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Posted - 2005.09.05 23:14:00 - [1]


I am looking for a corp that fits these requirements:

* Has daily/nightly mining in <.5 sec. space that splits the l00t/ore/minerals, etc.
* Is looking for more miners or members to patrol/secure area for the miners
* Can accept relative n00bs (I have only 1.1m skill points so far)
* Has at least 20 active members
* Has a TS or some other voice server
* Has members that like to have fun but can also be serious about making isk
* Does not have immature, bratty leadership that can't spell :)
* Has many members in the US time zones.

OK :)

I'm in gallente empire space, have a BC (Brutix) , a Cruiser (Thorax), and an Iteron III.

I'm at a point where i need to venture into <.5 space without getting pwnt by pvpers and gate campers. I also need to make a *lot* of isk.

If you think I might make a good fit to your corp, reply to this or send eve mail to 'Americis'.


-Americis Very Happy

Mistress D'Malice
Black Lotus Clan
Posted - 2005.09.06 17:47:00 - [2]

If your still looking friend...might want to check us out. :)

nikek notlad
Posted - 2005.09.06 18:41:00 - [3]

If you are UK based - then look no further than THE UKC

Joel Djinn
Body Count Inc.
Posted - 2005.09.06 18:42:00 - [4]

Before you make a firm decision on whom you want to join, please visit our website and see if we meet enough of your requirements to warrant consideration.

Convo me or Mnement'h if so.

All the best.

Joel Djinn
CEO, Karwal Corporation


This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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