
Body Count Inc.: effective but afew have abit of an ego, but worth the iskies.
Freeks Corp: x FU seem a kool bunch.
VentureCorp: "let lousze teh dogzs ofe waarzz" same as exodus carebears who had to turn to pvp'ers pretty kool peeps
North Star Networks: see BDCI and very kool peeps.
Evolution: ego maniacs
Supremacy: enslaver
Sharks with frickin' laser beams: remind me not to tackle farjungs blasterthron in a vengenace >_<
Celestial Horizon Corp: Alliance in itself
LEGI0N: Kool guys
Cult of cuthulu: the vids own aand good bunch, although icotl killed my alt :/
KIA: bunch of fgts on TS -_-, great fighters worth the ISK
Dark Cartel: no daarkon cannot borrow 20 mill!
Contraband Inc: xLSD lower syndicate guys
Beyond Divinity Inc: some kool guys some muppets
DNA: Derkeh derkehstan jihad muhhammad terrorist cell, faction BS brigade

Vince Draken
Northern Coalition.
Posted - 2005.09.10 10:37:00 - [14]

Edited by: Vince Draken on 10/09/2005 11:02:15
ATUF: Copyright?
ATUK: Fun to fly with and against
PIE: Would be first destination if not in SNRA
Damage Industries: Respect

Species 5618: Probabaly falsly accused/labeled (reminds of of foyle tbh - scape goatism)
E X O D U S: One of two norther ppl that I respect
Finite Horizon: OMG, spotted Stavr0s in Agil (que endless quitting posts)
Death Row Inc.: Mining Pirates :p

Rage and Terror: Standard Gank Corp
Forsaken Empire: Yesterdays News
NAGA: T2 Barons
Steel Vipers: Valiant Enemiems

Cataclysm Enterprise: Worthy opponents
Blood Inquisition: Role-Players?
Going Limp: Xanadu Alt corp
Guiding Hand Social Club. *yawn*

Northern Intelligence: Still think of Iceblock and his ultra-lame dual mwd crow...
Euphoria Released: WCS Manditory
BSC: Junk - Enslaver is only worthwild they produced
Corp1: C4 = Quality

Fury Corporation: Anti-FA = Good in my book
Reikoku: Respect
Omerta Syndicate: unknown
Solar Wind: Still around?

Petition Inc: Future SNRA members :D
VIRII: Semi-Standard gank corp (Saladin and MK are cool though)
Burn Eden: Effective but lame
Black Nova Corp: no respect thx to rohann

The X-Trading Company: Should stick to business
Dirty Deeds Corp: Once were blood enemies, now peacefull neighbors
S.A.S: Impressive Kill/pilot ratio
ShinRa: This thread will lead to Chow hitting me up on MSN :p "Oh m8, lallante and your posts are killing our rep."

Jericho Fraction: Definitly add to the content of Eve
The Royal Syndicate: M00 t2
Murini Ice Syndicate: Stain
GODS: Endless smalktalk

UK Corp: Nothing like a small-time CEO with a Big-time Ego...
Tundragon: Yarg
Armoured Assassins: unknown
Teddybears: Yarg II

VOTF: smacktalk has degraded in direct proportion to pilot quality
SNIGG: Remember when you guys were in Foundation
Battle Angels Inc. Bolyden's forum posts are quality
Celestial Apocalypse: Glad to see them getting back to their roots. Eve needs more ppl like them tbh.

Millennium: Only corp from Foundation worthy of respect
Body Count Inc. Freakishly good at what they do
Freeks Corp: unknown
VentureCorp: northern fodder

North Star Networks: Part of the MC
Evolution: Much respect, Sir Molle is one of the top FC ingame
Supremacy: Worthy Allies (Rexthor, where's my Mizuros Gyro :p)
Sharks with frickin' laser beams: MC

Celestial Horizon Corp: Juggernought
LEGI0N: unknown
Cult of cuthulu: see a lot of bids on the forums
KIA: Respect

Dark Cartel: Ahh, I got my 'Was first killed by Tank CEO' coffee mug
Contraband Inc: Owned by BOS
Beyond Divinity Inc: Worst alliance name possible
DNA: Activor, we're keeping a spot warm for you

Taz Devlin
The Collective
Posted - 2005.09.10 10:39:00 - [15]

MASS: Carebears the lot of em
ATUF: ATUK with an F
ATUK: Lean, mean, fighting machine
PIE: Grr... A**rr Evil or Very Mad Respect
Damage Industries: Vertigo Coalition?
Species 5618: Old, old friends. Too bad I have to shoot them Sad
E X O D U S: Big bold letters, they like them forums.
Finite Horizon: Ebil with charisma
Death Row Inc.: Coolest forums signs ever
Rage and Terror: Menace to society
Forsaken Empire: Pirates & Politics don't mix, mkay?
Steel Vipers: ?
Cataclysm Enterprise: G Alliance, I've been told they like the Tempest alot.
Blood Inquisition: RP?
Going Limp: ?
Guiding Hand Social Club.: Just ebil
Northern Intelligence: Hast's old place
Euphoria Released: They don't seem to like ASCN
BSC: ?
Corp1: King of BPc selling
Fury Corporation: not sure
Reikoku: DB Preacher & co
Omerta Syndicate: ?
Solar Wind: My old gang, been through more **** than most others combinedConfused
Petition Inc: Drunkenone doesn't like FIX
VIRII: Big bold letters, they seem to like me Smile
Burn Eden: I fully expect to find a T3 WCS with theyr name on it. No one stirs up trouble like these guys.
Black Nova Corp: Fueled by alcohol.
The X-Trading Company: ?
Dirty Deeds Corp: Blob
S.A.S: Pheole
Shin Ra: Hast's new place
Jericho Fraction: Active fighters of tyranical oppression?
The Royal Syndicate: The new m0o, just not as good.
Murini Ice Syndicate: hmmm... rings a bell...
GODS: Live up north
UK Corp: ?
Tundragon: Pegleg, parrot & eyepatch included
Armoured Assassins: they tank?
Teddybears: Pod or post!
SNIGG: They have EVE's very own Robin Hood... Verone.
Battle Angels Inc.: Mercenerys, they will shoot me Neutral
Celestial Apocalypse: Grizwold!!!
Millennium: They do strange things at strange times they do.
Body Count Inc.: Self promotion 4TW (cool vids)
Freeks Corp: Traveling circus?
VentureCorp: ?
North Star Networks: The king of vids
Evolution: Taking over the world... 1 region at a time.
Supremacy: The artist formerly known as OC
Sharks with frickin' laser beams: Fantastic can art!!! Can't remember where it was though
Celestial Horizon Corp: Biggest corp in EVE
Cult of cuthulu: Mercs
KIA: Mercs
Dark Cartel: Pure ebil... Tekka, Daakon & Tank, need I say more?
Contraband Inc: smuglers?
Beyond Divinity Inc: ?
DNA: Scientist?

Christopher Multsanti
Euphoria Released
Posted - 2005.09.10 11:01:00 - [16]

ATUF: like a corp should be, small fun and deadly
ATUK: to much deadweight
E X O D U S: like a fight
Forsaken Empire: were a great pirate corp
Guiding Hand Social Club.: evil bastards
Euphoria Released: balls of steel and play the game the way its meant to be
Reikoku: well organised deadly
Omerta Syndicate: fun bunch of peeps
Petition Inc: seems like they are having fun
Black Nova Corp: see RKK, great CEO
Dirty Deeds Corp: part of a weak alliance
S.A.S: gank masters
Jericho Fraction: love the forums
GODS: average corp
UK Corp: some nice guys, some fools
Tundragon: top pirates
Teddybears: see tundragons
SNIGG: the best pirate corp in the game.
Battle Angels Inc.: nice guys
Millennium: joined FE< -- wtf?
Body Count Inc.: orignal mercs
North Star Networks: part of the best merc alliacne in the game, they must be good
Evolution: see RKK
Supremacy: pvp corp
Sharks with frickin' laser beams: crazy killers
Celestial Horizon Corp: carebears
Cult of cuthulu: amazimg
KIA: great guys, great pvpers
Dark Cartel: tekka is da bomb
DNA: amazingly good corp, please come back

dantes inferno
Posted - 2005.09.10 11:05:00 - [17]

MASS: Uber miners,,never bothered learning to spell
ATUF: not heard much of
ATUK: during a 2-3 week stint living down in po4 when i first moved down to 0.0, i was impresed with the courtesy and respect atuk members give their guests..and as such will always have my respect
PIE: amarr only corp, dont like pirates
Damage Industries: dont know anything on them
Species 5618: well, country to the opinion of my corp mates ive never really like species so ill leave that there
E X O D U S: a northen 0.0 corp?
Finite Horizon: not heard of
Death Row Inc.: not heard of
Rage and Terror: hed-gp gankers
Forsaken Empire: pirates?
NAGA: good prices on tech 2 gear
Steel Vipers: not heard of
Cataclysm Enterprise:not heard of
Blood Inquisition:not heard of
Going Limp:not heard of
Guiding Hand Social Club.: impressive infiltration abilities, but still lowly corp theives...
Northern Intelligence:not heard of
Euphoria Released:seem very bitter over the xetic incident, like the rest of their alliance seem to thrive on childish flames on ascn
BSC:no idea
Corp1:no idea
Fury Corporation: no idea
Reikoku:BOB corp, not encountered them in space, but by all accounts very deadly pvpers
Omerta Syndicate:not heard of
Solar Wind: mining/production corp?
Petition Inc:not heard of
VIRII: dont seem to like se much
Burn Eden: before this summer, their forum antics made me belive them to be very lame and not worth any respect, but as they have seem to of cleaned their act up in past few week, they appear to be very efficient at what they do...their tactics may not be something to gloat and brag about...but it does work
Black Nova Corp: either a bob or 5 corp? not sure
The X-Trading Company:xetic?
Dirty Deeds Corp: a former xetic corp, one of the few who seemd truly dedicated to the defence of xetic...fouding member of ascn at the moment my opinion on all that alliance will depend on their actions in the immediate future.
S.A.S: pirate or merc corp?
Shin Ra: assuming you mean shinra the 5 corp and not shin ra the be pilot, a 5 corp who were formerly in ca
Jericho Fraction: a RP corp who belive in free space, though the deny it the seem to have one major major grudge against pa and take any excuse to dig at them
The Royal Syndicate: former moo pirate corp
Murini Ice Syndicate: not heard off
GODS: a fe corp....have very opinianated members :p
UK Corp: though their a uk corp which is a good thing, they seem to be very discrimantry against noobs
Tundragon: pirate corp
Armoured Assassins: dont know much about
Teddybears:pirate corp
VOTF: only encounter ive had of these was during my SGE days where VOTF and celst apoc were campgin hed gp, from this and their forum exploits i dont have to high of a opinion of them
SNIGG: pirate corp - i have more respect for snigg than most over pirate corps, as they tend to ransom and belt pirate as well as gank at gates
Battle Angels Inc.: ex fix?
Celestial Apocalypse: the "anti pirate pirates" - until they prove their claims of returning to the pure anti pirate roots i hold these in the uter most contempt, to use any exuse to turn pirate and still claim ur antipirate is low,
Millennium: an f-e corp..i think
Body Count Inc.: MC mercs?
Freeks Corp: no real knowledge about these
VentureCorp: no diea
North Star Networks: no idea
Evolution: BOB corp...their ceo seems to loose a lot of spoons
Supremacy:a 5 corp
Sharks with frickin' laser beams: mercs
Celestial Horizon Corp: see ddc....same thing
Cult of cuthulu: never heard of them
KIA: a merc corp,

The Enslaver
Posted - 2005.09.10 11:18:00 - [18]

MASS: PVPers; enjoy holding the reigns Wink
ATUF: Insignificant; achieve little.
PIE: My favourite RP corp in the game, almost joined em a couple of times Wink
Damage Industries: Pretend to be at war with BoB, all they do is NPC in stain.
Species 5618: Tries to hold onto the reigns, but fails.
E X O D U S: Frig fleet!
Finite Horizon: DigitalCommunist; griefers Sad
Death Row Inc.: PVPers, don't like blue.
Rage and Terror: Dishonorable, cowards.
Forsaken Empire: No longer exists.
NAGA: Industrial powerhouse.
Steel Vipers: Insignificant.
Cataclysm Enterprise: A corp in G that actually does something.
Blood Inquisition: Aren't they blood raiders PVPers?
Going Limp: Former XAN alt corp.
Guiding Hand Social Club.: Dishonorable, but brilliant in their own way.
Northern Intelligence: Blockhead; Veritas.
Euphoria Released: Frig Fleet.
BSC: Shadow of former self.
Corp1: xCA, c4w3 ftw.
Fury Corporation: PVPers, great bunch.
Reikoku: PVPers, good at what they do Wink
Omerta Syndicate: Yuki Li and that MrBlades chappeh Shocked
Solar Wind: Old school Stain Alliance.
Petition Inc: Dislikes commitment.
VIRII: Prefer's stations to space, dislikes challenges.
Burn Eden: Full lows of WCS. Insignificant.
Black Nova Corp: PVPers, drunkards Razz
The X-Trading Company: Can't let go of XF, insignificant.
Dirty Deeds Corp: One of the only few xXF corps that did anything.
S.A.S: Who?
Shinra: Griefers! Shocked
Jericho Fraction: Shadow of former self, Jade.
The Royal Syndicate: Wants to be as famous as m0o was. Mostly xm0o members.
Murini Ice Syndicate: SA?
GODS: Insignificant.
UK Corp: BSC2?
Tundragon: Long term pirates, recently gave up on 0.0 to go after easy 0.4 sniping.
Armoured Assassins: Insignificant, dishonorable.
Teddybears: Decent pirates.
VOTF: Shadow of former self; almost all decent PVPers have left.
SNIGG: PVPers, don't see them much apart from them NPCing in Deklein.
Battle Angels Inc.: Who?
Celestial Apocalypse: Camp the keberz gate in HED from 400 AU.
Millennium: Only decent corp that was in FND, has now left.
Body Count Inc.: Mercs, one of the five best merc corps in the game Wink
Freeks Corp: Who?
VentureCorp: Frig fleets.
North Star Networks: One of the best five merc corps in the game Wink
Evolution: PVPers, shrinking in size.
Supremacy: PVPers, Fangdango touches my special place.
Sharks with frickin' laser beams: One of the best five merc corps in the game Wink
Celestial Horizon Corp: One of the only xXF corps that actually did anything. Megacorp.
LEGI0N: Who?
Cult of cuthulu: I think they used to be signifciant, err.. Who?
KIA: ftw!
Dark Cartel: Like to NPC and run missions in 0.0. A lot.
Contraband Inc: Wish they could actually be significant.
Beyond Divinity Inc: Their corp ticker is BYDI? Yeah, all I know tbh...
DNA: Probably the best pirate corp the game has ever seen; and they had ball's. Shame they are inactive.

IT Alliance
Posted - 2005.09.10 11:24:00 - [19]

Edited by: Blacklight on 10/09/2005 11:38:49
MASS: Trigger
ATUF: Sun'Ra ya big noobie
ATUK: <3 Stan, Lung, Amthranius, Loxy...videos, [5]
PIE: Amarrian terrorist spankers
Damage Industries: Gorilla warfare Wink
Species 5618: Cujo, SE
E X O D U S: Buddrow, Darko, Sorja, northern monkeys with a small ship obsession, very easy to wind up Wink
Finite Horizon: Digi
Death Row Inc.: Phonix and some Nova's on loan Razz
Rage and Terror: Russian terrorists
Forsaken Empire: not what it was Sad
NAGA: Overpriced T2
Steel Vipers: G, Wildcard, very stubborn and tenacious group of fighters
Cataclysm Enterprise: G, far more politically astute than often given credit and one of the few corps in Eve that will create a lasting impression on the game
Blood Inquisition: Blood roleplayers
Going Limp: Pie-rats
Guiding Hand Social Club.: Heists & magazine articles
Northern Intelligence: ex-Stain? now -V-?
Euphoria Released: NBSI, very active and full of themselves on the forums
BSC: dunno
Corp1: FoE?
Fury Corporation: ex-Stain FA haters
Reikoku: Chav's, we're joined at the hip to them, despite all their faults love em to pieces Razz
Omerta Syndicate: Friends of Jericho
Solar Wind: hmmm, ex-Stain?
Petition Inc: bored people shooting everything?
VIRII: wannabe pirates?
Burn Eden: warp core stabilisers and forum *****s, possibly the most joked about and looked down upon corp in Eve despite posting some decent numbers off a couple of recent contracts
Black Nova Corp: us
The X-Trading Company: dunno
Dirty Deeds Corp: ASCN, Steelrat and co
S.A.S: used to war on Dreamscape all the time back in the day
ShinRa: Chow, [5]
Jericho Fraction: Jade, idealist northern monkeys
The Royal Syndicate: BNC's pirate alt corp Razz, Odet, Reverend Mitterak etc..
Murini Ice Syndicate: dunno
GODS: Pershphanie and Darken, long standing friends of BNC Wink
UK Corp: dunno
Tundragon: Tenacha \o/, my favourite pirate corp
Armoured Assassins: dead now?
Teddybears: friends of Tundragon
VOTF: once great now not
SNIGG: Verone, fun bunch to fight
Battle Angels Inc.: Boldyn, Marko etc.. FIX boys gone merc, great bunch
Celestial Apocalypse: going back to their roots as pirate hunters in the north east of empire
Millennium: the other northern corp out of the JF, RKK, Celes, DSIN, MLM bunch that went off and did it's own thing, amazed me when they joined FE Alliance
Body Count Inc.: top mercs, <3 Seleene
Freeks Corp: dunno other than one chance meeting when they strayed across our path which provided much video entertainment
VentureCorp: Destable, honourable northern monkeys
North Star Networks: top mercs, used to be 99% Swedish corp, always had a soft spot for them, hi Graltok!
Evolution: Spoon obsessives
Supremacy: [5]
Sharks with frickin' laser beams: mercs, lo Cabadrin!
Celestial Horizon Corp: ASCN, CYVOK, like rabbits
LEGI0N: dunno
Cult of cuthulu: top videos, small but very effective merc outfit
KIA: long time friendly rivals of BNC, stay out of the way if we bump into each other in a london bar, good merc corp
Dark Cartel: Daakkon and Lizaa <3
Contraband Inc: dunno, mercs maybe?
Beyond Divinity Inc: Uugluk! top merc corp
DNA: dead now?

Edit: missed a corp

Body Count Inc.
The Requiem
Posted - 2005.09.10 11:30:00 - [20]

MASS: Old school
ATUF: Comedy
ATUK: bad rep Razz
PIE: for the emperor!
Damage Industries: annoying?
Species 5618: fading out
E X O D U S: darko :P
Finite Horizon: mature
Death Row Inc.: die
Rage and Terror: effective
Forsaken Empire: old school
NAGA: best
Steel Vipers: tempests ugh
Cataclysm Enterprise: tempests ugh
Blood Inquisition: myadra
Going Limp: harrr
Guiding Hand Social Club.: heist
Northern Intelligence: iceblock
Euphoria Released: pod warps Cool
BSC: hmm.
Corp1: C4W3!!
Fury Corporation: meh.
Reikoku: fleets
Omerta Syndicate: caldari
Solar Wind: fading out?
Petition Inc: HAXX!
VIRII: guerilla
Burn Eden: biggest egos
Black Nova Corp: alcohol
The X-Trading Company: xetic
Dirty Deeds Corp: Esa
S.A.S: ratio
Shinra: fleet
Jericho Fraction: jade
The Royal Syndicate: crime
Murini Ice Syndicate: ¬_¬
GODS: north
UK Corp:..
Tundragon: real pirates
Armoured Assassins: grie***e
Teddybears: real pirates
VOTF: old CA
SNIGG: yarr
Battle Angels Inc.: meh..
Celestial Apocalypse: original enemy
Millennium: alliances Embarassed
Body Count Inc.: original mercs
Freeks Corp: not much
VentureCorp: deklein
North Star Networks: MC
Evolution: old school
Supremacy: old CA
Sharks with frickin' laser beams: original mercs
Celestial Horizon Corp: biggest
LEGI0N: gank
Cult of cuthulu: effective
KIA: professional
Dark Cartel: piracy
Contraband Inc: meh.
Beyond Divinity Inc: meh.
DNA: Faction fleets

The Illuminati.
Pandemic Legion
Posted - 2005.09.10 11:44:00 - [21]

MASS: Trigger, Stain, Bared, thebold, more then you can say in one sentence <3
ATUF: some odd guys
ATUK: some even odder guys, good bunch
PIE: Amarrians, lots of tachyons!
Damage Industries: Guerilla warfare, ie Stradovarious in his tempest + cov op alt. Razz
Species 5618: Cujo etc.
E X O D U S: frigfleets
Finite Horizon: ebil piewats
Death Row Inc.: more piewats
Rage and Terror: log in, gankers etc.
Forsaken Empire: used to be ebil piewats, now more of a carebear alliance
NAGA: t2 4tw
Steel Vipers: G, Tempests that hurt
Cataclysm Enterprise: same as STV, only more pink
Blood Inquisition: never heard of them, some blood rp piratecorp I think
Going Limp: not sure
Guiding Hand Social Club.: Griefers inc. beware of the ego's
Northern Intelligence: My old place Very Happy
Euphoria Released: nbsi frigfleets again
BSC: carebears! Enslaver loves them
Corp1: c4w3 and co?
Fury Corporation: see them around from time to time
Reikoku: BoB, good fighters
Omerta Syndicate: Had a long discussion with Yuki Li about taxes last night Razz dont like claimed space
Solar Wind: Taz Devlins old place, old SA corp good guys
Petition Inc: noobs the lot of them, especially drunken <3
VIRII: gank
Burn Eden: gank + wcs + shinra fanbois
Black Nova Corp: BoB, nice fleets
The X-Trading Company: ex xetic?
Dirty Deeds Corp: ASCN
S.A.S: good merc corp methinks
Jericho Fraction: same as omerta, annoying forum presence, atleast used to
The Royal Syndicate: M0o v5.0?
Murini Ice Syndicate: Taz devlins new place, old corp recently resurrected
GODS: F-e alliance
UK Corp: never heard of them
Tundragon: ebil piewats
Armoured Assassins: even more piewats
Teddybears: another pirate corp in syndicate <3 kjewla
VOTF: imperium, owners of hed-gp
SNIGG: pirates
Battle Angels Inc.: Boldyn, loads of ex fix, think they are special
Celestial Apocalypse: pirate hunters, pirates? /me runs
Millennium: annoying bunch that rarely give up. Wink
Body Count Inc.: Merc corp, no THE merc corp
Freeks Corp: some northern corp
VentureCorp: iron, same as exo really
North Star Networks: mercs aswell
Evolution: BoB, legendary
Supremacy: my mates
Sharks with frickin' laser beams: mercs
Celestial Horizon Corp: ASCN, big corp
LEGI0N: not sure
Cult of cuthulu: small pvp corp that apparently are good, never met them
KIA: merc corp, good guys
Dark Cartel: omg Daakkon, more forum bans per corp member then anyone else
Contraband Inc: Danneh is a forum *****, dont know much more
Beyond Divinity Inc: another merc corp, know alot of the people in there
DNA: perhaps one of the best pirate corps, faction ship pirates

Imperial Republic Of the North
Posted - 2005.09.10 12:01:00 - [22]

Mass: Suicide Fleets
ATUF: Funny little peoples!
ATUK: Big PVP powerhouse, Big Smacktard powerhourse.
PIE: Roleplayers
Damage Industries: People that gank bob in Fountain in thier vagabonds!
Species 5618: Used to join in on suicide fleets with mass, now they do it with interstellar exodus.
E X O D U S: <--- each letter is so uber it needs a space either side!
Finite Horizon: Digital Communist, Right?
Death Row Inc.: Immy <3 hamtiitotaotaoat :(
Rage and Terror: Uber Russian fighters!
Forsaken Empire: Er? Disbanded.
NAGA: Top Notch industrial corp. The organisation is quite amazing.
Steel Vipers: Uber G fighters. <3 Elenor!
Cataclysm Enterprise: Full of noobs and fluffy people... nooblouse, noobfood, noobsto, noobmen, fuffel.... Good friends and excellent fighters!
Blood Inquisition: Dont know them sorry.
Going Limp: Tyrande <3, thinks he hurt the north, whereas he really helped rebuild it into something great. <3.
Guiding Hand Social Club.: Dont know them eiter sorry.
Northern Intelligence: Stain corp? Or ex stain.
Euphoria Released: Good fighters, bit suicidal at times though. <3 luna feelgood. Smile
BSC: F-e Corp?
Corp1: C4w3! Meanies with bounties! Good fighters.
Fury Corporation: Dunno Sorry.
Reikoku: Arch enemies! Full of good fighters and meanies! (DBP). Smile
Omerta Syndicate: <3 Yuki Li.
Solar Wind: Remember these guys in the fade invasion. I remember them dieing.
Petition Inc: Few people from atuk that shoot lots of stuff!
VIRII: Fluffy people! Worked with them a couple of times, very able well organised tightly packed fighters.
Burn Eden: Stabs ravens and dampeners, with a handful of smacktalk and a hint of "im uber".
Black Nova Corp: Blacklight steals all my stuff, hes fat. We prefer small ships cos then i can shout "weeeeeee" when we go into warp on ts. (Worked well against nightjester Very Happy). Good fighters, not many smackers and <3 Kryztal Sad.
The X-Trading Company: Did well in j-1v1 i heard, with the pos's etc. Gained my respect.
Dirty Deeds Corp: Not much respect for this corp, smack in local even when they lose badly, once they have a massive blob its all "engage our 50 bs with your 20 frigs noobs". CEO is kinda moronic.
S.A.S: Loved pwning brigette in that little F-E fleet i commanded tbh. Then zincol \o/.
Shin Ra: Big corp, can produce a big pvp force, but thier organisation can be poor at times.
Jericho Fraction: Very political corp with a very small but strongish pvp wing.
The Royal Syndicate: Not had the chance to fight them, but i gather they are ex-m0o.
Murini Ice Syndicate: Stain corp, obviously scared to death by mass/[5] and are now in stain- alliance, silly name.
GODS: Small but quite powerful corp.
UK Corp: Duno them
Tundragon: Very good fighters, seem to do particularly well against evol :P
Armoured Assassins: Lordmixxy! Good gankers and fighters, very organised in thier small packs.
Teddybears: Same as Tundragon, i group them as 1 corp really, work very close together.
VOTF: Xirtam is funny on ts.
SNIGG: Respect this corp very much, never smack, never exploit, great fun to fight, it was almost a pleasure to have them living in dek.
Battle Angels Inc.: My alt came from this corp i think.
Celestial Apocalypse: Good fighting corp, havent really worked with them much.
Millennium: Good pvp corp, seem to always back out of a region on good terms after the new owner booted them out.
Body Count Inc.: Excellent at empire wars. Very organised HAC/frig packs.
Freeks Corp: Duno, but seen them on bob killboard.
VentureCorp: <3. Founding members of iron along with us.
North Star Networks: Same as BDCI. But a little more risky :)
Evolution: Dont like some members of this corp, but they are a very powerful corp, tend to log off to much but Smile. Mean to dek/fade residents.
Supremacy: Smackers, but some good pvpers.
Sharks with frickin' laser beams: Same as NSN

Imperial Republic Of the North
Posted - 2005.09.10 12:01:00 - [23]

Celestial Horizon Corp: Big powerful corp, can produce big blobs but again lack organisation. Fun to fight. CYvok built a fantastic corp.
LEGI0N: Remember them from FOE.
Cult of cuthulu: Dont know these guys much, but heard they are very good pvpers.
KIA: Small pack of well experienced pvpers.
Dark Cartel: Tank CEO, good whiners Smile
Contraband Inc: Mercs, in syndicate alot.
Beyond Divinity Inc: Mercs.
DNA:Never met them, heard they were quite good.

Ray McCormack
Nordar Innovations.
Posted - 2005.09.10 12:02:00 - [24]

MASS: Short-arsed leader. Decent members.
ATUF: Industrial ATUK corp?
ATUK: Old Curse Alliance members.
PIE: Amarr loyalists. Pastry-encased savoury dish.
Damage Industries: Old FA mates.
Forsaken Empire: Once mighty corp. Leader problems, corp-thefts, etc.
NAGA: Tech II and POS Conglomerate. Wary of competition (understandable).
Guiding Hand Social Club: Espionage and sabotage on the grandest scale.
Northern Intelligence: Lack of.
BSC: British Space Corporation?
Corp1: Had trouble with them in Mai over a year and a half ago.
Fury Corporation: Old Corp Mates. Almost neurotic dislike of the FA. Weirdos. ;-P
Reikoku: BoB members.
Burn Eden: Pirates.
Black Nova Corp: Bob Members.
The X-Trading Company: Xetic Tech II Corp.
Jericho Fraction: Idealists.
VOTF: Ulrich.
SNIGG: Pirates.
Body Count Inc: Mercs.
Evolution: BoB Members.
Supremacy: Old CA PvP Corp formed to declare Alliance wars.

Posted - 2005.09.10 12:11:00 - [25]

Armoured Assassins:--
ATUF:<3 sunra
ATUK:<3 siim
Battle Angels Inc.: bolydn nd co <3
Beyond Divinity Inc: --

Body Count Inc.: mercs ?
Black Nova Corp: hi my names blacklight im a achohilic
Blood Inquisition: rp corp
BSC: carebears ?
Burn Eden: wcs II

Cataclysm Enterprise: ebil tempests
Celestial Apocalypse: inactive latley ?
Celestial Horizon Corp: acsn
Contraband Inc: --
Corp1: --

Cult of cuthulu: --
Damage Industries: gurrela warefare Wink
Dark Cartel: daakkon Laughing
Death Row Inc.: --
Dirty Deeds Corp: ascn

DNA: nice vids with faction bs Laughing
Euphoria Released: nsbi talk big on the forums
Evolution: lengends <3 bizzare
E X O D U S: frig fleets neone ?
Finite Horizon: ex moo

Freeks Corp: furbie nd iron madiens corp ?
Forsaken Empire: dispanded
Fury Corporation: ex se
GODS: ex foe ?
Going Limp: --

Guiding Hand Social Club.: --
Jericho Fraction: northen corp
KIA: mercs
LEGI0N: ebil piwates
MASS: old skoolsa <3

Millennium: foundation
Murini Ice Syndicate: sa ?
NAGA: t2 4tw
North Star Networks: mc good pvpers
Northern Intelligence: old skool sa they still around ?

Omerta Syndicate: --
Petition Inc: drunken nd co
PIE: minimatar > ammarr
Rage and Terror: log in haxs ?
Reikoku: where not chavs i swear >.<

S.A.S: --
Sharks with frickin' laser beams: see nsn
Shin Ra: [5] good corp but its shinra
SNIGG: vernon <3
Solar Wind: sa/se ??

Species 5618: cujo se empourer
Steel Vipers: G tempest >.<
Supremacy: [5] good corp
The Royal Syndicate: ex m0o
The X-Trading Company: --

Tundragon: ebil piwates in synicate
Teddybears: ^^
UK Corp: --
VentureCorp: frig fleets
VIRII: fighting se <3 neur0n
VOTF: imperium

Jaded Veterans
Posted - 2005.09.10 12:14:00 - [26]

Edited by: Kurenin on 10/09/2005 12:31:29
MASS: Amusing.
ATUF: Sun`Ra, Frankinator, what more do you need?
ATUK: KaneED's corp.
PIE: They don't like my corp.
Damage Industries: Gerome Doutrande's corp, besides that, ignorant smacktards.
Species 5618: Old Stain corp, mainly carebears from what I hear, but also Supermarine's corp, if he still plays.
E X O D U S: Heh. NSA.
Finite Horizon: Digi ;[
Death Row Inc.: I've not heard a great deal about them for some time.
Rage and Terror: RA but not RA, pirates who don't seem to have a very big impact.
Forsaken Empire: Are we on FE mark VII now?
NAGA: Tzadkiel <3
Steel Vipers: Germans, very good.
Cataclysm Enterprise: Germans, very good.
Blood Inquisition: Myadra's corp, Blood Raider roleplayers.
Going Limp: Definately not a Xanadu alt corp.
Guiding Hand Social Club: Zeraph and NTRabbit make me <3.
Northern Intelligence: IceBlock owes me 1 billion isk.
BSC: \o/ Enslaver doesn't like these people anymore, but it still gives everyone an opportunity to take the **** on IRC.
Corp1: Force of Evil corporation or something, they were CA. Mamerjamer is/was a member.
Fury Corporation: Awful interceptor pilots. They really don't like FA. They have MEDAL as a member too, which can't be good. Lots of Polish members, mainly ex BIG or Jazz members who left their respective FA corporations after much internal squabbling.
Reikoku: DB Preacher's corp, Sun`Ra was a member, Zenst is there too.
Omerta Syndicate: Ex Star Fraction, couldn't fight their way out of a wet paper bag but cutsie roleplayers none the less.
Solar Wind: The corp Squirrel came from, Stain or something now.
Petition Inc: Ex ATUK members with a stupid corp name ;[
VIRII: They shoot 5 or something I think.
Burn Eden: Mrs Furbie's friends aparently. Can't fight.
Black Nova Corp: They were NORAD.
The X-Trading Company: Founders of Xetic, long time carebears. They used to mine in the Xetic regions and use CA's stations to refine. This caused problems with Evolution. It also caused problems with both CA and SA as they were napped to both alliances.
Dirty Deeds Corp: Logging in combat for the win! They fly very well equipped Apocalypse ships (Hi ChaosOne!)
S.A.S: Exploits ftw!
Shin Ra: Not spelt right. They are the best of the 5 corps.
Jericho Fraction: Weak.
The Royal Syndicate: A pirate corporation consisting of a few old m0o pilots.
GODS: ebay ftw!
Tundragon: ZOLA's corp, Nafri's corp too, pirates or something. They must be cute since ZOLA joined. Oh and Xpohoc is there too, I like him.
Armoured Assassins: 150km ftw!
Teddybears: Hahahahahahaha. I liked Zarquon when he used to post a thread every time he got podded.
VOTF: This is the corp that has fake dreadnoughts, fake cap recharger 2 blueprints and is the EVE equivalent of a juvinile deliquent centre.
SNIGG: I like Verone.
Celestial Apocalypse: I used to like them a lot when they were NVA, they did some things which made them lose respect in the community.
Millennium: They were the best NSA corp. Shame about the 6 ECM 4 stab scorps.
Body Count Inc: MC corp, empire wars and 0.0, aparently very good but I have no personal experience.
Freeks Corp: 5o5's daddy corp and therefore weak.
VentureCorp: Old NSA corp, used to have Belani and was therefore a major player in their downfall.
North Star Networks: Another MC corp, see Body Count Inc.
Evolution: I like Molle.
Supremacy: 5, lost a lot of members who joined ATUK. They were OC.
Sharks with frickin' laser beams: Another MC corp, see Body Count Inc.
Celestial Horizon Corp: Well organised and big.
Cult of cuthulu: <3. Gota Mitchman Merdekka andothers.
KIA: Huge corp theif problems in late Gemini, got things together and now they are a good corporation.
Dark Cartel: Daakkon and Daniel Jackson.
Contraband Inc: They kicked Skillz.
Beyond Divinity Inc: Old ATUK who went alone, a Mercenary corp now.
DNA: Playing WoW unfortunately.

Red Alliance
Posted - 2005.09.10 12:27:00 - [27]

Edited by: Masken on 10/09/2005 12:28:59
MASS:dalman and co.
ATUK:FiVE Force For Faster Food [5]
PIE:Awesome ppl . like there style (long live the dead emperor)
Species 5618: Duke North was there
E X O D U S:NORAD pvpers, i have poded there Ceo once in 6nj
Finite Horizon:are infinite
Death Row Inc.:Xmas and new year party 2004-2005.
Forsaken Empire:Havocide
NAGA:Sensor boosters T2 BULK
Steel Vipers:G 4tw
Cataclysm Enterprise: Awesome pvpers and friends
Guiding Hand Social Club.:Raynor Burger
Northern Intelligence:Inteligence ??? phhh.. ask me
Corp1:Cawe is a rat ;) ;)
Fury Corporation:Pure Blind
Reikoku:DBp and Lion El where both good friends before GNW
Solar Wind: Old Stain dudes
Petition Inc: Living on the forums
Burn Eden:Stupid CEO
Black Nova Corp:Blacklight are an old friend , Hej Myggan!!
The X-Trading Company:Buy anything??
Dirty Deeds Corp:OIL COMPANY!!!
S.A.S:Scandinavia Airlines
Shin Ra:bellon
Jericho Fraction:my eyes are bleeding
The Royal Syndicate:hahaha
GODS:bad pvpers
UK Corp:Form uk??
Tundragon:Pure Blind
Armoured Assassins:EC-p8r
Teddybears:Norway 4tw!!
SNIGG:Pirates of our time
Celestial Apocalypse:Loctar and friends
Millennium:once they where pvpers
Body Count Inc.:MC main corp
VentureCorp:the big alt corp
North Star Networks:who??
Evolution:power gamers
Supremacy:xetic killers
Sharks with frickin' laser beams:Eyeshadow and Farjung
Celestial Horizon Corp:BIG BIGGER BIGGEST
Cult of cuthulu:ioctrl
KIA:Gumpy,Stumpy,Eddz,Hicks,Inkz,Jugger,Acks and Axel the old boys are the best.

Posted - 2005.09.10 12:27:00 - [28]

MASS:Respect. Hope they can make SA into the great thing it once was.

VOTF: Aneu Wink

Nothing more i wanna comment on really, coz i dont want this thread to turn into a smack fest.

IT Alliance
Posted - 2005.09.10 12:39:00 - [29]

MASS: Trigger and his SA boys
ATUF: Sun Ra for the mother ****ing win
ATUK: Eve’s premier powerhouse corp
PIE: Too much role play makes your eyes bleed

Damage Industries: Small guerrilla warfare unit – ex FA
Species 5618: Cujo and the Stain Empire
E X O D U S: Northerners – they love us lots
Finite Horizon: Digital Communist keeping it real

Death Row Inc. : Phonix and half a dozen BNC members (Should have made one big super corp with Nemesis and Kr0m at the end of the GNW – would have been an excellent addition to BoB at that time)
Rage and Terror:
Forsaken Empire: So much history, but only a shadow of their former selves
NAGA: Everyone’s favourite supermarket

Steel Vipers: Wildcard – been around the West and North of the map for a long time
Cataclysm Enterprise: Bratzo – I lost respect for these guys during the GNW, however they have proved themselves to be worthy opposition since.
Blood Inquisition: Blood Raider RP corp
Going Limp:

Guiding Hand Social Club. : Ebil ebil ebil
Northern Intelligence: Admiral Iceblock
Euphoria Released:

Corp1: Long time CA members not sure where they are now
Fury Corporation:
Reikoku: Everything you need to know about RKK
Omerta Syndicate:

Solar Wind:
Petition Inc:
Burn Eden: Smack talking WCS using mofo’s

Black Nova Corp: No idea
The X-Trading Company:
Dirty Deeds Corp: ASCN

Shin Ra: [5] peoples – Chowdown much respect
Jericho Fraction: Jade’s free space role playing corp
The Royal Syndicate: BNC sponsored pirate corp
Murini Ice Syndicate:

GODS: Love to hate them
UK Corp:
Tundragon: Tenacha long time Eve friend
Armoured Assassins: Retired pirates

Teddybears: Tundragon buddies, pirates ftw
VOTF: Smack talking, none engaging Imperium corp
SNIGG: Pirates with principles
Battle Angels Inc. : Ex FIX pilots gone merc – much respect

Celestial Apocalypse: Pirate hunters - pfft
Millennium: Zzazzt – so much potential, didn’t really understand the F-E decision
Body Count Inc. : Seleene’s tightly run merc unit
Freeks Corp: 13 – 0 oops!

VentureCorp: Northern monkeys
North Star Networks: Excellent merc corp – much respect as always
Evolution: Everything you need to know about Evol
Supremacy: [5] born out CA but so much better now

Sharks with frickin' laser beams: MC corp – Best corp name in the game
Celestial Horizon Corp: How bloody big?!?
Cult of cuthulu:

KIA: Not what they used to be but still good at their merc job
Dark Cartel: Pirates / terrorists
Contraband Inc:
Beyond Divinity Inc: Mercs

Temptation inc.
Posted - 2005.09.10 12:40:00 - [30]

MASS: MASSive blobs? Only fought them a few times, fun ppl.
ATUF: Franks love sect. The authorities should investigate this.
ATUK: Forum*****s, huge ego, big blobs are just a few things i come to think of. Friends of everyone?
PIE: Got a few bad apples, rest seems cool.
Damage Industries: ex-FA corp that i mostly remember from the time Tbone was in charge.
Species 5618: Stain something?
E X O D U S: Fade?
Finite Horizon: Im not even gonna start
Death Row Inc.: Unsure, still waiting to see what they will do
Rage and Terror: Angermanagement?
Forsaken Empire: Biomass Cartel
NAGA: Freewheeling rules!
Steel Vipers: Cool germans that has been pvping for a very long time.
Cataclysm Enterprise: Same as above eventough these guys got alot more bad apples.
Guiding Hand Social Club.: Good scammers? :P
Northern Intelligence: Former CA corp that i used to chase in fountain, all i remember.
Corp1: We stole their cool ppl
Fury Corporation: Not sure if its the same but Fury reminds me of Aneu. Ugh.
Reikoku: Cool bob corp. They got the uber logistics guy (carebear?) in dmz. Evolved alot since last years venalwar.
Solar Wind: Alot of smackers.
VIRII: What does it mean?
Burn Eden: Guess they got bored with stabs and put their focus on the forums instead. Havent seen any ingame for months.
Black Nova Corp: I had the most fun with BNC killing them in syndicate 1.5 years ago. Then they turned badass. Thumbs up.
The X-Trading Company: Xetic
Dirty Deeds Corp: Always in CLS shadow
S.A.S: Zincol and the guys are fun, honorable fighters and so much more :)
Shinra: Pretty similiar to ATUK but not as bitter and more fun talking to.
Jericho Fraction: Jade Constantine
The Royal Syndicate: We try, not there yet.
GODS: PA smacktards
Tundragon: They always try to be the "real" pirates. Got alot of annoying small ships.
Armoured Assassins: Never really made it.
Teddybears: Same as tundragon.
VOTF: Xirtam got alot of work to do. From the no1 CA corp to a decent mega corp. Took a wrong turn somewhere.
SNIGG: Gets *****'d alot. Never really encounterd them.
Celestial Apocalypse: Natural enemies
Millennium: Slothe's blackbird brings back memories
Body Count Inc.: Mercs
VentureCorp: They still around?
North Star Networks: Swedish Mercs, Go sweden!
Evolution: A menace to any society. To "big" for any alliance imo *hint*
Supremacy: The worst left for ATUK. Now they only got decent forum*****s.
Sharks with frickin' laser beams: Mercs with a great name.
Celestial Horizon Corp: Very BIG. Great leadership.
Cult of cuthulu: A hit from the past when Jokers where feared and m0o was the king of FD-MLJ.
KIA: Always felt like wannabee's to me.
Dark Cartel: Tank and Daak's corp. Allies for life.
Contraband Inc: They try but fail miserably. Keep trying.
DNA: Used to be in control of lower syndicate and very good pvpers. Inactive.

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