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Posted - 2007.07.30 22:36:00 - [31]

On a side note: the losses and gains for sec status would have to be fixed first. Sec status should mean somthing before it's used for validation of a bounty.

Posted - 2007.08.09 01:58:00 - [32]

i really like the capping idea although i have one thing to add that would really let people that have a bounty on theyre head not killing themself.

okey no insurence if you got a bounty on your head.
the cap as you describe it will be there at 70% of base price for the items (if market price you will get exploiting out of it sooooo fast).
but the insurence money's is not payid to the owner because of the bounty (which is pritty realistic).

this means that taking a bs, with a base insurence prise of 80mill down, and base mod price of 5mill and a clone to 5mill, and implant at a base of 10mill(can now be calculated thanks to lp store), would bring the hunter around 70mill into his pocket.

but even here the problem is that it wouldn't be worth for the hunters to hunt him down if this was all you got from it..

so as an add on you should "steal" the same amount of bounty from his wallet, directly, making it a harsh punishment to get a bounty on his head and making it worthwhile to hunt him

this means that killing some one in his bs t2 fitted with implants would bring you a max of 140mill (in this exsample as above), of cause you should only be able to get a max of what his wallet got in it as this exstra bonus.
and would be a penalty or loss of around 160mill for the target, which would have costed the bounty payers 70mills to set.

anyway this wouldn't be too harsh and it would make it worth while to hunt him.

Kell Braugh
Dawn of a new Empire
The Initiative.
Posted - 2007.08.10 01:11:00 - [33]

Edited by: Kell Braugh on 10/08/2007 01:13:29
*edit*: I was a dork and didn't read the second page, including the last point, but my point still remains, the ony diff being that i saw you restrict insurance based on sec since, IIRC you have to be -5.0 or lower to HAVE a bounty on your head.

I've never understood why an outlaw (-5.0 or worse), with a bounty on their head (aka someone has kill rights on them [after the outlaw KILLED them]) are able to use the insurance system.)
My point is that in *real* life, if you are a murderer on the lamb, you don't get a settlement from your insurance (life, car, etc.) when something bad happens to you or your possessions.

If the getaway car gets wrecked robbing a bank, your car insurance company ain't given you a dime.

This change would make the system more realistic, although it wouldn't kill bounty fraud as you would still have issues with the "high bounty in a cheap ship situation"

Ellaine TashMurkon
CBC Interstellar
Tactical Narcotics Team
Posted - 2007.08.10 09:14:00 - [34]

Logical, but there is also game balance and customer satisfaction :)

With no insurance for low security people and for ganks, people would just say "CCP killed piracy as profession!", whine and leave.

County payout should be caped to destroyed modules, implants and clone base price only. No ships. Maybe ship base price if it is a T2 ship.

Mineral market works so T1 ship prices go very near to 70% base price,
because its 30% base to buy premium insurance and get 100% base price upon destruction. So people can still exploit this to get money for bounty on them because they can get ships cheaper.

Posted - 2007.08.10 16:08:00 - [35]

I still think this is the best fix i've heard

Posted - 2007.08.10 17:59:00 - [36]

While I have not thinked it through a lot, at first read your idea sounds spectacularly good. Elegantly simple, and seems to work. Good job.

Posted - 2007.10.15 20:35:00 - [37]

Edited by: Leez0r on 15/10/2007 20:37:55
I have spent a lot of time researching the whole bounty profession problem since I first started the game 2 years ago :P And I love this idea, it sounds pretty solid. Only thing I am still wondering about, because it seems to be a big flaw still, is the whole tracking idea. I mean if I am a a bounty hunter how can I use this bounty hunter list (that won't show all the bountys anyways, if you notice you can't scroll past like the top 20 in a station..) to find my target. I do know that you can gain status with an agent and ask him to search for someone for you, but for that to even work the bounty hunter list has to work too, so I guess my question is, is there any proposed solution for that? I don't claim to have one, just simply asking. Thanks all

EDIT: giving it some thought, I do remember there was one idea of people using the contract system to give away kill rights of a sort, so people can put up in the contracts hey this person killed me, I'll pay whoever 1 mill isk to kill him, or something of that sort. The idea of being able to sell off your kill right seemed pretty solid too, but I could be wrong :D haha thanks guys

Zenith Affinity
Posted - 2007.10.15 21:52:00 - [38]


could use a few tweaks here and there (how does it calculate item value? what if someone is using faction items, etc?) but otherwise, a great suggestion


Sarin Kahsra
Posted - 2007.11.19 21:59:00 - [39]

OK so it's not a complete plan and might be too harsh.
It definitely needs work...


-5% per control collar to turret/missle/drone damage.
Up to 5 collars per criminal(-25%).
To place a bounty collars cost:
5mil for #1 collar
10mil for #2
20mil for #3
40mil for #4
80mil for #5
total for 5 bounty implants 155mil(plus any additional money
to further encourage bounty hunters).

After the criminal has been pod killed the new clone has the
control collar/s automatically installed. The criminal can only choose the same clone. Jump cloning is not allowed until
all collars are removed. Implant slots 1-5 are as normal so
if the criminal wants to they can install attribute implants.

Removal of implants could be accomplished by using
a Probation Officer(Do missions for Concord, use loyalty
points to remove collar/s).
Or pod kill the person who
placed the bounty. Placing a bounty on another player is
like a person to person wardec. The individual who places
the bounty is now able to be attacked by the criminal anywhere, even high sec.

Amarr Holymight
Ultrapolite Socialites
Posted - 2007.11.28 04:01:00 - [40]

Edited by: Amarr Holymight on 28/11/2007 04:08:44
I dont think this will work too complicated (the original post!). There has to be a simpler way to do this. How about an NPC corp you can run bounty missions for and you basically have to raise your standing with them to get the better bounties available to you. So if your standing is under 1.00 you have a 0-5 mil bounties available. When you take down a bounty and return the corpse your standing increases by the level of the killmail eg if you killed him in a command ship you get huge standing. Also this could take into consideration their sec status and the location the incident occured (each location having a difficulty rating based on sec status and tru sec for 0.0 space). Then as your standing increases you can go after the games bigger bounties.

Also to eliminate people exploiting this by getting up the standing so they can pod themselves (not that I would see this happening but in any case) you could only have a percentage of the actual bounties available based on your standing so the higher your standing the bigger your list. You would in a sense be given a list of bounties this could be created by checking to see if the subscribers are active also eliminating the chance of being given non co-coperative kills.

Posted - 2008.01.25 21:09:00 - [41]

While it's obvious that something has to be done to prevent bounty fraud, my biggest problem with the current system is that a pilot in empire has no way of striking back at known criminals with bounties without themselves getting a criminal ranking.

Think about it for a second. Say you're standing on a street corner, on the wall is a poster with the picture of a known serial killer. Looking at the guy across the road... oh my god it's him, and he's about to kill another innocent victim! You take out your gun and shoot him twice in the head.

In real life you get to go on national TV as the defender of the weak. In EVE you immediately get ganked by 12 concord ships and now you're tagged as a criminal too.

It just doesn't make sense. If concord wants this guy dead then they should let people hunt him.

Mic Grarob
Entropy Systems Mining Co.
Posted - 2008.01.29 17:05:00 - [42]

Edited by: Mic Grarob on 30/01/2008 14:49:20
wrong thread, my bad

Posted - 2008.03.11 07:40:00 - [43]

Another open idea Link
For the record Embarassed

PIE Inc.
Posted - 2008.03.11 07:55:00 - [44]

Darn it, i came up with this very idea myself, perhaps we could go back in time so that i could be first. The way i see it alloting bounty by the value of the ship+modules destroyed is the only way to prevent the bounty returning to the pirate.

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