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Posted - 2005.09.05 20:54:00 - [1]

I've read through a whole lot of recruitment posts here, but I'll be honest in saying that I am quite weary of recruitment propaganda. Everyone by nature will try and make their corp sound great, and occasionally leave out details. I found this in my first corp, where the leadership was only exploiting newbies for his own good.

My second corp was great, but a day or so after I joined, they split up and slowly one by one what was left started leaving. I quit back in december due to some circumstances, and recently rejoined. Been freelancing to little avail the past couple weeks.

With that said, Im a semi-experience pilot with about 1.1million skill points. Caldari pilot, I fly my osprey for mining, a badger II for hauling, a couple random frigs, and a moa for combat. Working towards a ferox next. Experienced with corp mining and combat, but not too a large degree.

I prefer combat, but often times will go mine a few hundred thousand units of something. Would like a corp that has no problem with me doing both. I have no problem working for the greater good of the corp, so long as it can be beneficial to myself as well. As in my first corp, I put a lot in and got 0 out.

Dunno, just trying to be careful with who I work with. If you are in a recruiting corp, or run one, that I may fit into with my above statements drop me a line. Need to get back into the corporate scene, just been trying to get myself reoriented in EVE.

Posted - 2005.09.05 22:54:00 - [2]

Well, several players contacted me in game. From pirate corps to small industrial corps. The fourth to contact me had a corporation that sounded closest to what I was looking for in a corp, and I'll be applying there for now.

Thanks all.

Exco Executor
Posted - 2005.09.10 16:02:00 - [3]


We are new, small, industrial and non-PvP corporation, and we are looking for beginner and experienced euro based players. If interested please check our mission statement and for more info about us at: E V O T E C H

If you like what you see there, please join our public channel EVO, or send me evemail and we can discuss more.

Princeps Corp
Posted - 2005.09.10 16:22:00 - [4]

Check us out! ;)

We would love to have you:

The M4 Brigade is PVP based corporation. We are looking for good experienced pvp players and Industrial Players.

We have 0.0 Access (Mercoxite, Bistot, Arknor, Shadow Serpentis NPC's), Teamspeak, a POS Station and major opportunity for members to move up in ranks as we are a very new but experienced corporation. We also have plenty of targets to shoot.

We offer free equiptment, ships, respectable leadership and plenty of fun.

Please either send a reply to this thread and i'll message you or convo/eve-mail me in game.

Our minimum requirement is that you have been playing eve for a minimum 2 months.

Hope to talk to you soon.


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